EDS Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Time to Leave Behind Single Status

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For more than a month, Xi Baichen stayed with the crew to take care of Little Bai. Mi Li had only possessed him four times, and most of the scenes were done by himself. After Mi Li’s special training, Little Bai performed very well. His cute appearance added a lot of fun and highlights to the film, and also brought a lot of joy to the crew members.

While Xi Baichen took care of Little Bai, he used the time to finalize his new book. Afterwards, he planned to take a good rest for a month or two.

The crew’s filming location was a new city named “Zhounan” and the city center was full of high-rise buildings and blooming flowers. The protagonist’s family lived in the undeveloped old city, where the houses were old and the environment was messy. The new and the old alternated, forming a sharp contrast.

Walking alone in the night market, Xi Baichen wondered if he should buy something delicious for Little Bai. The plot had progressed to the later stages. The protagonist’s kitten had a thin body and dull fur because of unreliable meals, so Little Bai couldn’t eat too much. His food intake was controlled, with only basic nutrition guaranteed, and he had quite a hard time.

Xi Baichen wanted to secretly feed him a meal. It shouldn’t matter if he ate an extra meal occasionally, right?

He walked into a supermarket, selected a few cans of cat food, then went to the cashier.

[ This kind of canned food is no good. ] While queuing, he suddenly heard the sound of Little Mi’s otherworldly voice coming from beside him.

Xi Baichen looked towards the sound, his eyes falling on the small shelves next to the counter, where cigarettes, chewing gum, lollipops, betel nuts and other commodities were placed.

He hesitantly stretched out his hand and retrieved a lollipop.

[ Wrong, I am third from the left of the lollipop. ]

Xi Baichen put the lollipop back in place, turned and looked towards the left. He paused and couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Dunex?”

[ That’s right. ] Mi Li replied reluctantly.

The Dunex of this world was the Durex of the other world, leader of sex-life safety, and head of the condom brands.

Originally, Mi Li didn’t intend to greet Xi Baichen. Possessing some condoms was just too embarrassing, and she just wanted to stay quietly on the shelf. However, when she saw that some of the canned cat food selected by Xi Baichen were not suitable for Little Bai to eat, she couldn’t help but make a noise.

[ Looking carefully at the ingredients listed on the can, one should be cautious of grains, vegetables, fruits, starch, etc. Canned cat food only requires meat and no other ingredients. The moisture content should preferably be above 80%, and the lower the cellulose content, the better. ]

Xi Baichen picked up a can of cat food and found that it contained a small amount of vegetables with a moisture content of 75%, which truly did not meet the requirements.

He put the cans back into the basket, and then planned to grab the box of Dunex with Mi Li. Who knew that just as he stretched out his hand, someone behind him suddenly took it away first.

As soon as Xi Baichen grasped the man’s wrist, he squinted at him.

“What are you doing?” A young man with dyed hair in his twenties glared at him.

“You can’t take this.” Xi Baichen pulled open his fingers and forcibly took the box of Dunex from the palm of his hand.

The youth had an unreasonable expression, “Are you crazy? There are still so many on the shelf, why are you fighting over this one with me?”

The movements of the two attracted the attention of everyone around. Seeing what they were vying for, they all showed indescribable expressions.

X Baichen calmly said, “You are not yet 18 years old, why are you buying condoms?”

“Who told you that I am not yet 18 years old???”

“Although you’ve aged prematurely, my niece goes to the same high school.” Xi Baichen said earnestly, “Wait two years before using this thing.”

Everyone heard what was said and agreed in their hearts. Their accusing eyes all looked at the youth with disapproval.

The young man almost blew his top. I aged prematurely?! As for your high schooler niece, I’ve already graduated from college for a year, okay?!! He just wanted to buy a condom and have fun with his girlfriend, who knew he would encounter a lunatic.

“It’s so late, you should get home earlier.” Xi Baichen patted the young man on the shoulder, held the Dunex, and walked away without a change in expression.

The young man pointed at his back, a mouthful of anger stuck in his chest and unable to vent it out.

He gritted his teeth and decided not to lower himself to argue with a lunatic, chose another box of Dunex, and went to the counter to settle the bill.

The cashier lady hesitated for a moment, and asked in a low voice, “Little brother, are you sure you want to buy?”

“Of course.” The youth sounded angry.

“Little brother, you are still young. You should put academics first, stop thinking so much about romance.”

“Yes, the gentleman earlier spoke correctly. You should wait until you are an adult before using this kind of thing, right?”

“Nowadays, children are too casual. No wonder there have been more and more reports of teenage abortions recently.”

“*Sigh* Public morals are degenerating with each passing day. I must discipline my grandson when I get back so that he won’t mess around outside.”

Everyone around him kept lecturing nonstop.

The youth exploded in anger: AAAAAHHHHH, I’m already an adult!!!

Xi Baichen calmly came to the shelf of canned cat food and returned the cans that were in the shopping basket.

[ That cat jelly[1] is good. There are also chicken jerky and fish flavored snacks. Little Bai can’t eat too much recently, so you can give him some snacks as a reward. ]

Xi Baichen put the goods selected by Mi Li into the shopping basket one by one.

[ Hmm, you can’t buy too many snacks at once. Let’s go look elsewhere. ]

Xi Baichen looked at the half full shopping basket and said nothing.

After shopping for an hour, Xi Baichen walked out of the supermarket with the relentless Mi Li and the goods he bought.

[ Hey, wait. ] While passing a pharmacy, Mi Li called out to Xi Baichen, [ Old Bai, you seem too heated[2] lately, and you even have acne on your face. Go to the pharmacy and buy some ████. ]

Xi Baichen felt somewhat speechless as he touched the tiny pimple on the corner of his forehead. She even noticed such a small point, her eyes were too good.

Mi Li even told him: [ When the filming is finished, I will help with your diet again. I guarantee that you will stay white and tender. ]

Xi Baichen showed a disgusted expression, but still obediently walked into the pharmacy and bought some boxes of heat reduction medication.

Back at the hotel, the freshly awoken Little Bai immediately rushed over and twirled around Xi Baichen’s feet.

Xi Baichen set down the shopping bag, picked up Little Bai, then sat on the sofa.

Little Bai broke free from his arms, buried his head in his clothes pocket, and fished out the box of Dunex.

“Don’t bite it.” Xi Baichen snatched the Dunex from his mouth.

“Meow meow.” Little Bai raised his paw to try and snatch it.

[ Little Bai really loves me the most. ] Mi Li said smugly.

Xi Baichen gave a “ha”, held the Dunex with two fingers, and raised it to eye level. Staring at her with a pair of deep eyes, he asked, “I’ll give you another chance to answer again. Who is the one that loves you the most?”

[ … ] If it’s not Little Bai, would it be you?

Xi Baichen slowly tore open the outer packaging. “If you stay silent or if you answer incorrectly, I will open you up.”

[ If you want to open me, then open me. ] Mi Li was fearless.

“Really?” Xi Baichen took out a sealed Dunex, and said casually, “I don’t seem to have used strawberry flavor before.”

[ You speak as though you’ve used other flavors? ] Mi Li said in contempt, [ Don’t you have any self awareness as a single dog? ]

Xi Baichen, who received ten thousand points of damage: “…”

The air was suddenly quiet except for Little Bai’s soft meowing sound.

“You’re right.” Xi Baichen’s tone revealing the calm before the storm, “It’s time for me to leave behind my single status.”

Mi Li’s heart thumped: [ Do you have someone in mind? ]

“Why? Are you interested?” Xi Baichen raised his eyebrows.

[ Of course I am. ] While I wasn’t paying attention, which blind scheming b*tch seduced the man I raised?!

“Okay, I understand.” Xi Baichen put the Dunex back into the box and stored it on his body.

[ What do you understand? Hey, don’t put me in your pocket, I can’t see anything anymore. ] Mi Li protested.

“What’s there to look at? I’ll let you look as much as you want later.” Xi Baichen took out a cat jelly from the shopping bag, opened the lid, and handed it to Little Bai.

[ You still haven’t told me yet. Who do you have in mind? ]

“Aren’t you interested?”

[ Yes. ]

“Since you are interested, I won’t bother to find someone else.”

Mi Li: What do you mean??? I’m interested in who your target is, not being your target! Is this a disguised confession? Isn’t it a joke? Who confesses so casually? It’s impossible!


What if it’s true?

This problem plagued Mi Li, and she never appeared in her own body even until the end of filming.

Mi Li admitted that she was a little moved by Xi Baichen, but they were separated by time and space and had no future together. Even if she let loose and bravely pursued love, she had no idea when this transdimensional gateway would close. She didn’t want a fling, nor did she want to fall too deeply. If he was just joking, she could continue to play around carelessly. If he was serious, what should she do?

“Aaahhh, so annoying!” Mi Li laid on the bed, swinging the pillow up and down.

Old Bai is such a big pig trotter[3]! How hateful!

On the other side, the big pig trotter Old Bai returned to Qiming Village with Little Bai who had finished filming.

Even though no one had lived there for more than a month, the house did not appear cold. The creeper vine outside the house grew vigorously, snaking up the eaves, full of green leaves swaying in the wind. The flowers sprouted new buds, and the transplanted trees adapted to the environment with luxuriant branches and vigorous leaves. The vegetables grown in the back of the house were well taken care of by Uncle Niu. Most of them were mature, lush and promising.

The road construction had also been implemented, and the engineering team had begun construction. Many villagers had joined in the road construction and were very busy.

Qiming Village was the birthplace of Xi Baichen’s maternal ancestors. After several generations of development, the schooling of the villagers’ children was subsidized and employment opportunities were provided for the young and middle-aged, but Qiming Village itself had not changed much. It wasn’t that they couldn’t, but rather that they didn’t think it was necessary.

Most of the children and young adults in the village left for other towns, and fewer and fewer people stayed behind, mostly elderly people. Even with development, not many people were willing to come back and start new careers. Therefore, Qiming Village has always maintained its original style. The descendants have gradually become rich, but the village itself was still poor.

Mi Li donated money to build roads for convenience in entry and exit, to attract some travel friends to come and play, and to add a little fun and income for the village elderly.

“Little Bai, has your mom abandoned you?” Xi Baichen cooked as he spoke to Little Bai who was sunbathing in the doorway.

Little Bai yawned and ignored him.

“Aren’t you worried at all?” Xi Baichen glanced at him, “If she is gone, you won’t get any snacks in the future.”

“Meow?” Little Bai turned his head and looked at him foolishly.

Xi Baichen placed the fried greens on the plate and set it on the small wooden table next to him. He squatted in front of Little Bai and said seriously, “You don’t have to call me Godfather anymore.”

Little Bai: Who called you Godfather?

“I’ll be your real dad, your only one.”

Little Bai turned his head away.

Xi Baichen took out a chicken strip from the food box, shook it in front of him, and tempted, “Do you remember that? How about you try calling me Dad?”

Little Bai glanced sideways at him through a pair of half-closed eyes.

“If your mother comes, you must call me Dad.” Xi Baichen said in a negotiating tone, “As long as she agrees, I will no longer be single.”

A certain someone who was talking nonstop did not notice at all that Little Bai’s furry face revealed a hint of shyness…

  1. Apparently in China, there exists wet cat food which is crafted into some type of gelatin. https://img.alicdn.com/i2/2208880838276/O1CN01um34cB2B0SV3ZsVM6_!!2208880838276.jpg
  2. Anything you consume can be categorized as hot or cold in Chinese herbal medicine. https://www.dw.com/en/healthy-eating-in-traditional-chinese-medicine/a-18619239
  3. An insult usually applied to males with incomprehensible and ambiguous behavior.

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