EDS Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – A Tasteful Topic

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Xi Baichen’s kept the cat in his hands the whole time, even the little dumplings weren’t allowed to touch it.

Mi Li was always in his sight until he carried her into the bathroom.

[ Why did you take me to the bathroom? ] Mi Li had to protest.

“To chat with me.” Xi Baichen replied without a change in expression.

[ A toilet was already foul enough, what else do we need to talk about?! ] Mi Li didn’t want to see a man squatting on the toilet. Even if one was born more handsome, one’s toilet squatting posture would still be no different than anyone else’s.

Xi Baichen had already begun to untie his belt.

Mi Li stood at the door with her back facing him, unwilling to face the mosaic-like reality. She remembered that when she turned into toilet paper, this guy had scolded her for being a pervert, but now he took the initiative to take off his pants in front of her!?

Xi Baichen sat down steadily, casually putting his hands on his knees, and quietly stared at Mi Li.

Mi Li held her breath. Her ears were uncontrollably paying attention to the movement behind her. From the falling sounds, she could probably guess the state of the excrement; whether it was thin, thick, hard, broken, or completely natural… Aaahhh, what was she thinking!

Mi Li raised her paws and vigorously rubbed her head.

“What are you doing?” Xi Baichen’s slightly hoarse voice came from behind.

[ I’m not thinking about anything! ] Mi Li said fiercely with her soft voice, [ How much longer do you need? ]

“Don’t rush me, defecation must be smooth and easy.” Xi Baichen said eloquently.

Mi Li: Go to h*ll with your smooth and easy! Do you believe I’ll smear your face with cat sh*t!?

[ I better not smell the stink, otherwise you’ll have a good look at what happens. ] Mi Li waved her paw threateningly.

Xi Baichen said in embarrassment, “That would be difficult, I am afraid I can’t produce nice smelling sh*t.”

Mi Li thought that they should end this smelly topic. It was too sh*tty!

She stood up, plastered herself on the door panel in a 大 shape, and shouted silently with her body language: Let me out!

Xi Baichen quietly watched her performance in a happy mood.

A few seconds later, the kitten’s soft body slid down despairingly. She fell as if dead on her side by the door.

Xi Baichen grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned himself up. He put on his pants, flushed the toilet, and washed his hands. Then he walked to the kitten, nudged her back with his slippers, and saw that she seemed to be asleep. Thus he hugged her in his arms, opened the door and walked out.

Mi Li woke up to the alarm clock and found she had returned once again. Turning her head and looking around, she didn’t see Little Bai. Thinking it had wandered elsewhere, she ignored it. After washing, she glanced at the empty cat bed and looked for the kitten nearby, but Little Bai was still nowhere to be seen.

“Little Bai, where did you go?” After going in and out a few times, Mi Li had rummaged through every corner, and finally had to admit a terrible fact.

She left Little Bai in the other world!

Mi Li covered her mouth and panicked. She didn’t even care about eating and threw herself on the bed. She closed her eyes and forced herself to sleep.

However, Mi Li forgot that every time she possessed a living creature, she would not be able to cross over for two or three days. So Little Bai could only live in another world for the time being, raised by his godfather.

Old Bai ordered takeout or ate instant noodles every day. He couldn’t even take care of the two small dumplings, let alone the fragile Little Bai. The next time they met, Little Bai wouldn’t be raised to death by him, right?

The more Mi Li thought about it, the more flustered she became. She couldn’t wait to cross over immediately.

While she was feeling anxious, Zhong Qin asked her to go to the gym that night.

It was useless for Mi Li to worry, so she might as well go out to relax. Thus, she agreed.

Upon arriving at the Felaisi Fitness Club, Mi Li and Zhong Qin greeted each other, then Mi Li caught a glimpse of Zhong Yu standing next to her.

“Little Mi, we meet again.” Zhong Yu was dressed up, showing off strong muscles and legs. One look and she could tell that he trained regularly.

Mi Li unconsciously compared him with Old Bai. Their physiques were roughly equal, but their temperaments were completely different. Zhong Yu was an elite with a strong and aggressive presence, whereas Old Bai was a lazy, decadent, black-bellied boss who kept his claws hidden.

“Is Brother Zhong also a member of this club?” Mi Li asked with a smile.

“Yes, I only applied for a card recently.” Zhong Yu didn’t hide his stare at all.

Mi Li didn’t get carried away, adjusting her treadmill before telling Zhong Qin, “Shall we begin?”

“Okay.” Zhong Qin moved her arms and legs while signalling her brother with a wink. She then boarded a treadmill and started jogging with Mi Li.

Zhong Yu paid no attention and turned around to use the fixed equipment next to him for strength training. His position was obliquely behind Mi Li, and he could see her figure at a glance.

Mi Li was slender, with a slim waist and straight legs, lean muscles, and healthy skin. She usually maintained herself properly and often exercised, so she was always full of energy, just like a little sun. While chatting with Zhong Qin, her expression was nimble and her smile was sweet, making people want to pamper her.

Zhong Yu stopped moving involuntarily, fetched a bottle of water, and watched her as he drank.

After half an hour, Mi Li and Zhong Qin had finished a round of running. Zhong Yu immediately walked over and handed them a bottle of water.

“Thank you.” Mi Li took the mineral water and thanked him.

“How about sitting over there?” Zhong Yu pointed to the lounge outside the gym.

Mi Li wanted to refuse, but Zhong Qin had already taken her arm. “Come on. I’m a little tired, let’s go take a rest.”

The three went to the lounge and sat around a round glass table. To the side were floor-to-ceiling windows, showing the swimming pool and large green vegetation outside the window, and the view of the city skyline in the distance was very good.

“Little Mi, there is a business reception the day after tomorrow. Can I trouble you to be my plus-one?” Zhong Yu looked at her with scorching eyes.

“I’m afraid that wouldn’t be convenient.” Not to mention the fact that Mi Li could get sleepy at any time, even without this problem, she didn’t want to participate in business receptions. Although she loved socializing, it was limited to people sharing similar hobbies and temperament. She did not like complicated machinations nor conflicts of interest.

On this point, she was very similar to Old Bai. But what she pursued was quality of life, while Old Bai wanted nothing.

“Little Mi, my brother has only been back for a short time. He cannot find any other suitable female companions on such short notice, can you help him?” Zhong Qin assisted by saying, “I will also be there. You don’t need to be nervous.”

“It’s not that I’m nervous.” Mi Li wrinkled her nose and said bluntly, “The main reason is that I have no interest in business receptions. If it was a masquerade party, I would be very happy to participate.”

Zhong Yu: OK, I’ll host a masquerade next month.

Zhong Qin smiled and said, “This business reception is led by Jinzheng Industries. Their company is about to be listed in the U.S. and they are looking for suitable investors to raise funds.”

Huh? Wait, what industry did you just say it was?

“Jinzheng?” Mi Li asked uncertainly.

“Yes, have you heard of it?” Zhong Qin said enthusiastically, “Many people are optimistic about this company’s prospects, and my brother is also aiming to invest.”

Mi Li secretly reminded herself that the Jinzheng of this world and that of the other world should just have the same name, it didn’t mean they were both scams. However, that Jinzheng raised funds in the name of being listed, and the same was true for this Jinzheng. Was there really no problem?

There was a subtle connection between the two worlds, and what happened in one world seemed to be reflected in the other world.

In any case, giving a reminder was not a bad thing.

“Little Qin, have you investigated this company carefully?” Mi Li thought carefully, “I once heard a friend say that this company seems to have some problems.”

“Really?” Zhong Qin looked at her brother.

Zhong Yu first frowned, then smiled, “There is always a risk in investment, and there’s no way to guarantee no losses. I will pay attention to this, you don’t have to worry.”

He seemed to take this lightly on the surface, but he noted it down in his heart.

Although Zhong Yu was a little arrogant, he was not a stubborn person. Now that someone had raised doubts, it wouldn’t hurt to investigate further.

The few of them took a short break and then returned to the gym for half an hour. Zhong Yu sent Mi Li home, and then left with Zhong Qin. As for attending the reception, he did not mention it again.

When she got home, Mi Li took a bath comfortably, and felt a lot better. She took out pen and paper, drawing a few chibi versions of Little Bai. She made them into a set of bookmarks, took photos, and uploaded them to her Weibo.

Mi Li’s Weibo mainly published some graffiti paintings and handicrafts, occasionally giving out prizes or selling some interesting works, drawing more attention than livestreams.

After reading the comments, Mi Li was propping up her chin in drowsiness. Thus, she turned off the computer, laid down on the bed, and fell asleep.

Two days had passed since the last crossing. Mi Li thought she would have to wait at least one more day, but she did not expect that she would cross over when she fell asleep just now.

Two days ago, Xi Baichen took the sleeping Little Bai into the cat bed, ignoring the resentful eyes of the two small dumplings. He spent thousands of yuan to buy several boxes of imported cat food for Little Bai.

He had been staying at Little Bai’s side. Holding his notebook, his inspiration overflowed, and he wrote the outline of the gourmet story at one stroke. The male lead was born without a sense of taste, but was extremely talented in cooking. The female lead had an extraordinary sense of taste, but her cooking skills were a mess. The two extraordinary people collided together, tempered one another, helped each other, and finally found a place of their own in the culinary world at home and abroad.

Xi Baichen referred to Mi Li’s recipe book. Many of the dishes were original recipes. They were unique in this world and could definitely lead a wave of gourmet trends and conquer a large group of gluttonous foodies.

He intended to apply for a patent to create a brand unique to Little Mi under the name of “Mi Style Dishes”, so as to prevent the dishes she developed from being stolen by others.

Little Mi didn’t care, but he couldn’t not care as well. He must take care of his little ghost.

As he was meditating, Little Bai quietly woke up, straightened its forelegs, and stretched out.

“Little Mi, you woke up. Come and take a look, how is the outline of this gourmet story?” Xi Baichen beckoned to Little Bai.

Xiao Bai looked around in a daze, it’s dumb face seemed to say: Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

“Little Mi?” Xi Baichen called again.

Little Bai stared at Xi Baichen for a long time, then slipped away and hid under the table.

Xi Baichen: “…Little Mi?”

Little Bai shivered: “Meow~~”

What is this place? Who is this man? Where did its mommy go?

A few minutes later, Xi Baichen finally understood. Although he had hung onto the kitten, Little Mi had disappeared.

Xi Baichen once again had the urge to abuse readers with his writing…

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