EDS Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Little Mi’s Recipes

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Although Xi Baichen said he didn’t care, the next day he still prepared all the kitchenware and ingredients. That only left waiting for a certain little ghost to come and teach.

In the morning, he took the two dumplings out to have three cups of soy milk, five fried dough sticks and two baskets of soup dumplings. He then wandered the streets with them as though walking dogs and also bought them a game console while doing so. After returning home, he let them play by themselves.

Xi Baichen checked the time and finding that it was past 11 o’clock, he walked into the kitchen. Glancing around, he casually called out, “Little Mi?”

There was no response in the kitchen; the little ghost was obviously not here. Therefore he went searching room by room with his long legs.

Didn’t she say she’d be here during meals? He couldn’t even find a shadow of a ghost.

Xi Baichen felt that his trust had been betrayed, and he was very unhappy. He planned to wait for 12 o’clock to order takeout and deliberately order spicy food!

Sitting in front of the computer, he began to write sadomasochistic dog blood romance scripts with super-stellar speed again.

[ Old Bai, are you okay? Why are you writing this kind of manuscript again? ] A familiar voice rang out abruptly in the room.

Xi Baichen suddenly broke away from his frantic typing, and asked in a low voice, “Where are you?”

[ In your palm. ]

Xi Baichen looked down: his right hand resting on the desk, his left hand holding onto a mouse.

“Mouse?” He was left-handed so the mouse was in his left hand.

[ Yes~~ ] The Mi Li brand mouse flashed a few times, announcing her existence.

Gently rubbing the mouse, Xi Baichen’s brows unconsciously relaxed, and his mood gradually became better.

[ Old Bai, have you prepared everything I asked? ] Mi Li actually didn’t hold any hope. After all, he was very resistant to cooking. Suddenly asking him to do things he didn’t want, it was surely difficult to achieve.

Xi Baichen did not speak and walked into the kitchen with the mouse.

The kitchen was cleaned spotlessly. The kitchenware and dishes were neatly arranged, and the refrigerator had all the ingredients ready.

[ Wow, Old Bai, you are ready to embark on the path of a cooking god. ] Mi Li exclaimed.

Xi Baichen: “…” She talked too much!

[ It’s getting late, let’s start! ] Mi Li was eager to try, [ Old Bai, what can you make? ]

Xi Baichen: “Noodles.”

[ Knowing how to create noodles and make soup stock without a problem means you aren’t a complete beginner. ] Mi Li felt quite gratified.

Xi Baichen: “…Instant noodles.”

Mi Li: [ … ] There is a long way to go.

Xi Baichen stood upright in the kitchen, a little aloof and helpless; his aura was totally incompatible with the kitchen.

Mi Li comforted: [ It doesn’t matter, we’ll start with the simplest. ]

Mi Li first let Xi Baichen wash and cook the rice. This operation had basically no difficulty.

The dishes she prepared today were mainly simplified versions of pork ribs with special sauce, ants climbing a tree[1], shredded eggplant, and tomato egg soup.

These dishes did not require much skill with the knife, nor did they have complicated instructions. As long as the steps were followed and the seasoning was not off by too much, the taste wouldn’t be too bad.

[ Okay, Old Bai, put on the apron first. ]

Xi Baichen held up the checkered apron, hesitated for a few seconds, and then put it on.

[ Next, we process the ingredients. ] Mi Li directed Xi Baichen’s actions step by step.

Washing the ribs, cutting the green onion and garlic, soaking the vermicelli, seasoning… Although Xi Baichen’s movements were unfamiliar, he was focused and steady. Under the guidance of the “mouse”, he actually did very well.

[ Fry the ribs until golden, add soy sauce and bean paste, sear the surface and then lower to medium heat. ] The mouse flashed and explained, [ Now there should be a rich sauce in the wok. Smell it, isn’t it particularly fragrant? ]

Xi Baichen didn’t need to deliberately take a sniff. The aroma of ribs mixed with watercress and garlic couldn’t wait to penetrate his nose and fill the entire kitchen.

[ …Mash the garlic, add soy sauce, and a little vinegar… Nonono, too much, a bit less, good, then the chicken base and oil. Mix thoroughly, good, perfect, pour it on the eggplant. ]

After a few sizzling sounds, the juice seeped into the eggplant. It was clear colored and mouthwatering.

Xi Baichen put the cooked pork ribs with special sauce and shredded eggplant aside, and then inadvertently caught the two steamed buns sneaking peeks from the left and right of the kitchen door. They had stars in their eyes and admiration in their faces.

Xi Baichen turned his back, and a touch of discomfort flashed in his eyes.

Mi Li secretly felt it was funny and continued to guide him.

After more than an hour, four dishes and one soup came fresh off the stove, and the rice was soft and delicate.

For his first time truly cooking, Xi Baichen’s performance was remarkable, and his hands-on ability was beyond Mi Li’s expectations.

[ Old Bai, you’ve worked hard. Now it’s time to test the results. ] Mi Li saw the two steamed buns sitting upright, staring at the dishes on the table eagerly. They obviously wanted to start eating but didn’t immediately do so.

“Let’s eat.” Xi Baichen took the lead in picking up his chopsticks, maintaining the prestige of a patriarch, but secretly observed the two steamed buns.

“Mmm, it’s good!” Xi Nuoqi praised while chewing on the ribs.

“It’s delicious…” Xi Keran ate the eggplant in small bites, her eyebrows expressing satisfaction.

Seeing this, Xi Baichen breathed a sigh of relief and started to move his chopsticks. He took a bite of each dish. Strictly speaking, the taste was only average but it was very appetizing, and it felt completely different from eating takeout.

[ Old Bai, you are so good! ] Mi Li praised without hesitation, [ Looking at the little dumplings having such a good time, I really want to try eating too! ]

Xi Baichen scrunched his eyebrows, and his heart felt a sense of regret. If possible, he wanted her to taste his dishes. Cooking for the first time was very meaningful, yet it was wasted on the two little devils.

Thinking of this, Xi Baichen’s eyes gazing at the two dumplings turned unkind.

The ignorant little dumplings ate happily, not because the food was really that delicious, but because their uncle actually cooked it himself. That added 99 points of charm to the dishes.

“Uncle, why do you keep carrying that mouse?” The well fed Xi Nuoqi gradually relaxed his guard and curiously asked.

Xi Baichen glanced at him, “Without this mouse, you can only eat takeout.”

The two small dumplings were surprised, “Is this a magical mouse? Can it help Uncle make a lot of food?”

Xi Baichen, “Heh.” His mouse was omnipotent, what did the little devils know?

The four dishes and one soup were eaten cleanly by the three people, and their expressions of contentment were exactly the same.

Xi Baichen cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks, while the two dumplings covered their belly and leaned lazily on the sofa.

[ Old Bai, let the little dumplings come over and help you wash the dishes. ] Xi Baichen found this proposal very agreeable!

He crooked his finger at the small dumplings, “Come here.”

“What’s the matter? Is there dessert after dinner?” The two small dumplings ran over, only to see that Xi Baichen had placed two chairs side by side next to the sink.

The little dumplings stared at him foolishly.

Xi Baichen crossed his arms and said condescendingly, “Do you think my food is free? Get up here and wash the dishes.”

Xi Nuoqi looked at him incredulously, “We are still children, how can you make us work?”

“Why can’t children work?” Xi Baichen felt that the brats nowadays were too spoiled and pampered. They must be tempered.

Mi Li spoke up at the right time: [ Tell them that once they finish washing, there will be fruits to eat and drinks to drink. ]

Xi Baichen was not happy but still repeated the words.

When the two small dumplings heard these words, their enthusiasm was indeed much higher. They climbed up the chairs one after another, and began to wash the dishes under the supervision of Xi Baichen.

[ Be careful, don’t let them break the dishes and hurt themselves. ]

“So troublesome.” Xi Baichen mumbled, but he paid more attention.

The two dumplings were very enthusiastic as they washed the dishes for the first time. After more than ten minutes, they were all wet but still washed all the dishes and chopsticks.

Xi Baichen fulfilled his promise. He prepared fruit and squeezed juice for them.

The two little dumplings were extremely happy when they got paid for their labor.

After they settled down, Xi Baichen thought that he could finally rest. In the end, he heard Mi Li say: [ Old Bai, go and wash the dishes again. ]

Xi Baichen: “!!!”

[ How could they wash it clean when doing so for first time? ]

Xi Baiche: “……” Since they didn’t wash things clean, why did he give them a reward?! He worked so hard cooking and didn’t even get a reward!

Filled with resentment, Xi Baichen washed the dishes and chopsticks again.

[ Old Bai, you have worked hard, you are awesome! ] Mi Li’s praise instantly soothed his ruffled feathers.

“Hmph.” He cleaned himself up and returned to the study with the mouse in his hand.

“The perfume story I came up with last time has been half written. You can read it if you are interested.” Xi Baichen opened the document, but did not hear Mi Li’s response.

Left again… Xi Baichen lowered his gaze, his eyes dull.

He opened another document and began to type his dog blood manuscript.

In the evening, he received a parcel from Mi Li. It was a handwritten recipe book with hundreds of photos.

Looking at the writing on the recipe book, Xi Baichen could imagine the little ghost’s attainments and attentiveness towards food.

The corner of his mouth unconsciously rose into an arc. Xi Baichen held the recipe book and flipped through it page by page, and the urge to write a food novel was born in his heart.

As far as he knew, there weren’t many food novels nowadays. Little Mi’s cooking skills were enough to start her own school, but she openly shared it with others. Therefore, before writing this food novel, he must ask for her opinion.

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