EDS Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Old Bai the Writer

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After spending two hours in Xi Baichen’s house, Mi Li felt her consciousness dimming. Through her cat’s eyes, she vaguely saw a ribbon of light leading her onwards.

Mi Li walked over in a daze, her figure slowly fading, then finally disappeared behind the door. When Xi Baichen came out of the kitchen, he found that Mi Li was not on the sofa. He searched for her everywhere fruitlessly, his heart knew that she had left again.

There seemed to be a warmth remaining on his fingertips, causing him to unconsciously rub them together. Xi Baichen walked into the bedroom and took out a box from the cabinet.

Opening the box, he took out the contents one by one. These were all pet supplies that his cat had used before, such as food bowls, scratching mats, litter box, grooming supplies, and various small toys.

Xi Baichen cleaned them up and placed them neatly near the balcony, looking forward to Little Mi coming back in the form of a cat next time. He wanted to let her know that she had a home here and they might be able to live together in the future.

Mi Li opened her eyes, turned her head to see Little Bai sleeping next to her pillow, and couldn’t help reaching out to rub its head.

Little Bai rubbed itself on the pillow, woke up in a daze, and “meowed” softly at Mi Li.

“Why did you get into my bed? Is the cat bed I prepared for you uncomfortable?” Mi Li picked it up, checked its body, and was relieved to find no problems.

“Okay, play by yourself first while I cook.” She planned to develop new dishes today and take the opportunity to show off Little Bai on her livestream.

She was able to possess Little Bai this time and bring it across with her, probably because she was right next to it. According to this logic, could her packages to Xi Baichen be delivered without going through the courier company if she slept with them in her arms?

Mi Li decided to try it tonight.

While having fun in the afternoon, unknowingly it had become dinner time.

Mi Li fed Little Bai, then laid in bed with it and a package containing a toy.

After ten-plus minutes, she gradually fell asleep. However, she did not cross over this time and slept dreamlessly until dawn.

Mi Li sat on the bed, looking at her alarm clock with a confused expression.

She had slept for more than ten hours without crossing over a single time.

“D*mn!” Old Bai and the others were waiting for her to make dinner, but she had overslept and even missed breakfast the next day. She didn’t know if they managed to have a good meal.

Of course they did not have a good meal.

Xi Baichen had been waiting for Little Mi until 8pm. By then, the little dumplings got so hungry that he took them out for a meal.

Wandering around the house at night, not even Little Mi’s shadow could be found. Xi Baichen’s mood was very bad, and the look he gave the little dumplings became very cold, as though he had returned to the first day they started getting along.

The next morning, Little Mi still did not show up. Xi Baichen cooked three bowls of soggy noodles, causing the little dumplings to feel it was too much pain to continue living upon eating it. At lunch, he ordered three portions of takeout which at least stopped torturing the little dumplings’ stomachs.

“When are you going home?” Xi Baichen asked coldly.

“Great-grandpa asked us to live here for half a month.” Xi Nuoqi counted with his fingers and said, “There are about ten days left.”

“If you don’t want to suffer, then it’s best to ask him to come and pick you up as soon as possible.” Xi Baichen collected the trash and headed towards the kitchen.

“Uncle, aren’t we going for a walk today?” Xi Keran looked expectantly at his back.

“No time, play by yourselves.” Xi Baichen slammed the door and left the two little dumplings in the living room.

He had no experience nor interest in taking care of children in the first place. Had it not been for Little Mi, he would already have sent them away.

Turning on the computer, Xi Baichen took out a cigarette carton from the drawer. As he was about to light one, he paused and remembered that he hadn’t smoked much in the past few days. Playing with the cigarette between his fingers, he finally returned it to the carton.

Becoming accustomed to Little Mi’s presence yet suddenly losing her, he felt extremely irritated.

What made him even more flustered was that he didn’t know where Little Mi went. Did an accident happen? Would she reappear in the future? He couldn’t do anything other than wait foolishly.

Xi Baichen’s face was gloomy. His fingers danced on the keyboard, and heart-wrenching text quickly appeared on the document. A novel of tens of thousands of words was completed overnight, and it was uploaded to the internet without any editing.

He was in a bad mood, so he didn’t want others to be in a good mood. At any rate, he didn’t use his actual pen name[1] and it was published for free so he didn’t care how his readers scolded him. The fiercer the scolding, the more it ignited his passion as a writer.

The pen name “Rainbow Fart” could be considered prominent in the internet literary circle, however this fame was infamy. He specialized in romances that abused his readers, but his writing was exceptional with enthralling characters. They were obviously extreme dog blood plots but after his efforts, they were so gripping that one couldn’t stop reading. Instead of light bruises, his readers had to suffer torture akin to crushed bones and shredded flesh. What a demon!

[ I’m begging you, Master Rainbow Fart, can we change the subject next time??? ]

[ Master, do you have to use your divine skills to write these demonic tales?! ]

[ Master, are you experiencing trouble in life, frustrated in love, or having an unsuccessful career!? ]

[ Master, I advise you to be kind. ]

[ I ordered three hundred blades today, all of them for Master, please accept them. ]

[ I will eat my keyboard if I read your stories in the future. ]

[ Previous commenter, you also said this in another of his stories. How is your keyboard? ]

[ Downvoted for unresolved darkness in the plot. ]

Reading the comments showering blood, Xi Baichen sneered. With a tap of his finger, a few thousand words were added to the ending. The heroine died in a foreign land, ending the lives of both the mother and her unborn child; the hero was blinded and crippled, living out his life alone.

The hatred of the readers rose to the apex, and the comment section fell completely. A large wave of personal attacks ensued, and the moderator’s hands went limp from deleting comments.

Xi Baichen closed the web page indifferently. He dangled an unlit cigarette, and pensively looked out the window.

After three days without crossings, Mi Li had two guesses in her heart. One was that she had lost the ability to traverse worlds, and the other was that she had consumed too much energy when possessing a living creature and needed a period of recuperation.

Although Mi Li had worried about it before, she no longer wanted to lose this ability. Not only because of Old Bai, but also because she witnessed the existence of another world. This wonderful experience had made her ordinary life a lot more colorful.

“Qinqin, I have recently developed several new dishes. Would you like to come try them?” Mi Li called her friend Zhong Qin.

[ I’d be happy to. When? ] Zhong Qin was very positive.

“How about lunch today?” Mi Lei paused, then said, “Does your brother have time? He gave me a bottle of perfume last time, and I haven’t thanked him properly yet.”

[ Oh~~ It turns out that your goal is my brother. ]

“Don’t make random guesses, I also invited other friends.”

[ My brother is so handsome, aren’t you tempted at all? ]

“Um… I have no interest in falling in love. I’ll just let nature take its course.” In Mi Li’s mind imperceptibly floated a person’s image, but she did not ponder it deeply.

[ Fine, let me ask my brother. I will contact you later. ]

After hanging up the phone, Mi Li also invited a few friends, and most of them happily agreed. Mi Li had excellent cooking skills, but she rarely invited others over for a meal. They naturally couldn’t miss such an opportunity.

Past noon, friends came one after another, and her home suddenly became lively.

Mi Li was worried that Little Bai would be disturbed, so she temporarily locked it in the bedroom.

It was Zhong Yu’s first time visiting Mi Li’s home, and he quietly looked around. The windows were bright and clean, and the house was neat and tidy. The living room and window sills were lined with vibrant green plants and flowers. Its modern style was combined with a classical charm, which was both elegant and tasteful. It could be seen that Mi Li was a person who paid great attention to her quality of life. The environment was comfortable, and her mind was refined.

Zhong Yu also carefully observed these friends of hers. They had good personalities and were very easy to get along with.

The food was ready and the guests were seated one after another.

“No need to be polite, please eat.” Mi Li received them warmly.

Zhong Yu tasted a piece of meat. It was soft and succulent, very delicious.

He was rather moved and glanced at Mi Li, his affection for her increasing by yet another level.

There was some hesitation at first, but now he finally made up his mind. He didn’t want to lose this girl and hoped she would become his girlfriend.

The atmosphere at the dinner table was very warm, and everyone was full of praise for Mi Li’s skills. Especially for those new dishes, which were picked clean by everyone.

Mi Li liked to see others enjoying the food she cooked, and their expressions of satisfaction were the greatest thanks for her efforts.

Everyone had eaten their fill and left one after another. Zhong Yu didn’t stay either and left Qingwei Homes with his sister.

“Little Qin, I remember you said before that Mi Li likes to exercise.” Zhong Yu started the engine, pretending to ask casually.

“Yes.” Zhong Qin replied, “she runs every day and goes to the gym three times a week.”

“Feilaisi Fitness Club?”*

“Yeah.” Zhong Qin gave him a strange look, and then stretched out an “Oh” before saying, “I see, you’ve taken a liking to her.”

“Yeah.” Zhong Yu didn’t hide it either.

“Hahaha, great.” Zhong Qin clapped her hands and said happily, “Brother, good luck. Whether or not you can date Little Mi depends on your ability.”

“Okay, then I’ll start with the gym.” Zhong Yu looked straight ahead, a fire lighting up in his eyes.

Mi Li cleaned up the living room, then went to the bathroom for a shower. She put on a set of comfortable home clothes and held an ipad to watch a movie with Little Bai.

While watching, her tiredness surged. Leaning lazily on the head of the bed, she fell into a deep sleep in moments.

In her sleep, her consciousness flew off again.

In the bedroom, Xi Baichen was lying in bed, hands behind his head, and eyes closed to sleep.

There seemed to be a cool breeze on his forehead, and he slowly opened his eyes. In his dim vision, a faint shadow appeared, which was erratic and illusory.

He stared at it, but the shadow disappeared again.

“Am I seeing things?” Xi Baichen sat up, moved his overturned notebook aside, and looked around but found nothing unusual.

“Uncle, we are hungry, when do we eat?” The sound of knocking transmitted from the other side of the door.

“There are instant noodles in the kitchen, so make them yourself!” Xi Baichen replied impatiently. Turning over to get out of bed, he seemed to step on something.

[ Ah! ] An exclamation sounded, and then a dark shadow bolted out from under his feet.

Xi Baichen’s eyes suddenly brightened, his heartbeat unconsciously sped up, and a touch of surprise floated on his eyebrows.

  1. This is what the raw said. It doesn’t make sense because he clearly uploaded the story under his pen name “Rainbow Fart” which is why all the comments are referring to him that way. Perhaps later in the story we’ll learn he has another pen name that he thinks of as his real one, even though his editor also referred to him as “Rainbow Fart.”

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