EDS Chapter 59

Chapter 59 – Lightning Quick Certificate

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Xi Baichen carried the bunch of cats and dogs into the car and went to the pet hospital.

The four kittens were 9 weeks old and ready for their first vaccination. As for the dog Heibao, it had not been vaccinated at all, so he took the opportunity to bring it for a check up.

Xi Baichen went to the pet hospital where Little Bai was taken last time, and most of the staff recognized him.

“Mr. Xi, welcome. Is Little Ears still okay?” The doctor greeted him warmly, his eyes unconsciously falling onto the cardboard box in his arms.

Five small and fluffy heads emerged from the box, adorably lined up in a row.

“Ah, are these the babies of Little Ears?” The doctor looked at the black dog with a strong presence sandwiched amidst the four kittens and asked, “Mr. Xi, you also have a dog?”

“En.” Xi Baichen didn’t explain too much. “I’ll trouble the doctor to vaccinate them.”

“Okay. We’ll arrange it immediately.” The doctor agreed very readily, turning his head and instructing his assistant to prepare the paraphernalia for injection.

Xi Baichen carried Mi Li (dog) and sat her on a chair next to him.

[ Why not do the injections another day? ] Why did he choose to run over for injections when I’m possessing the dog? I’m so angry!

The dog fur on Mi Li’s body exploded.

Xi Baichen calmly smoothed her fur layer by layer, allowing her to bite his sleeves.

At this time, the doctor began to vaccinate the first kitten.

The kitten meowed in pain, staring pitifully at Mi Li with two big eyes.

Mi Li looked back quietly, silently soothing it.

When kittens were vaccinated, it was best not to run to comfort them, otherwise they would cry louder in order to seek protection. They would gradually calm down only when they were made aware of their safety and that they didn’t need further protection.

After the first vaccination was successful, the next few went even more smoothly. Occasionally, they would be naughty and would be reprimanded by the experienced doctor. They basically didn’t suffer throughout the whole process.

“It’s your turn.” Xi Baichen set Mi Li on the operating table.

Mi Li clamped onto his hand with all fours in a death struggle. [ Vaccinate next time!  ]

Xi Baichen slowly tore her off and smiled. “Don’t be afraid, it will be over soon.”

[ I’m telling you, Old Bai, if you dare to give me an injection today, I’ll dare to break up with you! ]

“Don’t make trouble.” Xi Baichen squeezed the back of her neck. “After the injection, I will go back and make you some good food.”

[ Uuuuuu, I became a dog so you don’t love me anymore! ] Mi Li made a tearful accusation.

Xi Baichen: “…” Did I say anything when you became a doorbell, toilet paper, cured meat, or crow? Didn’t I still love you the same?!

In the end, Mi Li did not escape the fate of the injection, crying and being comforted in Xi Baichen’s arms.

Xi Baichen raised her canine head. “Look at your kittens, then look at yourself. Aren’t you ashamed?”

The four kittens looked at her obediently.

Mi Li (dog): [ (一︿一+) ] What comfort? It doesn’t exist.

Did she cry because she was afraid of injections? No! It was because she didn’t need an injection but was inexplicably given one and didn’t get any loving care!

Hmph, b*stard Old Bai. She decided to unilaterally fight a cold war with him for an hour.

Mi Li jumped into the cardboard box and curled up into a ball, nursing her grief.

Xi Baichen bought some pet supplies and paid for everything, then picked up the cardboard box and left the pet hospital.

“Don’t be angry, I have something nice for you when we get back,” Xi Baichen comforted her while driving.

[ How nice can it be? Don’t think that a casual gift can calm me down. ] Mi Li pretended to be cold, but her pricked up dog ears were very honest.

“You will like it.” Xi Baichen was sure.

Mi Li coldly snorted at him, then whispered into the ears of the four kittens: [ Hehehehe. Children, your dad said he wanted to give me something nice. ]

Kittens: I don’t want to hear you show off!

After returning home, Mi Li couldn’t wait to jump out of the cardboard box and followed Xi Baichen with her short legs, all the way to the bedroom.

Xi Baichen took a pink envelope from the drawer and put it on the bed.

Mi Li jumped up and poked the envelope with her paw. [ This is the something nice you were talking about? A love letter? ]

“Open it and take a look.” Xi Baichen leaned against the head of the bed, looking at her inexplicably.

Mi Li opened the envelope, poked out her head and looked inside. She found that there was a card-like thing inside, and pulled it out. It turned out to be an… ID card?

A Chinese citizen’s ID card — Mi Li, with her photo.

[ You got me an ID card! ] Mi Li looked at him in surprise.

“Yes.” Xi Baichen said understatedly, “We can register when you come next time.”

Mi Li: Aren’t you moving too fast?!

Reaching out to slip her into his arms, Xi Baichen gently stroked her fur. “I need to put you onto my household register quickly, so that you’ll never run away again.”

[ But I haven’t helped you get your ID card. ] Mi Li felt that her own work efficiency was too low.

“It doesn’t matter.” Xi Baichen squeezed her tail. “You can take it slowly on your end.” He couldn’t go anyway.

[ It’s not too late! ] Mi Li suddenly jumped up. [ Let’s go choose a wedding dress! ]

“…Now?” Xi Baichen looked at her canine appearance.

[ Of course. ] Mi Li picked up the ID card, set it on the bedside table, and said: [ Don’t move it, I’ll take it away later. ]

Xi Baichen: “…”

[ Let’s go. We’ll choose a wedding dress as soon as possible, and we can go directly to take pictures when we have the certificate. ] Mi Li ran out excitedly.

Xi Baichen refused in his heart, but his body followed honestly.

Half an hour later, a person and a dog came to a well-known bridal shop in the city.

Mi Li nestled in Xi Baichen’s arms and looked around, feeling extremely excited.

“This is our store’s wedding dress catalog, and there are corresponding supporting services. Please check if it’s satisfactory.” The clerk handed the catalog to Xi Baichen.

Xi Baichen turned it page by page, and Mi Li laid on his lap to look along with him.

[ Wait, this style is good. ] A fleshy paw pressed the back of Xi Baichen’s hand, [ Mark it, we’ll check again later. ]

[ This one is also good, mark it! ]

[ The short style suits me well. ]

Xi Baichen didn’t say a word the whole time, and only the puppy kept barking.

The atmosphere was too creepy, and the clerk couldn’t help but speak, “We have a wide variety of wedding dress styles. Next time you can bring your wife over to try them personally.”

“En.” Xi Baichen looked at his canine wife and didn’t want to talk.

One hour later, Mi Li finished choosing a wedding dress. She decided that she would take a variety of wedding photos, the specific themes to be designed by herself.

She had always liked fashion, and following the rules didn’t conform to her personality.

Xi Baichen had no objection. He agreed with whatever she said and seemed to have already assumed the role of a peerless husband.

In the afternoon, Mi Li (dog) took her new ID card and crossed back to her home. She also brought back a folded-ear kitten and a tabby kitten.

The newborn folded-ear cat did not have its mother’s defective genes. Mi Li thought about letting it breed in this world to see if this genetic disease could be completely eliminated.

About the marriage, Mi Li didn’t tell her parents for the time being. The main reason was that she couldn’t bring Xi Baichen over. At that time, she couldn’t get married with a photo, right?

She immediately thought of another issue. She seemed to be able to openly practice bigamy…

If this idea was known by Xi Baichen, he would probably be angered to death.

Mi Li also began to look for connections to help Xi Baichen ████, but it wasn’t easy to have a real identity entered into the system. She didn’t have Xi Baichen’s means, so she could only slowly figure out a solution.

“Little Mi, have you heard about your uncle’s family?” Mama Mi said mysteriously to Mi Li.

“What’s the matter?” Mi Li asked casually.

“His son and son-in-law have been investigated by their superiors, and he is now looking everywhere for connections in order to grease the wheels.”

“Oh.” It was probably the effect of the bad luck talismans. There were signs before, so Mi Li was not surprised.

“He came over yesterday for help.”

Mi Li raised her head. “Why is he looking for us for help?”

“To borrow money.” Mama Mi sighed, “His bed and breakfast has been in a slump recently, and his other investments seem to have failed, so he can only raise money elsewhere.”

“You shouldn’t lend him money.” At the beginning, they occupied their land, stole their business, and deliberately destroyed the orchard they cultivated. Mi Li was not the type to turn the other cheek.

“It’s impossible to lend.” Mama Mi discussed, “However, he intends to sell the fields to us. Do you think we should buy them?”

Mi Li thought for a while and said, “If it’s good land, you can buy it.”

“Okay, I’ll return and discuss with your dad.”

Mi Li paid special attention to the situation of her uncle’s family. She found that his son-in-law and son were not investigated simply for accepting bribes, but they were also involved in a criminal case. She did not find out what the specific case was.

But she didn’t care about these things. Everyone was responsible for their own actions, and now was the time for them to take responsibility.

Mi Li did skincare for a few days at home, and then ran to see her Old Bai beautifully.

Xi Baichen was action-oriented and took her to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate that very day.

Mi Li held the red book and stretched out five pale fingers at him. “Don’t you think there’s something missing?”

Xi Baichen slowly retrieved a ring from his pocket and slipped it on her finger.

No flowers, no music, no wine, no romantic atmosphere; he just casually put a ring on her by the side of the road that was filled with car exhaust.

Mi Li wondered if she had a fake marriage.

This man was so rough, she couldn’t get used to it.

Mi Li dragged him to the square, bought a bouquet of roses, and held it to the side of his face. Then she pulled on his tie, stood on her toes, and kissed him on the lips.

She immediately took out a man’s ring and put it on his ring finger carefully.

“I love you, husband. You are mine for the rest of your life.”

Xi Baichen’s eyes shone with stars. He hugged her waist hard and kissed her lips heavily, as if he wanted to melt her into his body.

The roses fell to the ground, and petals flew up. Warm applause sounded from around them, sending them blessings.

“I love you too, Little Mi.”

And thank you, Little Mi.

From now on, he finally had a happy home and a family that truly belonged to him.

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