EDS Chapter 53

Chapter 53 – The Blacklisted Old Bai

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Little Bai was determined to be less than 10 days pregnant.

The veterinarian took a few photos with Little Bai, and promised that they would not be leaked. Little Bai was a celebrity cat, and others couldn’t randomly use her image to advertise.

After returning home, Mi Li seriously interrogated Xi Baichen, “How did Little Bai get pregnant?”

Xi Baichen thought for a moment, and replied, “According to the timeline, it should have happened the last time I went to Qiming Village.”

“Qiming Village?”

“Yes, the village chief had something to ask me, so I took Little Bai along, and then…” Xi Baichen looked at Little Bai, then looked at Mi Li, and hesitated, “Little Bai and the village chief’s Tiger King seem to have a good relationship. “

“Tiger King?”

“It’s the tabby cat that fought with the snake.”

“It’s him?” Mi Li still remembered that he was going to give her the snake. Acting like a mob boss, she didn’t expect him to secretly hook up with her Little Bai, and even get her pregnant!

Mi Li gritted her teeth and poked Little Bai’s head lightly. “No matter what, you are a famous cat worth tens of millions. How can you be attracted to an uncultured country cat?!”

Xi Baichen: “…” This is discrimination.

“Why didn’t you keep an eye on Little Bai?” Mi Li aimed at Xi Baichen this time.

“Love is like a tornado. As parents, we should show understanding and support,” Xi Baichen said seriously.

Mi Li: “…If your future child gets pregnant before marriage, will you be so reasonable as well?”

“No way.” Xi Baichen said decisively, “My baby must find a good man who is worthy of her. Pregnancy before marriage is absolutely not allowed!”

“Haha.” Such double standards!

“Little Mi, let’s watch over our children well in the future.” Xi Baichen suddenly experienced a sense of crisis, and felt that children were very troublesome, causing him to worry about all kinds of things.

Mi Li gave him a blank stare. She didn’t want to talk to him, and carried Little Bai to hide in the bedroom. When Xi Baichen went to find her, she was gone, leaving only feeding instructions for nurturing pregnancy.

Now that the pregnancy had become an established fact, Mi Li was not conflicted anymore. When the kittens were born, she would bring them all back to her world, so as not to breed more folded-ear cats.

The pregnancy duration of cats was generally two months. As long as you prepared a concealed nest for them, they could give birth on their own.

Mi Li took out her phone and found the photo of the cat boss named “Tiger King”. She uploaded it to the internet and used the account of Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi to post: [ My daughter is pregnant, and this is the culprit. Everyone please criticize this scummy cat! @ Ever Elusive Xi Da, @ Rainbow Fart, @ “Blessed Cat” crew… ]

This weibo traversed dimensions and caused a bloody storm in the other world.

[ What? Little Ears is pregnant!!! ]

[ Whose scumbag cat is this?! I offer a ham sausage as reward for this cat’s head! ]

[ AAAAAHHHHH! Why is the father not our handsome boy?! *crying up a storm* ]

[ Appearance-wise, this is a tabby cat. Will he and Little Ears give birth to folded-ear cats? ]

[ I offer 100,000 to reserve a kitten! ]

[ 100,000 is too little. This is the offspring of Little Ears, the starting price should be at least 300,000. ]

[ I have 300,000, please leave one for me! ]

[ I’ll pay 500,000! ]

[ I’ll start with 1.5 million. I’m not short of money. ]

[ Previous commenter, I admire you boss. ]

[ I am from XX Entertainment Company, and I beg to buy a family portrait of Little Ears. ]

[ XX Cat Food Products, Ltd. sincerely invites Little Ears to join us. ]

[ We are the XX Pet Breeding Facility and hope to establish a long-term and friendly cooperative relationship with you. ]


There were tens of thousands of messages in minutes, and some people from abroad even reposted this weibo. The tabby cat Tiger King immediately became the object of envy and hatred for the cat fans. He gloriously made headlines, and his head was worth at least 5 cans of cat food.

Xi Baichen also posted: [ I have to work hard to earn money for powdered milk. @ Obsessed Monster Breeder Little Mi ]

[ Hmm? I have long been curious, what is the relationship between Xi Da and Little Mi? ]

[ Do you still need to ask? Little Mi said Little Ears is her daughter, and Xi Da just said he needs to earn money for powdered milk. They are obviously a couple! ]

[ F*ck, the interaction between the two is so obvious, but I only discovered today that the two have an affair! ]

[ Ah, my male god is actually already taken. *crying in the toilet* ]

[ Xi Da has been married off, Little Ears is pregnant. The adulterer is not me, nor is it my cat. Reality is really cruel! ]

[ Previous commenter, too much information… ]

Due to the delayed signal, Mi Li did not see these messages.

On this day, she received a call from Mama Mi, who planned to arrange a blind date for her.

“Blind date?” Mi Li was confused. “Why do you want me to go on a blind date all of a sudden?”

Mother Mi sighed: [ It’s because of your uncle. He keeps trying to pair you up with Mi Xiangyang. Just in case, I think it’s safer if you get married earlier. ]

“Mom, don’t worry. I already have a boyfriend.”

[ What? You already have a boyfriend? When did this happen? What’s his family situation? What does he do?  ] Mama Mi was pleasantly surprised.

Mi Li thought for a while and said, “His family background is relatively simple (not), and he is a writer with a little popularity.”

[ A writer… ] Mother Mi hesitated, [ A writer’s income is unstable, do you think he’s a good match? ]

“Of course. I have a house and a car. I can totally provide him with a writing environment.”

Mother Mi: I feel like something is off…

[ As long as you like him. If you are sure, get married early. ]


[ By the way, what’s his name? What books has he written? ]

Mi Li replied smoothly, “His name is Xi Baichen, and he has written ‘Blessed Cat’, ‘Art of Food’, ‘Spicy Wife, Fierce Husband’…”

She didn’t pay attention and mashed together the novels of Xi Da and Rainbow Fart.

[ Oh, alright then, bring him over someday and let us have a look.  ] After speaking, she hung up the phone.

Mi Li sat on the sofa, secretly worried. How can I bring him over?

At the other end, Mama Mi immediately turned on the computer excitedly and searched for the titles of these books after ending the call. In the end, she could only find “Spicy Wife, Fierce Husband”, author Rainbow Fart.

The novel published by Mi Li under the name of Xi Da had not been published online.

“Rainbow Fart, how do you come up with such a name?” Mama Mi clicked on the novel, reading it chapter by chapter patiently.

“What the h*ll is this???” Half an hour later, Mama Mi dropped her mouse, “What did the protagonist do wrong to torture her like this???”

When Papa Mi heard the movement. He leaned over and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Mama Mi pointed at him and said angrily, “You men are all giant pig trotters!”

Papa Mi, who was innocently gunned down: “…”

Mother Mi read the rest of the content while full of anger, and then relentlessly scored negative points: [ Trashy author, trashy novel! You want to marry my daughter? No way! ]

After venting, she called Mi Li again. “Break up, break up right away!”

Mi Li:“……”

“That kind of trashy author, aren’t you ashamed to say that he is a little famous? It’s all infamy!”

Mi Li: “…” No, let me explain.

“I don’t care, I won’t recognize this kind of son-in-law. End it as soon as possible, otherwise don’t blame me for breaking apart a pair of lovers!”

She hung up the phone with a bang.

Mi Li: Sorry, Old Bai, you’ve been blacklisted by your mother-in-law…

Xi Baichen, who was reading in bed, inexplicably sneezed. Looking around, he whispered, “Is Little Mi thinking about me?”

He set down the book, dragged over the yellow chick by the bed, and pinched its beak. “Little Mi, I know you miss me. I’ll wait for you in bed, come here.”

The next second, the freshly showered and not yet dressed Mi Li appeared on the bed.

Xi Baichen looked at her beautiful body unperturbed, and some unspeakable emotion began to stir.

Mi Li quickly wrapped herself in the blanket, about to get angry, but thought of how she had inadvertently corrupted his character. Her anger disappeared, and she buried her head in the blanket with a guilty conscience.

“Is this a surprise for me?” Two big hands touched the blanket and wrapped her in his embrace. He loved the smooth sensation made too much to let go.

“Um…” Mi Li absentmindedly resisted a few times, and then she was dealt with by a passionate man.

“Don’t forget to wear a condom…” Mi Li thought of this problem in a daze after the tenderness.

“Okay.” Xi Baichen grinded himself against her, kissed the person under him, while reaching out to fumble in the drawer.

The condoms he bought before were finally used today, and nothing was wasted.

In the early morning of the next day, Mi Li still hadn’t woken up yet by the time Xi Baichen finished making breakfast. He went to the bedroom, intending to wake her with a kiss, but he heard a voice from behind: [ Don’t bother, let her continue to sleep. ]

Xi Baichen turned his head and glanced over. “Little Mi?”

[ The makeup mirror on the table. ] Mi Li prompted.

Xi Baichen picked up the makeup mirror, opened it and took a look.

[ Old Bai, you have white hairs. ]

“Where?” Xi Baichen combed his hair with his hands, looked carefully, and indeed found a white hair. He plucked it off.

[ Old Bai, you are not young anymore. You should pay attention to your health. ]

Xi Baichen: “Don’t I have you? You will definitely fatten me up and keep me strong.”

Mi Li: [ Ha ha. ]

At this moment, the doorbell rang. The visitor was Xi Baichen’s cousin Xi Zinuo.

Xi Baichen opened the door and let him in.

“Brother, it’s been a long time. Isn’t it boring to stay at home?” Xi Zinuo sprawled on the sofa and greeted him. “It’s so hot, do you have anything to drink?”

Xi Baichen turned and walked into the kitchen, pouring him a glass of water.

Xi Zinuo disdainfully took a sip, then sniffed and asked, “It smells really nice, did you buy breakfast? What a coincidence, I haven’t eaten yet.”

“Nothing for you.” Xi Baichen refused without restraint.

“Don’t say that.” Xi Zinuo got up and walked to the dining room. He was surprised to see the rich breakfast on the table. “Brother, can you eat so much by yourself?”

“You don’t need to worry about this, there’s none for you anyway.” Xi Baichen covered the breakfast and didn’t give him a chance to grab any food.

Xi Zinuo glanced at him bitterly.

“Speak, why are you looking for me?” Xi Baichen asked lazily.

Xi Zinuo leaned close to him, showing a flattering smile. “Isn’t your Little Bai pregnant? When the kittens are born, can you give me one?”

“No way.”

“Don’t worry! I will take care of it like my own child,” Xi Zinuo held up his palm and vowed.

“Look elsewhere.” Little Mi said she would raise them herself. Xi Baichen didn’t want to make her angry. Little Bai’s unexpected pregnancy had already made her very unhappy.

Xi Zinuo really felt that this older brother was too difficult to deal with.

“Anything else?” Xi Baichen’s ‘seeing off the guest’ expression was very obvious.

Xi Zinuo clutched at his heart, suddenly sobbing, his acting perfect.

“Ah, you are so ruthless.” He slumped on the sofa. “Give me a moment, I need silence.”

Xi Baichen ignored him, got up and walked into the study.

He didn’t pay attention, and the makeup mirror in his pocket accidentally fell out.

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