Don’t Sink Chapter 51

Chapter 51: My Kiss Is So Precious

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Shen Yao casually tossed away the contract, which was worth far more than its paper value. Indifferently, he raised his hand and placed his fingers against his lips, pressing down slightly, causing his soft lips to slightly sink.

Without stating agreement or disagreement, Shen Yao’s eyes shimmered as he softly asked, “Is my kiss so precious, worth a fortune?”

Yan Zhixing fastened the buttons on his shirt seamlessly, attributing the inexplicable heat in his body to this. His expression unchanged, he extended his hand and lowered the car window a bit more.

“Don’t you like these?” Yan Zhixing shifted his gaze away from Shen Yao, who had been the subject of his scrutiny. “I can offer you something else.”

“I don’t particularly like these, but I didn’t say I disagree either.” Shen Yao naturally leaned back in his chair, twirling the ring on his finger. “I’m just a bit afraid because every time you kiss me, it feels like you want to devour me. Can you be a little gentler?”

With a serious expression, he added, “I haven’t kissed any other alpha before. Otherwise, after our transaction is over, it might cast a shadow on kissing for me.”

Key words quickly registered in Yan Zhixing’s mind—”in the future,” “other alpha.”

They wouldn’t end up together. If nothing unexpected happened, Shen Yao would find an alpha more suitable for him to kiss. Yan Zhixing silently clenched his fist, this hypothetical situation unjustifiably enraged him, stirring up a sense of destruction deep within an alpha’s heart.

Regarding Shen Yao’s statement, Yan Zhixing didn’t want to provide an answer.

Yan Zhixing calmed his breathing. He didn’t want Shen Yao to misunderstand and think he was so eager to kiss him, at least not yet. The car continued to drive steadily, and the words that came out were:

“Chen Shuang, find a place to park.”

The black car came to a stop on a quiet road. Chen Shuang didn’t make a sound and got out of the car, holding an umbrella, walking into the distance.

Shen Yao adjusted his sitting position, leaning his back against the car door. He gently closed his eyes, appearing rather calm, but occasionally, his eyelashes would quiver slightly.

Behind him was the tinted glass, opaque from the outside but allowing him to see raindrops splattering on the surface, creating blooming patterns that blurred the lush trees outside the window. Only Shen Yao’s face remained vividly clear, like an exquisitely crafted idol.

Yan Zhixing couldn’t control himself. Slowly, he leaned closer, resting his hand behind Shen Yao’s head. Their noses touched, and their breaths intertwined.

This action felt like a slow-motion edit, a leisurely approach of two perfect profiles, resembling a flawless scene from a movie.

However, the moment he kissed, it tore apart the composed facade Yan Zhixing had assumed, becoming urgent and intense.

Shen Yao jerked his head back in an attempt to evade, but the back of his head collided forcefully with Yan Zhixing’s hand, causing both of them to hit the glass with a loud “thud.”

As if instinctual, Yan Zhixing’s other hand wrapped around Shen Yao’s waist. He lowered his head, initiating the kiss he had proposed, and now he was the one drowning in an even more profound intoxication.

The Omega’s lips were so soft, he couldn’t get enough, couldn’t tire of kissing them. He didn’t know about other people’s kisses, nor did he want to know.

Shen Yao’s kisses were indeed precious, perhaps truly worth a fortune.

An electric-like sensation spread throughout his body from their entwined lips and tongues, simultaneously soothing his emotions, giving him a fleeting sense of satisfaction, and yet, completely arousing his desire.

Not enough.

Yan Zhixing tightly shut his eyes, his back hunching lower and lower.

Shen Yao’s words from earlier suddenly echoed in his ears, each word implying separation and parting. He hadn’t even finished the transaction between them, yet Shen Yao was already eagerly seeking a new lover.

Gradually, his rationality eroded away, and Yan Zhixing’s kisses became increasingly restless and uneasy. It seemed like he could only confirm and ensure that the omega would stay by his side through this means.

Shen Yao, who had just closed his eyes, didn’t know when they had opened again. He seemed to enjoy admiring the intoxicated expression on Yan Zhixing’s face when he kissed. He suddenly realized that Yan Zhixing hadn’t marked him for a long time, and it seemed like he was using kisses as a substitute for marking.

His eyebrows slightly furrowed, a gesture similar to when Guan Shu and Xu Yibai got angry and kissed him. Shen Yao could still adapt to that.

But Yan Zhixing’s kisses were becoming suffocating, and he was only rewarding Yan Zhixing a little. Why was Yan Zhixing pushing his boundaries?

Shen Yao raised his hand and exerted a forceful push, pushing the completely relaxed alpha away.

Yan Zhixing clearly hadn’t recovered his senses yet, instinctively attempting to pounce on him again. As expected, Shen Yao quickly extended his hand, covering his lips, as if putting a muzzle on an unruly dog.

“Yan Zhixing, enough.”

After the kiss, Shen Yao’s voice was slightly hoarse. He didn’t remove his hand, patiently waiting for Yan Zhixing’s gaze to clear before speaking to him in a reasonable and justified manner:

“My grandfather left me a substantial inheritance. I don’t lack money, I don’t need your things. I just need you to understand that I’m a person, not a tool.”

“I should have mentioned before that I don’t mind kissing you. But aren’t we supposed to have a fair and mutually beneficial transaction? Since I don’t want your money, it can’t be only you who gets to be comfortable.”

“I hope that I can only kiss when I agree to it, and I hope that when you stop, you actually stop. Not everyone has the same endurance as you, can you understand?”

Yan Zhixing stepped back, avoiding Shen Yao’s hand that made him feel a bit undignified. The desire still lingered in his eyes, and his cold expression showed a slight change.

He understood the implicit meaning behind Shen Yao’s words and nodded, saying, “I will respect your opinion.”

The ambiguous kiss ended a long time ago, and Chen Shuang, the driver, returned. The interior of the car became even quieter as he drove Shen Yao to the entrance of the apartment building.

Shen Yao politely bid farewell, opened the car door to prepare to get out, but was stopped by Yan Zhixing behind him.

“Shen Yao.” Yan Zhixing handed the document over again, saying calmly, “What’s meant for you is meant for you. You can have a lawyer look at the contents and then contact Chen Shuang.”

Shen Yao stood in place for a moment, as if he couldn’t escape, reluctantly accepting the document.

When he extended his right hand, Yan Zhixing finally noticed something on his finger, positioned in a peculiar way. He furrowed his brows and asked, “Shen Yao, where did the ring come from?”

“The ring?” Shen Yao repeated, then suddenly realized and instinctively touched it. He turned his hand around to let Yan Zhixing see it more clearly and said, “I bought it as a decoration. It has a peach blossom on it. Do you think it looks nice?”

Yan Zhixing glanced at the ring and gave his usual lukewarm response, “It’s okay.”

“By the way,” Shen Yao’s raised footsteps paused again. He slightly bent down, looking through the car window at Yan Zhixing, and asked, “Can you pretend to really like me in front of Shen Fulin?”

Yan Zhixing succinctly replied, “I won’t.”

“You will. It’s something alphas are naturally good at,” Shen Yao lowered his head and insinuated, “And you don’t need to give anything in return. Just a kiss to accompany me in doing these things, isn’t it worth it?”

The emotions in Yan Zhixing’s icy blue eyes were well-hidden, matching the rainy day. He turned his face away and closed the car window once again. He didn’t say it was worth it, nor did he say it wasn’t.

After Shen Yao left, Yan Zhixing sat alone in the car. He rarely engaged in leisure activities. His phone had simple communication tools and office software, without any other entertainment apps.

With a composed expression, he tapped on the search button and typed:

— “Kissing techniques.”

Yan Zhixing looked down at his phone, seeing videos of real people kissing. He furrowed his brows slightly and quickly scrolled past them, only reading the textual descriptions.

He had a habit of doing everything perfectly, as if he were studying an important document, reading it carefully from start to finish.

In the private room of the hotel, which could accommodate ten people, there were only three of them. Shen Yao entered while holding Yan Zhixing’s arm, and they sat opposite Shen Fulin. The chair Shen Yao sat on was pulled out by Yan Zhixing.

Shen Fulin’s gaze lingered on them, his face displaying an obvious sense of anxiety, a look of wanting to say something but unable to find the opportunity.

In the end, Shen Fulin only pretended to be amiable as usual, putting on a kind elder’s demeanor, and chatted with Yan Zhixing in a relaxed and pleasant tone about past matters.

Shen Yao listened quietly, allowing him to attribute all the foolish things Shen Shenmian had done to him.

After listening for a while, Shen Yao discreetly touched Yan Zhixing’s arm and used his gaze to indicate the dishes on the table.

Yan Zhixing’s movements paused for a moment before he used the communal chopsticks to pick up some food for Shen Yao. His actions were awkward, clearly indicating that it was his first time doing such a thing.

“Thank you,” Shen Yao said.

His phone in his pocket vibrated continuously, making a sound of incoming messages. Shen Yao knew who it was without any surprise.

He knew Yan Zhixing had a strict upbringing and wouldn’t impolitely look at someone else’s phone, so he wasn’t nervous at all, let alone afraid.

Shen Yao smiled gently, put down his chopsticks, and openly took out his phone by his side, lowering his gaze to the screen.

“Where did you go?!”

“You weren’t there when I got home.”

“Weren’t we supposed to have dinner together today?!”

Shen Yao didn’t lie. He casually replied, teasingly, just like with Guan Shu:

“I went to have dinner with Yan Zhixing.”

Guan Shu instantly exploded in rage. He sent message after message as if he was throwing bombs.

“Why did you have dinner with him?!”

“Shen Yao, are you lying to me again?! Do you really have nothing going on with him?!”

“Or are you having dinner with Xu Yibai and lying to me about being with Yan Zhixing?!”

“Where are you?!”

“Send me your location!”

Shen Yao patiently waited for him to vent his suspicions. He raised his hand again, without any psychological pressure, and sent the address. In the meantime, he even raised his gaze and smiled at Yan Zhixing.

To Shen Yao’s surprise, Guan Shu arrived even faster than he expected. This time, his phone placed on the table rang directly. Shen Yao whispered “sorry” and exchanged a glance with Yan Zhixing before getting up to leave.

As soon as the call connected, Guan Shu coldly ordered, “Come out.”

Shen Yao answered the call while walking towards the door. He was about to say something when a hand from the side room reached out, wrapped around his waist tightly, and forcefully pulled him into the dark room.


The door behind him was kicked shut and locked, completely cutting off his escape route.

The dominant alpha presence pressed forcefully from behind, and the arm restraining his waist loosened. But at the same time, he was pushed against the door panel, his entire back pressed against it.


The alpha’s arm lifted, and both hands pressed against Shen Yao’s sides, trapping him in the narrow gap.

Shen Yao sensed the familiar aura and offered no resistance. He simply continued to look at Guan Shu’s face in the dim light.

“Does Yan Zhixing also deserve to have you accompany him for dinner? I thought you two had nothing going on? If there’s nothing going on, why would you sit together at the same table?”

Guan Shu pinned Shen Yao against the door, exerting an overwhelming pressure.

He was consumed by jealousy, nearing the brink of madness. He whispered in a threatening tone, “Go and tell him that you won’t eat with him. Either you come with me or I’ll go in right away.”

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