Don’t Sink Chapter 106

Chapter 106: “But I’m Tired”

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Guan Shu belatedly smelled the pervasive pheromones filling the room, instantly understanding all the reasons. His expression subtly changed.

“I almost forgot about Shen Yao’s nauseating pheromone scent,” Guan Shu’s downturned mouth carried a mocking tone. “How about it? You don’t like my pheromone scent, you only fancy Xu Yibai’s?”

Yan Zhixing halted his kiss on Shen Yao but didn’t stop emitting pheromones. Shen Yao’s sporadic and erratic breathing was uncontrollable, revealing his turmoil.

He glanced at Guan Shu. “You can try releasing your pheromones now, and see if Shen Yao will pay attention to you.”

The pain of the needle piercing the gland was beyond words – one experience was enough to make an Alpha wish for death. Yan Zhixing had experienced it countless times, his pheromones repeatedly extracted, foreign pheromones forced into him again and again, countless failures and rejection reactions.

No one understood why he did this for a deceased Omega, but nobody dared mention it in his presence, because Yan Zhixing firmly believed Shen Yao was not dead.

Facts proved everything. His choices were right.

Shen Yao didn’t reject him now, didn’t feel nauseated when he smelled his pheromones. Even when Xu Yibai intensified his actions from behind, causing Shen Yao to let out a muted sound for a few seconds, his instinctual plea for help reached out towards Yan Zhixing.

Xu Yibai didn’t join their dispute, taking advantage of the situation. His canines grazed the red mole on Shen Yao’s shoulder, and he kissed it provocatively, then asked in a challenging tone:


He gave an answer, “Mine.”


Shen Yao was pressed on the not-so-large bed with nowhere to hide.

Knees and elbows, waist and chest, delicate hands and inner thighs, all were marked with redness.

Beside him was Guan Shu, kneeling on the bed. If he moved backward, he would collide with Xu Yibai’s embrace; if he moved forward, he would come into contact with Yan Zhixing’s sturdy muscles. He was enveloped in the scents of the Alphas, touching their skin, feeling their rising body temperatures.

He couldn’t discern who was behind him.

He lost track of how much time had passed.

Normally, he would have had time to catch his breath. But now, Shen Yao was caught in endless waves of engulfing sensations, his tears nearly dried up, and even the strength to sob had deserted him.

His swollen eyelids closed heavily. Someone’s hand covered his eyes, and a voice asked in a hushed tone, “Who am I, Shen Yao?”

Shen Yao stared blankly, unable to distinguish directions, only remembering how he had clung to Xu Yibai at the beginning. Subconsciously licking his parched lips, he answered, “Xu Yi… ah!!”

Before he could finish, the person behind him bit down hard on his shoulder.

“So, you like him that much?” Guan Shu asked through gritted teeth. After enduring countless times today, he unleashed all his pent-up frustration at this moment. He pushed Shen Yao to the point of unbearable tension, “You’re so infatuated with his pheromones, falling under his spell, not even giving me a glance, just using me and then throwing me away?”

Shen Yao helplessly parted his lips, and someone’s fingers twisted into his warm mouth, pressing down on his tongue, preventing him from uttering any comforting words.

Only drool, carrying the cloying scent of apricot blossoms, dribbled from his mouth, licked away from his chin and the corners of his lips, then held in a mouth to be fed back to Shen Yao.

Darkness persisted for a long time, and the hand covering his eyes briefly lifted, revealing a glimmer of light. But it was covered again.

“Who am I?”

A clear voice sounded in his ear, without any deliberate disguise. Alpha voices were distinctively different, and even if Shen Yao didn’t hear it clearly, he could identify whose voice it was.

However, his legs were still convulsing from the previous onslaught, hesitating to give the wrong answer, delaying his response.

But not answering wasn’t an option either. Shen Yao was dragged into another storm without a response, his mind freezing momentarily.

“Xu Yibai.”

Yet the outcome seemed like an incorrect answer. His calf was roughly gripped, forcefully pulled downward. A cry escaped Shen Yao’s throat. Even though he kicked his legs in the air, he couldn’t dislodge the hand clamped around his calf.

He called out randomly, “Yan Zhixing…”

Another incorrect answer. Shen Yao’s mind was in disarray. His nails scraped the person’s back in front of him, clutching onto a glimmer of hope, hoping to make him stop, “Guan Shu… I don’t want this…”

The Alpha hesitated slightly, denying, “Wrong.”

Shen Yao provided several answers in succession, yet the person behind him never relented. He eventually gave up entirely, biting into the person’s shoulder in front of him, tears streaming uncontrollably, collecting in the palm of his hand.

Finally, the hand covering his eyes loosened, and through tear-blurred vision, he saw the face of the Alpha.

It’s Xu Yibai.

Even though he guessed the correct answer with his first attempt, Xu Yibai was intentionally misleading.

“Shen Yao.”

He didn’t have much time to fret, not even a moment to catch his breath. Tears were gently kissed away by Yan Zhixing, fingers tightly entwined. “It’s my turn now.”

This was an indiscernible cycle.

Even though all three Alphas were with the same Omega, they didn’t share or cooperate in this context. They only felt jealousy.

Jealous that others could be with Shen Yao, jealous they couldn’t be Shen Yao’s only.

The more they saw others getting close to Shen Yao, the more intense their jealousy burned, creating a vicious and insoluble loop.

They vied for space on the bed, competing to mark Shen Yao, each striving to prove they were the one he favored most.

Shen Yao’s glands were bitten repeatedly, unable to withstand the sensations. His legs trembled, and he couldn’t even manage the simplest clench. Within his body, the essences of different Alphas mixed together, forming a small bulge in Shen Yao’s abdomen before dripping down his thighs.

The bedsheet beneath him was already in disarray, and a simple squeeze could force out a considerable amount of fluid.


Shen Yao stood alone on a quiet deck, dressed in a thin long-sleeved shirt, letting the wind blow against him. He quietly watched the sunset, observed the sun’s golden light dyeing the sea’s surface, creating a beautiful scene.

Several days had passed, but the marks on his neck hadn’t faded. His glands bore a mosaic of teeth marks, his body enveloped in different pheromone scents, impossible to attribute to a specific Alpha.

During the brief period when Shen Yao couldn’t be found, the Alphas panicked, frantically searching for him.

Xu Yibai walked onto the deck and was the first to spot Shen Yao.

He had witnessed Shen Yao’s death once before. When he saw Shen Yao so close to the sea, his first instinct was to rush over and grab him.

Only when he had a hold of Shen Yao’s arm did Xu Yibai breathe a sigh of relief. He draped the coat he had brought over Shen Yao’s shoulders.

“I actually have a solution,” Shen Yao nonchalantly began, “like just cutting off my glands altogether?”

Xu Yibai’s shoulders tensed, his heart momentarily skipped a beat. His hand moved downward, holding onto Shen Yao’s hand, fearing he might actually go through with it.

Shen Yao, however, used his other hand to wrap the coat tighter around himself. “But I’m tired.”

He was in his twenties, yet he had experienced too much. He lacked interest in everything, even death didn’t scare him. He was emotionally detached, so he playfully toyed with others’ feelings, testing and experiencing emotions through them.

Occasionally, Shen Yao’s heartbeats would flutter, only to return to calm after the palpitations, as if everything had a cause and effect. He had used his unique constitution as a bargaining chip, but it had ultimately led to a self-inflicted situation.

The Alphas he had provoked were now fed up, filled with jealousy and anger. They had done extreme things to possess him, yet they could only accept this helpless outcome.

Xu Yibai had tampered with his memories, but now he had to bear the consequences himself.

Shen Yao had experienced it: “How much do you remember now?”

“A bit,” Xu Yibai helped cover Shen Yao’s cold hand, “I remember… after you left, my mental state became unstable, abnormal. So, they took the most extreme measures, took me to the hospital, erased all memories related to you, but—”

I can’t forget, I can never forget you.

Memories of Shen Yao were like spring grass after a wildfire, not completely burnt away.

“For you, forgetting me completely would actually be a good choice.”

“No,” Xu Yibai shook his head, denying it, “There was no other choice. If I could start over, the result would be the same.”

Each time his memories were restored, it felt like a slow-motion scene. As the Xu Yibai of the past, he walked the same path with the Shen Yao from his memories.

From their initial meeting to falling in love, even to the final betrayal.

He had asked his heart, and the answer had never changed.

Shen Yao’s expression paused slightly, and he nodded slightly, saying, “Mm.”

He had long stopped trusting anyone, yet he strangely believed that these three Alphas would stick by him for a lifetime.

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