EDS Chapter 41

Chapter 41 – Let’s Be Together

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[ Little Mi, the flame date saplings you gave me adapted to the environment here and grew very well. I’ve decided to set aside an area to plant these fruit trees. I’m planning on 80 trees for now. Does your friend have enough in stock? ] Papa Mi’s excited voice came from the phone.

“I’ll think of a way.” Mi Li estimated that she could only get about 30 trees from Qiming Village, and she must find other channels for the rest.

This was not difficult. Xi Baichen’s cell phone could trade across time and space, and she could use it to buy most of the goods sold in the other world. The only thing to worry about was Mi Zheng and whether he would make trouble in secret. Papa Mi and Mama Mi didn’t like harming others, and Mi Li had inherited their character. However, she still had to find a way to solve this worry for the safety of her family.

While thinking about it, the doorbell rang from outside, and a courier stood at the door holding a large bouquet of yellow roses.

Mi Li sighed secretly, already knowing the sender of the roses without needing to guess.

After Zhong Yu returned to China, he sent a bouquet of roses every two days just to ask her out. She had refused many times, but he still refused to give up.

Mi Li thought for a while and gave him a call, “Zhong Yu, don’t send flowers anymore. It’s impossible for us.”

I might have considered it in the past, but now…

[ I believe that sincerity can make anything possible. I’ll try my best not to disturb your life, but please don’t shut me out. ]

“I already have a boyfriend.” Mi Li was decisive.

[ If you really have a boyfriend, can you let us meet? Otherwise I really can’t give up. ]

How would you meet? By sending you off to the other world?

“I see, I’ll let you see him.” Mi Li hung up the phone, wondering how to solve this problem.

To be honest, Zhong Yu was not bad. He was handsome, rich, and talented. Although he came on a bit strong, it didn’t evoke disgust. It was just that she didn’t feel anything for him, so there was no point in persisting.

Mi Li fell on the bed, closed her eyes, and let herself go.

In her dim consciousness, she felt her nose get pinched and it became difficult to breathe.

Mi Li quickly opened her eyes, and suddenly saw a handsome face close at hand.

“What are you doing here?” Xi Baichen squatted beside her, arms across his chest.

Mi Li looked around and found that she was sitting by the wall holding a yellow chick plush pillow.

Aren’t the crossings becoming more and more casual lately?! As soon as I think about Xi Baichen, I will cross over!

Since the last “confession”, this was the first time she had appeared in front of him in her own body. Wearing a set of yellow pajamas with chick patterns, sporting a mess of long hair, sitting on the ground with her legs splayed, her feet bare, the image was simply too much!

“I haven’t seen you these days, have you been busy?” Xi Baichen took the plush pillow from her hands and glanced at it curiously.

“Not busy.” In fact, she crossed over every day, just that she didn’t let him find out.

“Go and wash up, you’re all dirty.” Xi Baichen held the yellow chick in one hand and wrapped her waist in the other to help her up. He also took off his slippers and let her put them on. Stepping into the large black slippers with her tender little feet made them appear smaller and more delicate.

Xi Baichen’s eyes darkened slightly, and he unconsciously hugged her tighter.

Mi Li stepped into the ill-fitting slippers and followed him with a clatter, her eyes sweeping across his bare feet. The bones were distinct, stable and powerful, and he ignored the dust and dirt on the ground.

Xi Baichen got water for Mi Li and brought her a clean change of clothes, including bra and panties.

Mi Li looked at her bra and suddenly realized that her three sizes seemed to have been accurately determined by Xi Baichen!

Supporting her chest, ████ round and soft, and felt good to the touch… Emmm, stop, this is not the point! The point is that you are so carefree, is it because you don’t see him as a man?

After taking a shower, Mi Li walked out of the bathroom refreshed. Little Bai came out from who knows where and rubbed against her feet.

Mi Li squatted down, stroked his head, and laughed, “You’ve gained weight.”

Little Bai’s two small paws stepped on top of her shoe and meowed happily.

“Little Bai hasn’t taken a good bath these days, don’t touch him.” Xi Baichen’s voice came from the door.

“It’s okay.” Mi Li teased him for a while, then got up and went to the kitchen to wash her hands.

“Most of the vegetables you planted are already ripe, do you want to check them out?” Xi Baichen came next to her, and his masculine aura followed.

Mi Li felt her nose itch and walked towards the backyard without looking back, “I’ll go and see.”

Xi Baichen followed her slowly, his eyes focused on her back.

Coming to the backyard, Mi Li’s view was filled with lush vegetables, mainly the cabbage, chives, and leafy greens. The cucumbers and tomatoes had just borne fruit[1], and it wouldn’t take long for them to be harvested.

“What kind of vegetable is this?” Xi Baichen asked, pointing to one of them.

Mi Li turned her head and looked around to find that he was referring to cabbage. There was no cabbage in this world, so he asked this question.

“This is cabbage.” Mi Li explained, “Its taste is sweet and refreshing, and it has the effects of nourishing the lungs, helping sleep, reducing internal heat and relieving pain, and strengthening the bones and muscles.”

“Where did it come from?”

“Extraterrestrial product,” Mi Li replied irresponsibly.

“En.” Xi Baichen was noncommittal and just accepted it.

“Since the vegetables are all ripe, let’s try them.” Mi Li raised her fist and was full of fighting spirit. “Stir fried cabbage with bacon, cured meat with chives and tofu, fresh mushrooms, rapeseed vegetable and konjac, plus chicken meatball vermicelli noodle soup. Tonight’s dishes have been delightfully decided.”

The corner of Xi Baichen’s mouth raised slightly, and he looked at her affectionately, “I’ll give you a hand.”

“Okay!” Mi Li rolled up her sleeves, ready to show off.

One cooked the dishes and the other tended the fire. The division of labor was clear, and they cooperated seamlessly.

Xi Baichen sat by the stove, watching Mi Li spin around in the kitchen like a little bee, hardworking and cute.

The fragrance of the dishes filled the air, causing one’s index fingers to twitch uncontrollably.[2]

At this moment, Xi Baichen suddenly asked, “Little Mi, shall we be together?”

The movements of Mi Li’s hands stilled, and she looked up at him, “What, what do you mean be together?”

“Like a married couple, spending our days together.”

Mi Li: “…” Directly skip the dating stage and get married?

“Do you know where I come from? Do you know when I will leave? Do you know how long we can be together?” Mi Li was asking him as well as herself.

Xi Baichen chuckled, “So you’ve already thought of so much.”

Mi Li: “…” Did I accidentally expose my thoughts?

“Little Mi.” Xi Baichen looked at her quietly. The burning firewood reflected as two clusters of scorching light in his deep eyes, half-hidden but faintly flickering behind the hair on his forehead. “You are destined to belong to me. No matter where I go, you will appear by my side, and only I can hear your voice. I can accept everything about you. In this world, who is more suitable for you than me?”

Mi Li’s little heart was pounding wildly, and she felt a tingling sensation.

Xi Baichen got up and came next to her, “Little Mi, be together with me. The future is left up to fate. We just need to live together happily.”

Xi Baichen’s background was very complicated. He had relatives, but it was the same as having none. He drifted outside the family and spent nearly 30 years of loneliness until Mi Li appeared, allowing him to enjoy the company of others without scruples for the first time. Although erratic and hard to understand, he still desired to possess this uniqueness.

The charm of a suddenly serious Xi Baichen spread out, and he was just too handsome. Mi Li persisted for three minutes but finally couldn’t endure.

“I see.” Mi Li tried to move her gaze away from his face and muttered, “Aren’t we living together already?”

“Yes, you are right.” Xi Baichen lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “My lovely Little Mi.”

The magnetic sound pierced her eardrum, electrifying Mi Li so that she almost couldn’t stand firm.

“Don’t stick to me, the food is going to be ruined.” Mi Li pushed him away angrily, “Really, you confess without caring about the setting at all. There is oil and smoke everywhere here, not romantic at all!”

“Who said that?” Xi Baichen stole a bite of food. “Wood, rice, oil and salt, life is full of flavors. There is no place with a better atmosphere than the kitchen.”

“Haha.” Mi Li put the half-fried fresh mushrooms and vegetables on the plate. Later she’ll let a certain big pig trotter taste the flavor of life!

However, she obviously underestimated Xi Baichen’s appetite. Three dishes and one soup were wiped out by him, and there was nothing left.

Mi Li almost forgot Xi Baichen’s eating habits — never wasting food. Even if he was full, he had to finish everything. Fortunately, Mi Li had a good grasp of his meal portions, and she didn’t let him stuff himself to death.

The relationship between the two people had gone a step further, and the way they got along also underwent a subtle change.

Going to sleep that night, Mi Li insisted on dividing the room.

Xi Baichen directly locked the door, put on a loose sleeping robe, and laid lazily on the side of the bed, “We’ve slept together before, why not now?”

“You used to be no different from Little Bai. Now you are my boyfriend. I need time to get used to it.” Mi Li hugged the yellow chick, kneeling on the foot of the bed with a straight face.

“Oh? I was no different from Little Bai before?” Xi Baichen’s focus was obviously different from hers. “So that’s it, no wonder you always say you want to raise me.”

Mi Li complained, “You are much harder to raise than Little Bai.”

“I think I’m pretty easy to raise.” Xi Baichen stretched out his arms and pulled her into his embrace. “I eat whatever you make; I’m not a picky eater. I don’t cause trouble and am very obedient. Not only can I make money to support my family, but I also know how to serve you attentively.”

He made so much sense that Mi Li was speechless.

“What are you dissatisfied with? Tell me, I’ll definitely change for the better.” Xi Baichen’s eyes were half closed, one hand around her waist, and the other playing with her hair.

Speaking of dissatisfaction, there really wasn’t any.

But Mi Li didn’t want this man to be too arrogant. After a long time, she finally uttered, “You have stubble.”

Xi Baichen: “…Stubble is a sign of a mature man.”

Mi Li gave him a blank look, “You must share a common language with hobos.”

Xi Baichen: “…”

“Also,” Mi Li continued smoothly, “when there is too much stubble, it’s inconvenient for kissing.”

Xi Baichen’s eyes darkened, “Really? Let me try.”

“What…” Before Mi Li could react, her lips were kissed.

Xi Baichen held the back of her head, pried her lips apart, and explored deep inside. Their breath blended together, blazing-hot and lingering.

Under the light, two figures overlapped intimately and were slowly covered by the bedding.

Splitting the room to sleep did not exist.

  1. From a botanical standpoint, any seed bearing product that grows out of the ovary of a flowering plant is a fruit. https://www.eufic.org/en/healthy-living/article/is-a-cucumber-a-fruit-or-a-vegetable-and-why
  2. Index fingers are also referred to as ‘eating fingers’ in Chinese. No idea how this came about, maybe because of this exact behavior? At any rate, this behavior indicates that a person’s appetite has been stimulated.

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