EDS Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Watching Movies Together

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Mi Li woke up to the alarm and saw the blackened screen of the computer. She stretched and then checked out.

As soon as she walked out of the internet cafe, she received a call from Duan Xiaoyu asking her to go house hunting together.

Following Mi Li’s advice from last time, she had not told anyone about winning the lottery nor did she resign. She still maintained her original lifestyle.

Duan Xiaoyu wanted to buy a residence near Mi Li. Mi Li naturally welcomed the idea. It just so happened that a few good properties had been newly built, and their prices were also very reasonable.

“I suggest that you buy a primary residence and two single apartments.” Mi Li introduced, “I expect this urban area to be the focus of development in the next few years, and there will be a lot of room for appreciation in housing prices.”

Duan Xiaoyu held her hand and nodded obediently, “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Mi Li led her to the sales center and looked at more than a dozen apartments. Finally, Duan Xiaoyu chose a 145 square meter apartment, and she also purchased another two single apartments that were in the district outskirts. The total cost was more than four million.

The money was a windfall so Duan Xiaoyu didn’t feel distressed at all.

After completing the formalities, it was already past 5pm and Duan Xiaoyu was about to invite Mi Li to dinner. She inadvertently caught a glimpse of a familiar figure, and the smile on her face immediately froze.

Mi Li noticed her abnormality and looked back to see a man about 24 or 25 years old. He entered the sales center with his arms around a woman in a fashionable dress and heavy makeup. The two of them were smiling and laughing.

If Mi Li did not see wrongly, this man was Xiaoyu’s boyfriend Gao Yongliang.

Mi Li turned her head and looked at Duan Xiaoyu. At this time, her face had paled and her eyes were filled with shock.

“Xiaoyu?” Gao Yongliang also discovered Duan Xiaoyu. His expression changed slightly but then returned to normal.

“Yongliang, who are these two?” The woman in Gao Yongliang’s arms looked Mi Li and Xiaoyu up and down critically.

“These are my friends, Duan Xiaoyu and Mi Li.” Gao Yongliang pretended to be calm and introduced. “This is Wang Xinyi, Miss Wang. She is the secretary of the president of Shunyang Industrial.”

He emphasized the words “Shunyang Industrial” and secretly hinted at the two of them not to speak carelessly.

Shunyang Industrial was a subsidiary of Huancheng Group and the biggest client of Duan Xiaoyu’s advertising company. It was very powerful, with a solid background, not an entity that ordinary small companies could offend.

“Hello.” Wang Xinyi extended her hand to them generously.

Duan Xiaoyu glanced at Gao Yongliang with reddened eyes. She endured it and was about to reach out, but Mi Li’s response preempted her.

She shook Wang Xinyi’s hand, gave a slight smile, and said, “You two look really good together.” One was a mistress and the other a gigolo, undoubtedly a pair of scumbag and whore.

Mi Li already knew of Wang Xinyi.[1] She was not only the secretary of the president, but also his mistress. She lived in the neighbourhood next to Qingwei Homes. The nearly 60 year old president of Shunyang Industrial spent the night at her home several times a week. The two of them carried on shamelessly without regard for anyone else.

Gao Yongliang was just a small clerk and hooking up with another’s mistress was obviously not for true love.

“Haha, thank you.” Wang Xinyi took Gao Yongliang’s arm with a bright smile.

Gao Yongliang’s mouth twitched and laughed stiffly.

Duan Xiaoyu lowered her head, clenched her hands, and tried her best to control her emotions.

“Are you here to buy an apartment?” Wang Xinyi asked politely, “I have connections with the business manager here. If you want to buy an apartment, I can ask him to give you a discount.”

Gao Yongliang put his hand on her shoulder and smiled, “Xinyi doesn’t have to go through the trouble, they should just be taking a look around. They probably can’t afford paying tens of thousands per square meter.”

Gao Yongliang didn’t know Mi Li’s financial situation, but he knew Duan Xiaoyu’s circumstances. A little country girl with a monthly salary of a few thousands. Since she also subsidized her family, she basically had no money left over. If it wasn’t for her looks, he would never have had a relationship with her.

Yet she also had a conservative personality and wasn’t appealing at all. She hadn’t slept with him even after a few months. He was annoyed since long ago, and this was the perfect chance to break things off.

Duan Xiaoyu couldn’t help but want to tell him that she was rich now. However, she heard Mi Li say, “You two still have business, right? We won’t bother you, goodbye.”

After saying so, she took Duan Xiaoyu and left the sales center.

“Little Mi, why wouldn’t you let me talk?” the crying Duan Xiaoyu asked.

“What do you want to say? Tell that scumbag that you’re rich now, and then let him continue to pester you?” Mi Li comforted, “Xiaoyu, you’ve only dated for a few months, and the relationship is not deep. Now that you can see his character clearly, contrary to what you think, this is a good thing.”

Duan Xiaoyu looked depressed, “He’s my first serious boyfriend.”

“If his character is not good, then even if he’s the first man you’ve slept with, you can’t keep him.”

Duan Xiaoyu’s cheeks reddened and she stared at Mi Li.

“That bastard’s a two timer, and we can’t just let him go so easily.” Mi Li pondered as she rubbed her chin.

“What do you want to do?” Duan Xiaoyu worried, “Don’t mess around.”

“How could I mess around?” Mi Li laughed innocently, “The woman with Gao Yongliang is the mistress of Shunyang Industrial’s president. Just send an intimate photo of her and Gao Yongliang to him, and someone will naturally take care of them.”

“Ah? She is the president’s mistress?” Duan Xiaoyu covered her mouth in surprise, as if she couldn’t believe it.

“Okay, don’t think about it. Now send a breakup text to that scumbag and never speak to him again.” Mi Li helped her take out her phone.

Duan Xiaoyu took the phone, composed the text in a complex mood, and hesitantly sent it.

“Next,” Mi Li patted the steering wheel, “go back and quit your job. Get a driver’s license, buy a good car, and then carefully plan your future. Live better, go further, and make that scumbag regret it.”

Duan Xiaoyu paused and nodded carefully.

Looking back at the sales center going further and further away, her original uncomfortable and angry mood suddenly calmed down because she now had a goal.

After parting with Duan Xiaoyu, Mi Li started to feel sleepy again. She took a shower in the bathroom, didn’t even put on her pajamas, and fell asleep in bed within three minutes.

It was pitch black all around except for a faint light coming in through the cracks above her head. Mi Li felt like she was in a rectangular space.

After an undetermined amount of time, there was the sudden sound of slight footsteps outside. She heard the floor scraping before the space she was in opened, and her sight suddenly brightened.

A big hand stretched over, picked Mi Li up, stretched her a few times, and then pulled her towards a leg.

Mi Li’s gaze flicked over the naked feet and long strong legs, and suddenly saw something indescribable.

[ AAAAAAHHHHHH… ] she let out a tragic cry.

Xi Baichen’s movements froze and he maintained his posture of standing on one leg.

[ Heavens, I turned into a pair of underwear!!! ] Mi Li’s voice was filled with incredible shock. Was this the punishment for sleeping naked?!

Xi Baichen quickly took off the half-worn underwear, brought it to his eyes, and said quietly, “You really are a p*rvert?”

Last time it was toilet paper, this time it’s underwear, do you dare to pursue something even more risqué?

[ You’re the pervert! With so many underwears in the drawer, why did you choose me? ]

“Because you are the best underwear of the bunch.” Xi Baichen answered carefully.

Mi Li: [ …Fine. On account of your honesty, I forgive you for your exposure just now. ]

Xi Baichen: “……” The one that needed forgiveness was this little peeping ghost, right?

Spreading Mi Li flat on the bed, Xi Baichen changed to another pair of underwear, loosely put on a sleeping robe, and sat down on the bed with a tablet.

Mi Li was placed at the end of the bed by him and was incredibly bored. Bunching herself up, she rolled over the folds of bedding to him.

[ Old Bai, what are you doing? ]

“Watching a movie.”

[ It’s boring to watch alone, I’ll watch with you. ] Mi Li climbed onto the pillow, tilted her waistband, and demanded, [ Hold the tablet lower, I can’t see. ]

Xi Baichen clipped the tablet onto the blanket and chose a romance film at random.

The pleasant theme song sounded in the room, the bright and beautiful scene was filled with a romantic atmosphere.

In order to watch the movie better, Mi Li hung herself on Xi Baichen’s wrist.

Xi Baichen gave her a look of forbearance. He forced himself to divert his gaze before he threw her off.

[ Why would the male lead give up the high spec second female lead, who was excellent in every aspect and had always been devoted to him, for the sake of an ordinary-looking white lotus female lead who was always against him? ] Mi Li found it very difficult to understand this kind of love. Could it be that love was created when there exists conflict in one’s status and three views?

Xi Baichen put his right hand on his bent knee and said nothing.

[ Ah, the female lead is dying, why hasn’t the male lead appeared?! ] The underwear shivered on Xi Baichen’s wrist.

Xi Baichen: “…” Can’t it be a silent pair of underwear?

[ Heavens! The female lead is pregnant, and the father is the second male lead! ] The underwear slapped Bai Chen’s arm vigorously.

Xi Baichen: “…” I’m warning you, stop moving!

[ The second male lead died, and the female lead went crazy. The male lead adopted the child of the female lead and the second male lead, then never married for his whole life. What kind of story is this?! ]

Xi Baichen, speechless, “Why are you letting a brainless movie affect you?”

[ The brainless plot is not the point, the point is that the tragedy was too forced! ] Mi Li was very angry and said, [ Old Bai, please change to a lighthearted movie, I need treatment. ]

Xi Baichen then helped her change to a gloomy ghost film.

Mi Li: [ …You won’t make friends this way, do you understand? ]

“Are you watching? I’ll turn it off if you aren’t.” Tearing her off his wrist, Xi Baichen laid her down on the quilt.

[ Will you watch with me? ]

“I’m going to sleep.”

[ Then I won’t watch, let’s go to sleep together. ] Mi Li flattened herself, staying motionless, just like a proper pair of underwear.

“Little Mi.” Xi Baichen called out suddenly.

[ Hm? ] A corner of the underwear rolled up.

“Nevermind, go to sleep.” Xi Baichen’s expression was complicated.

[ Can you sleep? Would you like me to tell you a bedtime story? ] Mi Li was quite high-spirited.

“No.” Xi Baichen refused decisively, his eyes closed without hesitation.

[ That’s really a shame, my storytelling skills are pretty good. ] Mi Li laid down again.

Silence permeated the bedroom, and soon there was only the sound of soft breathing.

Xi Baichen originally thought that he would not be able to sleep, but unexpectedly he slept very peacefully. It’s just that after waking up, he found an extra pair of underwear on his face.

That little ghost, her sleeping posture must be very bad!

  1. The raw says that they’ve only just met but if that was true, how could Mi Li know that about her?

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