EDS Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Do You Like Him?

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After a false alarm, the several young people left in a daze. Today’s experiences made them feel as though they aged a year. Donkey riding girls, date picking monkeys, farm delicacies, cats and snakes… These were all very novel experiences for these urbanites.

The ponytail girl sorted out the photos and videos she took, posting them to Weibo and Moments. Unsurprisingly, it immediately attracted crowds and heated discussions from many netizens, especially Brother Monkey and the tabby cat. Many people were asking about the specific location of Qiming Village, planning to come and play during their vacations.

Mi Li laid on the bed and used Xi Baichen’s cell phone to log on to his Weibo, planning to forward the video uploaded by the ponytail girl.

Mi Li glanced at Xi Baichen’s verified account, named “Ever Elusive Xi Da”, and was shocked. She knew that Xi Baichen was a professional writer, but she never knew which works he had written. Now that she saw his Weibo, she finally found out.

“Xi Da” was Xi Baichen’s official pseudonym under which his main works were published.[1] He had published a total of 43 works over the past few years, most of which had their film and television rights bought. Currently three had been filmed and released, all of which had received high ratings. There were more than 20 books translated into many foreign languages ​​and published in dozens of countries.

Mi Li didn’t expect Old Bai to be such an impressive great god. He didn’t usually post on Weibo and had few fans, only a few hundred thousand. However, his followers included well-known directors, powerful screenwriters, movie stars, wealthy financial backers and many big traffic VIPs.

All of Xi Da’s works were exquisite and received rave reviews, having risen to the top of the industry. Seeing these praising comments, and thinking about the stories he published under the pseudonym “Rainbow Fart” and the publisher which were sprayed until they were bruised and tattered, Mi Li felt that Old Bai was truly schizophrenic.

“Old Bai, can I borrow your ID card?”

“What for?” Baichen asked without looking up, immersed in typing.

“I want to register for a Weibo account.” Her own ID was definitely not usable in this world, so she could only borrow Old Bai’s to register a subsidiary account.

“The ID card is in my wallet, get it yourself.”

Mi Li grabbed the wallet placed on the bedside table, and took out the ID card from within. Seeing the photo on it, she happily commented, “Old Bai, I didn’t expect you used to be a little fresh meat.”[2]

The ID card was issued ten years ago. At that time, Xi Baichen was only in his early twenties and was sporting handsome features and sharp eyebrows with a hint of rebelliousness. He was completely different from his present introverted and casual nature.

Xi Baichen said deeply, “Who hasn’t been young?”

“Haha…” Mi Li laughed while filling in information. She registered herself with a Weibo account called “Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi”. She set her account and “Ever Elusive Xi Da” to follow each other. She also followed the few people in the ponytail girl’s group, reposting the video they uploaded.

Mi Li showed her cell phone screen to Xi Baichen and said, “This is my Weibo account, and the password is 10101X.”

Xi Baichen raised his eyes and saw her Weibo was called “Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi”. It had a post on Weibo: [ Today’s daily activities are eating, riding a donkey and catching mice @ Ever Elusive Xi Da ]

“Buy some mousetraps tomorrow, there are a lot of mice in the house.” Mi Li originally wanted to ask some cats to come and help. But thinking of their contempt for her not being able to catch mice, she still felt that she should be self-reliant.

“You can log on to my Treasure[3] account directly. If you want to buy it, buy it yourself, the password is…” Xi Baichen reported his Treasure account login and password to her.

Mi Li didn’t feel anything wrong. She logged into Treasure and browsed various products enthusiastically. Through the online shopping platform, she could intuitively understand the basic information of the world.

Finding a lot of things she had never seen before, she tried her best to resist the urge to buy them. Putting them in the shopping cart first, she would consider whether or not to buy them later.

A new world opened before her eyes, making her unable to stop. It wasn’t until the cell phone emitted the tone that the battery was about to run out, that she breathed a sigh of relief.

She raised her head and was about to ask Xi Baichen for the charger. The next second, her expression suddenly froze.

What she could see were familiar pink and purple curtains, selfmade handcrafted pendants and white carved cabinets.

She just crossed back without knowing it? And she even brought Xi Baichen’s cell phone!

She previously guessed that as long as she was carrying objects from another world, her body would not be able to cross back, but now it seemed inaccurate.

Before crossing, she was browsing Treasure, and nothing unusual happened.

Mi Li turned on the phone and reloaded the Treasure page. After a few seconds of loading, it actually connected. Looking at this exotic version of the Treasure page, she was a little confused. How did different spaces and different web pages connect? Was it really possible to shop?

Mi Li couldn’t suppress her curiosity, and separately bought two cheap items, one with her own address and the other with Xi Baichen’s address.

The internet speed was very slow, and it took 40 to 50 minutes for Mi Li to complete the transaction.

Seeing that the cell phone was left with only 3% battery, Mi Li tried using her own charger and found that it worked. She was very surprised.

“Meow~” A cat cry came from the door, interrupting her thoughts.

Mi Li raised her head and saw Little Bai rushing over, rubbing her legs affectionately.

“Little Bai, did you miss me?” Mi Li set down the phone, picked up Little Bai, and stroked its belly. “Have you been hungry these past two days? I’ll make something delicious for you right away.”

She stood while speaking and carried it towards the kitchen.

In the middle of the night, Xi Baichen finally finished the day’s writing task. He was about to ask Mi Li if she wanted a late night snack, but saw that the bed was empty. He didn’t know when the person playing with his cell phone had disappeared from the bed.

“Little Mi?” He looked around inside and outside the house, and finally ascertained that she had silently left again.

Xi Baichen returned to the room with a sullen face, logged onto Weibo with his computer, and found that “Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi” sent him a private message a few minutes ago: [ I’m leaving, wait for me to come back, okay~~ ]

[ Ever Elusive Xi Da: When will you be back? ]

After this message was sent, it was like a stone sinking into the ocean. There was no response even after an hour or two.

Xi Baichen was lying on the bed, without a hint of drowsiness. He had been accustomed to sleeping alone since he was 3 years old. Little Mi was the first person to sleep next to his pillow in more than 20 years. It didn’t feel strange at the time, but now that he thought about it, he realized that he accepted it as natural. Now that she wasn’t here, he was unable to sleep.

After tossing and turning on the bed most of the night, Xi Baichen got up again and turned on the computer. His fingers flew, and he instantly entered an explosive typing state. Another heart-piercing lung-bursting abusive story was about to be born…

At 9 o’clock in the morning, Mi Li woke up from her sleep and felt a little tired, as though she had exercised too much.

She rubbed her head and sat up. Taking a look at Xi Baichen’s cell phone, she saw that the battery was fully charged.

She removed the charging cable and logged into Treasure. She found that the two items she bought yesterday had been shipped. She didn’t know if they would arrive smoothly.

Setting the matter aside for the moment, Mi Li fetched her laptop again, opened her email, and checked whether the songs she downloaded and sent had been received.

“Ah, got it!” Mi Li opened the attachment ecstatically, and several hundred megabytes of music files appeared on her computer.

Mi Li couldn’t wait to listen, and found that although some music could be played normally, some music was damaged. However, she was already satisfied that she was able to receive more than ten songs.

Listening to otherworldly songs, Mi Li washed up happily.

“Ding Ding Dong Ding Ding Dong…” A cell phone’s ring suddenly inserted itself into the song being played.

Mi Li picked up the phone and took a look. It was Zhong Yu.

She hesitated for a few seconds, but still answered. If the man continued to struggle, she intended to blacklist him.

[ Little Mi, where have you been the past two days? I couldn’t get in touch with you no matter what. ]

“Ah, I had to go out for something but forgot my phone.” Mi Li casually replied while petting the cat.

[ I thought you put me on your blacklist. ] There was a low male laugh from the other end.

Mi Li who was about to put him on her blacklist: “…”

[ It’s good to know that you’re alright. I have to go abroad soon. When I get back, I will invite you to dinner. ]

The tone of Mi Li instantly became brisk: “Have a safe trip.”

Zhong Yu: Why do I inexplicably feel a little uncomfortable?

[ …Little Mi, exactly what kind of man do you like? ]

The sudden question put Mi Li in a daze for a while. She then subconsciously replied, “A man who is both arrogant and mature, lazy and serious, innocent and unpretentious, and emits a special charm even when squatting on the toilet.”

Zhong Yu: What the h*ll was the last one? Can squatting on the toilet emit anything besides the smell of sh*t? Do I have to learn how to excrete attractive sh*t if I want to get her heart?

After answering this question, Mi Li was also a little startled. How come the person she described was just like Old Bai?

[ …I understand. You have a good rest, I will hang up first. Let’s make an appointment when I return. ]

Setting down the phone, Mi Li picked up Little Bai and asked, “Little Bai, be honest, do you like Old Bai?”

Little Bai tilted its head: “Meow~~” [ I like him. ]

“He can’t cook, speaks harshly, and his whole body bursts with a lone, straight male atmosphere. What do you like about him?”

Little Bai: [ He likes me, so I like him. ]

Mi Li: “……How do you know he likes you?”

Little Bai: [ I just know, same as how I know you like me. ]

Mi Li: Are all of you cats so confident?!

“Do you think I like him?”

[ Of course. ] Little Bai gave his poop shoveling officer a “you are very innocent” gaze, [ If you don’t like him, why would you raise him? ]

Mi Li: You have a good point…

Yesterday I was taught how to be a cat by a group of cats, but today I was taught how to be a human by a cat. Nobody but me.

“Okay, I get it.” Confirming that she was a little attracted, Mi Li felt even more annoyed. There was a wall between her and Xi Baichen. It was also the very very thick kind which could only be broken when dreaming…

  1. Remember back in chapter 18, the author stated that “Rainbow Fart” was not Xi Baichen’s actual pen name.
  2. Fresh meat (鲜肉) is slang for handsome younger men that are pursued by rich older women.
  3. T宝 – Author’s (fictional?) online marketplace. Think of Amazon.

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