FMEA Chapter 102 Part 2

Chapter 102 Picking up the frightened Fei Zao 

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“Consort Qing?” Xiao Dong glanced back at Xia Yuqing, full of suspicion.

“You …” Xia Yuqing had a white complexion when she looked at the woman standing in front of the group of people in black. She reflectively reached out to protect her belly. Why… how could it be Jiang Zhaorou? She thought wrong. These people are not Ultra Seme Lord’s people, their targets weren’t Wu Jun and the old madam, it was her….

She should have realized this sooner since the Ultra Seme Lord would not disregard her safety and arbitrarily mobilize themselves. What should she do now? 

Xia Yuqing unconsciously stepped back, protecting her belly with her right hand. 

Xia Yuqing’s somewhat frightened expression seemed to be pleasing to Jiang Zhaorou: “It seems that you are quite comfortable living in this strong hold. Why didn’t you ask them to send you back to the palace? Oh, I forgot, but this is a bandit den. If they knew your identity, it would be hard to guarantee that they wouldn’t use you to threaten Feng Tingye for money. This must be why you didn’t tell them exactly who you were, right?” 

“Back to the palace? Niang Niang? Are you a lady from the palace?”Although Xiao Dong grew up in the country, he wasn’t stupid. 

“No … it’s not like that, I didn’t deceive you deliberately. I just…” Xia Yuqing retorted with a pale complexion. Maybe it was true at first that she was worried about the these thieves disregarding their lives, but after entering the strong hold, everyone in the cottage was very kind. They were always enthusiastic about a stranger like herself and treated her sincerely. 

She wasn’t worried as she was at the beginning. The reason why she was hiding that information was just because… she didn’t know how to explain it, nor did she think that her identity would be exposed under such circumstances. 

“However, thanks to this strong hold that has kept you for so long, I can make a comeback and find you again. This time, I won’t let you run away again.” 

Xia Yuqing’s face changed slightly and her heart seemed to beat like a drum. It was so hard for her to see Feng Tingye again, she can’t be caught back at this time. She wasn’t willing!

“Xiaodong… you…” Xia Yuqing was at a loss when a black shadow suddenly stood in front of herself, it was Xiao Dong who was leading her this entire time. 

“Well, we can talk about your affairs later. I promised second master that I’ll take you to the boss. A gentleman’s words and promises must be kept.” 

“Pu, a gentleman’s words and promises must be kept.” Xia Yuqing smiled indifferently, and attracted Xiao Dong’s angry eyes. 

Jiang Zhaorou looked at them coldly and sneered: “You’re at the end of your road and you are still speaking nonsense, do you want to be a hero saving the beauty? Reckless. Go, take the female away and kill the kid.” 

Xia Yuqing felt nervous, watching Xiao Dong who was pale because of excessive blood loss. Her hands protecting the stomach tightened. 

With so many people, Xiao Dong can’t beat them alone. The reason why the strong hold was under siege was because of herself. Su Qingyan is right. She has implicated the entire stronghold.  She couldn’t let Xiao Dong sacrifice his life for herself and live on like that. Such debts are too heavy. 

“Wa… wait, I’ll go with you. You let Xiao Dong go.” 

“Lady Xia!” Xiao Dong froze, looking at Xia Yuqing in disbelief. Obviously he didn’t expect her to say such things.

Jiang Zhaorou was also stunned, but she laughed with a low tone for a moment and stared at Xia Yuqing with a mocking expression: “Do you think you have the right to choose now?” 

Xia Yuqing was speechless. She was just fish under someone else’s knife now. It’s hard to protect yourself, let alone protect others. 

Seeing the group of people in black approaching little by little, Xiao Dong guarded Xia Yuqing and slowly backed up little by little, but in the end his power was limited. 

Just when they thought they could not escape, they suddenly heard the sound of two swords coming out of their sheaths. Then two black shadows popped out from different directions. 

As the swords clashed, the two heard two voices at the same time. 

“Hmph, so you still have a little conscience, sacrificing yourself for others. I guess I’ll reluctantly help you just this once.” 

“Ai Fei, Zhen will be jealous if Zhen sees you sacrifice yourself for another man.”

“This voice …” Xia Yuqing looked up suddenly to look at the two people who had fought with the black men in the distance. 

The young man in green on the left had a cold smile on his lips. The sword in his hand was spry and lively as it moved like a butterfly, lightly reaping the other parties’ soul. On the right side there was a young man in blue. His coat was flying and his squinting phoenix eyes were soaked in a murderous chill, raising his hand to take lives, mercilessly. 

“Second master and… His Majesty.”

Having her plan disrupted and originally having victory close at grasp,  the smile on Jiang Zhaorou’s face sank. Her vulture eyes stared at the not so far away Xia Yuqing. With a shake of her right hand, a nine-section whip slipped out from her sleeve and went straight towards Xia Yuqing. 

“Be careful!” The old madam and Yun Xi who followed immediately saw the scene and exclaimed. 

At the moment of imminent peril, a rainbow-like long sword quickly inserted itself from the side creating a flash of light on the ground, then it stopped the nine-section whip. 

“Cui Er …” Xia Yuqing exclaimed after seeing the person coming. 

Cui Er heard Xia Yuqing’s call, looked back at her, and chuckled with a light smile: “Niang Niang.” 

Jiang Zhaorou didn’t expect to be blocked by anyone, her face became twisted. She squeezed the nine-section whip in her hand, she really wanted to forcefully pull Cui Er over. 

Cui Er read her thoughts, her eyes flickered slightly. Her long sword shook, then the nine-section whip wrapped around the long sword was shook away. Then her body bent down low and using her right leg to push forward, she rushed towards Jiang Zhaorou like an arrow leaving the bow. 

As soon as Jiang Zhaorou took back the nine-section whip in her hand, before she could recover, she suddenly felt a strong wind blowing. Her face slightly changed, and she instinctively wanted to dodge, but it was too late. 

The next second, Cui Er’s face had appeared in front of her. The long sword was like a rainbow reflected in water and it suddenly plunged into her abdomen. 

“You …” Jiang Zhaorou clutched her abdomen, feeling the blood flowing out little by little. Her face whitened.

Cui Er wanted to pull out the sword and add on the last fatal blow, when she suddenly saw Jiang Zhaorou’s hand move slightly. Her long developed keen instincts made her aware of the danger, and her toes pushed herself back a bit, by reaction. Borrowing that strength, she quickly flew out. 

Almost at the same time as Cui Er flew away, a handful of powdery things were scattered towards the place where Cui Er was originally standing. Among the flowerbeds that it fell on, the flowers there quickly withered away and turned into a dark gray as they were contaminated. It was not difficult to imagine what would happen if Cui Er didn’t avoid it just now. 

Cuib Er glanced at the traumatized flowers with a lingering fear, then she suddenly heard a shout from behind: “Ultra Seme Lord, pick up Fei Zao. Pu, no, quickly stop Jiang Feizao!”

It turned out that Xia Yuqing had been paying attention. At the moment, seeing Jiang Zhaorou secretly calculating against Cui Er, pulling out the sword from her abdomen and was ready to slip away, she hurriedly shouted at Feng Tingye on the side. 

Feng Tingye was shocked when he heard Xia Yuqing’s cry, the light in his eyes flashed away. He quickly resolved the last man in black in front of him, then flew towards Jiang Zhaorou. A long sword came flying over to Jiang Zhaorou’s back, but a dead soldier on the side threw himself over to block the attack. 

The sharp sword directly penetrated the chest of the soldier and Jiang Zhaorou also had a chance to breathe. She overturned the fence and escaped. 

“She got away again!” Xia Yuqing watched Jiang Zhaorou over the wall, a little shocked. Before she had recovered, she was taken into a familiar embrace.

“Relax, she can’t run too far because of her injury. The hidden guard have gone to chase her.” 

Xia Yuqing was stunned for a while before she let out a sigh of relief and slowly wrapped her hands around his waist. 

Feng Tingye felt the tremor of Xia Yuqing’s body, knowing that she was really scared just now. He couldn’t help but hold her tighter. 

In fact, not only was Xia Yuqing scared, but he was also scared. Seeing that Xia Yuqing was being pressed by those people step by step, Feng Tingye’s heart almost stopped. He could hardly imagine what would happen to Xia Yuqing if he had come any later. 

Although she probably won’t lose her life, but it was unsure if she would get injured. Moreover, this person was just recovered from being taken away from him. How could he allow her to be taken away from him again?

Thinking of Xia Yuqing’s disappearance again, Feng Tingye couldn’t hide his grievances. They had touched his weakness twice, so they should be prepared to withstand his anger. That woman, deserves to die! 

“Cough cough, although it is not too good to bother you, but don’t you owe us an explanation, especially you …… lady Xia, or should I call you …… Consort Qing.”

Acting as if no one was around, they hugged each other for a long time until they were reminded by two light coughs. It reminded them that it was not a good time for this PDA.

Xia Yuqing was shocked and hurriedly climbed out of Feng Tingye’s arms, facing the eyebrows of Su Qingyan and the old lady’s inquiry. 

She immediately became embarrassed. F*ck the bird! How can she explain it to them before she had time to prepare? The old lady and the second master were not as straight-headed as Xiao Dong, especially Su Qingyan,who had just warned herself. In the end, she committed a crime immediately after and was caught in the act. 

“I didn’t mean to lie to you…” Xia Yuqing whispered, eyes staring pitifully at the old lady. She was trying hard to win some sympathy. 

Feng Tingye saw Xia Yuqing’s panic and knew the reason for her panic. He smiled indifferently and embraced her waist thoughtfully. 

On one hand, Xia Yuqing was given support, on the other hand, Xia Yuqing’s ownership was announced in front of everyone. He looked up and spoke to everyone: “Let Zhen speak. I guess you have already guessed my identity, I am the current emperor of Ye Kingdom, Feng Tingye.” 

As soon as these words came out, the old lady and Su Qingyan all changed color. But Feng Tingye didn’t care much and continued to say: “As you have just heard, Ai Fei is Zhen’s concubine, Ye Country’s Consort Qing and the child inside her belly is Zhen’s. A month ago, Ai Fei was kidnapped when she was out of the palace. The kidnappers had the intention of harming Ai Fei and Zhen’s child. Since Ai Fei’s status was special and not knowing you guys’ background, she decided to conceal her identity. She had no ill will.” 

“Feng Tingye…….Feng…..Feng…… you shouldn’t be…… “Su Qingyan seemed to think of something. The eyes staring at Feng Tingye became a bit colder. 

Feng Tingye did not shy away and smiled: “Second master, I trust you have been well since we last met. The medicinal herbs you have ordered, Zhen will order the palace to send them and they will be delivered to your hands in a few days.”

   Su Qingyan narrowed his eyes, surprised: “It really is you! Ha ha, I didn’t know that the emperor of Ye Kingdom has the habit of posing and sneaking.” 

Feng Tingye didn’t care for his irony: “I just wanted to see how Ai Fei was doing.” 

Su Qingyan glanced at Xia Yuqing, who was buried like an ostrich in Feng Tingye’s arms and sneered: “The emperor and Lady Xia are such a harmonious and affectionate couple, it really makes one envious.” 

Feng Tingye ignored Su Qingyan’s sneer and sarcasm, but turned his eyes to the old lady who had acted as if she sank into deep water since he identified himself. 

“It’s not time to say this. After we beat back the strong enemy together, I will explain it to everyone.” 

“Repel the strong enemy together? Why should we believe you?” The old lady seeing Feng Tingye look over finally spoke up, “Your Majesty, don’t forget this old body and Wu Jun are still rebels. We bore the identity of traitors when we escaped.”

Feng Tingye looked at the old lady deeply and said in a heavy voice: “What happened then was a misunderstanding. It’s a long story. Zhen will explain the implication with the old madam later. Zhen came here this time to take back Ai Fei and to return your innocence.”

The old lady’s face changed slightly and a pair of weather-stricken eyes stared at Feng Tingye, as if she wanted to see if there was some conspiracy within his eyes, but it’s a pity … nothing was revealed.

    “Why do you think we will believe you? How cunning is the royal family? Who knows whether this is a conspiracy you set up? How do we know that the villains who are besieging the strong hold outside isn’t part of your group? What if you just want to kill us all?” 

When Xia Yuqing heard Su Qingyan’s question, she was a little anxious and looked up anxiously: “I can testify at this point that those outside are Jiang Feizao’s people and not the emperor’s people. The emperor would not do such dirty scheming.”

Feng Tingye saw Xia Yuqing trying to protect him and felt his heart warm up instantly, but he couldn’t help but smile a little: “Ai Fei, it is Jiang Zhaorou, not Jiang Feizao.” 

Xia Yuqing rolled her eyes: “╭ (╯ ^ ╰ ) ╮, it’s all the same.” She was speaking up for him, yet he even dared to laugh at her, such a white-eyed wolf! 

“…..” Xiao Dong was slightly stunned. 

“Okay, same meaning.” Feng Tingye squeezed Xia Yuqing’s swollen face and turned to look at Su Qingyan and the madam. “Believe it or not, it’s all up to you two. Zhen means what he says and means no harm. Zhen could just take away Ai Fei, hide in a hiddent place and watch in safety whilst you guys fight. Once both sides are weak, Zhen could come out to reap the rewards from both sides. Wouldn’t that be a lot easier?”

Feng Tingye paused, looked at the two’s unsightly look and continued: “Zhen knows that the old lady has followed the general for many years. Zhen has heard that the old lady was a match for men and did not lack in terms of ability and bravery, that you would often follow the great general travelling around. It should not be hard for the madam to tell from their ability and appearance that they are not from the Ye Country. Does the old madam think that I will join together with people of another country in order to capture a rebel?” 

“This … ” The old madam was speechless. After Feng Tingye’s reminder, she recalled that those people really were not like the people of Ye Kingdom. 

Seeing that the old lady was somewhat shaken in his eyes, Feng Tingye added one last thing: “I stand here today, one because I have always paid attention and care about the old madam and the heirs of the Wu family. The second reason is because I know that Ai Fei would not want to see you and I fight and even less willing to see this stronghold get destroyed.” 

Feng Tingye finished speaking and felt Xia Yuqing holding his hand. The corner of his lips ticked upwards and he touched her hair to appease her. 

“Godmother…” Su Qingyan listened to Feng Tingye’s words. Although he was shaken, he was still a bit wary. He couldn’t make a conclusion, so he had to resort to the old lady. 

The old lady turned her head to look at Xia Yuqing in Feng Tingye’s arms. She watched her carefully. There were some expectations and worries floating in her clear eyes, like a puppy worried about being abandoned by the owner. 

Not knowing why, but the haze in the heart disappeared a lot. Then the old lady whispered with a smile: “Fine, just because of the Ya Tou, I will believe you once. If It trusted you wrongly, the worst case is just losing this old life.” 

Xia Yuqing was delighted and hurriedly broke free from Feng Tingye’s arms. She grasped the old lady’s hand and wondered what to say.

The old lady snorted coldly: “Wait until these wicked people are dealt with, then I will settle the accounts with you.” 

Xia Yuqing ignored the old lady’s indifference and laughed brightly. 

While Yun Xi, who had been watching all this silently from the side, saw that the several people were finished discussing business, also came forward and whispered “Qing Jiejie, are you okay,? Did you get hurt just now?” 

Xia Yuqing shook her head. Yun Xi turned to look at Feng Tingye who was standing not far away, remembering the scene where Xia Yuqing nested in his arms just now, then asked curiously, “That person is your child’s father?” 

Xia Yuqing blushed and nodded. When the Ultra Seme Lord was mentioned before, she would never feel the best, but why was she so shy now? Could it be that staying with the Ultra Seme Lord for such a long time had made her skin become thinner? 囧 ~ 

Yun Xi didn’t pay much attention to Xia Yuqing’s sudden shyness. She turned to look at Feng Tingye not far away. This man was the emperor of Ye Kingdom. The new emperor who always used swift decisive decisions and schemes that caused the people from Shu Country to tremble in fear? 

Yun Xi lowered her eyes, concealing the flashing complexity in her eyes. 

Xia Yuqing and the others rushed to the Wu Jun’s side, but Wu Jun’s side was not very relaxed. 

“Boss, our brothers can barely hold on. These people are too much. It’s as if they don’t fear death. As soon as one dies, another would rush forward to fill in the hold.  If this continues, the brothers would die from exhaustion!” 

Wu Jun looked somber, he could tell that these people were dead soldiers. Dead soldiers will not give up until they achieve their goal. They would use their life to fight. If this goes on like this, his side may be seriously injured or killed. 

But these people in front of him were the brothers who would always follow him! How can he watch them fall in front of him one by one? !

  “Boss, boss, another team is rushing from the other mountain road!” 

Wu Jun froze and looked around. As expected, the smoke on the right mountain road was surging and the sound of horseshoes arose. It looked like it was a small team. 

Damn, can it be that these dead soldiers have reinforcements?

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