EDS Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – The Ugly Wife Meets Her In-Laws

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Mi Li stood on the bed with her hand raised and shouted impressively, “Old Bai, appear!”

The room was totally silent except for the rustling of curtains swinging in the wind.

Nothing happened even after waiting a while like a fool. Mi Li determinedly yelled, “Little Bai, appear!”

Still receiving no response, Mi Li dropped her hand in disappointment and muttered, “It seems that there is no way to summon people from that world to this world. Is it only a one-way connection? No, I can clearly use Old Bai’s cell phone to buy things from that world. That means there is a two-way connection with that world.”

What went wrong?

Mi Li sat cross-legged on the bed, rubbing her chin in deep thought.

Her eyes glanced at the cell phone placed on the bedside table, and she had a flash of insight.

Is some kind of medium required to connect the two worlds? She could only buy goods from that world when using the cell phone of that world. Similarly, summoning people of that world must also need some kind of medium other than her will. She could not freely summon them by simply willing it.

“Let’s try it!” Mi Li jumped off the bed, pounded into the kitchen, and took out a flame date from the freezer. After washing it and taking a big bite, she held the bitten flame date and shouted into the air, “Hurry into my bowl, Old Bai!”

The surroundings were silent with only Mi Li’s solo performance.

“Alas.” Her boyfriend couldn’t feel her love call at all, what a failure.

Mi Li returned to the room dejectedly as she gnawed on the flame date.

On the other side, Xi Baichen was holding Little Bai and sitting in the cinema. A single person dominated three seats, watching “Crazy Panda” expressionlessly. Laughter sounded everywhere from time to time, and only he was indifferent.

At this time, on the screen displaying the panda vs robot battle appeared a blurry figure. It stood on a bed, fingers pointing towards the sky, and yelled something.

Xi Baichen who thought he was seeing things: “…”

On the screen, the panda stepped on a broken robot and said domineeringly, “Victory will be ours!”

The overlapping silhouette became a bit clearer, and a familiar voice was mixed within the panda’s roar: [ Little Bai, appear! ]

“Meow?” Little Bai raised his head and looked at the screen suspiciously.

Xi Baichen was shocked: “…” He suddenly found this movie interesting.

After a second or two, the figure disappeared. Xi Baichen waited for a while, but other than the panda on the screen, no strange figures appeared.

He slouched into his seat and became bored again.

Not long after, the panda took an energy gun away from a robot and began to sweep it all over the place.

“You weak chickens, come on!” The panda was covered in blood, brave and fearless.

[ Hurry into my bowl, Old Bai! ] The figure reappeared, a bitten off flame date in its hand, holding a magnificent pose.

The film happened to be playing a tragic scene. The other audience members were all sitting in distress with tears in their eyes, and only Xi Baichen grinned.

The faces of the panda and Little Mi overlapped, and even their expressions were abnormally synchronized. Xi Baichen couldn’t stop laughing at the sight.

Several people around him gave him unkind stares: The panda warrior is so tragic, yet you can still laugh, have you no conscience?!

Xi Baichen restrained his emotions, and the depression caused by Little Mi’s departure disappeared. This evil spirit always found a way to make him happy. Although he didn’t know how her image appeared on the screen, she was obviously trying to contact him.

The image only appeared for a few seconds, and Xi Baichen didn’t see her again even until the end. However, his mood was exceptionally good, his creative inspiration bursting, and various bizarre plots unfolded in his brain…

The next day, Mi Li collected the rent for the month, and then prepared to call friends to go out for some fun.

Without waiting for her call, Duan Xiaoyu called her first: [ Little Mi, help me! ]

Mi Li was surprised, “What’s going on?”

[ The new house I bought has been renovated. ]

“Isn’t this a good thing?”

[ It was a good thing. I was planning call my friends over to celebrate, but… ] Duan Xiaoyu’s voice was crying, [ I don’t know how, but my ex-boyfriend found out that I bought a house and told my parents. ]

“Your ex-boyfriend, that cheating scumbag?” Mi Li still remembered that this man hooked up with a certain boss’s mistress behind Duan Xiaoyu’s back.

[ Yes, it’s him. ] Duan Xiaoyu whimpered, [ My parents will bring my younger brother to visit in two days. What do you think I should do? Should I tell them about winning the lottery? ]

“Don’t.” Mi Li was very aware of how strongly Xiaoyu’s parents held onto their patriarchal beliefs. If they knew that Xiaoyu had won tens of millions, they would definitely ask her to hand over the money to her brother so that he could buy a house and marry a wife.

“Listen to me. If your parents ask about it, you can tell them that the money for buying the house was borrowed from me. You should write an IOU, and then find a trusted friend to sign it with my name.” The reason why Mi Li did not say she would sign it herself was mainly to avoid suspicion. As long as it was not signed by her, the IOU could not be enforced, and Xiaoyu wouldn’t have to worry that she would use it to claim debts in the future.

Of course, with the relationship between the two, there was actually no need to be so troublesome, but it was better to pay attention to some things.

[ Doing this, wouldn’t it be too… ] Duan Xiaoyu had been living in such a family since she was a child. Her thinking was conservative, and she let others work her and rail at her without complaint. She felt very guilty for lying to her parents.

“The money is yours and it’s your right how you use it. Not even your parents can interfere.” Mi Li persuaded, “If you are really thinking for their sakes, then don’t care about them. They do everything for your brother. Your brother is already an adult, and he should rely on his own hands to make money to support his family, instead of squeezing his parents and older sister dry.”

[ You can’t say that. Although my brother is a little unruly, he is still very good to his family… ] Duan Xiaoyu weakly defended.

“Haha.” Mi Li laughed angrily, “Yes, every time he asks for money, he is really good to you. I’m warning you, Xiaoyu. If you tell your parents about this, you and I are over.”

Mi Li unleashed harsh words, and Duan Xiaoyu really wilted: [ Okay, I’ll listen to you. ]

“That’s good then. Your new house has been renovated. When do you plan to celebrate?” Mi Li’s voice became lighter.

[ My parents and brother are coming, do you still want to celebrate? ] Duan Xiaoyu asked weakly.

“Of course. Hurry up and write the IOU. We’ll celebrate the move.” Mi Li paused, and then said, “How about we set it for the day your parents are coming? Introduce me as the ‘creditor’ to them. Since you’re carrying millions in debt, I believe they won’t ever ask you for money in the future.”

Duan Xiaoyu thought about the scene and suddenly felt it would be a little amusing: [ Okay, I’ll let you know when the time comes. ]

After ending the call, Duan Xiaoyu’s frustration and nervousness disappeared. Mi Li was like the Sea Steadying Divine Needle[1] of her heart. No matter what difficulties she encountered, the other could easily solve it. Although Duan Xiaoyu wasn’t very smart, she had one good point. She was good at listening to other people’s opinions.

She regarded Mi Li as a close friend and trusted her very much. Such a stupid person, if the one she met wasn’t Mi Li, she would have been sold off in minutes.

Mi Li began to ponder what gift to give Duan Xiaoyu. Considering that her house had just been renovated, she probably hadn’t bought decorations such as paintings or plants.

Duan Xiaoyu was born in the year of the ox. Why not use “ox” as a motif to design a set of cute handicrafts?

While thinking, her brain suddenly became muddled. In the next second, when the scene changed and her consciousness recovered, she had already entered the other world.

“Brother, you must go back this time!” Xi Zinuo pleaded, “Grandpa is ill. He wants to see you very much.”

Xi Baichen was unmoved, and said flatly, “You’ve used this excuse many times. Do you think I’d still believe it?”

“It’s true this time!” Xi Zinuo took out a document from his bag, “Take a look, this is Grandpa’s medical report.”

Xi Baichen just glanced at it casually and had no intention to actually read it.

“Why don’t you go back?” His voice was a little unsympathetic, “When the old man closes his eyes for good one day, I’ll go to his funeral.”

“You…” Xi Zinuo glared at him in disbelief, “You are too much! No matter what, he is your grandfather!”

Xi Baichen twisted the corner of his mouth, turned his head, and looked out the window indifferently.

“I always thought you just held some small grievances about the past. As long as we didn’t give up, you would eventually soften your stance. I didn’t expect you to be so cold. I really misunderstood you!” Xi Zinuo grabbed the medical report, angrily got up, and prepared to leave.

“Wait.” Xi Baichen suddenly said and reached out to him, “Show me the medical report.”

Surprise flashed through Xi Zinuo’s eyes, and he hurriedly handed him the medical report. “You’ve thought it through?”

Xi Baichen took the report and didn’t read it, just rubbing it lightly with his fingers.

[ My dear, it’s me, it’s me~~ ] Mi Li’s voice came from the paper.

Xi Baichen: “…”

[ Let’s go. Let’s go see Grandpa together. ] Mi Li was impassioned, [ Even an ugly wife must meet her in-laws. ]

Xi Baichen: “…” Do you dare to call yourself an “ugly wife” with such an appearance? How shameless.

[ Reading the report, Grandpa’s body is really not very good. ] Mi Li confided, [ If you have deep hatred, you can cool down by seeing him on his sickbed; if it’s just an ordinary conflict, you may regret it later if you don’t see him now. No matter what the reason, you should take a look. ]

Xi Baichen: “…” The way you persuade others is really fresh and refined.

Seeing him in a daze with the medical report, Xi Zinuo couldn’t help saying, “Brother, why aren’t you reading it?”

“No need to read it.” Xi Baichen rolled the medical report into his palm and stood up to say, “I’ll go back with you.”

The surprise came too suddenly, and Xi Zinuo brightened completely.

Xi Baichen changed his clothes, tucked the medical report inside, carried Little Bai into Xi Zinuo’s car, and left for the Xi family villa.

After all these years, he was returning to the family again. His emotions were unspeakably complicated.

[ Old Bai, no need to worry. ] Mi Li cheered him up, [ With me and Little Bai with you, even if it’s a dragon’s pool or tiger’s den, you don’t need to be afraid. ]

Xi Baichen took out the medical report and looked through it page by page.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Xi Zinuo saw this scene through the rearview mirror and was comforted: Brother truly still cares about Grandpa.

Little Bai sat in Xi Baichen’s arms, his paw fiddling with the paper curiously, and wanted to lower his head to lick it.

Xi Baichen stopped him to prevent his saliva from covering it.

He’s clearly concerned inside, but he wants to act cruel and ruthless. Really, Brother has a rude mouth but an honest body, such a tsundere.

Xi Zinuo thought he had seen the truth, and his mood soared. He also drove the car so that it flew, and they arrived at their destination in less than two hours.

定海神针 – There is a legend that Monkey King Sun Wukong once visited the East Sea Dragon Palace and took this for his weapon. In common parlance, it’s used to indicate unwavering support, a steady anchor. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruyi_Jingu_Bang

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