EDS Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – Power Level 5

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After five o’clock in the afternoon, there was still no sign of Mi Li crossing back, and she began to feel a little worried.

Back at home, Little Bai still had one day’s worth of food so she didn’t worry about it being hungry for the time being. However, it would be bad if she didn’t go back in the next one or two days.

Mi Li was only able to get a few minutes of warning before she crossed over and there was basically no abnormality during normal times. Also, the process and method of traversing could not be controlled… Emmm, it seems that it was not completely uncontrollable. Generally speaking, the more familiar, the deeper the impression, or the closer the object, the greater the chance of it becoming a possessed target.

Thus, most of the things she possessed were daily necessities. The first time she had possessed a living creature was after buying Little Bai, and then she passed through directly as herself. The time limit for traversing was also getting longer and longer, as if it was being upgraded step by step.

Mi Li didn’t know whether this change was good or bad, but she had always been lucky and believed that all problems would be solved.

After easing her own anxiety, Mi Li’s mood brightened up again.

She picked up the spatula and prepared to cook.

At this moment, a shout suddenly came from outside the door, “Anyone here?”

Mi Li poked her head out to look over and saw two men and two women standing outside the yard. They were the travel companions she had met at the flame date orchard earlier.

“Little lady, we caught two fish and picked some wild vegetables. Can we have dinner at your house tonight?” The little fatty looked eagerly at Mi Li coming out of the kitchen.

Mi Li looked at Xi Baichen, who waved his hand and let her figure it out on her own.

“Come on in.” Mi Li asked them to take a seat in the yard. She took the fish and wild vegetables they handed over, and then went to the kitchen to pour them a pot of tea. “Sit here for a while. I will go cook.”

“Great,” the little fatty replied happily.

Mi Li walked into the kitchen, and the four wandered around in the yard. They chose this house not because they knew Mi Li, but because it was the most luxurious building in the village. It was very different in style from the other houses, old and full of antiquity. It was a pity that the beauty of the house was destroyed by the laundry covering the yard.

“It’s ready to eat.” An hour later, Mi Li asked Xi Baichen to clean up the table and carry the food out.

The setting sun shone in the distance, the mountain range piled into a range of peaks, the breeze brushed by one’s face and the twilight took over one’s shadow. Dining in the beautiful scenery made everyone feel very comfortable.

What surprised them even more were the cooking skills of Mi Li. Braised pork with potatoes, milk crucian carp soup, stir-fried pork with peppers, sliced lotus root, grilled mushrooms with tofu, fried dandelion, eggplant in oil, peanut with watercress, etc. More than a dozen farm-style dishes were served on the table one by one, with bright colors and rich fragrance.

Upon entering the mouth, the meat was fragrant and juicy, the soup was thick and the fish was fresh. Enjoying such an ultimate taste, it was so delicious that it induced tears.

The self invented preparation methods of Mi Li were unique in this world, and the dishes made were also unique in flavor. People who had never eaten it before were naturally captivated without any resistance.

Xi Baichen silently observed the reactions of these people and collected materials. The gourmet story he wrote needed exactly this sort of straightforward, exaggerated, and mentally ret*rded expression pack to stimulate his inspiration.

“It’s too delicious!” The little fatty showed a ‘so happy he can die’ expression on his face, and his watery eyes flashed with admiration and enthusiasm.

“Is the little lady a chef? Your cooking is better than a five-star restaurant.” The ponytail girl was also full of praise.

The man in the hoodie did not speak, and immersed himself in the food.

The tall girl’s face collapsed[1], but she did not slow down the chopsticks at all.

They had just casually come over for a meal, but they didn’t expect such a profit. They only spent 300 yuan to have such a delicious meal.

“Little lady, we will come tomorrow.” The little fatty’s mouth was covered in grease and his face was red. He looked like a hot soup dumpling.

The others also nodded in agreement. They originally planned to stay for only one day, but after eating this meal, they decided to stay for two more days.

Mi Li’s eyes curved into crescents and expressed: “You’re welcome to do so.”

The few people exhaled and walked out. When they came to the entrance of the courtyard, the girl with a ponytail screamed, “Ah, a snake!”

Everyone followed the sound and saw a striped snake that was more than two meters long across the middle of the road. With it’s upper body upright, it coldly stuck out its tongue to taste the air.

“Don’t move.” The man in the hoodie stretched out his hand to block the crowd and reminded in a low voice, “This is a striped snake with a weak toxin. If it’s not a last resort, then it’s best not to mess with it. Wait a while to see if it will go away by itself.”

The handsome boy picked up a wooden stick from the side and stared at the snake, prepared for action.

The striped snake obviously didn’t intend to leave on its own. Its head swayed left and right, as though looking for an opportunity to attack.

Mi Li poked her head out from behind the few of them, feeling the tension in the air, and inadvertently caught a glimpse of a shadow squatting on the wall. Looking carefully, it turned out that it was the big tabby cat.

It squinted lazily, looking in boredom at the group of humans confronting a funny snake.

“Hey~~” Mi Li leaned over, “Boss, do me a favor.”

The tabby gave her the side eye: [ Solve it yourself. ]

Mi Li laughed, “I can’t solve it.”

Tabby, in contempt: [ Can’t even solve a snake, you have the nerve to say that you are part of the cat race? ]

Mi Li: I never said that I belonged to the cat race…

[ The younger ones now are really deteriorating from generation to generation. ] The tabby stood up reluctantly while condescendingly giving Mi Li a majestic taunt. It leapt lightly off the wall with a cold and noble expression, and walked in front of the striped snake.

When the striped snake turned its head, the tabby suddenly arched its body and rushed forward, with a claw aiming for its weak point.

The striped snake shrank back, opening its mouth wide to counterattack.

The tabby evaded swiftly, circled behind the striped snake, and brandished its claws again.

A snake and a cat fought together, back and forth, full of bloodthirst, stunning everyone.

The ponytail girl quickly took out her phone and tapped excitedly.

The nearby cats were all attracted, standing next to them in groups of three to five, and there were a few meows from time to time.

Others did not understand, but Mi Li could hear clearly.

[ Boss, kill it! ]

[ Little reptile, you dare to run wild on our turf? You don’t want to live! ]

[ Boss, Victory x 5! ]

[ It’s been a long time since I have eaten snake meat. I will exchange a rat for some snake meat later. ]

[ I haven’t caught a rat today. I heard that all of them came to this house. ]

The frightened Mi Li: What? Is what you said true?

[ The new wild cat in this house is not strong enough to catch mice at all. ]

[ We will teach it another day. If it never learns to catch mice, this house will become a nest of mice. Where should we put the face of the cat race? ]

Mi Li: I’m so sorry, I’ve lost face for the cat race.

While Mi Li was busy listening at the corner of the wall, the battle over there was almost over.

With a pounce, the tabby bit into the snake’s neck, and the snake’s body wrapped around it in its final struggle.

After a few tremors, the striped snake finally stopped moving. Its body fell softly and died unwillingly under the cat’s claws.

The tabby spat out the snake’s neck and stroked it with its claws. After confirming that it was completely dead, it picked it up again, trotted towards Mi Li under everyone’s eyes, and placed the trophy at her feet.

[ This was caught in front of your house, you will deal with it. ]

Mi Li felt that the tabby was truly a leader that was fair in meting out reward and punishment, and treasured its subordinates.

“This is your trophy, you keep it.” She was also a good subordinate who respected the boss.

[ Are you sure you don’t want it? With your weak power level of 5, I am afraid that you won’t be able to eat snake meat on your own your whole life. ] The tabby showed a cold expression of “seeing you are so weak, I gave you a slice of the pie yet you do not appreciate it.”

Mi Li: I’m so angry, but I can’t let loose.

“Alright, thank you.” She accepted it with humiliation.

[ Yes, learn well how to catch mice, just ask me if you don’t understand. ] The tabby left a word of encouragement, and proudly walked off.

Mi Li: Motherf*cker, I’ll buy a mouse trap tomorrow!

Rat poison must not be used, otherwise it would easily harm the other cats.

Thinking that Old Bai’s house was about to become a mouse’s den, she felt a little guilty in her heart: It’s all my fault for being useless, I can’t even catch mice! *Running away in tears.*

  1. 崩着脸 – This could mean that the girl had a long/sullen face. However, it could also mean that she lost “face” because she was jealous of Mi Li but couldn’t stop herself from enjoying her food. I chose the second interpretation.

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