EDS Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Bun Raising Plan

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[ Old Bai, why are you sitting there like an idiot? Hurry up and take the kids out to eat. ] Mi Li reminded, [ This takeout you ordered is only enough for one person, and who knows how hygenic it is. ]

Xi Baichen’s face was calm, his arms crossed in front of his chest, sitting peacefully.

The two dumplings looked at the takeout, then looked at Xi Baichen. Both had a pitiful expression of wanting to but not daring to speak.

[ Let’s go. You can talk after dinner if there’s anything to discuss. ]

Xi Baichen stood up and ordered, “Come, I’ll take you two to dinner.”

The two dumplings’ eyes lit up. They quickly jumped off the sofa, and lined up behind him.

Xi Baichen walked ahead, letting them follow from behind.

[ Walk slower. ] Mi Li climbed up his chest and laid on his shoulders, paying attention to the movements of the two small dumplings.

Xi Baichen’s footsteps paused and only moved on when the sound of soft footsteps approached.

He took the two small dumplings to a nearby Chinese restaurant, randomly chose a seat, and then handed them the menu. “Order whatever you want.”

Seeing the two dumplings staring at the menu blankly, struggling to read the text, Mi Li had to say something. [ Old Bai, you are too much. How many words do six or seven year olds even know? And children shouldn’t eat food that’s too spicy, is it really okay if you let them order casually? ]

Xi Baichen kept his silence and revealed a bitter and resentful appearance as he stared at the two small dumplings.

The two little dumplings were even more bitter than him. They were doing their best pretending to be well-behaved and sensible to avoid being thrown into some corner by their uncle.

[ Ask them what they like to eat. ]

Xi Baichen asked lukewarmly, “What do you two like to eat?”

The little boy was startled, “Uncle, I like to eat sour and spicy mung bean noodles, deep fried pork, chicken with szechuan peppers, and deep fried spicy spring rolls!”

The little girl was timid, saying, “I like to eat stir fried tofu and tomatoes, roasted winter melon with mushrooms, egg custard medley, spinach…”

[ Haha, a carnivore and herbivore, really a pair of adorable cuties. ] Mi Li was overjoyed.

“Okay.” Xi Baichen summoned a waiter and ordered, “Sour and spicy mung bean noodles, deep fried pork, chicken with szechuan peppers, deep fried spicy spring rolls, stir fried tofu and tomatoes, roasted winter melon with mushrooms, egg custard medley, spinach…”

[ Wait! ] Mi Li quickly stopped him, [ No need to order everything, can you three even finish it? ]

The two little dumplings were very happy. Their four big eyes were shining, and they were looking forward to eating.

Xi Baichen stared at them ferociously: “You must eat all the dishes I ordered for you. Leave anything behind and I will send you back to the police station.”

The smiles of the two small dumplings instantly froze.

Mi Li: [ … ]

The waiter hesitated, “…Sir, are you sure you want to order these dishes?”

[ Of course not! ] Mi Li said loudly, [ Old Bai, chicken with szechuan peppers and deep fried spicy spring rolls are quite spicy, not suitable for children to eat. It’s best not to eat spinach either because it easily affects the brain development of children. ]

“No. Remove chicken with szechuan peppers, deep fried spicy spring rolls, and spinach.” Xi Baichen changed his order expressionlessly.

“…Okay.” The waiter smiled and left.

The two little dumplings remembered Xi Baichen’s threats just now and dared not protest.

When the food was ready, the little dumplings received Xi Baichen’s approval and couldn’t wait to pick up the chopsticks and start the meal.

Just after taking a few bites, their faces wrinkled into buns. Their originally shiny eyes dimmed, their heads drooped in disappointment, and the words “yuck, I want to cry” were clearly written on their faces.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Xi Baichen glanced at them strangely.

[ Do you still need to ask? Obviously they find it unpalatable. ] Mi Li gained a deeper understanding of his lack of empathy.

“Unpalatable?” Xi Baichen ate slowly, “I think it’s not bad.”

[ A guy who relishes each bite of takeout, do you even know what unpalatable is? ] Mi Li roasted him.

Xi Baichen ignored her and stared at the two small buns sternly, “I said earlier that you can’t waste any food. You must eat it all, otherwise you know the consequences.”

The two small dumplings bitterly shoveled in their food, thinking that this uncle was simply a demon.

Mi Li sympathized with them. [ Old Bai, what are their names? ]

“Xi Nuoqi, Xi Keran.”

Hearing their uncle calling their names, the two small dumplings raised their heads simultaneously, looking at him with watery eyes.

“Why are you staring at me? Eat.” Xi Baichen ordered.

The two little dumplings had aggrieved faces: Weren’t you the one who called us?

[ So cute. ] Mi Li dangled around his neck. [ Can’t you be friendlier to them? They are obviously well behaved. ]

Xi Baichen turned a deaf ear and continued to eat.

Mi Li didn’t care, and asked: [ How long do you plan to let them stay with you? ]

Xi Baichen paused his chopsticks. Facing the two small dumplings, he frowned and said, “Eat quickly. I’ll send you two home when you’re done.”

“Mom and Dad went abroad and the family nanny is on vacation,” Xi Nuoqi replied. “Grandfather told us to live with you for half a month.”

“Half a month? Huh.” Xi Baichen felt that the old man was crazy.

Xi Keran watched him carefully for a while and added: “Grandfather said that if you aren’t willing, he’ll destroy all the publishers that you’ve worked with.”

Xi Baichen’s blue veins throbbed on the back of his hand, and his eyes were cold.

[ Tsk tsk. Old Bai, I didn’t expect your grandfather to be a Godfather-like boss. His means and methods could only be described as cool and merciless. ] Mi Li gloated.

Xi Baichen sneered, “It seems he’s not afraid that I will ruin his precious great-grandchildren.”[1]

The soon-to-be ruined little dumplings looked at him fearlessly.

[ Old Bai, if you are really dissatisfied with your grandfather, the best way is not to refuse. You should instead take care of these two little buns, treat them well, and completely replace your grandfather’s position in their hearts. ]

Xi Baichen did not feel that he had the ability to rein in these two buns, nor was he interested.

Mi Li seemed to see through his mind, confidently saying: [ Don’t worry, I will help you. ]

Xi Baichen did not take her words to heart. What could a flighty little ghost help him with?

After eating, he returned to the villa with the two buns.

“I’ll be working. Play by yourselves, don’t be noisy.” Xi Baichen took out some cola from the refrigerator, stuffed a bottle in each child’s hand, and sent them to another room.

[ I suddenly feel that it was a bad idea to let you keep the two children. ] With this man’s behavior, it might really be possible for the two well-behaved little babies to be ruined.

Xi Baichen lit a cigarette and laid on the sofa to smoke lazily.

[ Since you can’t send them away, then take good care of them. ] Mi Li began to plan, [ I will come over every day and teach you how to cook. ]

As long as she adjusted her sleeping schedule, she would probably be able to control the timing of her crossing over, though she cannot control the object she possessed.

“Teach me to cook?” Xi Baichen froze for a moment and decisively refused, “No need, I’m not interested.”

[ It’s only half a month. Even if you don’t care about your stomach, shouldn’t you consider the health of the children? ] Mi Li felt that the two of them meeting in this way was also a kind of fate. Although she had no right to interfere in other people’s lives, she sincerely hoped that he would live a better life. If he could take this opportunity to slightly improve his quality of life, that would be good. Even if it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be any worse than it already was.

Xi Baichen frowned and smoke drifted around his fingers. His mood wasn’t good when he thought of having two troublesome little devils at home in the future.

[ Buy some ingredients today and get the kitchenware ready. We will start a restaurant in your kitchen tomorrow. ] Mi Li was full of optimism towards the upcoming child-rearing life.

“If you have a way to start a restaurant, then start a restaurant. I’m not going to cook anyway.”

As soon as his voice fell, the tie around his neck tightened sharply, strangling Xi Baichen’s throat and causing him to choke on a smoke ring. The smoke got stuck in his nostrils and he coughed violently.

“Cough cough cough…” Xi Baichen coughed until tears came out.

[ I’ve said it long before, smoking is harmful to your health and you should smoke less. ] Mi Li loosened the tie that strangled him, and emotionally said, [ Look, now you know it’s difficult to bear, don’t you? ]

Xi Baichen threw his half-smoked cigarette into the ashtray and reached out his hand to hook into the knot of the tie. He tried to pull it off, but the tie was so tight that he couldn’t do so.

[ Give up. I’m the tie and only I can untie myself. ]

Not waiting for Mi Li to finish, Xi Baichen took out a pair of scissors from the drawer.

Mi Li: [ !!! ]

Placing the scissors against his neck, Xi Baichen said lightly, “Are you going to get lost by yourself or do I have to cut you off?”

Mi Li hesitated for three seconds, then slipped off and got lost decisively.

Xi Baichen set the scissors down and picked up the free-falling tie. He wrapped it around his fingers and played with it, feeling inexplicably happy.

But he suddenly felt coldness in his palms for a moment, and something seemed to slip through his fingers.

Xi Baichen’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he whispered, “Little Mi?”

The tie fluttered, and there was no more sound.

  1. Apparently the old man is the children’s great grandfather now.

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