EDS Chapter 48

Chapter 48 – Agent

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Forcefully trying to stay awake, Mi Li returned home before falling asleep. In her daze, she thought that she should also make some money. Papa Mi bought up a mountain, and there would be basically no income for one or two years. She also needed to consider the risk of losses…

Mi Li popped her eyes open and suddenly thought of a feasible method.

[ Old Bai! ] Just as Mi Li wanted to summon Xi Baichen, she found herself not in his house, but in a department store. She had turned into a fortune cat ornament with a swinging arm, her whole body golden and exuding the light of wealth.

Forced to wear a gleaming cat face, Mi Li’s heart was bleak.

There were people coming and going everywhere, but they rarely stopped at the counter where Mi Li was located. Jewelry was sold there, and only a few passing customers would take a look.

Mi Li looked around, searching for a certain Bai’s figure.

Dozens of minutes later, Xi Baichen came out from the other side with a shopping bag and was approaching her counter.

[ Old Bai! Old Bai! ] Mi Li called out repeatedly, waving her mobile arm desperately, almost creating an afterimage.

Xi Baichen paused for a moment, then approached and quickly locked onto the convulsing fortune cat on the counter.

“Sir, do you want to buy a gift for your girlfriend?” The lady at the counter showed Xi Baichen a polite and charming smile.

“How much is this?” Xi Baichen pointed at the fortune cat.

Counter lady: “…This is our shop’s decoration, not for sale.”

“1000, are you selling?” Xi Baichen drew out a credit card from his wallet and quoted a price.

Mi Li complained: [ 1000 is too little, the lady will definitely not sell. ]

“This…” The counter lady’s smile gradually stiffened, “I can’t call the shots. Please wait a moment, I’ll ask my manager.”

Mi Li: [ Hahaha, the lady’s eyes looked at you as if she was looking at a lunatic. ]

Xi Baichen was speechless. This little evil spirit has no conscience, who am I doing this for?

Three or four minutes later, the counter lady returned and said with a smile, “Sorry, sir. This fortune cat is the mascot of our shop. Our manager said it is not for sale. If you really like it, you can go to the third floor. The same fortune cat model is sold there for only 288 yuan.”

Xi Baichen glanced at her, then looked down at the merchandise on the counter, and said, “Go and ask your manager again. If I buy this, can I get the fortune cat as a bonus?”

The lady at the counter followed his gaze and found that the product he was referring to was a jade bracelet with a price tag of 35,888 yuan.[1]

She was shaken. “Are you sure?”

“Of course.” Xi Baichen nodded affirmatively.

“Okay, please wait a moment, I’ll be back immediately.” The lady at the counter hurried to the side and made a phone call.

A few minutes later, she walked back with a smile on her face and said, “Sir, our manager agreed. Please go over there to pay, and I will help you pack up the bracelet.” Goods that were over 10,000 came with bonus gifts worth 200 to 300 to begin with, and the profits were very considerable. Since she could get a commision, naturally her attitude became much kinder.

Xi Baichen swiped his card to pay, and then walked out of the mall with the packed bracelet and lucky cat.

Mi Li was extremely upset: [ I can’t believe I’m actually a bonus for buying the bracelet. ]

Xi Baichen comforted, “At least it wasn’t for paying the phone bill.”

[ Does that make a difference? ] Mi Li complained, [ Don’t you think they are sick in the head? They won’t sell a 288 yuan lucky cat for 1000 yuan, but gave it out as a gift! ]

Xi Baichen analyzed it realistically. “An over 30,000 yuan bracelet has a profit margin of at least 50%. Of course they look down on 1,000 yuan.”

[ Why did you spend tens of thousands of yuan on a bracelet? If you offered an extra one or two thousand, I refuse to believe they wouldn’t sell me! ] Mi Li couldn’t calm down.

Xi Baichen: “Buy a bracelet and get a wife. I think this is a good deal.”

[ Is your wife a bonus from buying bracelets?! ]

“That’s not true.” Xi Baichen said lightly, “Sometimes bought, sometimes picked up, and sometimes gifted. There are all kinds of ways.”

Mi Li: [ Ha ha. ]

Back at the villa, Xi Baichen placed the fortune cat on the coffee table. Little Bai immediately jumped up and curiously fiddled with the swinging paw.

“Little Bai, don’t break your mother,” Xi Baichen warned. He took out the bracelet from the gift box, and said to Mi Li, “Do you like it?”

Mi Li: [ Hmm? ]

“I already bought it, so I’ll give it to you.” Xi Baichen placed the jade bracelet back into the box and pushed it in front of her.

[ Can your tone be any more half-hearted? ] It’s clearly something that can show off his charm as my boyfriend, why does this man strike people down whenever he speaks?

“If I give it to you then just take it, don’t overthink it.” He was impatient.

[ …Old Bai, you must have saved the world in your last life. Otherwise, how could you meet me in this life? I’m sacrificing myself so righteously to end your tragic single life. ] You definitely won’t have a girlfriend with such a personality, okay?!

The corners of Xi Baichen’s mouth rose slightly, and his eyes flashed with brilliance. “Yes, I also think that I have saved the world in my previous life.”

Mi Li: [ … ] Hmph, it’s good that you know it. I’m just taking pity on you (=///ω///=)…

Xi Baichen got up and went to the kitchen to pour a cup of hot tea, and then returned to the living room with his laptop in his hand.

[ Another new work? ]

“Still thinking about it.”

[ Old Bai, let’s discuss something. ] Mi Li suddenly acted coy.

Xi Baichen turned on the computer and glanced at her, “Speak.”

[ Can you give me your novels’ distribution rights? ] Mi Li said, [ I promise that it won’t conflict with your current publishers. The income will be will be a 40-60 split with you. ]

Xi Baichen raised an eyebrow. “It’s okay to give you distribution rights, but what do you want to do? My novels are all under contract, and conflicts of interest must be coordinated with the publisher or film company.”

[ You don’t have to worry about this. ] Mi Li explained, [ I won’t have you breach the contract anyway. ]

Xi Baichen had no more questions. “Then you can have them.”

[ Old Bai, you are so nice. ] Mi Li swung her paw happily.

“Don’t swing it. Careful or else you’ll shake your paw off.”

[ No~~ I have a fortune bonus. ] Mi Li urged, [ Quickly, send me your novels. ]

She had sent a music package before, so documents were naturally fine.

According to the address she provided, Xi Baichen archived all the completed novels and sent them out.

As long as one understood the differences and commonalities between the two worlds, it was not difficult to make money. It was just that Mi Li had no ambitions and didn’t like to do anything big. Last time, she bought the lottery ticket just as an experiment, and there was a lot of luck involved.

Planting flame dates was an attempt that complied with her moral compass, and so was becoming the agent for Xi Baichen’s novels. If they were changed to novels by other authors instead, Mi Li definitely wouldn’t make a move. Otherwise, she could become famous in her world by plagiarizing dozens or hundreds of masterpieces, not to mention there were still so many different songs, films, and dramas.

Returning to her own world, Mi Li couldn’t wait to check her inbox, happily opening the new email sent by Xi Baichen. He not only sent the collection of Xi Da’s works, but also the novels of Rainbow Fart.

Mi Li looked at the novels with dog blood titles, and couldn’t wait to register under the pseudonym “Rainbow Fart” on Jinjiang Literature, submitting 40,000 words in one breath.

With a mischievous mentality, she was very much looking forward to readers’ comments after they experienced heaven and hell.

As for Xi Da’s works, Mi Li intended to search for a publisher. According to reason, works that shine in that world should also make waves in this world.

The next day, there was still no news from the publisher, but the Jinjiang website had already sent an invitation to sign a contract.

Mi Li opened the novel page and found that the comment area had already been conquered by angry readers.

[ D*mn, author of Spicy Chicken, are you a spy sent by Voldemort?! ]

[ This person who is physically disabled, has an impaired IQ, with a holier-than-thou personality, and is beaten every day, is he the protagonist??? I fear that what I saw was a fake protagonist! ]

[ Author, what hatred or resentment do you have against the protagonist that you have to torture him like this??? ]

[ Great Author, I advise you to be kind. ]

[ F*ck, such a mentally retarded novel. I actually finished reading it, and actually want to read what’s next! ]

[ I think I am sick. I didn’t do my homework but instead came here to be abused. ]

[ Who the h*ll knows what I went through in the past hour?! ]

[ I’ve vomited out all my blood. I think I might have menopause this month. ]

[ AAAHHH, I’m so angry my liver is aching! Motherf*cking trash author, let me tell you! You won’t ever sign a contract in your life with this kind of story! ]

However, three days later, Rainbow Fart’s page was stamped with a big red stamp and had signed on as an author of Jinjiang at rocket speed.

Reader: [ There is a something I don’t motherf*cking know if I should say or not! Jinjiang is playing with us! ]

Mi Li was overjoyed and finally understood why Xi Baichen liked to write novels. Although the negative scores and bad reviews were maddening, wasn’t it just so satisfying?

Ten days later, the publisher also replied that the first novel of Xi Da passed review and the contract was successfully signed. Mi Li made concessions on the publishing price and insisted on retaining the film and television copyrights.

In the other world, Xi Da’s novels were published and sold for hundreds of thousands, while the film and television copyrights were tens of millions. In this world, he was just a newcomer. The first novel sold 320,000 copies for only 50,000 yuan, which could be said to be very shabby.

However, Mi Li was very confident in his works. It would not be long before the name “Xi Da” would shine in this world.

But in the short term, Mi Li was embarrassed to give him his share. Splitting fifty thousand yuan according to the 40-60 split, just buying a bracelet would use it all up.

A man with this sort of ability to make money to support his family, and capable of such attentive service, other than showering him with double the affection, what else can I do?

The matter of the novels was going well, and Mi Li began to ponder other ways to make money, such as… buying and selling?

She would buy cheap and novel small commodities from the other world, and then sell them in this world to profit from the difference. It was just that the products couldn’t be too eye-catching nor too ordinary. Things like dolls, snacks, handicrafts, etc. were good choices.

Mi Li also had a certain amount of popularity on the Internet. She wouldn’t have to worry about customers after opening a Treasure store.

In order to make money, she poured in her heartfelt efforts.

The mortgage needed to be repaid, and Papa Mi also needed funds for his business. Mi Li must be fully prepared for anything. The process of making money was also very fun.

After a dazzling month, Mi Li’s original idea was realized little by little.

Rainbow Fart had unsurprisingly become a poisonous trend on the Jinjiang website. Xi Da’s novel had been published and became famous in one go. Mi Li’s Treasure store had opened up, and its novel and cute commodities had been well received.

As the objects in the two worlds continued to interact, Mi Li felt that she was more and more sensitive to the two worlds. It was almost as though once her mind focused, she could capture the image of the other world.

In the eyes of others, this world was still this world. However, in her eyes, the two worlds were merging together in a wonderful way.

Mi Li suspected that soon she would be able to come and go freely in both worlds.

  1. Chinese people are superstitious. Prosper or get rich (發) rhymes with eight (八) so many Chinese people like the number 8. They also don’t like the number 4 (四) because it sounds like death (死).

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