EDS Chapter 50

Chapter 50 – First Time

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Mi Li achieved “unity of body and soul” 6 hours later. When she woke up, she felt incredibly listless. As if she had spent an entire afternoon on math problems, her brain was full of garbled codes.

With a click, Xi Baichen took an ugly photo of Mi Li on his cell phone, and handed it over to her for appreciation. “This is the most authentic photo I have ever taken.”

Mi Li: “…” Motherf*cker, let’s break up! This headshot displaying an unkempt and silly appearance, how can you consider it authentic!

Mi Li decided to cultivate the art of waking up from now on. She raised her foot and kicked the man’s stomach, then jumped out of bed angrily, and ran into the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, she walked out radiantly, and sat on the bed, hugging the yellow chick plush pillow. Holding a comfortable and seductive pose, she beckoned to Xi Baichen, “Take another picture for me.”

Xi Baichen raised his phone, snapped several pictures of her, then showed them to her for comments.

Mi Li murmured as she scanned, “The aesthetics of straight men are really hopeless. Even a body filled with a fairy’s aura has turned into a ghost film!”

Xi Baichen leaned against her, wrapped a hand around her waist, and said truthfully, “I think it’s pretty good.”

Compared to cured meat or crows, at least it’s human.

“How is it good?” Mi Li pointed at a blurry photo. “Does this horrifying smiling person look like me? Are you dissatisfied with my beauty?”

How did he take such demonic photos???

Xi Baichen: “…”

Comparing it over and over, Mi Li discovered that the photo he first took turned out to be the most authentic one!

After recognizing the flaws of her own man, Mi Li decided to send him some selfies she had taken when she returned, so that he could wash out his eyes and correct his distorted aesthetics.

“I’m hungry, do you have anything to eat?” Mi Li returned the phone to him.

“Yes.” Xi Baichen picked up both her and the yellow chick, walked to the dining room, and sat her down on a chair.

Mi Li didn’t eat lunch, and Xi Baichen had no appetite on his own. By this time, they were both very hungry. The two of them wiped out four dishes, one soup and one dessert.

It was after 8pm when they finished eating. Mi Li had stayed for nearly 9 hours, but there were still no signs of crossing back. She tried several times, but she couldn’t feel the other world at all. She wondered if her consciousness had shifted too many times today, resulting in insufficient energy? In the past, when she crossed over with her body for the first time, she was unable to cross over for a few days afterwards, so she was not in a hurry.[1] She planned to replenish her energy and try again later.

Mi Li leaned on the bed and played on her cell phone with her legs wrapped around the yellow chick. From time to time, she flicked the yellow chick’s sharp beak with her feet. (Yellow Chick: Motherf*cker, move your stinky feet away, do you think I don’t want any face?)

Xi Baichen walked out of the bathroom with a bath towel around his waist, revealing strong muscular contours. As he walked around, there was an indescribable rhythm.

A shadow hung over her, and Mi Li only felt that an empty space appeared between her legs. The yellow chick had been taken away and replaced by a warm body.

Seeing that her legs had been tightly placed around a certain someone’s waist, their posture intertwined and became intimate. Somehow Mi Li had suddenly gotten into position.

The two had been together for so long. Although they had kissed and groped each other, they hadn’t actually done the deed.

Xi Baichen leaned over, stretched out his hand, and took out something from the drawer. He said, “Shall we try this out today?”

Mi Li took a look and found that he was holding a box of condoms, the strawberry-flavored box she had once possessed.

Mi Li leaned back, her heartbeat suddenly accelerating, and she forced herself to calmly say, “It’s been so long, are you sure it hasn’t expired?”

“The shelf life is 5 years.” Xi Baichen used his slender hands, which had written countless dog blood novels, to slowly open it up.

“A box, a box has how many?” Mi Li asked in a trembling voice.

“A small box doesn’t have many, just 3.” Xi Baichen took one out gracefully.

“3… Is that enough?” Doesn’t the legend of sexually experienced men with vigorous assets refer to someone who can do it seven times a night?

Xi Baichen’s eyes were dim. “It’s enough if each one lasts a little longer.”

Mi Li appeared very calm, as though an old veteran, but on the inside her sky was falling down and a storm was brewing.

AAAHHH! What should I do? Should I drive off? Do you want to do it for real? What is this feeling of excitement and shyness, expectation and tension?!

No, I can’t let this man see through my silly and sweet nature! If I’m going to do it, then I must do it boldly!

Mi Li suddenly turned over, pinned Xi Baichen under her body, and forced herself on him to kiss his lips.

Xi Baichen was caught off guard and lost all the condoms in his hands.

Mi Li’s movements were inexperienced, like a little lamb exploring the unknown. The tip of her tongue glided over his lips and teeth, causing a throbbing tremor.

Xi Baichen held her scented tongue and savored her sweetness. The flame ignited little by little and gradually swept through their bodies. The two figures overlapped and interweaved, and finally merged into one.

Early the next morning, Mi Li woke up in the sun with an arm across her waist, firmly encircling her in an embrace.

She turned her head, looked at Xi Baichen’s handsome face close at hand, and couldn’t help but secretly kiss him.

Xi Baichen still had his eyes closed, but the corners of his mouth curved into an almost indiscernible arc.

Mi Li noticed it with her perceptive eyes, and raised her hand to grab his face. “You actually dare to pretend to be asleep!”

Xi Baichen opened his eyes, which contained a smile therein. His light-colored pupils reflected a dazzling look in the morning sun. The silence of the past had faded away, leaving only a fascinating warmth.

Mi Li let go and said sincerely, “Old Bai, you are too handsome.”

“It’s good that you like it.” Xi Baichen lowered his head into her neck and smelled her body’s fragrance.

Mi Li felt a little embarrassed and couldn’t help but want to retreat, but was held even tighter by him.

“Old Bai…” Her voice was thin and shy, and the feeling of being filled up again made Mi Li speechless.

Half an hour later, Xi Baichen carried the exhausted Mi Li into the bathroom and took a bath together.

“What do you want to eat this morning?” Xi Baichen wrapped his arms around Mi Li’s waist, his voice indescribably gentle.

“Millet porridge, sandwiches, vegetable salad.” Mi Li ordered a meal without any restraint.

“Okay.” Xi Baichen got up and went to the kitchen after kissing her on the cheek.

A few months ago, he was still a hikikomori who hid from the sun and only knew how to order takeout or eat instant noodles. Now Mi Li had turned him into a new man who could handle himself in front of guests and in the kitchen.

Mi Li happily made the bed, and her body shone with the color of love. While picking up the clothes scattered on the ground, an object suddenly fell out. She picked it up and saw that it was an unopened condom.

Mi Li: “…” Of the box of condoms, not a single one was used?

Carefully recalling everything that happened last night, she totally didn’t remember how many times they did it… After realizing it, shame poured into her heart. She covered her steaming face and looked like a cooked shrimp.

“Little Mi, aren’t you going to eat?” Xi Baichen’s voice came from the kitchen.

Mi Li recovered and tried to calm her violently beating heartbeat. She quickly cleaned up the room and ran out with thumping feet.

The millet porridge, sandwiches and vegetable salad ordered by Mi Li were placed on the table with a handsome man standing to the side. Her appetite was stimulated, and she ran over to give him a sweet kiss, then pulled him over to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

“After eating, do you want to go out and walk around?” Xi Baichen suggested.

“Okay,” Mi Li agreed happily. “Let’s take Little Bai along.”

Little Bai had not been very clingy lately. He slept after he ate, and ate after he slept. His body had gotten a whole size larger. Mi Li posted his photos, and the cat fans said with pity that he had gotten thinner, completely ignoring the published weight data.

“What about your electric car?” Xi Baichen asked suddenly.

“Well, you can help me find someone to fix it,” Mi Li replied indifferently.

Xi Baichen stared at her for a while and ascertained that she didn’t know what happened, so he asked again, “Did you know that someone tampered with your brakes?”

“What? Someone tampered with them?” Mi Li looked at him in surprise.

“Have you offended anyone recently?” A smoldering light flashed in Xi Baichen’s eyes.

Mi Li pointed to herself. “How can such a cheerful and lovable girl like myself offend people?”

Xi Baichen lightly tapped the top of her head. “Don’t joke around, think carefully. If you can’t figure it out, you aren’t allowed to drive in the future.”

He put on a strong tone and a serious face.

“Huh?” Mi Li thought hard, wrinkling her face as though sucking on a lemon.

Suddenly, a picture flashed in her mind. When she was about to turn, she was blocked by a motorcycle. Although the rider was wearing a helmet, he was vaguely familiar.

It’s him! Duan Xiaoyu’s younger brother Duan Zhengrong!

Mi Li suddenly understood, and the whole thing became clear all at once. As Duan Xiaoyu’s creditor, she sabotaged the Duan family’s attempt to take over the property, so he resented her and secretly tampered with her car.

If it wasn’t for her luck this time, she was afraid that she would have long been hit and killed by a car. It wasn’t certain if he wanted to murder her, but he must have at least wanted to make her suffer an accident.

Xi Baichen saw a change in Little Mi’s demeanor, and asked, “What did you think of?”

“I sort of know who it is.”


“An insignificant petty person. I’ll take care of it.” Although Mi Li wanted him to help, the two worlds were divided. Even if her man had money, power, and support, he couldn’t help.

Xi Baichen said in a deep voice, “Tell me who it is.” With Little Mi’s carefree character, he was afraid that she would forget it in a blink of an eye. He was really worried.

“I only know that his name is Duan Zhengrong, in his early twenties, unemployed, and I’m not sure about the rest.” Mi Li casually revealed a little information, lest he continue to ask questions.

“En.” Xi Baichen nodded and memorized it.

After eating breakfast, he took Mi Li and Little Bai out to hang around. After eating lunch outside, the two returned home happily.

When they came back, Mi Li immediately ran into the room and took a nap. Xi Baichen stood on the balcony and called someone to investigate an unemployed vagrant named Duan Zhengrong.

What Mi Li didn’t expect was that the information she casually revealed actually let Xi Baichen find something. However, the person named  “Duan Zhenrong” he found, other than the discrepancy in his name, the other information was very consistent. An unemployed vagrant in his early twenties, he had been detained many times for stealing and vandalizing public property.

When Mi Li woke up, Xi Baichen handed a report to her. “Is he the ‘Duan Zhenrong’ you mentioned?”

Mi Li looked at the document and the attached photos, and she took a long time before affirming, “Yes, it’s him.”

This guy with the same pronunciation as Duan Zhengrong’s name was also an ignorant and incompetent social hazard. Mi Li identified him without any psychological burden.

  1. Retconning from the author or just a mistake.  Mi Li crossed over as herself in chapter 23 and crossed back as Little Bai in chapter 24 after less than a day.  She was stuck in Little Bai’s body for a day or two, but that’s after she crossed back.

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