EDS Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Sunsperia

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Mi Li rose early and went to the market. She bought a few packets of seeds as well as some fresh ingredients.

Mi Li started a vegetable garden on the roof. She planned to grow flowers, foliage plants, and some easy to grow vegetables and fruits.

While plowing the soil for planting, Mi Li suddenly thought of Old Bai. There seemed to be no ornamental plants in his house. Although well decorated, it was too cold and lonely.

Thinking of this, Mi Li chose a small flowerpot in which a few seeds had been planted, but which hadn’t germinated yet.

She properly wrapped the flowerpot and soil together along with a packet of seeds. She wrote down the detailed cultivation method, and then asked the courier to ship the package.

Although she hadn’t figured out how it worked, the items were definitely sent over.

After busying herself for two hours, sleepiness came as expected.

Mi Li returned to the bedroom, cleaned herself off, and laid on the bed comfortably.

In her grogginess, Mi Li felt herself enter a mysterious state, as though floating in the water. When everything settled down, her consciousness gradually condensed and her sight slowly recovered.

Mi Li found that she seemed to be in a warehouse and surrounded by packages. As for herself, she obviously became one of the packages.

Mi Li looked at the delivery address posted on a parcel next to herself: Yunlang City, Wangu Street, XX Road, No. XX.

Yunlang City?

Mi Li checked several other packages and the delivery addresses were all in Yunlang City.

In other words, she was currently in a logistics warehouse in the other world.

Mi Li remembered that when she sent something to Old Bai for the first time, she manifested as the courier service’s wrapping paper and was quickly torn apart.

She didn’t think deeply at the time. Now it seemed that the reason why her packages could be sent to this world was probably not because the courier service connected the two worlds. Instead, it was because she connected the warehouses of the courier services in the two worlds and directly transferred her parcel from one to the other.

Mi Li was immediately unsure again because she noticed that the company name on the packages was “Shunfeng”, which was exactly the same as the one she had used.

The country where she and Old Bai lived in were both called China, so it didn’t seem strange for two logistics companies with the same name to appear. It could only be said that the two worlds existed in parallel dimensions, and the cultures were similar but not exactly the same. This also explained why the winning numbers in this world also won in the other world.[1]

While thinking about it, a few staff members walked into the warehouse and began to distribute the goods.

When the package that Mi Li possessed was loaded onto a truck, her consciousness dimmed again, and she fell into darkness…

[ You rascal! You don’t even come back to see me on my 70th birthday, do you want to anger me to death? What rubbish did you ask Xi Zinuo to bring? Don’t send anything if you don’t want to, I won’t find it lacking! ]

The cell phone on the coffee table was turned on, and an old but hearty voice resounded from it.

Xi Baichen sat on the sofa, unaffected as he typed on the keyboard intently.

[ I’m telling you, you must come back this week, otherwise you’ll see what happens. ]

The phone call was rudely cut off. Xi Baichen twisted his eyebrows, gloom flashing in his eyes. He stopped typing, lit a cigarette, and smoked in silence.

His head felt a little faint. He didn’t know if it was because he didn’t sleep well last night. The old man had also lectured him for a long time so his mood was even worse.

[ Old Bai, you’re pretending to be melancholy again. ] A clear voice suddenly sounded in the room.

Xi Baichen’s fingers shook, sprinkling down some ashes.

He looked around, his eyes sweeping across all the items one by one, “Where are you?”

[ I am the very brilliant thermometer under the coffee table. ]

Xi Baichen looked down, and saw a thermometer on the lower shelf of the coffee table. He brought it back two years ago when he returned from an examination at the hospital. It had always been lying below the coffee table in the ashes where it had been thrown.

He took out the thermometer and played with it between his fingers.

[ Old Bai, don’t you see that I’m gray all over? Quickly wipe it off for me. ]

Xi Baichen opened his fingers, finding them soiled with a layer of ash. He couldn’t help but find it too repulsive, saying, “Dirty.”

[ You usually don’t keep clean, yet now you blame me for getting you dirty? ] Mi Li detested it more than he did.

Xi Baichen took out a wet wipe, wiped the thermometer clean, and wiped his fingers carefully until they were clean again.

[ When I was in your hand just now, your body temperature seemed a little high. Would you like to take a measurement? Your voice is also weird, I suspect you may have a cold. ]

Xi Baichen raised his eyebrows: “Are you sure you want me to measure?”

[Uh…] Suddenly Mi Li thought about measuring temperature by being placed in the armpit, held in the mouth, or inserted into the *ss. This caused her to feel uncomfortable all over.

However, Xi Baichen’s face didn’t look very good, and his voice was very nasally. For the sake of his health, shouldn’t she sacrifice herself a bit?

[ Answer a question for me first. ] Mi Li had a serious tone.

“What’s the question?”

[ Do you have body odor? ]

Xi Baichen lazily raised his eyes: “Heh, yes.”

[ … ] His one word killed the conversation.

After smoking a cigarette, Bai Chen retracted his gaze and prepared to continue typing.

[ Stay still for now. ] After struggling for a long time, Mi Li’s compassionate heart finally overcame the fear of being drenched in body odor. Bravely and righteously, she said, [ Let’s take your temperature.]

Xi Baichen: “…”

[ Stop typing and quickly clamp me in your armpit. ] Compared with the mouth and the *ss, the armpits were considered very fresh and refined. It was no big deal. Who hadn’t smelled body odor before?

Xi Baichen’s eyes flickered, and the depression in his heart inexplicably dissipated. He stretched out his hand to pick up the thermometer and stuffed it under his armpit.

Mi Li only felt darkness in front of her eyes. Her whole body was wrapped in warmth and unable to move.

As a charming woman stuffed into the armpit of a man, she felt it was quite demeaning.

[ Okay, you can take me out. ] When time was up, Mi Li immediately alerted him, impatient to break away from the armpit smell seeping in. 

Xi Baichen took out the thermometer and looked down to check.

Upon seeing light again, Mi Li felt that her whole world was bright and clear. She immediately checked the thermometer measurement, and as expected: [ 38 degrees[2] — you really do have a fever. Do you have fever reduction medication at home? ]


[ I already guessed you wouldn’t have any. Come on, let’s go out to buy medicine. ]

Xi Baichen stayed motionless.

Mi Li admonished like an nagging nanny: [ Treat illnesses early and don’t delay, so as to avoid relapsing later and making it more troublesome. ]

Xi Baichen stood up and inserted the thermometer in his shirt pocket. He grabbed his wallet and keys, then put on slippers to go out.

Walking to a pharmacy not far from his villa, Xi Baichen was led by a salesperson to the shelf with the cold medicine.

Mi Li carefully checked the names of these medicines: Ganmaoling, Cefprozil Tablets, Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride Tablets… Other than the different trademarks, the product names were similar to those in her world.

Xi Baichen casually grabbed a few boxes of medicine, and Mi Li quickly reminded him: [ Old Bai, please clearly tell the sales lady your symptoms. Don’t buy things at random. ]

Xi Baichen paused, then turned to the sales lady at his side. His deep dark eyes, as though made from black jade, contained a mesmerizing charm.

The sales lady was stared at until she blushed and her heart raced. She asked awkwardly, “What’s wrong?”

“I have a fever of 38 degrees, nasal congestion, and a dry cough at night. What medicine should I buy?”

“Ah, I understand.” According to his symptoms, the sales lady helped him choose several medicines.

Xi Baichen didn’t even look at them and paid his bill at the cashier. He walked out of the pharmacy with the medicine and hurriedly returned home.

[ Remember to take your medicine on time. ] Mi Li urged, [ For the time being, don’t eat spicy foods. Eat more carrots, leafy greens, dried bean curd, and mung beans. Rest early, don’t stay up late… ]

“You talk too much.” Xi Baichen whispered, his head heavy and his expression unfolding.

Mi Li’s voice was clear and sweet, and it felt as though his heart was brushed by feathers.

Xi Baichen seemed absent-minded and didn’t register what she said to him.

When she left, the room returned to its former desertedness. Suddenly feeling that something was missing, Xi Baichen sat quietly for a while, then followed her instructions. He took his medicine, drank some water, and ordered a light meal.

The next day, Xi Baichen’s fever subsided, and he recovered much of his energy. He took the time to push out the day’s manuscript, and then stayed home to watch TV and play games, spending the rest of the time bored.

At this moment, the doorbell sounded from outside.

Clicking on the monitor, a courier appeared on the screen: [ Mr. Xi, you have a package. ]

Xi Baichen opened the door, signed the receipt, and returned to the living room holding the courier package.

The sender’s address was fuzzy. No need to guess, it must have been sent by that little ghost again.

Tearing open the outer packaging, the package was not food as Xi Baichen expected, but instead a flowerpot filled with soil. There was also a packet of seeds and a sticky note with the flowerpot. The handwriting on the sticky note was neat, detailed and clear, listing various precautions for growing flowers.

[ There is a Sunsperia planted in the pot, please take care of it. ]

Mi Li took into account that it might be Xi Baichen’s first time raising a plant so she specially selected this ornamental plant for easy cultivation.

“Sending me a potted plant for no reason?” Xi Baichen thought with a “troubled” expression. He picked up the pot singlehandedly and placed it on the balcony. Then he went to the kitchen to get a bowl of water, and raised his hand in preparation to water the plant. Seeming to recall something, he went back to the living room, picked up the note and read it carefully before sprinkling some water into the pot.

It was clearly written on the note that the Sunsperia was a very drought-tolerant plant and cannot be overwatered.

[ Sunsperia has the effect of warding off evil spirits and can protect the owner from evil. ]

Xie Baichen’s mouth twitched, his face uncaring, but in his heart he faintly looked forward to the appearance of this Sunsperia when it grew up.

Mouth full of lies, but one’s actions reveal the truth. This saying described him perfectly.

  1. The author’s wrong, this explains nothing. Small actions can bring about large consequences. Even if the two worlds were exactly the same (which is false), the lottery drawings took place on different days.
  2. 38 degrees Celsius is equal to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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