EDS Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Diaper

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After eating Xi Baichen’s food, wearing Xi Baichen’s clothes, and sleeping in Xi Baichen’s bed, Mi Li felt that she should do something for him.

Holding a broom, dragging a rag, and carrying a bucket of clean water, she began a large-scale cleaning of the old house.

Xi Baichen also took a rag and prepared to come help, but was dismissed by Mi Li in disdain. “Go write your novel, don’t interrupt my display of skills.”

It’s just a large-scale cleaning, what display can you do?

Xi Baichen sat in the small pavilion in the courtyard with the laptop in his hands, typing as he watched her busying herself.

Mi Li first cleaned up all the cobwebs in the corners, then emptied the ashes, swept the floor, and dusted. It was all done carefully and cleanly, inside and out. She also recorded which window, wall, furniture, etc. needed repair.

The house was relatively large, and it certainly wouldn’t be finished in an hour or two, so Mi Li divided it into four quarters. The first to be attacked was the eastern quarter where Xi Baichen lived. Hanging the sheets and bedding on the drying rack, Mi Li stretched out her limbs. Looking at the freshly renewed quarter, her face was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

At this moment, she suddenly had a feeling, and hurriedly ran into the bedroom. She took off her shirt and trousers, put on her original set of home clothes, and removed the pendant from her neck, not even letting go of the bandages on her feet.

The sensation of leaving became stronger and stronger. Mi Li opened the door, stuck out her head, and shouted at Xi Baichen in the courtyard, “Old Bai, I’m leaving. I’ll return tonight.”

While speaking, her body gradually faded. When she retracted her head, her whole body had disappeared from the bedroom.

When Xi Baichen walked over, there was really no one in the bedroom. On the chair were the clothes he asked her to change into, and on the armrests were the bandages he helped her put on.

Xi Baichen wondered, Why did she deliberately leave these behind when she left? Couldn’t she take them away?

Striding over to the wooden couch, Xi Baichen picked up the pendant with “Little Mi” engraved on it. He rubbed it for a moment, and then caught a glimpse of a piece of white paper placed on the desk. He picked it up and found that it was a list of repairs. It detailed several things that needed to be repaired. The handwriting was round and clear, accompanied by cute emoticons.

    Sister Window says: “My frame is about to fall off, watch out for drafts~~”,

    Master Table says: “I have four legs, none of which can be missing!”

    Grandpa Teapot says: “Respecting the old and cherishing the young is a traditional Chinese virtue. Is it okay for you to randomly toss around things that are hundreds of years old?”


“Hah.” Xi Baichen couldn’t help but laugh, and his mood that had deteriorated because of Mi Li’s departure instantly brightened again.

Mi Li returned home in one piece. The guess in her heart was proven, and she finally didn’t have to worry about losing her body in the future. Of course, this was only a preliminary conclusion. She still needed to verify if there were any changes to her body.

“Meow~~” Little Bai came over and rubbed against Mi Li’s feet: [ I’m hungry~~ ]

Mi Li grabbed it and carried it into her embrace, “Little Bai is hungry? Mommy will take you to eat dinner.”


Little Bai sniffed her. It tilted his head and looked at her curiously: How did the poop shoveling officer turn into a mother cat?

Mi Li took out several types of cat food and asked, “Which flavor does Little Bai like?”

Little Bai stretched out its paw and slapped, decisively choosing which one was his favorite.

Mi Li poured the cat food into a bowl, soaked a cup of powdered goat’s milk, and added an egg yolk. Powdered goat’s milk was rich in nutrients, which could supplement a cat’s diet. Egg yolk was very good for cat fur; eating three or four a week could make their fur smoother and shinier.

She now mastered the language of cats and could better understand their needs, creating a comfortable living environment for them.

Excited, Mi Li couldn’t wait to show off. Thus she started a livestream and played games with Little Bai.

[ Little Mi, you are depraved. Broadcasts used to be technical streams, but now they have become lazy cat streams. ]

[ Yes, Little Mi, I’m still waiting for your poison, I’m not into cats. ]

[ It’s already past lunch time, what do you mean poison? Little Mi, let’s do makeup, okay? ]

[ Little Mi, don’t listen to them. What’s wrong with cats? I love cats! ]

Mi Li ignored the messages in the livestream. Holding the cat wand in one hand and spreading the other, she said to Little Bai, “Little Bai, hop on.”

Little Bai leapt up lightly and landed firmly on Mi Li’s palm, standing up to grab the cat wand.

Mi Li moved the cat wand above her shoulder, “Jump again.”

Little Bai stepped on the palm of Mi Li and pounced onto her shoulders. Two paws wrapped around her face, looking up at the cat wand above.

Mi Li changed positions a few more times, guiding Little Bai to jump around her.

[ F*ck, the cuteness is killing me! ]

[ Aaaahhhh, being covered in cats is such a happy thing! ]

[ It turns out that you can also play with cat wands like this. ]

[ I just tried it. My cat only chased the wand and didn’t cooperate at all. When he got angry, he clawed me! ]

Mi Li put down the cat wand and rubbed Little Bai’s head, “Little Bai, what else do you want to play?”

Little Bai jumped off her and ran out of the camera’s view. A few seconds later, it ran back with an electric mouse in its mouth.

“Little Bai can catch mice too, how amazing,” Mi Li praised, and then helped it turn on the electric mouse. The fluffy mouse moved slowly, then was slapped by a paw before it passed over ten centimeters.

Little Bai turned the mouse upside down suspiciously. At Xi Baichen’s house, it had seen other cats catching mice with agility, coming and going like the wind. It had felt very envious, but now that it became its turn to battle, it didn’t seem that difficult.

After playing for a while, Little Bai lost interest and kicked it aside in disgust.

Mi Li raised her eyebrows and said, “Little Bai, wait here a bit for me.”

Little Bai squatted down obediently, dangling his tail, looking at the back of Mi Li leaving. This well-behaved and sensible appearance attracted another barrage of screen licking.

After just a moment, Mi Li walked over with a small remote controlled car and set it next to Little Bai. She said, “If you can catch it, I’ll make you something good tonight.”

Little Bai moved its ears slightly and glared at the car.

[ I can even catch mice, let alone cockroaches. ]

Mi Li: This is not a cockroach……

She found Little Bai’s common sense very problematic.

Mi Li didn’t explain. She raised the camera higher and tried to capture as much of the scene as possible, then started the car. It circled Little Bai and charged in a certain direction.

Little Bai immediately gave chase with a forward pounce. It saw that it was about to land on the target, but the car suddenly turned and slipped out from under its paws.

Little Bai jumped and caught air, then he continued to pursue. The car turned left and right, drawing an ‘S’, drawing a ‘Z’, drifting, suddenly braking, reversing… They had a lot of fun. It made Little Bai very tired and it missed its last pounce. It watched the “cockroach” return to Mi Li’s hand.

It lay on the ground awkwardly, covering its face with its two paws. It had lost its “face” and was ashamed.

[ Don’t cry baby, Older sister will give you some hugs. ]

[ Poor child, it was taught how to be a cat by mommy. ]

[ Hahaha, why do I want to laugh so much? ]

Mi Li took it into her arms and encouraged, “It’s okay, Little Bai is still young. You will definitely become a good mouse catching cat in the future.”

Little Bai held its small paws: [ No, I want to become a good cockroach catching cat! ]

Mi Li: This really isn’t a cockroach……

After the livestream, Mi Li taught Little Bai some common sense. It learned things very quickly, except that it mistook the remote control car as a cockroach. Seeing the traffic coming and going on the street, it shivered while forcibly piling on buffs: [ The cockroach race is so powerful, but our cat race is not afraid! ]

In the evening, Mi Li added a piece of chicken breast to Little Bai’s dinner as consolation.

She had taken leave in the tenant group earlier so she decided to stay at home and be an idler for two days.

In the past, every time after possessing a living creature, she wouldn’t be able to cross over for about two or three days. But after Little Bai squeezed her out of its body last time, she crossed over without delay. This time she had crossed with body and soul, so she didn’t know how long she would have to wait.

While thinking about it, her consciousness suddenly dimmed.

Mi Li said in shock, “So fast?!”

Her eyesight darkened, and her body fell softly onto the sofa, but the soul was gone.

Xi Baichen wrote his novel in the pavilion for a whole afternoon in an oblivious state, even ignoring his hunger.

As the sun set, cooking smoke rose from every household, and the aroma of rice drifted with the wind. But Xi Baichen didn’t smell it like usual, still typing on the keyboard intently.

[ Old Bai, dinner time! ] Suddenly Mi Li’s shout came from the kitchen.

Xi Baichen raised his eyes in a daze, seeming to think that he had heard wrongly.

[ Come over and eat, I made you something delicious. ] the voice sounded again. Xi Baichen finally recovered. Quickly saving his document, he got up to walk towards the kitchen.

Three dishes and one soup were placed on the kitchen stove, and piping hot rice was still cooking in the pot, but there was no one in the kitchen.

“Little Mi?” Xi Baichen looked around.

[ I am here. ] The sound came from the wood pile on the right.

Xi Baichen followed the sound, his sight slowly moved down, and he saw a… monkey?

She was covered in golden brown fur, her legs erect, her hands on her hips, and a towel wrapped around her waist. A pair of round eyes stared at Xi Baichen in discomfort: [ What are you looking at? Have you never seen a monkey who can cook? ]

Xi Baichen: “……” I really have never seen it.

Mi Li didn’t expect that she would possess a monkey this time, and a male monkey with a rod at that. Having been a human being for more than 20 years, her ingrained modesty made her unable to walk around calmly exposed. The first thing she did when she returned was to find a towel and make a “diaper” for herself.

“That towel…” Xi Baichen said hesitantly.

[ Yes, it’s your face towel. ] Mi Li raised her hand to stop him, saying: [ Sorry, I couldn’t find something suitable at the time. You should get a new one. ]

Xi Baichen glanced towards the diaper made with his own face towel, his expression unreadable.

[ Let’s eat. Exchanging a face towel for dinner, you didn’t lose out. ] Mi Li swayed to the stove, jumped onto a wooden chair, and brought the food to the small table.

Xi Baichen washed his hands, sat opposite her, and couldn’t help asking, “Didn’t you cultivate a human form?”

Mi Li brandished her monkey fist: [ For a powerful evil spirit like myself, how could an ordinary human form meet my needs? ]

Xi Baichen scoffed, “A human form can’t satisfy you? Don’t tell me you even want to become a primordial beast?”

[ The ever-changing me, what can’t I change into? ]

Xi Baichen was silent for a moment, then seriously said, “Human beings are currently the most intelligent and apex creatures on Earth. Turning into a human is definitely a good choice, think it over.”

[ Oh? ] Mi Li deliberately said, [ I think cats and dogs are no worse than humans. ]

“Humans live longer, eat better, sleep more comfortably, and can choose their own way of life. More importantly, human beings can raise cats, dogs, chickens, and ducks; we can raise any pet we want.” Xi Baichen explained in detail the benefits of being a human being.

Mi Li followed up with a question: [ Can I raise you? ]

Xi Baichen: “…Yes!”

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