EDS Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Hah, Men!

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“Little Mi?” Xi Baichen looked at the large jasmine-covered silk blanket on his body.

[ Yes. ] The blanket rose and patted Xi Baichen’s waist and abdomen, [ Nice physique. ]

Xi Baichen raised his eyebrow. “Didn’t you already know about my nice physique?”

[ It’s the first time that I have had such a thorough understanding of it. ] Mi Li paused, then asked, [ Will you really not consider changing the blanket? ]

“This blanket was dried in the sun a few days ago; it is clean and warm.”

[ Hehe, of course. ] Mi Li bragged, [ Didn’t you see who hung it out to dry? ]

“So,” Xi Baichen lazily said, “I think I should try to sleep in the nude today.”

[ Hah! ] Mi Li threatened violently, [ If you can sleep naked, I can also leave you exposed! ]

Xi Baichen didn’t care. “I’m the only person at home so it doesn’t matter if I’m exposed.”

[ What do you mean you’re the only person, am I not a person??? ] Mi Li angrily waved the blanket, creating bursts of wind.

“You are just a blanket.” Xi Baichen’s hair was blown every which way by the tossing blanket, but his expression remained calm. “A blanket is for sleeping.”

[ You can sleep, but you can’t sleep naked! ] Mi Li took a step back.

“Why?” Xi Baichen leaned against the head of the bed, “Haven’t you already seen my body? Are there still any scruples between us?”

[ When did I… ] After she started speaking, Mi Li thought of when she turned into an underwear. It seemed that she did see something that shouldn’t be seen… She changed her words, [ This isn’t a problem of whether or not I’ve seen it. For a physically healthy and long-term single man like yourself, it’s either wet dreams or morning wood, causing great trouble for blankets and sheets. I don’t want to become a blanket with a storied past. ]

Xi Baichen firmly stated, “I never have wet dreams!”

[ How about morning wood? ]

Xi Baichen: “…”

[ Hah, men. ] Provocation x 99.

Xi Baichen’s blue veins rose violently, and he gripped the blanket tightly. His expression was chaotic, as if he was considering whether or not to tear it up.

After a moment of silence, Xi Baichen slowly let go of the blanket. He stuck his hand inside and took out a pair of underwear, tossing it aside.

[ You really took it off!!! ] The whole blanket trembled.

“What’s the problem?” Xi Baichen laid down, curled his legs, and clamped the blanket under his body.

[ Aaahhh… ] The blanket’s four corners struggled to open outwards, trying to tear itself away from his body.

Xi Baichen held onto her with a death grip, not letting her fly away. A person and a blanket presented themselves in a weird posture.

However, Mi Li was just a soft blanket after all. She tried various difficult positions, but could not escape his clutches. She weakly hung onto Xi Baichen, poked out a corner, and slapped him on the face to vent.

Xi Baichen wrapped the blanket into his embrace and comforted her, “Be good. I promise I won’t have wet dreams or morning wood.”

[ Let me go first. ]

Xi Baichen listened and let go.

The blanket slowly flattened and quietly covered him.

Xi Baichen’s whole body was wrapped in warmth, and the sandalwood scent on the blanket lingered in his nose. Listening to his own steady heartbeat, he felt unusually relaxed.

[ Go to sleep. ] Seeing the dark circles under Xi Baichen’s eyes, Mi Li guessed that he might have worked on his manuscript through all of last night. Relying on his youth and vigor to often stay up late, it did not reassure people at all!

Seeing that he didn’t sleep well, she decided not to hold what happened against him. At any rate, she wasn’t the one being crushed; she had nothing to fear!

Xi Baichen closed his eyes, and his sleepiness immediately rose up like the tide.

“Good night.”

[ Good night. ]

When Mi Li opened her eyes, it was already the next morning.

Gently stroking the soft velvet blanket, feeling its warmth, Mi Li’s mood was not very good. The first time she had “skin to skin contact” with a man was wasted! Strictly speaking, it was Xi Baichen who was at a disadvantage, but her heart was also traumatized!

“I need to be purified!” Mi Li roared up to the sky.

“Meow?” Little Bai was awakened by her and crawled out of the cat bed in a daze.

“Precious Little Bai, mom will take you out to play today.” Mi Li held Little Bai’s face and kissed him fiercely.

Little Bai watched with a dazed expression as his poop shoveling officer rushed into the bathroom.

In the other world, someone who said he wouldn’t have morning wood found himself slapped in the face when he woke up. His blanket and sheets were filled with his “story.”[1]

Xi Baichen quickly replaced them, threw them into a wooden bucket, and destroyed the evidence with powerful detergent. He had to make sure they were clean when Little Mi came next time, leaving no traces!

“Little Mi!” A sports car stopped beside Mi Li. Zhong Yu took off his sunglasses and gave her a gentle smile.

Mi Li hugged Little Bai and looked at him in surprise, “Brother Zhong?”

“Do you have time? How about a cup of tea?”


“Even if you refuse, I will keep asking next time.” Zhong Yu got out of the car, opened the passenger side door for her, and gestured an invitation.

Mi Li didn’t really want to be alone with him. She used to think that she could go with the flow and associate with him, but now there was always some resistance in her heart. Not only towards Zhong Yu, but all the men who held affection for her.

“Sorry, maybe I am deluding myself but, Brother Zhong, do you want to pursue me?” Mi Li asked bluntly.

“Am I so obvious?” Zhong Yu had a smile in his eyes as he admitted frankly.

“Sorry, I already have someone I like.” Mi Li didn’t feel attracted to him, and didn’t want to waste his time.

“I’m a realistic person.” Zhong Yu’s will didn’t waver, and he looked at her calmly, “Unless I can confirm that you really have a boyfriend, I will not give up.”

“There’s no reason for me to prove to you that I have a boyfriend.” Mi Li turned around and prepared to leave, “You also have no right to ask me to accept your pursuit.”

“I’m not asking you to accept, but at least give me a chance.”

“A chance is impossible.” She was busy putting on an “Old Bai face.” Who has time to fall in love?

Zhong Yu frowned, and didn’t expect the soft-looking Mi Li to be so difficult to approach.

He had a wealthy family and many admirers. For the first time, he lowered himself to pursue a woman, but was rejected before he even displayed his hand.

Zhong Yu covered his forehead with a low laugh.

Mi Li went to the market to buy a few packets of flower and vegetable seeds, packaging them to be sent to Qiming Village. When the house was cleaned up, she was ready to cultivate the land.

In the evening, Mi Li did a set of radio gymnastics at home, sweat dripping all over her body.

She walked into the bathroom, filled the bathtub with warm water, and romantically sprinkled in rose petals. Then she took off her clothes and enjoyed a beautiful rose petal bath.

She leaned back relaxedly on the edge of the bathtub with a hot towel over her eyes. The air was filled with the fragrance of roses and shower gel, the steaming moisture making people drowsy.

A cool breeze came, blowing away the surrounding heat.

Mi Li couldn’t help shivering and took off the towel from her eyes. She was about to get up and turn on the shower to rinse the bubbles off her body.

The next second, her movements suddenly froze.

The surrounding environment had unknowingly changed some time ago. It was no longer the bathroom where she had been, but the renovated retro-style bathroom in Xi Baichen’s house.

During her daze, the shower curtain was suddenly pulled open, and a tall figure appeared, facing a reddened Mi Li.

Her exquisite body was in full view in front of Xi Baichen’s eyes. Crystal water drops beaded across her white skin, and her round shoulders were still covered in a few pink petals…

He was caught off guard on seeing such beauty. Xi Baichen’s face was frozen, but his eyes were burning.

“Ah!” Mi Li dropped back into the tub, raising a splash of water.

Xi Baichen recovered and tried his best to say in a calm tone, “Would you like to bathe together?”

“No!” Mi Li pointed out the door, “Get out.”

Xi Baichen left obediently, the earlier sight refusing to dissipate.

Before he calmed down the restlessness in his body, he heard Mi Li shouting inside, “Help me bring some clothes over.”

“Wait.” Xi Baichen walked into the bedroom, sorted through the clothes sent by Mi Li last time, and selected a pink nightdress. He was about to leave but having thought of something, he took out a small panda printed panty from the bag.

“I brought you the clothes.” Xi Baichen walked into the bathroom and put the clothes in the bamboo basket with his eyes open.

“Thank you.”

Xi Baichen walked to the door, but suddenly stopped and turned to look at Mi Li in the tub, asking very seriously, “Even an evil spirit like you adheres to the modesty between men and women?”

Mi Li: “…” You know too much!

“I think,” Xi Baichen turned around and said lightly, “you are the most beautiful when you are a woman.”

After saying this, he stepped out of the bathroom.

The cheeks of Mi Li suddenly flushed. Her body temperature rose unnaturally, and her heart pounded.

“*sshole, suddenly saying such things.” The faint voice was hidden in the mist, and a circle of ripples spread out.

Mi Li crawled out of the bathtub, dried herself with a towel, and put on a nightdress and underwear. Finally, she recovered a bit of confidence and no longer needed to hide.

She toweled her head while walking out of the bathroom, and saw Xi Baichen sitting on the bench with only a bath towel. His slender legs stretched out casually, displaying their strong contours. The dim light shone on his sturdy body, showing a sexy bronze color.

Mi Li’s heart beat uncontrollably again. Understanding Old Bai’s masculine charm for the first time, it was even more scorching than deep fried cured meat.

“Finished bathing?” Xi Baichen stood up and stared at her quietly, “Hurry back in the room and watch out for the cold.”

“Yeah.” Mi Li nodded obediently, stepped into some large slippers, and flopped towards the bedroom. His sight followed her like a shadow, and didn’t disappear until she turned into the corridor.

Mi Li breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the bedroom familiarly. Just as she was about to lie down on the bed, she suddenly realized a serious problem.

The house only had a single bedroom fixed up, the one where Xi Baichen stayed!

So, following their night together, they would sleep in the same room together again???

For the first time, Mi Li felt that being a non-human was also very good. At the least, there was no need to consider the relations between men and women.

After a short while, Mi Li calmed down. She stayed in this world for at most two hours at a time. She could always drag Xi Baichen into watching a two-hour movie.

After figuring it out, Mi Li relaxed and sat on the wooden couch next to the bed, humming and swinging her legs as she towelled her hair.

“In a good mood?” Xi Baichen walked in and raised his eyebrows when he saw the leisurely Mi Li.

This petite woman was so courageous. Staying in the same room with an adult man in the middle of the night, yet she has no sense of worry at all.

“The long night passes slowly.” Mi Li held the laptop on the table to her chest, “Shall we watch movies together?”

Xi Baichen: Heh, it turns out that you were aiming for this.

Xi Baichen had to eat his words because apparently he had a wet dream in the night and also woke up with morning wood.

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