EDS Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Angelo Phantom

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Xi Baichen cleared off the table, leaving only a box of onion rings. Next, he poured some ketchup on the onion ring possessed by Mi Li to mark it, then put her in the food box and let her stay with her onion ring buddies.

[ Didn’t you say you like to eat onion rings? There are so many left, why don’t you eat them? ] The puzzled Mi Li asked, surrounded by onion rings.

Xi Baichen glanced at her, “I always finish what I eat.” Either he didn’t eat, or else he ate everything clean.

Leftovers → Mi Li: […]

“I’ll eat again when you get cold,” he added.

What do you mean “when you get cold”? You’re the one getting cold!

Mi Li controlled her body to roll down from the pile of onion rings. Falling onto the table, she rolled from the table to the carpet. She got stuck in the carpet fibers and could no longer roll.

Xi Baichen looked over, then tore off a paper towel from the roll. He picked her up from the carpet and hung her onto the spoon in his coffee cup.

Mi Li spun on the spoon, making it ring out, but couldn’t shake herself off and gave up.

As an onion ring, I should be aware of my identity as an onion ring. Being arrogant is no good. Mi Li comforted herself like this.

Xi Baichen ignored her, turned on the computer, and began to type.

[ Do you have any hobbies other than writing? ] asked Mi Li.

“Yes.” Xi Baichen replied while typing on the keyboard, “Fitness, shopping, and movies.”

[ Ah, I like those too! ] Mi Li said in a happy mood from meeting someone with similar interests, [ Next time we have a chance, let’s go out and play together? ]

“OK,” Xi Baichen answered noncommittally.

Seeing his concentrated expression, Mi Li did not continue to disturb him, but hung quietly on the spoon to watch him type.

Xi Baichen was currently conceiving a manuscript outline. The male lead was codenamed “X”, the female lead was “Y”, and the supporting roles were male a, male b, female a, female b, etc. The male protagonist was a problematic student expelled from university. He was disobedient and possessed a wild personality. However, he was clever, bold and careful, and had an extraordinary sense of smell. After experiencing all kinds of setbacks, he was accepted as an apprentice perfumist, embarking on the career of developing famous perfumes.

After reading the outline, Mi Li felt comforted. This time it was not a sadomasochistic romance with a dog blood plot.

“I plan to buy perfume tomorrow, are you coming?” Xi Baichen asked suddenly.

[Uh…it depends on the situation. ] Mi Li couldn’t control what she would become. If she became a toilet, then she couldn’t go out with him even if the tank cracked.

Hearing her words, Xi Baichen didn’t say much and continued to go over his outline.

Mi Li accompanied him quietly until her consciousness went back.

When she woke up, it was already 6pm. After Mi Li washed her hands, she began to prepare for dinner, constantly remembering what happened in her dream.

Most of the details were very vague except for Xi Baichen planning a novel about perfume and his mobile phone number.

As a fashionista, perfume was also one of the luxury goods that Mi Li paid attention to. In her collection, there were two bottles of high-end perfume worth more than 3,000 yuan. One bottle of Lancome Yidong[1] and another of Chanel Yuya[2]; the former was fresh and unrestrained while the latter was rich and lingering. Different dress styles were matched with different perfumes.

Mi Li usually did not use perfume, but when attending a party, perfume could boost temperament, increase charm, and attract like-minded people. Because of limited finances, Mi Li couldn’t buy more expensive perfumes. The two bottles in her collection were chosen after careful selection.

Setting a few flavorful dishes on the table, Mi Li was reminded of her promise to cook something good for Old Bai.

She took out her mobile phone and hesitantly punched in a string of numbers, only to hear a pleasant ringing. After dozens of seconds, the phone was actually connected.

[ Hello, who is it? ] A somewhat hoarse male voice came from the phone.

Mi Li’s eyes lit up and quickly asked, “Is this Old Bai?”

[ Who…you… ] The other party’s voice became unclear and in the end there was only static.

“Hello?” Mi Li raised her voice and called out a few times, but there was no response. After a while, the call automatically ended.

Mi Li dialed several times, but failed to get through. She stared at the phone for a long while, and determinedly sent a text message to the other party: [ Lao Bai, this is Little Mi. ]

After waiting for a few minutes with no response, she had to give up. Putting the phone on the desk, she washed her hands and started her meal.

After dinner, Mi Li went to the shopping mall and wandered around various cosmetic counters. She personally tried more than a dozen perfumes and finally bought a bottle of Adidas Passion for 898 yuan.

While going to bed that night, she sprayed some perfume on the pillow and fell soundly asleep surrounded by the fragrance.

[ Old Bai, I am Little Mi. ]

Seeing a text from a strange number, Xi Baichen’s first reaction was, “You became a mobile phone?”

The phone was dead silent.

There was no response for a long time, so Xi Baichen moved his finger and replied with the text: [ Where are you? ]

The phone was still dead silent.

After waiting for a few minutes, he sent another text: [ Are you still there? Whose phone are you using? ]

The text was as though it was tossed into the ocean with no response forthcoming.

Xi Baichen simply called her, but it turned out that she was not in the service area.

He frowned and saved the number as “Little Ghost”.

The next morning, Xi Baichen went to a luxury store, his goal being the perfumes at the counter.

“Sir, what can I do for you?” the lady at the counter asked politely.

“Please let me take a look at all the perfumes,” Xi Baichen replied.

“All?” The lady at the counter glanced at him furtively. He was decked out in designer clothing and obviously well off.


“Please wait a moment.” The lady at the counter placed all the perfume samples on the countertop with hidden intentions.[3]

Xi Baichen picked up a bottle, sniffed it closely, and gave a slight frown. Then he picked up a second bottle, a third bottle… Each was smelled in turn, the rich and mixed fragrance rushing into his nose, making him almost unable to breathe.

Putting down the last bottle of perfume, it was unclear from his expression whether or not he liked them. However, his tightly drawn lips revealed his emotions.

“These perfumes are relatively popular new styles this year. If you don’t mind, we can discuss them together.” The lady at the counter introduced enthusiastically.

“No need.” Xi Baichen refused directly and left decisively, not caring about the instantly stiffened expression of the lady at the counter.

He went to the counter of another brand and continued to check out the perfumes.

He wanted to find a special perfume for use as the prototype of the best perfume prepared by the male protagonist in his novel. It need not necessarily be the most expensive, but it must be able to inspire him.

An hour later, Xi Baichen had visited almost all the counters, drawing countless eyes. His sense of smell was almost numb, but he still did not find a perfume he liked.

In the midst of his irritation, a familiar voice suddenly came from beside his ear: [Hey, Lao Bai, this way. ]

Xi Baichen looked all over in search of the source of the sound.

[ I’m at the Angelo counter. ]

The Angelo counter was visited by Xi Baichen ten minutes ago. Hearing the call of Mi Li, he turned back.

The lady at the counter who had received him was complaining to her colleague. She suddenly caught a glimpse of him appearing in front of the counter, her expression stiffened, and then she showed an extremely unnatural professional smile.

“Excuse me, what else do you need?”

Xi Baichen ignored her and glanced at the merchandise on the counter.

[ Angelo Phantom. ]

Xi Baichen immediately locked onto the target. It was a perfume he had just smelled. The bottle was as transparent as amber, and it belonged to one of the world’s top brands.

He asked the counter lady to take out the bottle of perfume and gently held it in his palm.

[ You said you were going to buy perfume today, did you get any? ] Mi Li asked enthusiastically. She wasn’t sure if it was because she fell asleep with the perfume last night, but she had turned into a bottle of perfume today.

Angelo was a perfume brand that was unavailable in her world. It must be a relatively well-known brand to be able to set up its own counter in a shopping mall.

Xi Baichen brought the perfume closer and sniffed it carefully. An elegant scent drifted into his nose, like a flash in the night, a surprise that left a lingering fragrance.

His originally irritable mood instantly calmed down, and the surrounding sounds gradually faded away, leaving only clarity.

He didn’t feel anything when he smelled it for the first time, but this time it gave him a completely different feeling.

“I want this bottle of perfume.” Xi Baichen rubbed the bottle with his fingers and motioned to the lady at the counter to take payment.

The lady at the counter was surprised, and the smile on her face immediately became extremely sincere.

This bottle of perfume was priced at 4399 yuan, which was the most expensive one at this counter. After selling it, she would get a lot of commission.

Xi Baichen swiped his card, carried the packaged perfume, and walked out of the mall.

[ Old Bai, take me out quickly. The box is dark and I can’t see anything. ]

Xi Baichen took the packaged perfume out of the box and held it in his hand.

[ How is Angelo Phantom’s fragrance? Does it smell good? ] Mi Li couldn’t wait to ask.

“It’s okay,” Xi Bai Chen replied lightly.

[ Just okay? ] Mi Li was confident of her charm; whether as a doorbell or an onion ring, she would be the best. [ Among so many perfumes, you have chosen me alone, which shows that you are very satisfied with me. ]

The reason why he picked her, wasn’t it because she took the initiative to report her position?

Xi Baichen said honestly, “Before you appeared, I had no plans to buy this bottle of perfume.”

[ (*^__^*) Hehe, so you are satisfied with not the perfume but me? ]

Xi Baichen: “Haha.” Where did she get her confidence from?

Although there was an expression of disapproval on his face, it was undeniable that her arrival caused this perfume to become unique.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but put her in front of his nose and take a sniff.

[ Don’t get so close, I can see all your nose hairs! ]

Xi Baichen: “……”

The wonderful atmosphere was gone. This 4399 yuan perfume can’t be saved, was he still in time to return it?

  1. 兰蔻·意动 – likely to be Lancome Idole.
  2. 莱尔·玉雅 – likely to be Chanel Eau something or other.  No idea what it could be.
  3. Probably in hopes that Xi Baichen would buy all of them.

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