EDS Chapter 52

Chapter 52 – New Life

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Since falling in love, Mi Li never resisted going to sleep anymore. As long as sleepiness struck, her consciousness would drift away. She gradually figured out a principle: she became lethargic because it took so much energy to traverse dimensions.

Sleeping could replenish energy, and if she forcefully resisted, it would adversely affect her spirit.

With the passage of time, her traversal skills became more and more proficient. For example, currently she could traverse just by closing her eyes. To a certain extent, she could even choose between crossing over with just her soul or her body. If her energy consumption was too great, or her spirit was too low, only then would it be a random selection.

Immersed in love, Mi Li’s first choice was naturally to cross over in her own body, especially after overcoming some indescribable obstacles with Old Bai.

As a result, Xi Baichen became happier and happier. In the past, he could only see his lover once every three days. Even when he did, he could only treat her as a pendant to be worn or put into a pocket. Now it was great. He could kiss, hug, and carry her around. As long as he called, she would appear in a flash.

Xi Baichen had only recently discovered this magical summoning skill.

That day, Mi Li disappeared from the bathroom in the midst of bathing, leaving him sleepless all night. As an open-minded, generous and thoughtful lover, he managed to endure it. Who told him to fall in love with an evil spirit? Even if the situation was even worse, he had to bear it.

However, while Xi Baichen was cold and disciplined on the surface, he was loving and passionate at heart. As soon as he reached the breaking point, he would let himself go. He simply couldn’t bear the solitude.

So on that night without Little Mi, he began to write abusive stories again, and used Ever Elusive Xi Da to forward Rainbow Fart’s latest release information to Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi.

In the other world, Mi Li’s cell phone luckily received the belated tag notification. Although she couldn’t see the updated content of Rainbow Fart’s novel, she could still pay some attention.

[ Rainbow Fart has updated the fifth chapter of “The Solitary Boat is Cold” on YY, come and catch up~~ @ Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi. ]

[ 👌 💋 💗~~ @ Rainbow Fart, @ Ever Elusive Xi Da. ]

Unfortunately, Xi Baichen did not receive the love reply on his end. Rather, the fans of Xi Da and Rainbow Fart were abused in various ways. In their grief and anger, they established a revolutionary friendship, showing concern for each other’s IQ and pitying their own morality.

Xi Baichen’s tagging reminded Mi Li of the novel she published on Jinjiang under the name of Rainbow Fart. She set up automatic updates and hadn’t paid attention to it for a long time. She clicked to check and found that the updated novel with less than 70,000 words had already reached 50,000 comments. The points were only a measly 400,000 because there were so many negative scores, but the returns were surprisingly good. It was all thanks to the sarcastic attacks carrying the readers’ grievances, extremely long and in-depth.

Ignoring the false claims of “the trashy author has ruined my youth,” Mi Li noticed several comments.

[ Master, a certain portal also has an author called Rainbow Fart that wrote the story “Spicy Wife, Fierce Husband”. Do you two have a secret relationship? ]

[ This one was published later than that one. Is it plagiarism? ]

[ Don’t laugh. They have the same name, but the stories are completely different. You will know if you check it out. ]

[ As a reader who has read both stories, I can very responsibly say that there is no plagiarism at all! That Rainbow Fart is much kinder, okay!?! What they write is serious romance! ]

[ They are both Rainbow Farts, why is the gap so big? Trashy Rainbow Fart, you should learn from the decent Rainbow Fart. Isn’t it good to have real romance?! ]

[ I seriously suspect that the two Rainbow Farts are the same person, it’s just that they became more refined. ]

In a certain sense, this reader spoke the truth.

Mi Li found the other Rainbow Fart’s “Spicy Wife, Fierce Husband” and looked through a few chapters. The contents of the two novels were indeed very different, and the writing styles were also completely different.

While she was relieved, she was also guessing whether this Rainbow Fart was the Xi Baichen of this world.

So, she tried to hook up with this serious Rainbow Fart using the name of the trashy Rainbow Fart. She didn’t expect the other party to actually add her as a friend.

The two talked about miscellaneous things for an hour or two, and Mi Li learned that this Rainbow Fart was a girl in her early twenties. She had a cheerful personality and was totally different from Xi Baichen.

Therefore, even if they influenced each other, there was still a big difference between the people in the two dimensions. Mi Li guessed that it was just some kind of brain wave collision. For example, a certain person suddenly wanted to eat an apple, so a certain person in the other world received this information at the same time and suddenly wanted to eat an apple too. However, they didn’t have to eat an apple at the same time, and the type of apple they ate might not be the same either.

According to this line of thinking, Duan Zhengrong’s situation could also be understood. Duan Zhenrong in that world and Duan Zhengrong in this world both had criminal mindsets. Xi Baichen exposed Duan Zhenrong’s crime, and his bad luck also affected Duan Zhengrong in the other world.

While Mi Li was meditating on this, Xi Baichen also finished writing tens of thousands of abusive words. Having released the tension of mind and body, he habitually called out, “Little Mi.”

The body of the pensive Mi Li suddenly disappeared from her room. In the next second, she quietly appeared next to Xi Baichen, still crossing her legs and stroking her chin.

Xi Baichen:“……”

Mi Li:“……”

Little Bai[1]: “Meow~~”

“…You’re back?” Xi Baichen naturally wrapped Little Mi into his arms.

“Did you call me just now?” Mi Li asked uncertainly.

“Yes.” Xi Baichen vaguely felt as if he had unlocked a certain summoning skill. So as long as I call out affectionately, Little Mi will immediately show up?

Mi Li was also thinking about Old Bai just now, and then she crossed over with his summoning skill.

“Miss me?”

“I’m writing a novel. I don’t have the time to miss you.”

Mi Li laughed and took a look at his novel. While writing an abusive romance, he also tagged her on the internet. He still insists that he doesn’t miss me?

“Since you don’t miss me, then I won’t bother you while you write your novel.” Mi Li carried Little Bai and prepared to get up from his embrace.

“No, let me hug you.” Xi Baichen encircled her waist and prevented her from leaving.

Mi Li nestled into his arms and asked as she petted the cat, “How did you deal with Duan Zhenrong?”

“I had people follow him for a few days, and collected evidence of him setting up a gambling venue, being a loan shark, and pimping prostitutes. Although he was only a middleman, it’s enough to be sentenced for several years.”

The guess in Mi Li’s mind was confirmed, and she understood why Duan Zhengrong was arrested in her world. Although the charges were different, there was a certain intersection between the two people’s circumstances.

Upon further thought, if she did something in this world, then something similar would happen in the other world, and it might even change someone’s destiny.

Thinking of this, Mi Li suddenly felt like she had become a big boss that had mastered some kind of forbidden technique.

But it was a pity that this kind of golden finger which could change the world in minutes was placed on a naturally harmless person like her. It was basically useless.

…So long as others don’t mess with me.

“Old Bai is awesome.” Mi Li kissed him on the cheek.

“Here.” Xi Baichen pointed at his lips.

“Meow~~” Mi Li raised Little Bai and gave him a cat’s kiss.

Xi Baichen wiped his mouth in disgust, then lowered his head and asked for his reward — a french kiss.

Little Bai, who was caught in the middle and fed a mouthful of dog food: “*Barf*…”

Xi Baichen let go of Mi Li and looked at the mess on his clothes with black lines all over his face.

“Why did Little Bai throw up?” Mi Li quickly got up, took out a tissue, and wiped Little Bai’s mouth.

Little Bai retched a few more times, her face filled with discomfort.

“Did you eat something bad?” Mi Li looked up at Xi Baichen, “What have you fed her in the past few days?”

Xi Baichen took off his shirt. “It’s the cat food you bought.”

Mi Li wrote feeding instructions for Little Bai, and Xi Baichen usually followed the instructions.

“Then what’s wrong with her?” Mi Li worriedly said, “Why don’t we take her to the vet?”

“Okay, I’m going to change.”

Half an hour later, Xi Baichen took Mi Li and Little Bai to the veterinary hospital.

In order to avoid causing trouble, Mi Li wrapped Little Bai tightly with a blanket and put a hood on her head. As a celebrity cat with a net worth of tens of millions, this disguise was necessary.

Xi Baichen had made an appointment in advance, so they quickly saw a doctor.

Seeing that the kitten was wrapped so tightly, the doctor’s expression was somewhat disapproving. It lasted until Mi Li lifted the blanket and took off the hood, shocking the doctor.

“This is… Little Ears!” It hadn’t been long since the popular “Blessed Cat” finished screening, and folded-ear cats remained popular. As a veterinarian, he was also a big fan of Little Ears.

Heavens, I actually get to see the legendary Little Ears with my own eyes, and she really is as cute as I imagined!

The young veterinarian stroked Little Bai’s back tenderly, as if he was touching his lover.

“Doctor, doctor.” Mi Li reminded, “Please help me check, is Little Bai sick?”

“Oh, sorry.” The veterinarian recovered, calmed his little beating heart, and asked, “What’s wrong with Little Ears?”

“She threw up just now. I don’t know if she ate something bad.”

The vet glanced at them reproachfully, then asked a few more questions and examined Little Bai carefully. He finally said in a somewhat strange voice, “I think Little Ears should be pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” Mi Li looked at him incredulously.

Xi Baichen also looked surprised.

“Yes.” The veterinarian tried to suppress his excitement, “I’ll take an x-ray to confirm it.”

Mi Li turned her head to look at Xi Baichen, and said blankly, “How did Little Bai get pregnant?”

Which philandering tramp defiled my Little Bai?!

“I don’t know.” Xi Baichen frowned and thought, “Little Bai has been at home the whole time and hasn’t played with other cats.”

“Then how could she become pregnant?” Folded-ear cats lived with a genetic defect, and Mi Li had never thought of breeding kittens.

“Pregnancy is a good thing,” the veterinarian interrupted. “Folded-ear cats are a new breed. If they can be bred, they will be very popular.”

“No, they can’t be bred.” Mi Li was cruel. “If she is really pregnant, I hope to give her an abortion.”

“What?” The vet looked at her with an expression of “why are you so cruel.” These are the children of Little Ears! Abortion? Fans all over the world disagree!

“Meow~~” Little Bai looked at Mi Li imploringly.

“You can’t give birth to kittens,” Mi Li said cruelly. She now regretted not bringing Little Bai over to be spayed sooner.

“Meow~~” Little Bai’s eyes shone, almost causing people to be overcome by her cuteness.

“You two, please consider carefully and don’t make decisions lightly!” Such an adorable cat, you want to cruelly deprive her of her right to be a mother?!

“Little Mi, Little Bai is healthy. Why not let her give birth?” Xi Baichen persuaded as well.

“No!” Mi Li was determined. Folded-ear cats had a high occurrence of genetic diseases, their lifespan was not long, and they might have to endure the pain of bone mutations. Little Bai was fortunate. She hadn’t developed an illness yet, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t in a few years. She didn’t want this gene mutation to appear in this world.

“Meow…” [ I want to give birth to children. ]

“Little Bai is not suitable for having kittens.”

Little Bai: [ I know what you are worried about, but even if life is short, I hope my children have the opportunity to see the world. ]

Mi Li did not expect that Little Bai, whom she had always treated as a child, would say such mature words.

She couldn’t bear to refuse such determination.

  1. This chapter made it clear that Little Bai is female. In chapter 39, Mi Li said that she would aim to be a movie king (as opposed to being a movie queen) while possessing Little Bai, so I mistakenly assumed that Little Bai is male.

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