EDS Chapter 44

Chapter 44 – Overlap

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[ How was my performance? ] Mi Li proudly raised her crow’s beak.

Xi Baichen unleashed his venomous tongue. “What the h*ll are you doing, don’t you have any sense? The world is so chaotic, why are you trying to butt in as a crow? What would you do if you got hurt?”

Instead of getting praised, Mi Li was sprayed in the face until all her feathers blew up. [ As a boyfriend, you are not sweet at all! I’m so angry, CAAWWW! ]

The hoarse screams resounded in his ears. Xi Baichen’s brows didn’t even twitch, but after she stopped, he said attentively, “Pay attention to protecting your throat, and be careful not to scream.”

Enervated Mi Li: I can’t handle such a boyfriend.

Xi Baichen did not appease her delicate emotions, and asked, “Shall we go to the amusement park next?”

[ Uh huh. ] Mi Li was instantly refreshed. [ An amusement park is a holy ground for dating, every couple should go at least once. ]

As a veteran single dog, Xi Baichen had no right to express opinions.

Taking a ride to the largest amusement park in the city, Xi Baichen hugged the cat in his left hand and supported the bird on his right shoulder. Standing among the lively crowd, Xi Baichen asked, “What do you want to do?”

[ The roller coaster, ferris wheel, drop tower, carousel and river rapids ride. ] Mi Li had made plans a long time ago, so she answered very quickly.

Xi Baichen didn’t feel anything when he heard “roller coaster” and “ferris wheel”, but what the h*ll were the others?

The drop tower was purely a game of death. Did the rapids even let cats or crows enter? The carousel was even worse! Having him, a man who was nearly 190 cm tall, sit on a half a meter wide wooden horse and go up and down like a joke? Was he shameless?

What’s more, Little Mi was now a crow. He was the only one actually going off to battle!

[ What’s wrong? Old Bai? ] Mi Li tilted her head to look at him.

“I think it’s better to choose some safer attractions? For example, haunted houses, mazes, observation towers, etc.” Xi Baichen said seriously, “It is not convenient when we have Little Bai along.”

[ Emmm, you’re right. ] Mi Li looked at Little Bai in his arms, nodded and said: [ Then I’ll listen to you. ]

In fact, she didn’t have to play. She just wanted to experience the feeling of dating, creating memories together in all sorts of romantic places.

Xi Baichen fondly petted Little Bai, who had blocked an arrow for him.

However, without giving him time to breathe a sigh of relief, he heard Mi Li add: [ We don’t have to go on the rides, but we must take pictures! ]

Xi Baichen: “…” After taking a photo with cured meat last time, you switched to a crow this time? Will there be more unexpected things in the future?

Others’ photo albums were photos of boyfriend and girlfriend showing their affection, while his photo album was his_indifference_with_various_strange_species.jpg.

[ Remember to turn on the beauty filter. ] Mi Li carefully combed her feathers.

Xi Baichen looked at the dark crow silently: You can’t be whitened even with the beauty filter! What’s the point?!

Although he had a disgusted expression, his body was very honest. Xi Baichen took his cat and crow into the haunted house, walked through the maze, and finally took a family portrait at the sightseeing tower. Xi Baichen didn’t like taking pictures very much, but Mi Li and Little Bai took a lot of cute photos. If Xi Baichen’s photography skills were better, they could be sent directly to the “Animal Planet” competition.[1]

According to Mi Li’s plan, after the amusement park was watching a movie.

She estimated that she could stay in this world for another two hours, plenty enough time to watch a movie.

[ How about “Crazy Panda”? ] Mi Li stood on Xi Baichen’s arm and checked the latest movie releases with him.

“I don’t know, I haven’t looked it up.” Xi Baichen was sitting on a bench in the park, swiping his phone casually.

Little Bai’s “Blessed Cat” hadn’t finished screening yet, and its popularity continued to soar. Many people watched two or three times, and its box office left the rest in the dust, becoming a dark horse of the first half of the year. In contrast, the films released at the same time paled in comparison. Their popularity might not be high, but it didn’t mean that they were all trash films.

[ Then let’s watch this one. ] Mi Li really wanted to see if the pandas in this world could do kung fu.[2]

“Okay.” Xi Baichen booked three tickets.

Mi Li curiously asked: [ Why book three tickets? ]

“It’s to leave an empty seat next to you so that you don’t get too crowded.” He picked up Little Bai and walked towards the cinema.

[ Old Bai, I find that you are also quite considerate. ] Mi Li praised him.

Xi Baichen accepted the compliment with a calm expression on his face, his appearance soaring, and his handsomeness was flawless.

Mi Li thought in regret, How great it would be if he could be packed and taken home to allow Zhong Yu to see how good my boyfriend is.

Thinking so, her eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of a black Pagani passing by, and there was a familiar figure sitting in the driver’s seat: Zhong Yu!

Mi Li’s eyes widened, and she couldn’t believe it.

How can Zhong Yu appear in this world? Or have I already returned to my world?

But… She turned her head to look at the man next to her, and then looked at the surrounding environment, making sure that she was still in the other world.

So… Zhong Yu also crossed over?

Seeing that the Pagani was about to pass the traffic light, Mi Li flapped her wings and chased after it.

“Little Mi?” Xi Baichen called out suspiciously.

[ I will be right back. ]

Mi Li flew far away in the blink of an eye, chasing behind the Pagani to make sure she saw correctly. The person was that person, and the car was that car, even the license plate number was the same.

However, dozens of seconds later, when the car turned around an intersection, it seemed to blur and disappear into the traffic flow strangely. At that moment, the surrounding scenery seemed to overlap in some way. Others didn’t respond to this, and it seemed that only Mi Li saw this scene.

What happened? Did the two worlds connect? Although it only lasted a few tens of seconds, Mi Li was convinced that she was not seeing things.

When she thought of Zhong Yu, Zhong Yu appeared, but he didn’t know that he had entered another dimension.

A kind of speculation arose in Mi Li’s heart. Could it be her subconscious or her brain waves were the key to unlocking the two dimensions?

Let’s try it!

[ Zhong Yu, Zhong Yu, calling Zhong Yu! ] Mi Li hovered in the sky, crying “caw caw” with her beak.

Then something magical happened.

The disappeared black Pagani drove over from another road.

Zhong Yu, who was in the driver’s seat, was wearing a Bluetooth headset and seemed to be talking to someone.

Ten seconds later, he disappeared from the other end of the road.

Mi Li was excited.

She started calling again: [ Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu, Duan Xiaoyu! ]

Across the street, Duan Xiaoyu walked out of an electronic entertainment venue carrying a shopping bag. The images of the electronic entertainment venue and a shopping mall overlapped, then returned to normal, and Duan Xiaoyu’s figure disappeared.

Mi Li then called her parents and other friends, but the success rate was only about 50%. The duration was sometimes long and sometimes short, and their images were mostly blurred.

Mi Li guessed it might be related to distance. Both Zhong Yu and Duan Xiaoyu were in Hangzhou, which might be the closest city to Yunlang City in this world. As for her parents who lived in Qingwei, the reason why Mi Li couldn’t sense them was because the distance was too far.

In other words, the two dimensions were actually two planes of the same world.

Although the city names were different, the coordinates were the same, but people living on different planes could not interact.

So what was the opportunity that allowed her to break this boundary?

Could it be that the car accident caused her brain waves to be different from ordinary people?

Mi Li felt that she was close to the truth.

Not far away, Xi Baichen stood on the side of the road, silently watching a crazy crow cawing in the sky as though it was a funeral.

Not long after, its body suddenly paused in the air, then started falling straight down. It immediately awakened and flapped its wings in a panic, flinging off a few feathers, and flew off in a daze.

Xi Baichen: “…”

My girlfriend turned into a crow and flew away…

Didn’t you say that you’ll be right back?


  1. 动物世界 – China’s own version of the Animal Planet show, which apparently includes viewer submissions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animal_Planet

A reference to the Kung Fu Panda movie series. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda

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