EDS Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Cat Race

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Mi Li laid on the sofa, struggling to operate her cell phone with her paws. She made an announcement in the tenant group: [ Landlord will be out for a few days. Text me if something comes up. ]

She was a cat now and couldn’t do many things. She could only wait until she brought her body back. She didn’t know when the next crossing would be. She hoped it wouldn’t be too long, otherwise her body would start to stink.

Mi Li jumped off the sofa, ran to the cupboard, and took out the cat food. Since she had become a cat, she would eat cat food obediently so as not to upset Little Bai’s stomach. She had tasted it before and it was okay; it wasn’t unacceptable.

After eating her fill, Mi Li wiped her mouth and paws with a towel, then returned to the living room. She arranged herself into a comfortable pose on the sofa, held the remote control, and changed the channel as she pleased.

After watching for a while, drowsiness surged. Mi Li sneezed and turned off the TV. She curled up into a ball, closed her eyes and went to sleep.

The night was getting darker, and the room was silent except for the intermittent sound of cars on the road from outside the window.

At this moment, she suddenly heard the sound of a key turning in the lock. Mi Li’s ears flickered, and her eyes opened in confusion. A light beam shone in from the slowly opening door.

Mi Li was puzzled and poked her head out from behind the armrest of the sofa. She saw a figure sneaking in, closing the door gently, and a pair of bright eyes glanced around.

Mi Li quickly confirmed the identity of the uninvited guest: a thief!

She had just made an announcement during the day, and a thief came to the door in the night. She didn’t know how the news was leaked. Was there a thief among her tenants?

Mi Li picked up her cell phone, leapt off the sofa lightly, and crawled to the bottom of the cabinet like a ghost, grimly staring at him with a wide open pair of glowing cat eyes.

The thief didn’t notice the cat and was about to sneak into the bedroom, looking for valuables.

Just as he was about to touch the doorknob, the lights in the living room suddenly turned on. The thief was caught off guard and blinded. He raised his head in confusion, and his face was caught on the cell phone camera.

Before he could figure out the situation, the TV screen automatically turned on. Its volume was maximized, and a deafening advertisement sounded in the living room: [ Everyone is worried about gifts. I’ll give Arctic seal oil! ]

All the hair on the thief’s body rose up. He stared at the TV in horror, and then looked around nervously, trying to find the troublemaker. However, in the spacious and bright living room, there was no figure to be seen.

Mi Li hid in the dark and showed contempt towards the thief. She stretched out her paws, turned on the speaker, and randomly put on China’s mighty and majestic military anthem: [ The wind blows, the horses neigh, the Yellow River roars, the Yellow River roars… ]

The high-pitched, loud singing voice was extremely penetrating. It awakened the residents of almost the entire building. The angry yells went on and on.

“D*mn you, wtf? Which b*stard is playing military songs in the middle of the night!?”

“F*ck your granddaddy, who’s not letting people sleep!?”

“Ma Dan, are you sick?!”


The commotion outside grew louder and louder, and the thief finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He ran out of the door in a panic, planning to rush through the corridor and flee the scene of the crime.

Behind him, the lights in the living room went out, the TV screen went dark, and the music stopped. A kitten paced out of the darkness, raised its paw, and slowly closed the open door. Everything was calm once more.

Tonight was destined to be the night of the thief’s fall. He had just rushed out of the corridor when he was blocked by tenants who came to check on the situation. Seeing him dressed like a mountain bandit, who wouldn’t know why he was here? Immediately they swarmed up, punching and kicking him into submission.

Before sneaking into Mi Li’s home, he had burgled a household. His backpack contained two thousand in cash, a cell phone, a tablet, and a few pieces of gold jewelry. Thus, he was caught red handed.

Mi Li stood on the balcony, watching the thief being taken away by the police. After some silent introspection, she felt that it was necessary to strengthen the anti-theft measures of Qingwei Homes to prevent similar things from happening in the future.

The next day, the tenants were talking about the thief incident that happened last night. They asked each other who was the one who played the military song. Everyone now understood that the person used the military song to scare the thief and alert the other tenants. Although the method was simple and crude, it was very effective.

Mi Li was not interested in everyone’s discussion. She was currently communicating with Little Bai. This morning, Little Bai’s consciousness suddenly awakened. It sensed her presence and tried to get close to her. The two consciousnesses were like magnets of the same pole, repelling each other. Finally, Mi Li was ruthlessly expelled from its body under Little Bai’s cheerful pursuit.

Her consciousness retreated, and then she was sucked into another space by a huge suction force…

Mi Li suddenly opened her eyes, sat up from the bed, patted her frightened little heart, and gradually recovered from the sudden weightlessness.

She lowered her head and checked her body. She was still wearing the home clothes she had on before, with gauze on her feet. Confirming that her soul had returned to her body, Mi Li finally breathed a sigh of relief.

There was a pair of men’s slippers under the bed. She put them on and walked a full circle before leaving the room to look for Old Bai.

“Are you awake?” As soon as she walked into the yard, she heard Old Bai’s low voice coming from not far away.

Mi Li looked back to see Xi Baichen standing at the door of the kitchen, his shirt half-open and partially tucked into the waistband of his trousers. His slim jeans were wrapped around a pair of long straight legs, and a pair of slippers, the same style as Mi Li, were on his feet. He slowly walked over.

“Come here.” Xi Baichen dragged her into the kitchen, helped her with a basin of water to wash her face, and brought her a new set of toiletries.

“Thank you.” Mi Li held up her messy hair, then brushed and washed it under Xi Baichen’s gaze without caring about her image.

“Your clothes are dirty. Wear mine for now.” Xi Baichen handed her a shirt and a pair of slacks.

“OK.” Mi Li took a look, and asked, “Any change of underwear?”

Xi Baichen: “…No.”

Mi Li looked melancholy, “Life without underwear is incomplete.”

Underwear and life had no relationship at all!

Xi Baichen quietly said, “If you don’t mind, you can wear mine.”

“Wear yours? I mind very much!” Mi Li glanced at him in disgust, “Haven’t you heard? Underwear and women can’t be shared with others.”

Xi Baichen: “…” Why are you making such a big fuss over nothing?!

“Forget it, I will borrow these for the time being. I will prepare them myself next time.” Mi Li took the clothes and walked into another room. She took off her home clothes and put on the shirt and trousers that were a few sizes too large. She tied a rope around her waist and rolled up her sleeves and trousers so that she appeared barely presentable.

After looking at the removed home clothes and touching the pendant on her neck, Mi Li decided to wait until the time was almost up. Then she would take off all the things that did not belong to her and see if she could bring her body back this time.

“Have you finished changing?” Xi Baichen knocked on the door.

“Yes.” Mi Li ran out with pounding feet. She didn’t control her strength, causing her to feel a little pained from the wounds on her feet. When she opened the door, her face was distorted.

“What’s the matter?” Xi Baichen looked at her strangely.

“My feet hurt.” Mi Li massaged her feet, face filled with grievance.

“Why are you so careless? Did you forget your feet are still injured?” Xi Baichen picked her up and put her on the rocking chair in the yard to bask in the sun.

Mi Li sat comfortably on the rocking chair, dangling her two calves, and said comfortably, “Old Bai, in the future, plant a big banyan tree in the yard and hang a swing. I’ll be able to swing all day.”

Xi Baichen sneered, “Swing all day? I’m afraid you’ll swing till you throw up.”

“That’s why,” Mi Li gave him a pitying look, “you are still a single dog. It’s not for no reason.”

Xi Baichen gave her a deep look, not saying anything.

“By the way, I sent Little Bai away.” Mi Li said, “I will send it back here the next time I have the opportunity.”

“Sent away? Where did you send it? When was it sent away?” Xi Baichen asked several questions in succession.

“I’ll tell you later.” Mi Li waved his hand, “Anyway, you don’t have to worry about it, it’s okay.”

Xi Baichen nodded and stopped asking. He took out the phone from his pocket and handed it to her, “Play on your own. I’ll cook.”

“Okay.” Mi Li took the phone and asked, “What’s the password?”

“654321.” Xi Baichen turned and walked into the kitchen.

Mi Li murmured as she entered the password, “It’s really Old Bai’s style.” She was completely unaware of the trust Xi Baichen had for her in giving her his phone so easily.

The home screen of his cell phone was pure blue without any patterns. It looked very monotonous.

Mi Li helped him download a themed wallpaper. After changing it, it immediately felt a lot more pleasing to the eye.

She didn’t randomly read his information, but opened a video app and went looking for a movie to watch.

At this moment, a meow suddenly came from not far away. Mi Li subconsciously thought it was Little Bai. When she looked up, she saw a tabby standing on the wall, curiously staring at her with a pair of golden cat pupils.

“Hi, cutie, hello,” Mi Li greeted it in a friendly manner.

The tabby jumped off the wall, walked up to her, and spun in place a few times.

[ A strange smell? Is it from a foreign wild cat? ] The tabby meowed twice, and Mi Li felt as if she could understand its meaning.

[ You look a lot like those stupid humans. How strange, it’s my first time seeing such a cat. ] The tabby circled around her a few times.

“…I am not a cat.”

[ Not a cat? Then how could there be the scent of our cat race coming from your body? ] The tabby gave her a contemptuous look: [ Even mistaking your own race, you are so stupid. ]

Mi Li: “……” No, you’re the one mistaken, I’m not a cat.

[ Hey, wild cat, this is my turf. Don’t go making trouble. The rats in this house are yours. If you can’t catch them, you still can’t rob other people’s food. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite. ] The tabby bared its teeth at her, then flicked its tail, and walked off proudly. When it jumped onto the wall, it turned its head and said, [ I will bring other cats over to memorize your face later so that you won’t be bullied. ]

Watching its figure disappear over the wall, Mi Li was in a daze. Was she talking to a cat just now? How could she suddenly understand the language of cats? How could she communicate with them without any trouble? Was it because she had possessed a cat before?

If so, would she be able to understand the language of an animal as long as she possessed it? Wasn’t that amazing?

Mi Li felt as if she had unlocked some incredible new skill.

In her absent-minded state, Xi Baichen walked over, smelling of woodsmoke. “Are you ready to eat?”

Mi Li regained her senses and was about to agree, when she suddenly heard him say in surprise, “Huh? Why are there so many cats on the wall?”

Mi Li looked up only to see twenty or thirty cats scattered along the courtyard wall for tens of meters. Black, white, gray, yellow, patterned; there were cats of all colors and sizes.

So, the tabby really brought its friends to memorize her face…

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