EDS Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – I Have a Little Donkey

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“It’s so late, why are you watching movies? Go to sleep.” Xi Baichen took the laptop away from Mi Li’s hands, then picked her up and threw her onto the blankets.

“Don’t you stay up late all the time?” Mi Li got up and protested, “It’s barely past 11 o’clock right now!”

“Oh, I’ve decided to heed your advice. Starting today, I won’t stay up late again.” Xi Baichen moved Mi Li’s whole body to the inside of the bed, took off his shoes, and laid on the outside.

“I can’t sleep.” Mi Li knelt on the blanket, staring at him with watery eyes.

Xi Baichen grabbed his cell phone while in bed, plugged in his earphones, and handed one to her. “A lullaby.”

After speaking, he put the other earphone in his ear, then calmly laid down. Covering himself with the blanket, he closed his eyes with a peaceful expression.

Seeing that he was so frank, Mi Li hesitated for a moment before putting in the earphone and laying beside him.

[ One sheep *baa baa*, two sheep *baa baa*, three sheep *baa baa*… ] The sound of counting sheep suddenly came from the earphone.

Mi Li laughed, “This is the lullaby you were talking about?”

“Yeah, I always fall asleep after listening to it for a while,” Xi Baichen swore.

However, Mi Li patiently listened until “one hundred and one sheep *baa baa*” before casting off the earphone, “I can’t sleep!”

Counting the sheep was fine, but each *baa baa* came with vibrato. Over and over again, the bleating overlapped, and she succumbed to the fear of being surrounded by bleating sheep.

Xi Baichen’s half opened his eyes and handed his phone over, “Choose a song you like.”

Mi Li received the phone and looked up and down, finding that these songs were all songs she hadn’t heard before. Her eyes suddenly lit up and she tried listening to them one by one, then followed up with various comments——

“This song is so good!”

“How can this song be so good?”

“Aahh, heavenly music! I have to listen to it again.”

“Hahaha, a very funny song, where did the singer find the courage to release it, hahahaha…”

Xi Baichen silently watched her performance: “…”

While listening, Mi Li downloaded and sent her favorite songs to her cell phone. Although the signals between the two worlds were delayed, they could occasionally be successfully received.

The music, novels, films, and television shows of this world were simply treasures for Mi Li. All kinds of excellent works were available for her to choose from.

After her brain was activated, Mi Li also thought of the clothing, food, cosmetics and electronics of this world. From those, it gave rise to ideas of various styles, elements and technologies. She had never tried to understand these in detail. This sort of opportunity was very hard to come by, why not give it a try? She felt excited when she thought about it!

“Old Bai, you are such a rarity!” Mi Li threw herself at him excitedly, and gave him a big kiss on the face.

Xi Baichen was caught off guard when his tofu was eaten[1]: “…” What the hell did she mean by rarity?

Mi Li didn’t pay attention to a certain person’s gradually darkening eyes, and listened to her songs.

“Little Mi.” Xi Baichen looked sideways at her.

“What?” Mi Li turned her head.

“Help me check if there is anything stuck on my cheek?”

Mi Li leaned over and took a closer look, “Nothing…”

Before she finished speaking, she was kissed on the cheek.

Mi Li covered her cheek and stared at him, “What are you doing?”

“Returning the favor.” Xi Baichen replied lightly.

Mi Li stayed silent for a moment, then defended herself, “I was just excited at that moment. It is excusable.”

“The reason is not important, the important thing is the result.” Xi Baichen embraced her waist, “You kissed me, so I kissed you. That’s very fair.”

Mi Li still felt something was wrong. “If I slap you, will you slap me back?”

“Hitting someone is considered assault, which is of a different nature from kissing. These problems must be analyzed on a case by case basis.” Xi Baichen appeared to be discussing it seriously. “Given the difference in strength between us, if you hit me in the future, I can use a more appropriate method to punish you.”

“What method?”

“The method that men most like to use on women.”

Mi Li blurted out, “Domestic violence!”

Xi Baichen: What have you experienced in the past…

“Before there can be ‘domestic violence’, we must become a ‘family’ first.”

Mi Li snorted proudly, “Didn’t you agree to let me raise you?[2] What I raise belongs to my family. Do you not have a clear understanding of your identity?”

What she said made a lot of sense…

Xi Baichen laughed softly and leaned his head on Mi Li’s shoulder. His soft hair brushed her face, revealing an indescribable intimacy and reliance.

Mi Li reached out her hand to lift a strand of hair that fell on his forehead, and asked, “How long has it been since you cut your hair?”

“I forgot, probably more than half a year,” Xi Baichen lowered his eyebrows and said in a lazy tone.

“It’s time to cut it.” Mi Li poked the stubble on his chin again, “And this stubble seriously lowers your charm. If your facial features weren’t so nice, just looking at your head of messy hair and this stubble expressing its weariness of life, you would be no different than a hobo picking at his feet.”

Xi Baichen said shamelessly, “Regarding a man that you raise yourself, even if he is a guy who picks his feet, you have to keep him.”

“Yes, yes.” Mi Li had a “no way to deal with such a shameless guy” expression. “Next time I will fix it for you myself, and I promise to make you beautiful.”

“OK, I’ll wait.” Xi Baichen grinned with the corner of his mouth, completely unaware of how relaxed he was in front of Mi Li.

After tossing around for so long, Mi Li finally felt a little sleepy. She took off the earphones, laid down beside Xi Baichen, stretched out her hand and closed his eyes. “Go to sleep.”

Xi Baichen grabbed her hand and held it in his palm. The soft and moist sensation made him feel a little hot. He couldn’t help but open his eyes, staring quietly at the girl next to him, with a dark light in his eyes. Although he didn’t know what species she was, she was too defenseless in front of him. Before going to bed, she was obviously still a little vigilant. After going to bed, she forgot about everything. How big hearted of her.

“At this rate, who knows when she’ll get herself abducted? I have to watch over her closely…” Xi Baichen’s voice whispered, hidden in the silent night.

The next morning, Mi Li sat on the bed in a daze, because she found that she was still in Xi Baichen’s house and did not go back to her original world. Sleeping for seven or eight hours, the quality of sleep was disgustingly good.

“Do you still want to sleep?” Xi Baichen’s figure appeared at the doorway, knocked on the door and said, “If you want to sleep, then sleep some more.”

“No, I will get up right away.” Mi Li waved her hand at him, “You get out first, I need to change clothes.”

Xi Baichen pointed to the wooden box next to the wardrobe, “Your clothes are in that box.”

After speaking, he turned and walked away, closing the door for her as well.

Mi Li got off the bed, taking out a set of dark and casual clothes from the box and putting them on. She brushed her hair in front of the mirror, then opened the door and walked out.

Xi Baichen had already helped her prepare hot water and set out the toiletries. He served her very thoughtfully.

“Old Bai, what do you want to eat?” Mi Li wrung out the towel, hung it on the shelf, rolled up her sleeves, and prepared to make breakfast.

“Wontons.” Xi Baichen sat on the wood pile, ordering dishes while tending the fire.

“Okay.” Mi Li took out the flour from the cupboard and began to make dough for the wontons.

She didn’t know how long she would stay in this world this time. No matter what happened, she should fill up her stomach first.

After dozens of minutes, the wontons came hot off the stove. Mi Li also made a plate of vegetable rolls, and cooked an egg paired with country style sour radish, which was simple and delicious.

After eating breakfast, the industrious Mi Li resumed the incomplete work from last time: cleaning.

Seeing her busying herself in the house, Xi Baichen felt a strange sense of satisfaction in his heart, and his eyes floated over to her from time to time.

“Baichen.” Uncle Niu’s voice came from outside the yard, distracting Baichen’s attention.

“Uncle Niu,” Xi Baichen greeted him.

Uncle Niu looked into the house and joked, “Is that your wife?”

“Yeah.” Xi Baichen admitted without a change in expression.

“She’s so smart and talented. She looks soft and weak, but she does things carefully. She is a good girl with whom you can live out your days.” Uncle Niu gave him a thumbs up.

“Acceptable.” Xi Baichen replied nonchalantly, “It’s just that sometimes she’s too coquettish and I can’t get used to it.”

“Hahaha, you should be content.” Your eyes are almost stuck onto her body, who are you trying to fool?

Uncle Niu chatted with him for a while and then left. The busy Mi Li didn’t know that just now, she had been labeled as “Xi Baichen’s wife.”

“A job well done!” Mi Li stood in the yard, looking at the cleaned up house with a contented face. Then she turned to Xi Baichen and said, “Old Bai, buy a washing machine. The curtains and sheets in the house need to be cleaned again, and it’s too troublesome to do by hand.”

Although Mi Li was a hardworking little angel, she would never make things difficult for herself if she could save time and effort.

“Do you need anything besides a washing machine?” Xi Baichen asked.

Mi Li thought for a while, and replied, “A hair dryer, an electric iron, and a set of farm tools.”

“Okay.” Xi Baichen immediately called the village’s shopping mall and farm tool store, and doubled their delivery fee to send the things over.

“If you think it is necessary in the future, you can install a TV, a refrigerator and an air conditioner.” Mi Li took into account that Xi Baichen rarely lived here, so she didn’t add these appliances to the shopping list.

There was a cellar in the house, so there was no problem with storing food, and it also had a certain cold storage effect. Mi Li thought that if there was time, they could make a few bottles of fruit wine. They would be authentic, natural and good for one’s health.

Thinking of this, Mi Li borrowed Xi Baichen’s cell phone to check the types of fruits in this world. In addition to the more familiar fruits such as apples, bananas, oranges, and green plums, etc, there were also some unseen varieties such as “flame dates”, “purple berry”, and “fragrant gingko.”

It was the harvest season for flame dates and purple berries, and Mi Li was eager to try them.

“You want to eat them?” Xi Baichen suddenly leaned over and asked while looking at the phone screen.

Mi Li unhesitatingly nodded, “Yes!”

“There are flame date trees in the village, I’ll show you.” Xi Baichen turned off his computer, pulling Mi Li and preparing to go out.

Upon reaching the door, she suddenly saw Mi Li still wearing his own large slippers on her feet. It was very inconvenient to walk as they kept slipping and flopping.

Mi Li sent clothes, but forgot to send shoes, so she could only wander around in Xi Baichen’s slippers.

“Wait for me a bit.” Xi Baichen let go of Mi Li’s hand, turned and walked towards the east of the village.

In but a moment, he walked back with a gray donkey.

“Ah, a little donkey.” Mi Li ran over with a thumping feet, and cautiously stroked its back.

The donkey did not resist, looking foolishly at her with its ears moving.

“So cute~~” Mi Li was charmed instantly.

Xi Baichen patted the little donkey on the back, “Get on.”

“You want me to ride it?” Mi Li looked at the little donkey which was shorter than herself and hesitated. “Are you sure it can carry me?”

“Don’t worry.” Xi Baichen sneered, “Donkeys have a large bearing capacity. For a weak chicken like you with no meat on your bones, it can carry five or six of you at a time with no problem.”

Mi Li stared at him: Who is a weak chicken? Can’t you speak properly? If you didn’t belong to my family, I would have sprayed saliva all over your face.

Before Mi Li was ready, Xi Baichen had already picked her up and put her on the donkey’s back.

Mi Li patted her frightened little heart, trying to stabilize her figure.

“Are you ready? Let’s go.” Xi Baichen took the reins, observing Mi Li’s situation as he slowly walked.

After Mi Li adapted for a minute or two, her body gradually relaxed and her mood soared. Looking at the beautiful scenery, she couldn’t help but sing, “I have a little donkey that I never ride…”

  1. Getting your tofu eaten is Chinese slang for being taken advantage of.
  2. In chapter 26, they discussed humans raising animals as pets. Towards the end, Mi Li asked, “能养你吗?” which translates to “can raise you?” As is common in a lot of the phrases in Chinese, it is missing a subject. I assumed the missing subject before “can” was “humans” but now it seems that it was “I”.

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