EDS Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Grand Prize

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Mi Li waited in the bathroom stall, carefully paying attention to the movement outside. From time to time, she could hear the sound of splashing water and footsteps walking back and forth.

Three minutes later, Mi Li confirmed that she was in the men’s toilet because there was a urinal outside. Men would not enter the stall when urinating so there was a lower chance that she would be used. However, the tragedy was that once someone came in, it would definitely be a man. What she had to face was the indescribable lower body of a man.

Mi Li felt that she could not stand idly by, and tried to transfer herself to something else using all her power.

After four or five minutes of struggling, there was a slight fluctuation in her consciousness. She was overjoyed and continued to work hard. Finally, she successfully transferred before she was exhausted.

[ Yeah! ] Mi Li sobbed in joy. However, cruel reality smacked her to the ground in the next second. She tragically found that all her efforts had just turned her from toilet paper in one stall to that in another.

[ Are you kidding me?! ] Mi Li wailed.

What’s more of a joke was that at this moment, a man walked into the stall where she was, pulled off his belt, and prepared to squat.

[ NoNoNoNo! ] Mi Li’s heart collapsed. Under great emotional turmoil, her consciousness shifted again, and she returned to the previous stall. Although she was still toilet paper, at least she had avoided a sh*tty life for now.

This was the first time she wanted to return so eagerly. However, she couldn’t control when she left and could only pray that she could keep her dignity before leaving.

Amidst her panic, the wooden door of the stall was suddenly pushed open. Mi Li exploded. When the toilet paper was unrolled and the inner tube was touched, she let out a soft sound.

The incoming person paused slightly. He stared at the paper tube for a moment, then continued to undo his belt. Slender fingers skillfully and powerfully ran across the metal buckle, and straight legs stood tall like green pines.

[ Old Bai!!! ] Mi Li saw the person clearly. She was so excited that she had lost control.

Just as Xi Baichen was about to lower his trousers, he heard her voice and his movements instantly stiffened.

“You… are you a pervert?” Xi Baichen pulled his trousers back up and fastened his belt.

[ I’m not! ] Mi Li felt extremely wronged, [ Do you think I wanted to turn into toilet paper to wipe your butt? ]

Xi Baichen bit his lips, turned, and prepared to leave.

[ Old Bai! Don’t leave me!!! ] The toilet paper stretched out from the tube and quickly wrapped around Xi Baichen’s wrist, round after round, turning his hand into a big steamed bun within minutes.

Xi Baichen resisted the urge to tear off the ball of toilet paper and glared at her.

[ Old Bai~~ Take me away, I have a soft texture, white and delicate. In addition to wiping butts, I can also wipe mouths, hands, and tables. I have many uses. ] The Mi Li brand toilet paper spared no effort to promote herself.

Although Xi Baichen didn’t care about others’ stares, he couldn’t do something so lowbrow as stealing toilet paper from public bathrooms.

After struggling for a long time, Xi Baichen finally couldn’t bear to ignore her.

Taking the inner tube, Xi Baichen rewound the toilet paper around it and walked out of the stall with a sullen expression. Under the complicated stares of others, he found a female janitor and said earnestly: “Auntie, can I buy this roll for 10 yuan? I have an urgent use for it.”

The janitor froze for a moment and hesitantly said, “I guess so, but…” 10 yuan could buy a few new rolls, why buy one from the public bathroom?

Without waiting for her to ask any questions, Xi Baichen immediately took out 10 yuan and stuffed it into her hand. He then took the toilet paper and quickly walked off.

After stepping out of the bathroom, Mi Li realized that this was actually a gas station. Xi Baichen coincidentally passed by, coincidentally had to solve a physiological need, and coincidentally entered her stall.

Mi Li found that the connection between them was atypical. No matter whenever, wherever, or whatever she became, she would always find him.

[ Where are you going? ] Mi Li asked while helping him wipe the car windows.

“Going home.” Xi Baichen wanted to smoke but could only give up when he found that the cigarette carton was empty.

[ Don’t rush home. Let’s go eat first, this time at a real high-end restaurant. ] Mi Li was keen to improve his eating habits.

“I don’t like eating out.” Xi Baichen glanced at her, “If you have the time, then you might as well send me more delicious food.”

[ Ah, by the way, were my white jade bunnies delicious? ]

“Well, it’s okay.” He felt as though he could still taste the soft and sweet flavor in his mouth.

[ Okay, I will send more when I have the time. ] It just so happened that she also wanted to understand how the logistics of the two worlds were connected.

“I’m going to buy a pack of cigarettes.” Xi Baichen stopped the car on the side of the road and prepared to get off after informing her.

[ Wait, take me! ] Mi Li saw a lottery station next to the convenience store. She suddenly wanted to convince him to buy a lottery ticket.

“Why should I take you with me?” Xi Baichen remained unmoved. As soon as he pushed the car door open, his arm was wrapped in toilet paper.

[ You don’t need to take me out as long as you accept my request. ]

“What request?” Xi Baichen gave her the side-eye.

[ Buy a lottery ticket. ] Mi Li said seriously, [ The numbers are: 05 08 10 12 14 19 +16. ][1]

“Nonsense.” Xi Baichen pulled at the toilet paper rolled around his wrist and threw Mi Li aside.

He got out of the car and went to the convenience store to buy a pack of cigarettes. While coming out, light shone upon the lottery station next to him. After hesitating for two seconds, he bought a lottery ticket, choosing five sets of numbers, using up 10 yuan.

“Your lottery ticket.” Xi Baichen stuffed the lottery ticket into the tube of the toilet paper.

[ Thank you, Old Bai~~ ] Mi Li circled the lottery ticket in joy, and the toilet paper fluttered.

Xi Baichen secretly thought: Just treat it as a return gift for the white jade rabbits…

It was already the next afternoon when Mi Li woke up. She slept for nearly 20 hours this time and not even the alarm clock woke her up.

Why was there such a difference? Nothing special happened before or after sleeping. Wait, that’s not true. When she traversed dimensions this time, she experienced a trance in the middle and then jumped from the wrapping paper to a roll of toilet paper. This was a situation that had never happened before.

Was it because of the courier service?

Thinking of this, Mi Li immediately ran to the kitchen to prepare ingredients, then she fetched her livestream equipment. While preparing dinner for himself, she streamed her cooking.

“Tonight I plan to make shredded pork in lotus sauce, steamed eggplant stuffed with fish paste, stir-fried four treasures vegetables, winter melon shrimp soup, and strawberry cocoa rolls for dessert.”

After listening to Mi Li’s introduction, the livestream was immediately filled with the wailing of foodies.

[ I’m hungry just from listening to the names of the dishes. ]

[ Looking at other’s delicious food while eating some 20 yuan takeout, I feel sad when thinking about it. ]

[ Little Mi, can you eat so much by yourself? ]

“It doesn’t matter if I can’t finish it, I can share it with my neighbors.” Mi Li multitasked, her actions unaffected. The way she handled the ingredients was flexible and ingenious, and very graceful.

[ I really want to be Little Mi’s neighbor! ]

[ Where does Little Mi live? I’ll buy a place nearby immediately! 】

[ Let’s go together. ]

[ Aaahhh, Mi Li looks so beautiful when cooking! 360-degree kneel and lick.[2] ]

While interacting, Mi Li successively cooked: delicious shredded pork in lotus sauce, spicy steamed eggplant stuffed with fish paste, refreshing stir-fried four treasure vegetables, fragrant winter melon shrimp soup, and a plate of exquisite strawberry cocoa rolls.

Although one couldn’t smell food through the screen, just looking at the dishes would cause drooling mouths and glowing eyes.

Mi Li divided the dishes into several portions, saving a portion for herself and the rest to give away. She did this often and everyone had become accustomed to it, occasionally giving back some fruits and snacks. Her relationship with her neighbors was very harmonious.

Amidst the rewards and wolf howls, Mi Li finished her dinner satisfactorily and packed some fragrant strawberry cocoa rolls for express delivery the next day.

The night the package was sent out, Mi Li slept for over ten hours until waking up at noon the next day. She seemed to have crossed over in her dreams, but her consciousness was hazy, and she didn’t remember what happened.

Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Mi Li fell asleep again. When her consciousness “woke” up, the first thing she saw was Xi Baichen’s handsome face only a finger’s length away.

[ Why are you staring at me? ] Mi Li asked aloud.

Xi Baichen’s fingers trembled, slightly distanced himself. He said lightly, “You’re here.”

Towards the way she popped in and out with no warning, Xi Baichen had basically reached the point where he could stay expressionless even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of him.

[ Yeah, I’m here again. ] Mi Li checked her current situation and found that she had become a lottery ticket, the same one she had asked Xi Baichen to buy.

[ Is the lottery drawing over? Did I win? ]

“I didn’t pay attention.” Xi Baichen set the lottery ticket on the table, tore off a paper towel, and wiped his hands.

[ Take a look, maybe I won? ]

Xi Baichen took out his cell phone and checked the winning numbers. From the lottery ticket to his phone, his gaze went back and forth several times, his expression becoming strange.

[ How is it? ]

“You won.” Xi Baichen said, “Over 170 million.”

[ I really won? ] Mi Li was shocked and said, [ How much did you say just now??? ]

“Over 170 million.”

[ How come it’s so much?! ] Mi Li remembered that Xiaoyu’s lottery ticket only won over 30 million. What surprised her even more was that the winning numbers in that world could even win a prize in this world. 170 million, she suddenly felt that her body was as heavy as Mount Tai and indescribably valuable!

“I bought five sets of it,” Xi Baichen explained lightly.[3]

[ Five sets! ] At that time, this boss acted so reluctant but he actually bought five sets in silence! This man was so surprising!

In fact, Xi Baichen just wanted to use up all 10 yuan and not receive any change.

Facing this windfall of more than 100 million yuan, Xi Baichen’s heart did not fluctuate at all. He just asked, “You bought this lottery ticket so the prize is yours. How do you plan to spend it?”

[ Use it to eat, drink, and make merry of course! ] Mi Li said without hesitation, [ You must help me fulfill this wish. Make good use of this money according to my requests! ]

Xi Baichen did not agree nor disagree. If it was too much trouble, he definitely wouldn’t listen to her.

[ Why aren’t you excited at all? ]

“I’m not short of money.”

[ Haha. ] Didn’t she know how much money was left in his bank card? For the average person, a few million is indeed enough to spend, but he spends tens of millions at a time. How could he so confidently say that he isn’t short of money?

[ We’ll discuss this later, shouldn’t you accept the prize first? ] Mi Li urged.

“Tomorrow.” Xi Baichen turned on the computer and prepared to type.

[ Why tomorrow? ] Winning the grand prize, you don’t rush to redeem it but have the mood to sit at home and type!?

Xi Baichen glanced at her but didn’t speak.

Seeing that he stayed unmoving as a mountain, Mi Li couldn’t deal with him. She could only tell him to remember to redeem the ticket tomorrow.

After accompanying him with his typing for two hours, Mi Li left the lottery ticket and returned to her body.

Perceiving her departure, Xi Baichen picked up the lottery ticket and stroked it gently. If possible, he actually didn’t want to redeem it for the prize because she had inhabited it. He wanted to keep all the objects that she had possessed…

  1. Lotteries operate by drawing a certain amount of numbers from a pool of numbers. Some lotteries also require drawing a number from a separate pool of numbers such that the “super” or “power” number can be the same as one of the previously drawn numbers. The ‘+’ in front of the number 16 probably indicates that this is such a lottery.
  2. Kneel and lick (跪舔) is Chinese internet slang for “you’re so awesome that I kneel and kiss your feet.” This term also showed up in one of the previous chapters. Therefore, 360 degree kneel and lick (360度跪舔) means “you’re so incredibly awesome that I somersault into a kneel and kiss your feet.”
  3. From what the translator can tell from the internet, all Chinese lottery prizes are fixed. If you match all numbers, you get the full amount stated. It is not a jackpot that is split among all first prize winners. Therefore, buying 5 sets of the same numbers means that if the numbers all match then you get 5 first prizes.

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    Xi Baichen’s fingers trembled, slightly distanced himself. He said lightly, “You’re here.”

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