EDS Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Topic

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[ Old Bai, I am here again. Surprised? Shocked? ] Mi Li waved her cat claws and greeted Xi Baichen with a smile.

After crossing over again in the form of the folded-ear cat, she could basically conclude that her recent inability to cross over was related to possessing living creatures.

Xi Baichen stared at Mi Li closely without a word.

[ What’s wrong? ] Mi Li ran over, and climbed along his trousers onto his lap. [ I haven’t seen you for a few days, don’t you miss me at all? ]

Xi Baichen pinched her little paws, his eyes dark and still. After a moment, he picked her up and went to the previously placed cat bed.

[ Huh? Did you prepare this for me? ] Mi Li jumped into the cat bed to test its softness, and it felt pretty good. There were a lot of toys placed beside her. She picked through them with her claws and spent a long time studying them enthusiastically.

While having a good time, something was suddenly wrapped around her neck. She lowered her head and found that it was a collar with a fish bone-shaped name tag. Mi Li tried to shrink her neck to look but couldn’t see what was written on it.

“This is the collar I bought for you, and the tag is engraved with your name, Little Mi.” Xi Baichen said.

[ Why did you put a collar on me? Am I your cat? ] Mi Li fiddled with the tag on the collar angrily.

“From today onwards, you belong to me.” Xi Baichen stated with certainty.

Mi Li raised her round head, stared at him with a pair of big cat eyes, and then meowed: [ Hee hee, so you like me that much (=^ω^=) ]

“Yes.” Xi Baichen gently squeezed her cat ears, and said in a low voice, “So stay by my side and don’t go anywhere.”

[ I’ll think about it~~ ] Mi Li raised her head and puffed out her chest, striking a pose.

The haze in Xi Baichen’s eyes dissipated, and a faint smile appeared.

[ By the way, how are your little dumplings? ] Mi Li crawled out of the cat bed and asked as she walked towards the door.

Xi Baichen stepped behind her, his eyes staying on her.

When she reached the door, Mi Li pawed at it and turned her head to look at Xi Baichen, motioning for him to open the door.

Xi Baichen put his slipper under her belly and carefully lifted her aside, and then opened the door.

Mi Li got off his slipper, adjusted her posture, and used her cat legs to trot over to the living room.

In the living room, the two dumplings were sitting cross-legged beside the coffee table, eating instant noodles. There was also an electric kettle next to them with hot steam coming out of its spout, apparently having just boiled water.

[ Old Bai, you actually let them boil water and make instant noodles by themselves??? ] Mi Li stared reproachfully at the man next to her.

Xi Baichen picked her up in his hands, stretched out on the sofa, and casually asked, “How’s the taste?”

Xi Nuoqi honestly said, “Much better than what you made last night.”

The mini-adult Xi Keran sighed and said in a single breath, “Mom said that eating too much instant noodles will cause acne, affect intelligence, and cause irregular menstruation.”

Xi Baichen: “…”

Mi Li: [ Children nowadays know so much. Old Bai, listen well, eating instant noodles can be very harmful! ]

“What is irregular menstruation?” Xi Nuoqi asked.

Xi Keran thought a bit and seriously said, “When it’s time for blood to flow, it doesn’t flow.”

Xi Nuoqi wondered, “Isn’t blood not flowing a good thing? If it’s possible for no blood to flow, then I’d rather have irregular menstruation.”

Xi Baichen: “…”

Mi Li: [ Are your children’s educations really all right? ]

“Okay, stop eating what’s left. Let’s go out to eat.” Xi Baichen took away their instant noodles, threw it in the trash, and prepared to go out.

The two little dumplings looked at him in surprise. Their uncle never wasted food and would eat it all no matter how unpalatable it was. No one expected him to throw away food on his own initiative today.

[ Are there any ingredients at home? ] Mi Li asked.

“No.” The meat bought last time had started smelling, and the vegetables as well. Just looking at it killed off his appetite. Xi Baichen hadn’t had time to clean up, so he didn’t want her to see it.

Leading two little dumplings and a cat, Xi Baichen drove to a cat restaurant.

It was the first time that the little dumplings had gone to a cat restaurant. Looking at the various cats in the garden, they felt it was very novel.

Xi Baichen took Mi Li and found a place by the window to sit down. At the two tables next to them were a middle-aged lady and a few young people. They all had a pet cat.

When Xi Baichen appeared, their eyes fell on him unconsciously. Then they noticed the cat in his arms, and their eyes lit up immediately.

“Look at that kitten, its ears are so unique.” A girl tugged on the companion beside her excitedly.

“Hey, why is it drooping? What kind of breed is this?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll google it.” The girl secretly took a photo, uploaded it to a pet forum, and posted a help request: [ Does anyone know what breed this cat is? (Picture) ]

In the photo, Mi Li was clasped in Xi Baichen’s embrace with two paws atop his arms. Her round eyes were staring out like a pair of crystal clear black pearls, and her small ears were pressed against her head. She was as cute as a little angel.

[ Oh my, where did this little cutie come from! My young girl’s heart has been melted from cuteness. ]

[ Those ears are actually drooping? First time I’ve seen it. ]

[ Is this a new breed? I googled just now, but I couldn’t find anything similar. ]

[ Aaahhh, so cute! I really want to touch it. ]

The photos of the folded-ear cat caused a heated discussion on the forum, and many cat lovers came to lick the screen.

Xi Baichen didn’t notice anything. He put Mi Li on the chair next to him and ordered three set meals plus a bowl of cat food.

The waiter looked at Mi Li frequently as she sat on the chair obediently. Noticing his gaze, she raised her paw and meowed softly at him.

The waiter clutched his chest, feeling that he was about to fall in love.

How could there be such a cute creature in the world, its existence defied human imagination!

The guests at the two tables nearby saw this scene, and each of them also clutched their chests. Someone quickly recorded a video and uploaded it to the forum earlier.

[ Nobody stop me, let me lick the cat! ]

[ Aaahhh, I really want to take it home!!! ]

[ Who can tell me what kind of cat this is?! ]

[ Same here! ]

No one on the forum could give an answer, and the breed of folded-ear cats gradually became a topic of much concern.

Mi Li tasted the cat food, which seemed to be quite good, but she was not very hungry. She raised her head and looked at her surroundings curiously.

The restaurant had a pet cat theme, and there were more than a dozen cats there. The breeds were similar to that of Mi Li’s world, but the names might be different.

At this moment, a black Maine Coon with a mighty and domineering appearance jumped on a high stool and stared at Mi Li condescendingly.

Mi Li turn her head: [ Hello. ]

The Maine Coon ignored her with a cold and noble appearance.

Mi Li couldn’t ignore the itching of her claws. She climbed the armrest of the wooden chair, stretched her body over, and carefully poked the Maine Coon’s chest.

[ Bend down a bit, I can’t reach. ]

The Maine Coon hesitated a moment, slowly bowed, and let Mi Li touch its head. Then it straightened its back and recovered its glamorous noble appearance.

“Oh my, too lovely!!!” A girl at the neighboring table was so excited that she couldn’t help herself.

“I took a video!” Her companion’s fingers trembled.

The short clip of the big cat bowing its head and letting the kitten touch it was quickly uploaded to the internet, once again causing a bunch of cat slaves to be overwhelmed by cuteness.

The owner and staff of the cat restaurant were cat lovers; they also paid attention to the pet forum. Seeing that more and more people were asking questions, the waiter came to Xi Baichen’s table and politely asked, “Sir, excuse me for disturbing you. I wonder if you can tell me what breed your cat is?”

The guests at the neighboring tables immediately perked their ears and complimented the waiter: Well asked!

Xi Baichen looked at Mi Li, who waved her claws and indicated that he could answer whatever he wanted. She was facing a bowl of cat food, hesitating on whether to try it.

“It is a folded-ear cat, a variant breed.” Xi Baichen did not purposefully hide it, but he just did not know that folded-ear cats had congenital genetic diseases.

“Folded-ear cat?” The waiter’s eyes were eager, and his love for folded-ear cats was beyond words.

The girl at the next table immediately posted excitedly: [ Everyone, the cat’s owner just responded. He said that this is a folded-ear cat, a variant breed. ]

[ Folded-ear cat, a fitting name. ]

[ Where is this variant breed sold? Money is not a problem! ]

[ I also want one, but I checked all the catteries and pet shops online just now, and there are no folded-ear cats for sale. ]

[ Heavens, this folded-ear cat is not unique, right? ]

Many people forwarded photos of the folded-ear cat, and in just a few tens of minutes, a craze for folded-ear cats was set off in the cat owner circle. As a rare breed in this world, folded-ear cats soon became the target of many cat fans. Some people bid 20,000 yuan, but they could not find a second folded-ear cat.

Mi Li had unknowingly gained a large number of cat slave fans with her image as a folded-ear cat.

After eating, Xi Baichen was about to swipe his card to pay the bill. A middle-aged man in a suit and bowtie walked over, smiled and said, “Hello sir, I am the owner of this restaurant. My last name is ‘Zhang’, and I have a heartfelt request. I hope you will accept it.”

“What’s the matter?” Xi Baichen looked up at him.

“It’s like this. Your cat is very special. I wonder if you would allow me to take a few videos of it?” The boss said politely, “If you agree, all your food today is free, and you will enjoy a 30% discount in our restaurant for life.”

Xi Baichen frowned and his hand stretched towards Mi Li. She drilled into his arms, squatted on his legs, and looked up at Boss Zhang.

“Sorry, it’s not convenient for my cat to be filmed.” Xi Baichen didn’t want to share his kitten with others.

The boss showed a disappointed expression, but then cheered up, “This is our discount card. We welcome you and your cat to frequent our restaurant for meals.”

Xi Baichen nodded and stuffed Mi Li into his coat pocket. After paying the bill, he left the restaurant with two reluctant dumplings.

Although they had left, the topic of folded-ear cats continued to ferment.

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