EDS Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Art of Youthful Makeup

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After Mi Li woke up, the words “Spicy Wife, Fierce Husband” left the deepest impression.

She immediately searched the internet and found two or three with the same title, but the content was completely different from what she had read.

“Sure enough, they must be in a different world?” she muttered to herself.

Unable to figure it out for the time being, Mi Li didn’t bother to ponder over it. She got up and  ran to the bathroom to wash up.

Not long after she walked away, a novel called “Spicy Wife, Fierce Husband” was uploaded on a novel website. The author was called “Rainbow Fart”…

Mi Li planned to livestream cosmetics in the evening to introduce fans to various different brands of skincare and makeup products, to share her experience with them. The price and brand did not matter as long as the effect was good.

She had always believed that women should be beautiful for themselves. She referred not only to appearance, but also inner beauty, good health and good living. Take care of oneself properly within one’s limits. Anything beneficial for one’s body and mind should be tried.

As the livestream began, Mi Li displayed the day’s cosmetics one by one, introducing their brands and functions in detail.

“I am going with a glamorous look today.” Mi Li interacted with fans while performing a facial treatment.

Every time she streamed cosmetics, she appeared without makeup. Due to regular maintenance, she had a healthy body and good skin with nary a freckle or blackhead on her face. Although she usually didn’t put on makeup, once she did she would tend and protect her skin.

Therefore, she was very careful in choosing cosmetics. She never bought generic products[1] and would always test before use.

It took Mi Li only a bit over ten minutes to skillfully complete a series of steps: moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and lip gloss. Her originally beautiful face was decorated to be coquettish and charming. Her flowing eyebrows were full of enchantment, causing the fans watching the livestream to scream.

[ An explosion of beauty, I kneel and kiss your feet! ]

[ I didn’t expect our Little Mi to be such a seductress. ]

[ Ahhhhh, I really like this eyeshadow, the color is so beautiful. ]

[ This is the feeling of my heart being moved, I want it all! ]

Mi Li introduced some makeup tips, then said, “I personally recommend the eye shadow and lipstick; the foundation doesn’t feel meticulous and natural.”

Mi Li started her livestream channel not long ago. The content wasn’t particularly noteworthy but it emphasized the facts, solely looked at a product’s effects and had no ads. At present, most of her fans came for her looks. In their eyes, Little Mi was a talented yet understated goddess.

Mi Li fiddled with the cosmetics at hand and suddenly said, “There’s still some time today. I’ll use these cosmetics and show everyone another makeup style.”

She neatly removed her makeup and then began to put some on again.

[ What? There are still benefits today? ]

[ What sort of makeup style is Little Mi going with this time? ]

While doing her makeup, Mi Li replied, “This is the youthful look that I came up with.”

[ With a baby face, doesn’t that mean big breasts are still far away? ]

[ Little Mi, you are already very young, how young do you want to be? ]

[ Yes, you are at a girl’s most beautiful age, there’s no need for makeup at all. ]

The fans in the livestream all said that their goddess Little Mi didn’t need to look younger.

However, after twenty minutes, they were all dumbfounded.

Mi Li slowly raised her head, and a cute face of only twelve or thirteen years old appeared in front of everyone: big eyes, transparent and shiny, soft and smooth facial contours, shallow eyebrows, tender lips, pale and even skin color. Almost no traces of makeup were visible. Casually tying her hair into a braid would make her indistinguishable from a little teenage girl. It made a sharp contrast with the previous glamorous makeup.

[ F*ck, this is awesome. ]

[ You want youth, you get youth. She didn’t exaggerate at all! ]

[ I always thought that restoring one’s youth was just a legendary skill, but I didn’t expect to see it with my own eyes today! ]

[ Little Mi, I suddenly have an idea. I hope you go out with this face for a bit. ]

[ Agreed! ]

[ Agreed +1 ]

The following all concurred, and waves of gifts frantically rushed towards Mi Li.

Mi Li thought for a moment before nodding and said, “Ok, wait ten minutes. I’ll change my clothes.”

The fans were so excited that they all waited in the livestream obediently. Taking advantage of the break, they called in friends from everywhere. The number of people in the livestream rose rapidly from a few thousand to tens of thousands.

Ten minutes later, Mi Li went out wearing a white T-shirt with cropped jeans, and carrying a small cartoon-covered backpack.

Mi Li was 172 centimeters tall. Paired with the face of a twelve or thirteen year old, she turned everyone’s heads while walking on the street.

At this moment, a group of highschoolers passed by Mi Li, walking towards the exhibition hall dozens of meters away.

Mi Li stayed near them, following them to the entrance of the exhibition hall, and lined up to enter.

This exhibition hall was free for minors, while the several adults in the crowd needed tickets to enter. When it was Mi Li’s turn, the ticket collector was about to ask her for her ticket. She planned to pay for one but the ticket collector was taken aback upon seeing her face, then let her in without saying anything.

[ Hahahaha, I’m dying! ]

[ Little Mi’s young face is too good that even her height can’t give her away. ]

[ How is this makeup, it’s totally a disguise! ]


Mi Li only stayed in the exhibition hall for two or three minutes before leaving, then went to several places open to minors free of charge such as the library, youth activity centers[2], memorials, etc. Without exception, she entered all of them smoothly without being asked for a student ID.

According to relevant laws and regulations, minors enjoyed free or preferential rights in certain places irrespective of their height.

Mi Li personally tested the implementation of this city policy today. Her height of 172cm did not affect her right as a “minor.”

Everyone in the livestream laughed crazily, and the fans increased by thousands per minute.

After the shameful play was over, Mi Li ended the livestream and groggily returned home. Forcing herself to stay awake, she cleaned off her makeup. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the bed.

“God Xi, are you really not going to participate in the signing event?” A capable female voice approached and pulled the misty consciousness of Mi Li out of the darkness.

As her sight gradually cleared, two sitting figures appeared on either side of Mi Li.

On the right was Xi Baichen wearing disposable gloves, and on the left was a curly haired woman in her 30s.

“I already said I won’t take part in this type of activity.” As Xi Baichen replied, he stretched out a gloved hand and grabbed a sandwich from the food box.

“The filming of your novel has already started, and the producer hopes that you can cooperate with the promotion.” Lan Fei sighed, “It’s just showing your face for a bit, can’t you make an exception?”

“No.” Xi Baichen took a bite of his sandwich, his expression seeming a little disappointed.

Lan Fei shrugged in helplessness. She reached out and took an onion ring from the food box, about to put it into her mouth. Xi Baichen suddenly raised his eyes and loudly stopped her, “Hold on!”

Lan Fei stopped midaction and directed a puzzled look at him.

“You can’t eat this.” Xi Baichen took the onion ring from her hand in a thunderous manner, and then carefully placed it aside on a clean napkin.

“What’s the matter?” Lan Fei was confused by him. Wasn’t it just an onion ring? He reacted as though she was eating a prehistoric monster.

“The onion rings are mine, eat something else.” Xi Baichen moved all the onion rings in the food box to his side.

Lan Fei: “…” Onion rings are just a few yuan[3] apiece, do you have to be so stingy?!

“Anything else? If not then leave, don’t bother me when I’m eating.” Xi Baichen waved his hand impatiently.

Lan Fei gritted her teeth, “You’ll kill yourself from locking yourself up in your house sooner or later!”

She stood up, grabbed her bag, and left in a huff.

[ Omg, ​​I was almost eaten. ] Mi Li’s voice came from the onion ring.

“You come and go like a ghost.” Xi Baichen glanced at her, “Can no one hear your voice except for me?”

She yelled so heartbreakingly just now but Lan Fei had no reaction.

[ Yeah, only you. ]


[ Because you are unique. ] Her words were sweet, but her heart cursed: Who the h*ll knows!

Xi Baichen pinched her to the front. He stared at her for a long while, then suddenly asked: “If I eat you, what will happen to you?”

[ Uh… death is impossible. At most I’ll travel through your esophagus, enter your stomach, and then bathe in acid for an hour or two. ] Mi Li pretended to answer nonchalantly.

Xi Baichen asked again, “If I digest you, will you come out the other end?”

Mi Li was instantly dripping in cold sweat, and immediately corrected herself: [Nonono! You mustn’t eat me, otherwise you’ll get indigestion! ]

Xi Baichen stared at the onion ring in his hand. His face was inscrutable, seemingly considering whether or not to try it.

[ Trust me, I don’t taste good! ]

“I think you’ll be delicious.” Xi Baichen loved onion rings.

[ Next time I’ll make you some even more delicious! ]

“Oh?” Xi Baichen laid on the sofa and calmly asked, “You can make onion rings?”

[ Not just onion rings, I can make many things. ]

“How will you do it?”

Mi Li’s brain worked swiftly and said: [ Give me your mobile phone number. Next time I possess a living person, I will call you and give you something delicious. ]

“You can also possess living people?” Xi Baichen’s eyes were somber.

[ Don’t worry, I won’t casually possess someone without consent. ]

“Who would agree to let you possess them?”

[ You don’t need to worry about this, there will definitely be someone. You just need to know that I won’t possess you. ] Mi Li said in a pretentious manner.

“Why not?” Xi Baichen raised an eyebrow.

[ You still need to ask? Because you definitely won’t agree. ]

Xi Baichen: “…”

[ Are you going to tell me your phone number? ]

Xi Baichen was silent for a moment, but then spat out a string of numbers.

Mi Li silently recited it several times, firmly memorizing the number. She hoped she wouldn’t forget it when she woke up.

  1. 三无产品 (literally 3 nothing products) are products without the manufacturer name, production date, and quality certificate or production license.
  2. 青少年宫 are facilities designed specifically for youths to hang out.
  3. The exchange rate as of September 2021 is about 0.15 US dollars per Chinese yuan.

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