Don’t Sink Chapter 60

Chapter 60: “Why are you mad at me?”

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Tears still lingered on Guan Shu’s face, and his hand, curled at his side, trembled weakly. The fingertips turned pale from the tightness of his grip, displaying a sense of powerlessness. There was still a lingering warmth on his hand, and traces of it remained.

He stared fixedly at the entrance of the hall, where two figures tightly embraced each other. Their silhouettes were reflected clearly in his pupils, resembling gleaming, icy blades piercing through.

Reluctantly, Guan Shu’s fingers slowly tightened. He futilely attempted to grasp onto something, but all he touched was a lifeless void. His pale lips trembled as he uttered, “Shen Yao…”

Guan Shu was certain that Shen Yao must have heard his voice, but Shen Yao no longer paid him any attention.

Shen Yao and Xu Yibai both wore white suits, and when they embraced, they appeared perfectly matched. Guan Shu could only watch helplessly as Shen Yao, like an affectionate and obedient cat, leaned into Xu Yibai’s arms. He couldn’t even see Shen Yao’s face anymore.

All he could see was Shen Yao’s back, and the section of waist cinched by the coat. Xu Yibai’s palm protected it, his arm tightly encircling Shen Yao’s waist, silently revealing possessiveness.

Driven by jealousy and unwillingness, Guan Shu’s eyes reddened as his gaze clashed with Xu Yibai’s cold and calculating eyes.

Xu Yibai’s palm moved slowly near Shen Yao’s waist, openly asserting his dominance. He casually averted his gaze, completely disregarding Guan Shu, as if he posed no threat at all.

Guan Shu’s breathing grew scorching, burning his nerves.

After Guan Shu and Yan Zhixing had quarreled and fought over Shen Yao for so long, Shen Yao ultimately walked into Xu Yibai’s embrace willingly, without hesitation or doubt.

Yan Zhixing is the person Shen Yao hates. He is the blade in Shen Yao’s hands, while Xu Yibai seems to be the long-awaited destination for Shen Yao.

Despite knowing that this scene stirred up his emotions and tightened his heart, Guan Shu, masochistically, continued to watch.

Every time he met Xu Yibai in the past, it would erupt into intense arguments. Guan Shu was well aware that he was the third party involved, and even in the midst of moral struggles, he refused to take a step back.

But this time, he lost all his confidence. He didn’t have enough courage to pull Shen Yao back, and the self-assurance that once supported him had long vanished.

He had no right to shout at Xu Yibai, “I treat Shen Yao better, so Shen Yao should be with me.”

Guan Shu could only watch as Shen Yao held Xu Yibai’s hand and walked away without looking back. Then he tilted his head back in agony, closing his eyes. If he continued to watch, Guan Shu didn’t know what he would do next.

It was his own hand that let go, and he silently allowed Shen Yao to go with Xu Yibai.

Xu Yibai was different from him. He was gentle and calm. Perhaps he was the most suitable existence for Shen Yao. If Xu Yibai were in his place, in that situation, would he have listened to Shen Yao’s explanation?

It felt as if his soul had left his body. Though the surroundings were filled with air, Guan Shu couldn’t seem to breathe.

He suddenly raised his hand and clenched his clothes at his chest. His lips trembled as he breathed heavily, and sweat soaked his forehead.

A surge of nausea spread from his stomach to the rest of his body. Guan Shu almost vomited, and his consciousness gradually became blurred. His body trembled uncontrollably.

If he had been willing to calm down and listen to Shen Yao’s explanation at that time, if he had turned his head sharply in that corridor, if he hadn’t been so self-righteous, if…

Would it be him who is now by Shen Yao’s side?

There are no “what ifs” in the world, only the painful regrets that consume people completely.

Even though Guan Shu can’t even stand steadily now, he suddenly raised his hand and swept everything off the emcee’s podium.

Tears of regret burst from his face, sometimes flowing uncontrollably, sometimes stopping at a certain moment.

Guan Shu had long forgotten that he still had a gun in his hand. He raises his fist, and all thoughts were overwhelmed by the most primal form of violence. Like a desperate beast on the edge of a cliff, his eyes turned bloodshot as he erupted.

“I’m going to kill you, you beast!”

This time his fist couldn’t land a blow. He was restrained by the bodyguards behind him. Guan Shu fought desperately, and even five or six bodyguards couldn’t hold him down.

“Get lost!”

Guan Shu kicked down one of the bodyguards beside him. He had no other target, he fixed his menacing gaze solely on Yan Zhixing as he charged forward.

The bodyguard who was thrown down struggled to get up, realizing that they couldn’t subdue this alpha in the usual way, they could only throw themselves at Guan Shu and use their bodies to restrain him.


Guan Shu crashed into a decorative poster, falling heavily to the ground face down. He didn’t feel the pain at all, fiercely struggling. His fingers scraped against the ground, leaving behind trails of blood.

He had completely lost his sanity, roaring:

“I’m going to kill you… Yan Zhixing! How dare you… How dare you treat Shen Yao like this?! You rapist should die, you should die! I’m going to kill you with my own hands!”

Guan Shu didn’t dare to think about how terrified Shen Yao must have been when he was dragged into the room alone. He also didn’t dare to think about Shen Yao’s feelings when he was hurt by him again.

They were both sinners… both sinners.

Guan Shu’s Adam’s apple rolled, and all his strength drained away in an instant. He muttered in a lost voice:

“You should die with me.”

Yan Zhixing couldn’t stand on his own due to the gunshot wound in his leg. He relied on Chen Shuang’s support. Due to excessive blood loss, Yan Zhixing’s face was pale as paper, devoid of any color.

By the time he reached this position, Yan Zhixing had heard too many offensive curses, none of which could disturb him in the slightest.

But every heart-wrenching scream from Guan Shu left him dazed. He looked towards the door, only to see an empty corridor.

He was a rapist, so Shen Yao only hated him, without any other emotions. Behind every smile Shen Yao directed at him and every word he said to him, Shen Yao was actually saying, “You’re disgusting.”

Suddenly, Yan Zhixing’s breathing became irregular for a moment. His already blurry consciousness couldn’t find its direction anymore, and cold sweat trickled down his face. He said to Chen Shuang:

“Stop Shen Yao.”

He didn’t know why he was doing this, perhaps he wanted to clarify things, or perhaps he just didn’t want to see Shen Yao with another alpha at the engagement banquet.

However, Chen Shuang hesitated and revealed a hint of difficulty on his face. He explained in a low voice:

“The person taking Shen Yao away is the young master of the Gu family. He didn’t come alone. It would be better for the family head to go and deal with his injuries first.”

The Gu family was the real power behind the scenes, and Xu Yibai wasn’t the one truly disrupting the engagement banquet. Even if the Yan family couldn’t swallow their pride, they couldn’t detain anyone.

“I said,” Yan Zhixing clenched his teeth, struggling to maintain his composure, “stop him.”


The chaotic sounds behind them fell upon Shen Yao’s ears, but he had no intention of turning around to watch the commotion. He continued walking forward as if he hadn’t heard anything, while Xu Yibai stopped by his side.

“They’re making a lot of noise, aren’t they?” Xu Yibai raised his hand to cover Shen Yao’s ears and lowered his gaze. “So let’s just not listen.”

The Yan family attached great importance to the engagement banquet. Even the corridors were adorned with pristine flowers, creating an atmosphere befitting the occasion.

As Xu Yibai pulled Shen Yao to escape, it seemed as if he was eloping with the groom. The thought made Xu Yibai’s breathing become more rapid.

Xu Yibai’s car entered the estate and stopped outside the entrance of the hall building. Perhaps due to his injured hand, Xu Yibai didn’t drive himself, and there was a driver sitting in the front seat.

The Yan estate was quite large, and there was still a long distance to go before reaching the exit. The driver noticed the situation ahead and glanced at Xu Yibai through the rearview mirror, reminding him, “Young Master, look ahead.”

Xu Yibai shifted his gaze from Shen Yao to the front, where security guards in uniforms were converging from all directions. Some were driving cars, while others held electric batons, prepared to vigilantly watch over them.

His expression unchanged, Xu Yibai said, “Ram through them.”

The driver’s impression of Xu Yibai had always been that of a refined and gentle person. He didn’t react immediately and sweat poured down his face. “Ah?”

Seeing that the car behind was about to catch up, Xu Yibai furrowed his brow and gave a direct command, “Get out of the car, I’ll drive.”

The driver instinctively stopped the car, and Xu Yibai swiftly opened the car door. In the instant the driver moved away from the driver’s seat, Xu Yibai smoothly took his place.

In the rearview mirror, several black cars were about to catch up.

Xu Yibai didn’t even buckle his seatbelt, nor did he care about the driver who hadn’t gotten into the car yet. With one hand on the steering wheel, he forcefully pressed the accelerator with his foot.

The speed skyrocketed like it was off the charts, and the exhaust pipe roared, instantly leaving the cars that were about to catch up far behind. In the rearview mirror, they were reduced to mere faint shadows.

Shen Yao reached out and grabbed the handle next to him, stabilizing himself inside the car. With the windows closed, he could almost hear the howling wind in his ears.

His eyelashes trembled lightly as he turned his gaze and fixed it on the cold profile of Xu Yibai sitting in the driver’s seat.

The guards ahead probably assumed that Xu Yibai would value his life and hesitated to surround him, trying their best to find a way to stop him.

But when Xu Yibai said he would ram through, he meant it.

Through the windshield, the guard and the alpha in the driver’s seat locked eyes, and his heartbeat skipped a beat. Despite his relatively handsome appearance, he exuded an icy aura, showing no signs of fear or even furrowing his brow.

The black car didn’t slow down, and at one moment, they suddenly accelerated.

The guard instinctively roared, “Get out of the way!”

He quickly moved to the left, narrowly avoiding the car flying past him, with the gust of wind violently lifting his clothes.

The guard took a step back unconsciously, his back covered in a thin layer of cold sweat from narrowly escaping. That alpha wasn’t afraid at all; he only wanted to break through from here with the person in the backseat.

Xu Yibai shook off all the obstacles behind him. From a distance, he could see the tightly closed gate of the Yan family, heavy and solid like a wall.

If, at the moment he rushed towards it, the gate didn’t open… The impact at such a high speed would be multiplied, and if Xu Yibai didn’t have time to step on the brakes in the last moment, he would surely die on the spot in the driver’s seat.

With the blade of the scythe seemingly falling upon him, Xu Yibai’s expression remained calm, without a trace of hesitation.

After a distance of a hundred meters, his breathing remained steady. He continued to press down on the accelerator with force, and the roar of the engine intensified, as if Xu Yibai was ready to face death head-on.

As the distance grew shorter, the invisible pressure loomed closer, like a heavy mountain pressing down.


In the instant before the collision, the gate, after a muffled sound, opened at the fastest speed possible.

The car turned into a lightning-like black shadow, squeezing through the narrow opening, the car body brushing against the gate, creating a grating sound.

This sound made Shen Yao furrow his brow, but the car’s speed didn’t decrease.

In that split second when the black car rushed out, Xu Yibai steadied the steering wheel with one hand and expressionlessly dialed a series of numbers with the other.

This even indeed looked like an exhilarating race, brushing past the edge of death several times, making people excited to no end.

Shen Yao looked back, not knowing where the car came from, but it managed to block the pursuers behind them.

Once they reached a safe area, the car didn’t slow down. Xu Yibai had been driving like this all the way, and he was probably going to receive quite a few speeding tickets.

The spacious road was empty, with no other cars in sight. Xu Yibai raced along the road, seemingly venting his emotions, until he finally stopped the car at the side of the road.

The composure and calmness he had shown in the banquet hall were nowhere to be found. The sound of the door closing was particularly heavy. Xu Yibai walked to the backseat, opened Shen Yao’s door, and pulled him out of the car.

Before he could say anything, Shen Yao spoke first.

“You seem quite angry,” Shen Yao said calmly, raising his face and gently kissing the mole on Xu Yibai’s nose. He asked in a gentle and affectionate tone, “Baby, you already know what kind of person I am, right? You came to me willingly, so why are you angry with me?”

It was unclear where he had learned that term of endearment, but Shen Yao hugged Xu Yibai’s neck, looking puzzled as he said, “As the groom of the engagement banquet, I eloped with you. Why are you still angry with me?”

At that moment, his phone vibrated. He glanced at it and saw Yan Zhixing’s name.

Shen Yao picked up the phone, behaving like an obedient omega, and asked his alpha’s opinion in a docile manner, “Xu Yibai, may I answer this call?”

He smiled faintly and continued, “I hope you’ll allow me to take this call. I want to make him really angry.”

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