EDS Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Little Bai’s Journey

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The lottery initiated by Mi Li on Weibo had ended, and ten lucky fans each won three flame dates presented by Mi Li.

Flame dates were just ordinary fruit in the other world, but it was a new thing in this world. Mi Li gave a brief introduction on Weibo. The flame date was a newly cultivated fruit with rich nutrition. It had the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, beautifying looks and enriching blood, enhancing physical fitness, and delaying aging. It had a crisp taste and was suitable for both men and women, young and old.

Mi Li had recently planned to brew flame date wine in several different ways, and fans expressed that they wanted to reserve a pot.

Two days later, the first batch of fans who received flame dates posted photos and comments of the actual products.

[ MM with Braids: I have received the flame dates from Little Mi (picture) (picture) (picture). It’s round and super cute, and the color is transparent, like amethyst. I can’t help but eat one, so good! So extremely good!! Aaahhh, Little Mi, I beg you to buy more!!! ]

[ Heavenly Chicken Cannot be Leaked: Thank you Little Mi for the flame dates, which are not only beautiful in appearance, but also super delicious. I finished off one, and my little sister finished off two. I forgot to leave one for my girlfriend and knelt on the washboard all night ┗( T﹏T )┛. Little Mi, I just want to ask, where can I buy it?! ]

[ Many Fresh Oranges: No exaggeration, this is really the best fruit I have ever eaten! ]

[ Miraculous Hero: Ah, I have already eaten two, and only the last one is left. Should I eat it or not? After eating, it will be gone… ]

[ Smiling Fox: It’s just average. With only three, it’s gone before you can taste it. Little Mi, give me 20 more, and I promise to write an eloquent and moving testimonial. ]

The fans who received the flame dates tagged Little Mi, most of them expressing their willingness to purchase.

Mi Li replied: [ This kind of fruit is not yet mass produced, but a batch may be harvested next year. ]

If Papa Mi decided to plant flame dates and they grew smoothly, they would bear fruit next spring or summer and would be officially on the market.

While Mi Li was reading Weibo here, Xi Baichen was also not calm there.

The reason was that Mi Li recently used the account “Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi” to send a photo, tagging “Ever Elusive Xi Da”, and the latter also reposted it.

The photo was of the folded-ear cat turning somersaults on Xi Baichen’s legs.

Last time at the cat restaurant, the folded-ear cat was seen for the first time. The photos were taken and uploaded to the internet, which immediately attracted a large number of poop shoveling officers as an audience. Over time, this craze had not subsided, but had become more and more popular. Folded-ear cats had become the internet celebrity of the pet cat family with their distinctive characteristics and cute and adorable demeanors. Many people wanted to adopt a folded-ear cat, but unfortunately there was nowhere to get one.

There were very few folded-ear cat photos circulating on the internet, and each one had been reposted countless times. Just when everyone was thirsty, a new folded-ear cat photo suddenly appeared and was reposted by Xi Da. How could it not make people agitated?

Not only that, this photo had also been analyzed by netizens’ discerning eyes and led to various conclusions. First of all, the folded-ear cat was hugged by a man on his lap. The man’s long fingers and fair skin indicated that he was still very young. Secondly, the right side of the photo revealed half an antique table with a laptop on it. Although only a little bit was seen, part of a document was displayed in the corner of the screen, which read “Chapter XX”.

This kind of naming and font, any author who had written a novel knows what it meant.

Netizens quickly concluded that the owner of the folded-ear cat was probably a writer. Wasn’t the person who reposted this Weibo just such a writer?

[ Aaahhh, the owner of the folded-ear cat is Xi Da??? ]

[ Heavens, what kind of immortal combination is this!!! ]

[ Xi Da, we will never ask you to show your face again, just show your little cutie’s face more! ]

[ Xi Da, Xi Da, where did you get your cutie? Asking for the same breed! ]

[ I’m truly jealous of you! Xi Da, 100K, how about transferring your little cutie to me? ]

[ 100K yuan? Are you kidding me? Let’s not speak of folded-ear cats’ rarity first, but with Xi Da’s fame, you should at least start with 500K. ]

Xi Baichen’s originally deserted Weibo became extremely lively because of the photo of the folded-ear cat. There were also many big VIPs and film and television celebrities who also reposted this Weibo, which made the situation even more uncontrollable.

Fans of Xi Da were attracted to folded-ear cats because of this photo, and fans of folded-ear cats also came to know Xi Da because of this photo and willingly become his readers. Following Xi Da’s Weibo that recommended Rainbow Fart, these new readers fell into another bottomless pit.

With this cycle, the heat continued to persist, and it actually topped the hot search ranking.

Soon after, a director contacted Xi Baichen and wanted to make a movie featuring the folded-ear cat as the protagonist.

Xi Baichen only said that he would consider it, but whether or not he agreed depended on Mi Li.

“Can you let me see the script first?” Mi Li heard about this and first solicited Little Bai’s opinion. This cat didn’t know what it meant to shoot, it only asked if it was fun or delicious. Mi Li said it was fun and delicious, and the cat immediately agreed.

Xi Baichen contacted the director and asked for the script.

Mi Li sat cross-legged on a chair, reading the script carefully. This was a story with a heartwarming beginning but a tragic ending. It was about a kitten being abandoned by its mother because it looked different from a normal cat.

It was picked up by a boy when it was about to freeze to death on the street. The boy and his grandmother lived together, relying on a small business to support their lifestyle. Due to family hardship, the grandmother initially refused to adopt the kitten and tried to abandon it several times, but it was always brought back by the boy.

In the end, the grandmother could only compromise. In order to reduce the burden of his grandmother and raise the kitten, the boy collected trash every day after school. Thus the grandmother, grandson and kitten lived harshly and peacefully for five years until the boy was admitted to college, during which various funny cat-raising anecdotes were seen.

The turning point occurred after the boy was admitted to college. The grandmother got older and older, and her memory and eyesight gradually deteriorated. She lost track of things, not knowing right from left.

The kitten’s food often turned into strange things; sometimes a charred salted fish, at times a few half-baked pieces of meat, and once it was half a cooked slipper. The kitten spent most of its time hungry and could only run out to find food.

Every time it found something to eat, it would bring half of it back to the grandmother. However, it didn’t know that humans could not eat food picked from the garbage. It continued working hard searching for food, just like when the boy raised it.

Before long, the grandmother fell ill due to a bacterial infection, and it was too late when the boy came back. The house was full of rubbish and debris, and he also saw the kitten dragging a leftover chicken leg back home.

How could he not understand why his grandmother suddenly died? He was so angry that he drove the kitten out of the house. After dealing with his grandmother’s funeral, he returned to school.

It was winter, and the kitten stood guard alone in front of the empty house, shivering with cold but still reluctant to leave. When the boy returned home a month later, only the body of a frozen kitten was seen. Even while being frozen to death, it did not take a single step away from home.

“Uuuuuu…” Mi Li gave off shattered sobs, “The kitten is so pitiful, uuuuuu…”

The truth was, with the grandmother’s situation at the time, she could not live alone even if she did not eat the food brought back by the cat. The kitten took care of the elder in its own way and helped her through danger several times, but it was a pity that it failed to prevent the tragedy from happening.

Xi Baichen handed her a piece of tissue and mockingly comforted, “Don’t cry, tears and snot will dirty your face. So ugly.”

“You are a heartless man.” Mi Li opened her pair of reddened eyes wide and hugged Little Bai, choking out a promise, “Little Bai, mother will definitely love you even more!”

Xi Baichen: “…Have you decided to accept this script?”

Mi Li nodded and said boldly, “I want Little Bai to become a favorite of people all over the world!”

So Xi Baichen replied to the director and agreed to audition three days later.

The movie was actually in preparation for a long time, but no suitable cat was found. Cats were not as obedient as dogs, and it was difficult to capture scenes that fit the plot. Although the director liked this unique folded-ear cat very much, if it failed to meet the shooting requirements, he could only give up regretfully.

Three days later, Xi Baichen came to the set with Little Bai and Mi Li that had turned into a cufflink, along with his editor and agent Lan Fei.

The director greeted him enthusiastically for a while, and then moved on to their true purpose.

“Let’s try a few shots first.” The director motioned to Xi Baichen to place Little Bai in the designated position, and pointed, “Baichen, can you have the kitten run to that room with this fish bone in its mouth?”

Xi Baichen rubbed the cufflink on his left and squatted behind Little Bai.

“Little Bai, it’s up to you.” The latter half was naturally spoken towards Mi Li.

[ Little Bai, grab this fish bone, and run to that room. ] Mi Li gave out instructions.

Little Bai fiddled with the fishbone prop in disgust, without any other actions.

Mi Li forgot. She had turned into an object and was unable to communicate with animals. Only Xi Baichen could hear her telepathically, and animals could only feel her mental fluctuations at best.

After just a moment, Little Bai abandoned the fishbone prop, ran to Xi Baichen, and grabbed his cufflink.

Xi Baichen and Mi Li tried several times, but they failed to guide Little Bai to make the correct actions.

The director shook his head regretfully, considering whether he should replace the protagonist of this movie with a dog.

Everyone else around loved the innocent Little Bai very much, teasing it a bit from time to time, turning a fine filming scene into a large cat sucking scene.

Mi Li saw that the director’s eyes didn’t seem right, as though about to interrupt the audition in the next second and announce failure. Her heart was anxious, and her soul jumped out of her body. When she opened her eyes, she had already possessed Little Bai, squatting in a pile of toys, enjoying herself from the caring eyes all around.

“Baichen, let’s leave it at that. I think it’s still…” The director beckoned to Xi Baichen and was about to end the audition, when he was suddenly interrupted by a high-pitched meow.

“Meow meow meow…” Mi Li stood upright on her hind legs, raised her paws high, and used a fancy pose to successfully attract everyone’s attention.

Seeing the director look over, Mi Li found the fish bone among the toys, shoved it into her mouth, and then ran into the designated room with thuds from her paws.

After a moment, she poked her head out of the door, “Meow~~” How about it? How about it? Didn’t I do well?

The director opened his mouth wide and his arms stilled in the air. He showed no reaction for a long time, and the others were also dazed.

Xi Baichen: “…” Show some restraint, evil spirit.

Mi Li, in the absence of applause and praise, ran out of the room step by step. She completed the director’s other earlier instructions one by one. In order not to be too astonishing, she deliberately made a few small mistakes, but it was enough to shock everyone present into dropping their jaws.

Heavens, this kitten is too cute, right? Has it finished cultivating into a demon spirit?!!

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