EDS Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Accident

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Mi Li took a pink electric car to the Sold Out Daily Wholesale Market, planning to buy some building materials for fixing up Qingwei Homes.

Parking the electric car, Mi Li walked into the wholesale market familiarly.

On the other side of the street, a few youths giving off gangster vibes were smoking together. One of them raised his head and inadvertently caught a glimpse of Mi Li’s back, a gloomy look appearing in his eyes.

“What are you looking at?” Yellow-Hair followed his gaze and found nothing special.

“A nosy b*tch.” Duan Zhengrong took an angry puff of his cigarette.

“Who? How did she offend you?” Yellow-Hair and the others asked with interest.

Duan Zhengrong was about to answer when he suddenly had an idea. Looking at the thugs around him, he said, “Who would like to do me a favor? I’ll treat you later.”

“What kind of favor?”

Duan Zhengrong pointed at the opposite side, “Do you see that pink electric car? Go tamper with it. Give her a taste of suffering.”

“Ha, that’s nothing, leave it to me.” Yellow-Hair volunteered and tossed his cigarette on the ground. “Afterwards, don’t forget to treat me.”


Yellow-Hair immediately turned into an alley. When he reappeared, he wore his coat inside-out and a hat on his head that covered most of his face. He strolled across the street and found the electric car. After squatting down and busying himself for a long while, he disappeared into the crowd like a regular passerby.

Ten minutes later, Yellow-Hair returned and said triumphantly, “It’s done, wait for a good show later.”

Totally unaware, Mi Li walked out of the wholesale market and put her purchases into the trunk. She stepped into the electric car and drove onto the streets.

Duan Zhengrong and the others immediately started their motorcycles and followed her from not far away.

After driving for only tens of seconds, Mi Li wanted to stop at a red light, but found that the brakes had failed. The electric car ran through the red light and continued straight ahead.

What’s going on?

Mi Li’s heartbeat sped up instantly. She struggled to control her direction and forced herself to stay calm.

Her electric car wasn’t going very fast, but there was heavy traffic on the road and pedestrians kept appearing on the sidewalk. Mi Li drove while observing the surroundings and quickly searched for a solution. Not only did she have to guarantee her own safety, she also had to avoid others. In this situation, it was obviously dangerous to call the police. She had no way to control a car with failed brakes with only one hand.

Mi Li usually paid great attention to driving safety. The last time she was involved in a car accident, it was because of others’ actions. This electric car had only been bought for a year, and it was serviced every three months, especially the brakes. It was still fine earlier, why did a problem suddenly appear?

Now was not the time to consider this. She had to find a place with fewer people and cars, and then try to brake with her feet.

The advantage of being familiar with the street layout was seen at this time. Mi Li tried to bypass areas with traffic lights and drove out of the city in her electric car.

Mi Li’s luck was good; she didn’t encounter traffic jams and there were no dangers along the way. There was an abandoned house which had just been demolished ahead, and she planned to make an emergency stop there. If she handled it properly, at most she would crash the car and receive some minor injuries.

Just when Mi Li was about to turn, a motorcycle suddenly rushed out from behind and blocked her way. She was distracted and did not notice a truck coming from the left. When she found out, she couldn’t dodge, and could only watch as the truck rammed her head on.

Just as her life was hanging by a thread, Mi Li had only one thought in her mind: Old Bai!

In the next second, time seemed to stop, and her surroundings distorted.

The harsh squealing of wheels suddenly sounded, breaking the strange stillness, and everything returned to normal.

The truck slid for dozens of seconds before it stopped. The driver poked his head out in a panic and looked around. He thought he would see the tragic scene of a car crash and dead bodies. Who knew that the road was empty and there was nothing.

“Weird, what happened to the electric car? Did I not hit anyone?” The driver walked around his vehicle and checked carefully. Other than the tread marks from his emergency braking, there were no other suspicious marks on the ground.

Not far away, Duan Zhengrong turned to the right and parked his motorcycle, ready to see how Mi Li looked after the collision. Who knew that when he turned his head, he only saw the truck driver walking around. Mi Li and her electric car were gone.

“Where is she?” Duan Zhengrong asked Yellow-Hair and the others who followed him.

The group stared at each other blankly, and one of them hesitated before saying, “I obviously saw her being hit. Am I seeing things?”

“F*ck, she even managed to dodge this. F*cking h*ll.” Duan Zhengrong kicked angrily at his motorcycle.

“Brother Duan, are we going to keep chasing?”

“Keep chasing what? She’s already gone!” Duan Zhengrong spat in the direction where Mi Li disappeared, and said cruelly, “Forget it, she’s driving an electric car with failed brakes. No matter what, she’ll suffer a bit. I’ll get her next time.”

After he finished speaking, he called out, turned and left abruptly with his gang of scoundrels.

The expected impact did not occur. After hearing a few swishes, Mi Li immediately felt her face being scratched by branches and leaves until it throbbed in pain.

She opened her eyes and found that she was embedded in a green wall. The wheels of the electric car slowly turned, and a few leaves and petals floated up.

Mi Li poked her head out of the green wall and looked up, coincidentally seeing Xi Baichen coming out of the villa. The two looked at each other through the fence.

Xi Baichen stretched his long legs and quickly walked up to her. Reaching out and gently wiping the blood stains on her face, he asked in a deep voice, “What happened?”

“It’s a long story.” Mi Li let Xi Baichen pull her out of the green wall, her whole body collapsing on top of him.

Xi Baichen then dragged her electric car out and led her back to the villa.

Mi Li had many bruises on her face and arms, and her hair was messy, looking like a poor little lamb.

“Speak, what’s the matter?” Xi Baichen fetched the first aid kit, asking her as he treated her wounds.

“It’s… My electric car’s brakes suddenly failed.” Mi Li replied as calmly as possible.

“The brakes failed?” Xi Baichen’s heart tightened, and he stared at her sharply, “Speak from the beginning.”

Mi Li then briefly recounted what happened earlier. When she was staring death in the face, she called for Xi Baichen and then crossed over.

“That’s approximately what happened. I escaped here to avoid the truck.” Mi Li didn’t want him to worry, so she didn’t tell him that it was completely due to luck that she was able to escape this time.

“Aren’t you an evil spirit? Why are you driving around an electric car?” Xi Baichen looked at the injuries on her face and couldn’t help but feel pained at heart.

Mi Li: “…Humans who don’t know how to drive electric cars won’t make good evil spirits.”

“You’re still talking back!” Xi Baichen glared at her.

Mi Li stared at him with tears in her eyes, “I’m injured yet you’re still scolding me.”

Xi Baichen’s expression was cold and hard, but his movements were particularly gentle. “Where else are you injured?”

Mi Li lifted off her top, revealing a white and flat belly with a conspicuous bruise on it.

Xi Baichen pursed his lips, his expression ugly.

Mi Li obediently laid flat, her expression telling him to knead as he liked.

Xi Baichen glanced at her, then applied some ointment without saying a word.

“Old Bai.”


“You are so virtuous.” Mi Li’s eyes curved into a smile.

Xi Baichen said lightly, “Since you know I am virtuous, you should learn from me more often.”

Mi Li: “Old Bai, you’re too full of yourself.” I wonder who was the one who ate instant noodles and ordered takeout instead of cooking everyday.

“Aren’t you already used to it?” Xi Baichen’s fingers wandered across her abdomen, and his eyes swept across her body. She was stretched out on the sofa, her collar half-opened, and her tight waistband outlined a slender waistline. Her two long legs bent slightly, while her naked feet were close together with her round toes curled. She was totally relaxed without any defense.

Xi Baichen’s eyes dimmed, and he leaned over to kiss her eyebrows before landing on her lips. Twisting around, he moved his big hands up along her waistline and climbed to the peak. The strong smell of medicine lingered in his nose, and Xi Baichen pulled back slightly. The hair on his forehead hung down casually, and his eyes fluttered with fire.

“Don’t get hurt anymore.” A low voice rang in her ears, “It pains my heart.”

“Okay.” Mi Li’s cheeks were flushed, eyes shining, and looked at him with complete trust.

Xi Baichen’s breathing quickened, and it took a long time to force himself to look away. He lifted her up by the waist and carried her to lie down on the bed in the bedroom.

“You have a good rest, I will cook.”

Mi Li nodded obediently.

Xi Baichen kissed her pretty face, then got up and left.

He did not go to the kitchen immediately, but turned and walked out of the villa to check the electric car parked in the yard.

There was not much damage to its body, just some scratches on the outer shell. Immediately, he noticed the position of the brake and his pupils instantly shrank. There were obvious signs that it had been tampered with.

Xi Baichen’s face was gloomy, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

He took out his cell phone and was about to call someone over to deal with it. His eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of the electric car’s manufacturer logo: Sanyang.

Sanyang? Which car manufacturer is this?

Xi Baichen searched on his phone but couldn’t find any information.

Is it a generic product?

Xi Baichen pondered for a moment, then put away his phone and returned to the villa, ready to cook.

Mi Li laid on the bed and fell asleep not long after.

In her sleep, the familiar floating feeling reappeared. When her consciousness awakened, her whole face was sprayed with cold water.

[ Ah! ] A low cry sounded in the kitchen.

Xi Baichen paused and looked down at the kitchen knife in his hand. “Little Mi?”

[ I’m here. ] The voice came from the cucumber on the chopping board.

Xi Baichen turned his head and picked up the cucumber, “Weren’t you resting in the room?”

He walked to the bedroom suspiciously, opened the door, and saw Little Mi still lying quietly on the bed.

Mi Li was also surprised that her body and consciousness had appeared separately in the same world.

Not only that, but her consciousness could also be transferred across short distances. Just now, she transferred from the kitchen knife to the cucumber. As long as the destination was clear, the transfer was successful.

Xi Baichen returned to the kitchen and said to the cucumber in his hand, “You can now possess at will?”

[ Seems like it. ] This time the sound came from a plate.

Xi Baichen: “…” Silently setting down the cucumber, he picked up the kitchen knife and cut it in two.

Mi Li seemed to have discovered a new world and had a great time.

While Xi Baichen was cooking, she became a spatula, a radish, soy sauce, and an ear of corn. It was terribly confusing.

Xi Baichen kept worrying that she would be fried and cooked, turned into food and eaten, and then become sh*t to be excreted. In the end, although Mi Li escaped such a fate, she was still taught a lesson. She had to sleep for 6 hours before waking up, and there was still another side effect.

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