EDS Chapter 60

Chapter 60 – The Happiness of the Two Salted Fish

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The road funded by Mi Li and Xi Baichen was completed. The two decided to visit Qiming Village for a look and take a vacation as well.

They participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and the local leaders and villagers all attended the celebration. Everyone was beaming. Xi Baichen had gained a high reputation in the village. If he wanted to invest locally in the future, it was basically a green light the whole way.

However, Xi Baichen was already used to it, and he was satisfied now that he had his wife. From the very start, he was never interested in squandering at all, he was just helping the village pull in some investments.

The two cleaned up the old house and moved in comfortably. At this time, the old house was completely different from its desolation a few months ago. A big banyan tree was planted in the front yard, with lush branches and leaves, standing quietly like a big umbrella. The creeper vines were interwoven on the wall of the house facing the courtyard, causing it to overflow with green. The rose bushes were blooming, and the fragrance was overflowing. In the backyard of the house, several vegetable plots and fruit trees had been planted. Their growth was gratifying and they were full of vitality.

When the house was empty, Uncle Niu took care of it, and the fruits and vegetables grown were harvested by him to ensure that the land was not abandoned.

Mi Li enthusiastically cut a few clumps of vegetables, went to the village to buy some fresh ingredients, and skillfully produced a table of organic farm dishes.

The two of them brought their cats along. They played leisurely in the yard, familiarizing themselves with the environment.

Little Bai’s “deceitful husband”, the cat boss, arrived and looked at his progeny with a cold and noble air. He looked like a majestic old patriarch with a face full of disdain, but his body was honest. He let the kittens sniff all around himself, then took them to show off in front of his lackeys.

Little Bai clung to Mi Li’s feet obediently, like a calm and composed lady.

After confirming that there was no hidden danger of genetic disease, Mi Li planned to let the small folded-ears occasionally go out to pick up advertisements and shoot movies.

There was no folded-ear cat breed in this world. If more people could get to know them and like them, then finding professionals to propagate the breed seemed to be a good thing.

In the next few days, Mi Li dressed beautifully and took Xi Baichen to take wedding photos and daily life photos around the old house and the village. The flower girls that others looked for were cute children, but their flower girls were cats, dogs, crows, weasels and other animals.

The photos were amusing and the style was novel.

Upon being uploaded to the internet, they attracted a lot of unknown laughter.

[ I heard that the male god got married. I rushed in carrying a 50-meter knife, but the tables turned on me. ]

[ Hahaha, d*mn, what the h*ll is that weasel in priest’s clothing? ]

[ Photographer, there’s a big cat’s face blocking the lens, didn’t you see?! ]

[ Xi Da, your wife is playing around and kissing a dog behind your back, don’t you care? ]

[ I seriously suspect that you are showing off your pets in the name of marriage! ]

[ A wife on the right, a cute cat on the left, a big dog on his leg, a crow on his head, and a little suckling pig behind him. Xi Da is truly a winner in life! ]


In the last photo, Xi Baichen, Mi Li, the cats, the dogs, and the weasels laid on the grass together to form a sun. From an overhead angle, a “family portrait” was taken. There were even a few crows in the corner.

Pa-pa-paing day and night, Xi Baichen and Mi Li lived a shameless honeymoon life.

One month later, Mi Li returned to her own world, looking for connections to help Xi Baichen get an ID card.

She was also fortunate enough to meet a Chinese couple who had moved abroad by chance. They once had a son who ran away from home and unfortunately died in a fight. The two were discouraged and planned to return to their country and settle down. They were in poor health and had nobody to rely on. Mi Li helped them a little when they went abroad, and they became familiar after meeting once or twice.

Upon learning that they were going to return to China, Mi Li casually mentioned her problem, but didn’t expect them to take it to heart. When they saw Xi Baichen’s photos, they found that he was forty to fifty percent similar to their son, and even immediately agreed to help.

They were now unaccompanied, all alone, and didn’t have so many scruples. They placed a lot of trust in Mi Li’s character, so they helped Xi Baichen to obtain an identity abroad, and then they returned to China with him registered as their adopted son.

When Mi Li held the ID card handed over by the couple, she was extremely excited.

Old Bai, you can finally get on my household registration!

“Little Mi.” Just after getting excited, she heard a familiar voice coming from behind her.

Mi Li suddenly turned her head and saw that Xi Baichen was wearing a set of home clothes and walking towards the bathroom in a dazed manner, looking around suspiciously.

She opened her eyes wide in disbelief. Old Bai actually appeared in her world!

What happened?

Could it be…

Mi Li looked down at the ID card in her hand. Because he has found a home in this world?

“Little Mi, is he Xi Baichen?” Zhang Lan looked at the handsome young man who was approaching with sparkling eyes, thinking of her son.

“Yes.” Mi Li pulled him over and introduced, “Old Bai, this is Ms. Zhang Lan, and that is her husband Su Liqian.”

“Hello.” Xi Baichen reacted quickly. Mi Li had told him about this when she helped him ████. The two in front of him were his future adoptive parents.

“Hello, hello.” Su Liqian and Zhang Lan forced down their excitement and stared at him unblinkingly.

“Thank you for your help,” Xi Baichen said, neither humble nor overbearing. “In return, I will take good care of you in the future, so that you live without worries.”

“Okay.” If they had a hint of hesitation before helping ████, then after seeing this young man, that hesitation disappeared.

The young man in front of them was too good in looks and temperament. Although they didn’t know why he needed a new identity, for the two elders who had lost their son, it was undoubtedly their fortune to have an adopted son to whom they could entrust their sentiments when they had nothing.

The two sides talked very happily. Soon, the initial awkwardness disappeared, and they gradually became familiar with each other.

After sending off the two elders, Xi Baichen seriously looked over Mi Li’s home. It was about the same as he imagined; cute, warm and fun.

Seeing that he wasn’t surprised, and knowing that her armor had almost fallen long ago, Mi Li told him about all the abnormal changes from the car accident and her speculations about the two worlds.

“So, everything about gaining sentience is fake?” Xi Baichen asked lightly.

“Didn’t you guess it already?”

“No. I have always believed that you are a little evil spirit from another world.”

“Haha.” Mi Li squinted at him. “If your expression was more serious, I might believe it.”

Xi Baichen hugged her. “Anyway, this little evil spirit is already mine.”

“You should say that you belong to me.” Mi Li shook the ID card in his hand. “We will see my parents tomorrow, and then you’ll become part of my family[1] and go on my household registration. Do you have any opinions?”

“No, I listen to my wife about everything.”

Mi Li nodded in satisfaction.

The next day, Mi Li took Xi Baichen to see her parents in high spirits.

Xi Baichen was penniless in this world, and the meeting gifts were all paid by Mi Li. He felt like he had become a kept man.

“Who said you are penniless?” Mi Li took out her phone and clicked on a web page. “Don’t you remember that I had your novel published as your agent?”

“Huh?” Xi Baichen leaned over and found that several of his novels were being serialized on a novel website.

“One of the novels sold its film and television rights for over 4 million.” Mi Li rubbed her nose in embarrassment. “The price is indeed a little low, but you’re just a newcomer in this world, so…”

Xi Baichen was a tycoon with a starting price of tens of millions, but in this world he had become an obscure little extra.

“It’s already a profit.” Xi Baichen was as steady as an old dog, “Others can only sell film and television rights once per book, but mine can sell twice.”

Huh??? That seems to make sense!

Mi Li looked at him with bright eyes: My Old Bai is simply a treasure!

After seeing Xi Baichen, Papa and Mama Mi were very satisfied with this son-in-law, and were even more surprised when they learned that he was willing to change his surname. From beginning to end, Xi Baichen acted like Mi Li’s yes man, but he had a sense of propriety. He was well-spoken, talking and laughing freely, and seemed like a well educated person.

“When you have children in the future, whose surname will be used?” Mama Mi asked.

“My surname, all will have my surname,” Mi Li said decisively.

Anyways, when I reach the other world, I can still apply for another account.[2]

Papa Mi and Mama Mi were finally relieved. Mama Mi also said generously, “We are also reasonable people. If you give birth to two children, the second one will follow your surname.”

A son-in-law who had a net worth of millions was willing to marry into their family, and he was also willing to let his children follow their surnames. It was simply too perfect!

Two days later, Papa and Mama Mi met with Xi Baichen’s nominal adoptive parents to formally confirm the marriage.

The two neatly received their certificate, and then prepared for the wedding.

In order to avoid accidents, the two constantly tried to shuttle between the two worlds, and finally mastered the skills of crossing over, but Mi Li occasionally turned into all kinds of strange things. This matter became a mystery that would never be solved.

Xi Baichen suspected that Little Mi might really be an evil spirit…

Soon after, the two held a wedding in each of the two worlds. The wedding was not grand, but it was full of guests and very lively.

Mi Li had many friends, and Xi Baichen sent out red envelopes in the hundreds of thousands. Their outstanding appearance and majestic demeanor were the envy of their best friends.

One month after marriage, Mi Li succeeded in getting pregnant due to Xi Baichen’s hard work.

Ten months later, she smoothly gave birth to a healthy daughter named Mi Hu.

Papa Mi’s orchard became profitable, and the otherworldly flame dates were very popular.

Mi Li opened a cattery in each of the two worlds to breed folded-ears. After three generations of optimization, the genetic disease of the folded-ears disappeared completely. The healthy folded-ears with excellent pedigree were recognized by the International Cat Fan Management Association and became famous in one fell swoop.

Xi Baichen’s novels blossomed in both worlds, and his fame grew larger and larger.

By chance, his two pen names were dug up, and the internet immediately became bloody. Fans could not believe that the two were the same person. At the same time as their faith collapsed, there was an inexplicably refreshing sourness.

Two years later, Mi Li became pregnant again and gave birth to a son.

Xi Baichen, who had never enjoyed the warmth of a family since he was a child, now had a complete and happy home, and he had no regrets in life.

Mi Li’s son and daughter inherited her ability to travel between the two worlds freely. Under their influence, the two worlds influenced, advanced, and optimized each other. Although they had not yet merged, the speed was getting faster and faster.

The family of Xi Baichen and Mi Li were like the gatekeepers of the two worlds and had the ability to change their course. Only in the hands of their descendants could this ability gradually come into play.

As for Old Bai and Little Mi, they were just two salted fish that indulged in pleasure.

  1. 入赘 — perhaps more accurately translated as enter the clan. If you’ve read novels with ancient Chinese settings, you should know that when a woman marries a man, she marries into his clan. Henceforth, she is no longer considered part of the clan she was born in but rather part of her husband’s clan. The term 入赘 is usually used to indicate the husband marrying into his wife’s clan instead. In ancient times, this might happen because there are no male descendants left in the family, and would also necessitate having the husband take his wife’s surname.
  2. She is implying that the children will be registered with Xi Baichen’s surname in his world.

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