EDS Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Evil Boss

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Xi Baichen cleaned off the set meal so cleanly that even the ice in the drink was gnawed away.

Mi Li who oversaw the whole process admired his appetite. Although the fast food wasn’t nutritious, the portion was very large and it was difficult for the average adult to eat it all.

After eating and drinking, Xi Baichen gracefully left the fast food restaurant. He didn’t rush back to the car, but instead strolled around the neighborhood.

[ Walk a hundred steps after you dine, and you will live to be ninety-nine. I didn’t expect you to have this kind of health awareness. ] Mi Li revised her opinion of him.

“Just feeling bloated.” Xi Baichen replied indifferently.

Mi Li: […]

At that moment, a ring was heard and Xi Baichen took out his cell phone. He took a glance before answering, “Hello.”

[ Brother Xi, help! ] An anxious male voice came from the other end.

“What’s the matter?” Xi Baichen asked while strolling.

[ My investment is still a little short of capital, so I’m begging Brother Xi to help me. ]

“How much?”

[ 800,000. ]

“I remember that you already borrowed 2.8 million from me before.”

[ As long as this investment succeeds, I will definitely pay you back with interest. ]

“Ok, I’ll transfer it to you.”

[ Oh, thank you very much! You’re closer to me than my own brother! ]

Xi Baichen didn’t continue talking nonsense with him. He directly hung up and transferred 800,000 yuan to him through his cell phone.

A large amount of funds disappeared from the bank card, and Mi Li felt as if her body was hollowed out.

She couldn’t help asking: [ This person has such a good relationship with you that you would lend hundreds of thousands with just a word? ]

Xi Baichen replied blankly, “Not good.”

Mi Li sighed and asked: [ Is his personality good? ]

“Very bad.”

Mi Li was shocked: [ If your relationship isn’t good and his character is also bad, why did you lend him money??? Do you know what I just lost? 800,000! That was all carved out from my body!!! ]

Xi Baichen was unmoved and continued strolling along the street.

Mi Li asked with a last glimmer of hope: [ Will he pay it back? ]

“99% chance he won’t.”

Mi Li: [ …Did your brain get caught by a door?! ]

Xi Baichen smirked, “It’s not that easy to get my money.”

Mi Li weakly said: [ You don’t even have an IOU. If he refuses to acknowledge the debt, what can you do? ]

Xi Baichen took out his cell phone, tapped a few times on the screen, and then the conversation was replayed: [ My investment is still a little short of capital, so I’m begging Brother Xi to help me…800,000…As long as this investment succeeds, I will definitely pay you back with interest….]

Mi Li said in surprise: [ You recorded it? ]


[ Why bother? Wouldn’t it have been fine if you didn’t lend it to him? ] Mi Li was puzzled.

Xi Baichen slowly said, “He’s been investing in a project recently and raising funds everywhere. Altogether, he’s invested tens of millions. The more he invests, the more he will lose.”

[ What good is it if he loses money? ]

“I have a grudge with him. I don’t mind lending some money in order to send him to h*ll.”

Mi Li shuddered: [ How are you certain that his project will lose money? ]

Xi Baichen let out an “Oh” and did not answer the question. However the expression on his face seemed to tell people that he was the mastermind and evil boss behind the scenes.

Mi Li felt for the first time that this man was not as decadent and harmless as he seemed on the surface. He was cunning and vengeful.

However, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth; that’s a natural principle of the world. With Mi Li’s understanding of Old Bai, if it wasn’t for others provoking him, he would never take the initiative to provoke others.

She couldn’t control his personal affairs. As a bank card, her greatest fear was the gradual reduction of money in the account.

[ Will your funds run out? ] Mi Li asked worriedly. Today alone, he had spent more than two million yuan.

“There’s probably two or three million left, I don’t keep track,” Xi Baichen replied nonchalantly.

[ Two or three million?! ] Looking at how he just bought a car worth millions before turning around and lending out more millions, Mi Li had thought he was at least a billionaire! As it turned out, his total assets were only in the tens of millions???

[ Do you have any other accounts? ] Mi Li asked hopefully.

“No.” Xi Baichen played with the bank card in his hand, “One bank card is enough; any more would be troublesome.”

Mi Li flopped onto the table: How is that troublesome at all?! Haven’t you heard that you shouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket?!

Following the unhealthy diet, Mi Li discovered his second shortcoming: no concept of financial planning!

With endless resentment, Mi Li awakened from her sleep. Her chest was stuffy, and there seemed to be an anger that she needed to vent.

She got up, cheered herself up, and returned to her daily life.

After feeding herself, Mi Li dressed herself up in preparation for shopping with friends.

She received a call from her good friend Duan Xiaoyu as soon as she stepped out.

[ Qinqin[1], I’m rich!!! ] An excited voice came from the phone, almost bursting Mi Li’s eardrums.

“What happened?” Mi Li was confused.

[ I won over 30 million in the lottery! ]

Mi Li was in a daze as though in an illusion. She had never thought that winning the lottery would happen to anyone close to her.

“For real?” Mi Li asked uncertainly.

[ Of course for real. Hurry up and come with me to accept the prize, I’ll treat you to a big meal. ]

“Oh, okay, where are you? I’ll come right away.”

Ten minutes later, Mi Li rushed to the designated location by car.

A girl in a business outfit walked over quickly. Her eyes were gleaming and her face was filled with unconcealable excitement.

Duan Xiaoyu and Mi Li were college classmates. She was easygoing and had an innocent personality. She was currently working in design in an advertising company and getting more than 6000 yuan in monthly wages. Half of her salary was sent to her parents, and the other half was used to pay rent and various daily expenses.

Duan Xiaoyu basically had no savings. She occasionally bought lottery tickets to try her luck. She always said that she would win the jackpot sooner or later, but who knew it would come true.

“Ahhhh, Mi Li!” Duan Xiaoyu bounced over and hugged her friend.

“Congratulations.” Mi Li returned her hug, smiling and blessing her. Although she had little interest in this kind of wealth, it didn’t stop her from being happy for her friend.

“I feel like I’m dreaming. Qinqin, please help me double check if I really won the lottery.” Duan Xiaoyu took out a crumpled lottery ticket and handed it to Mi Li.

Mi Li received the ticket and looked at the numbers. Then she took out her cell phone to check the winning numbers of the current lottery and affirmed, “Yes, you did win the lottery.”

Duan Xiaoyu raised her fist and looked up with a “Yeah!”

“Okay, aren’t we going to accept the prize?” Mi Li returned the lottery ticket to her and smiled, “Let’s go, the sooner you get the money, the sooner you’ll feel at ease.”

“Okay.” Duan Xiaoyu put the lottery ticket away properly and arrived in front of the lottery center together with Mi Li.

After running around for more than two hours (verifying identity, going through formalities, paying taxes, signing forms, and taking photos), Duan Xiaoyu finally received a 30 million yuan bank card.

She waved her bank card and proudly said: “Let’s go, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Mi Li was already a little sleepy at this time, but she still persisted, “Okay.”

The two chose a high-end restaurant and ordered all the expensive dishes without hesitation.

Seeing her friend so happy, Mi Li thought for a while and cautioned, “Xiaoyu, did you tell anyone else about winning?”

“Not yet.” Duan Xiaoyu patted her head, “Look at my poor memory, how could I not tell my parents such good news?”

She grabbed her cell phone as she spoke, but Mi Li quickly reached out her hand to stop her, “Xiaoyu, listen to me. Don’t tell others for now, not even your parents.”

“Why?” Duan Xiaoyu was puzzled.

“Don’t you know how much your parents love your little brother? If they know you have tens of millions, what do you think they’ll do?” Mi Li slowly said, “You send half your salary home every month. When they receive it, do you think this money is used by your parents or your little brother?”

Duan Xiaoyu was silent.

Mi Li continued, “Your little brother has grown up and should learn to be independent. You have no obligation to support him. From now on, it is enough to send one or two thousand yuan to your parents as support. If they get sick or have any difficulties, you can also provide some help. But you have your own life, and there is no need to bear responsibilities that do not belong to you.”

“But…” Duan Xiaoyu hesitated, “I still feel uneasy if I hide this from them.”

Mi Li sighed, “Xiaoyu, if you want your family to be at peace then treat this windfall as though it doesn’t exist in front of them. Buy yourself a house, then live however you like.”

Feelings can’t win against money, not to mention that Duan Xiaoyu’s family weren’t easy to deal with, especially given that she was optimistic and didn’t care about anything.

“Then should I also hide it from my boyfriend?” Duan Xiaoyu asked in a low voice.

“Of course.” Mi Li was really worried about this silly girl, “Wait until your relationship is stable. You should carefully observe his behavior to see if he is trustworthy.”

“Okay, I understand.” Duan Xiaoyu answered faintly. It wasn’t certain if she really heeded her words.

Mi Li rubbed her astringent eyes and said, “I’m a little sleepy, are you full yet? If you are then let’s go.”

“Okay, wait for me.” Duan Xiaoyu called the waiter and asked her to pack the leftovers on the table.

Mi Li did not stop her. For the frugal Duan Xiaoyu, she would rather lose face than waste food.

After the two left the restaurant, they went home separately.

Mi Li staggered into the living room, kicked off her shoes, head fell onto the sofa, and she fell asleep just like that.

Mi Li felt her consciousness floating as though in the water, without support. She didn’t know how long it took, but her consciousness gradually gathered and condensed before finally awakening in a patch of light.

“Mr. Xi, you have a package.” A clear male voice sounded from above.

Mi Li adjusted her gaze and saw a uniformed courier. She was held in the palm of his hand, waiting outside the door of Xi Baichen’s villa.

The iron door opened, and the courier quickly walked in and handed the package to the man who appeared.

“Thank you.” Xi Baichen signed and returned to his room with the package.

The shipping address on the package was blurry as though covered in mosaic.

Xi Baichen tore open the outer packaging, revealing a pink gift box which faintly emitted a refreshingly sweet fragrance.

Opening the lid of the box, a dozen exquisite bunnies immediately jumped into sight, packed neatly into a square. The bunnies were of different shapes and sizes, looking very adorable.

Xi Baichen took one out and sniffed it. The fragrance of flour and milk wafted over his face. Before enjoying it, he detected a slightly sweet taste with the tip of his tongue.

He turned his head to look at the plump and stupid bunny on the sofa, already guessing who sent the snack.

He threw a bunny into his mouth without hesitation. The soft and sticky texture immediately melted on the tip of his tongue, a sweet and smooth taste filling his heart.

His slightly furrowed brows unconsciously straightened and his half closed eyes widened. A pleasant smile overflowed his lips, and the firm lines of his face instantly softened, just like a big cat lazily stretching its limbs.

Mi Li, who had turned into wrapping paper and was crumpled into a ball, saw this scene and was very happy. Just as she wanted to declare her existence, her consciousness suddenly faded and was plunged into darkness the next second.

She didn’t know how long it took, but Mi Li broke free from the darkness. The sun was shining outside the window and voices clamored. The stupor earlier actually lasted until the next day?

Mi Li was a little depressed. She hadn’t had time to ask Old Bai how the bunny tasted nor figure out how the package was delivered.

What was the situation now?

Mi Li looked around carefully and found that she seemed to have become…a roll of toilet paper?

[ No!!! ] Mi Li uttered a tragic scream. [ I don’t want to help others wipe their as*es!!! ]

  1. 亲亲 – a pet name that means something similar to dearie or my dear.

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