FMEA Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Your husband has arrived! 

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Protected by the dead warriors* in the center, Ji Miaoyan, who was in charge, apparently also noticed the arrival of the uninvited guest. His eyes were slightly stunned. When he turned his head to look at the rolling dust and with the mountain breeze, the dust that was trampled up by the horses gradually dispersed. Then it slowly revealed the team hiding behind. 

Ji Miaoyan saw the young and handsome young man in front of the team and his eyes shrank sharply, his face somber. 

“Eh, boss, why did those people rush into the opposing team?” Xiao San, who fought side by side with Wu Jun couldn’t help but shout in surprise. 

“… I don’t know, these people seem to be here to help.” Wu Jun was also confused. 

His eyes were fixed on these heroic soldiers who came from behind. He was 100% sure that he had never met these people before and from the look of their clothes, it looked like… could it be….

“It seems that Zitong came quite timely.” Wu Jun was still suspicious when he suddenly heard an unfamiliar voice coming from behind him. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Feng Tingye and the others come out slowly.

“What? The small prime minister is here too? Why didn’t I know?” Xia Yuqing was caught in Feng Tingye’s arms. Originally, she didn’t want to see this bloody scene, but because of Feng Tingye’s words, she stuck her head out to look around for Shao Zitong curiously. 

It’s a pity that even though Xia Yuqing’s eyes swept across everyone’s face, Shao Zitong’s existence was never found. Her eyebrows twisted together. Remembering Shao Zitong’s short stature, even if he was sitting on a horse, she probably wouldn’t find him among the crowd.

The battlefield is so dangerous, the small prime minister, a child, will be squashed! Although the small prime minister’s martial arts are strong, he still shouldn’t be bullied like this!

Thinking of this, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but cast a condemning glance at Feng Tingye, but Feng Tingye didn’t care. He only looked up meaningfully at the young boy in white surrounded by everyone. 

Xia Yuqing followed his gaze, to see a fair elegant young boy. The boy was wearing a white piping robe and held a red spear in his hand. Using his phoenix eyes to stare down at the soldiers fighting closeby, it was as if he was watching a group of dying ants. 

Xia Yuqing was startled by his eyes. After a brief startle, she suddenly felt that something was not right and looked up at the teenager again. Hey, why does she feel like she has seen this expression before and the heroic spirit leaking from that face…… it wouldn’t be what she’s thinking right! 

Before Xia Yuqing could confirm with Feng Tingye, she heard the enemy leader inquire: “Who is this lord? Are you the helper invited by the stronghold?” 

The young man in white raised his lips and sneered: “No, we have nothing to do with this stronghold.”

“If that’s the case, why are you going against me?” Ji Miaoyan narrowed his eyes dangerously, staring closely at the person opposite. 

The teenager smiled indifferently and raised the long tassel in his hands: “Although we are not implicated with this stronghold, we have grievances with you. The people of the Shu State entered the territory of the Ye State without permission and robbed Ye of their concubine and the young royal prince. You have also besieged my Ye citizens, do you really think that the eyes of my Ye ruler and ministers are blind?” 

“…” Omg, this tone of the speech is so familiar! This can’t be the brother of small minister who has been missing for many years, right?!

Ji Miaoyan’s face changed slightly and his voice could not help seeping out a bit coldly: “You are Feng Tingye’s person.” 

He had expected Xia Yuqing’s disappearance to be figured out by Feng Tingye’s people someday, but he didn’t expect it to be this fast! 

The young man in white lifted up his slender eyebrows and said, “The Emperor of the Ye Kingdom’s Minister of War, Shao Zitong.” 

“!” As soon as this remark came out, Xia Yuqing’s head immediately popped up with several big exclamation marks as she looked at the young man sitting majestically not far away. 

Was I hallucinating? Did I hear wrong? Ah ~ This tall boy who looks taller than one meter seventy nearing one meter and eighty, with an arrogant and poisonous tongue enough to make people want to vomit blood, but bears a fluttering and cute face is the small prime minister you raised?

Did you eat a growth hormone? I haven’t seen him in a month, but he grew as fast as bamboo shoots. Is this rational?! 

Feng Tingye seemed to have expected that Xia Yuqing would have such an expression and smiled slightly: “Did Ai Fei think that Zitong will always be so little.” 

Is he not? The difference is too big! Who knew that bun face can be turned into an awl-shaped face. Are you sure the small prime minister didn’t get plastic surgery?! 

Xia Yuqing looked at the cute boy who turned into a good looking guy. She only felt that she was given another lower limit by this world. 

Xia Yuqing’s shocked expression was obviously entertaining to Feng Tingye. Feng Tingye coughed a little and explained mercifully: “Ai Fei must know that Zitong is a martial fanatic. Among us, his martial arts is the highest, but it’s a pity that everything has a price. The kung fu practiced by Zitong is very domineering. Since the age of ten, Zitong’s body would not change anymore. It was not until his 20th birthday that one day every year,  he would change to his true age appearance.” 

Feng Tingye saw the shock in Xia Yuqing’s eyes and his dull expression couldn’t help but feel distressed. He added: “This is indeed a bit unbelievable. It’s also human nature to not accept it immediately. But Zitong is my best friend and also Zhen’s trusted aide. Zhen hopes Ai Fei will not judge him.” 

“…” This thing was too incredible, it was simply world shocking! So the small prime minister looked this mature when he was ten years old? She thought that the little minister just appeared a little worried, but she didn’t expect this person to be such a good prospect!

Isn’t the kung fu practiced by the small minister really an upgraded version of “The Eight Wastes ** Only I hold supremacy Kung Fu”? Why does she have that feeling that she went to the wrong theatre? God, is the small prime minister really not the heir of Tianshan Tongmu*? Ah, the miraculous thing has been missed, so the chance to witness a miracle is missed! Passing through god, you really are playing with me! 

*  one of the most outstanding martial arts masters in Jin Yong’s novels

“The emperor is over worrying. Chen Qie was only a little surprised and would never judge the small prime minister.” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye with tears in her eyes, her heart was broken. How can the Ultra Seme Lord understand?! Find out the truth after the fact, my tears all want to come out! 

Seeing that Xia Yuqing was hearing a rare anecdote that she couldn’t digest, he held Xia Yuqing’s hand and passed down his warmth silently. 

At the same time, there was one other person who was equally astonished. Ji Miaoyan’s consistently impenetrable face finally showed a few split marks: “Shao Zitong, you are called Shao Zitong?” 

Shao Zitong’s eyebrows twisted and didn’t understand why the other party was so surprised when he heard his name. If he remembered correctly, he had been busy with people in the court all these years. Even when he went out he would use a pseudonym. According to reason, he shouldn’t be well known enough for other nations to know.

Before Shao Zitong could understand, Ji Miaoyan had directly pulled out the sword hanging from the side of his horse and stepped on the saddle under his feet. Under the exclamation of everyone, he directly flew towards Shao Zitong. 

Shao Zitong’s face slightly changed. With a flick of his tassel, he blocked the opponent’s violent slash and he shouted angrily: “What are you being so crazy about?” 

Ji Miaoyan’s face was terrible. Without any stagnation, he stepped on Shao Zitong’s horse’s head. The horse that Shao Zitong was riding on was tilted and fell directly to the floor spitting foam. It can be seen that Ji Miaoyan did not stay his hand. 

Ji Miaoyan flew off the horse at the same time as Shao Zitong and landed gracefully. 

Shao Zitong’s face was gloomy as he glanced at the stallion that was not far away. He wanted to get angry when suddenly the person opposite began speaking: “The last name is Ji.” 

“There are so many surnames Ji, how would I know…” Shao Zitong retorted impatiently, then he suddenly thought of something. Shu state, surname Ji? Is it… 

“Who is Ji Lu to you?” 

Hearing the name of Ji Lu, Ji Miaoyan shivered and his gaze turned to Shao Zitong. His eyes became more and more cold: “You still remember my grandpa’s name?” 

“Ji Lu is your grandfather?” Shao Zitong’s face changed slightly. In the next second, Ji Miaoyan answered with a fierce offensive attack that showed no mercy 

“Ji Lu, it turned out to be him.” Feng Tingye’s eyes also squinted and whispered softly.

Xia Yuqing looked at the two who were fighting so intensely that they were indistinguishable from afar, “Who is Ji Lu?” 

“Ji Lu? He is one of the great generals of the former Shu Kingdom, the veteran of the three dynasties of the Shu Kingdom. Speaking of which, I mentioned it to Ai Fei before.” 

“Did you mention it? Why can’t I remember? How could I know the general of Shu Kingdom…?” Then Xia Yuqing turned her head to stare at Feng Tingye in surprise. 

Feng Tingye knew that she remembered it and smiled indifferently: “Yes, Zitong’s only and last time on the battlefield that year, the enemy chief was the general Ji Lu.” 

Xia Yuqing’s mouth suddenly became o-shaped. She remembered that Feng Tingye and some people had mentioned it. Shao Zitong’s virgin battle had ended in shame, anger and vomiting blood! In other words, the person Shao Zitong caused to be so angry that his blood pressure increased, the person who wailed, was General Ji Lu?! Now it is the grandson of General Ji Lu who is entangled with the small prime minister?! 

What is this inevitable clash between opposing factions? Wait, the enemy…. 

Xia Yuqing suddenly looked up and looked at the two who had equal strength who were fighting not far away.

What should I do? Suddenly in front of me is a scene of life and death, where enemies who love each other are killing each other because of their national and family hatred. Ah ~ No wonder… no wonder among the several adults, only the small prime minister always made her feel that she couldn’t get it up*. She originally thought it was because of his cute appearance that was too different from the poisonous tongue inside.

* fantasize about him

She didn’t realize until today that she had been going in the wrong direction with her fantasy. The Ultra Seme Lord was not a good match for the small prime minister. It was this cold man who is fighting with the small prime minister, this is the man who will be with the small prime minister in the future. Aww ~ why do I suddenly feel so full of love? Little prime minister,  make sure to capture your husband back home!

Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s face that was a mix of emotions. From the shock in the beginning to the expressionless expression afterwards, a frowning gaze, then finally the overjoyed appearance. The few people familiar with her immediately felt a chill. The corners of their mouths were slightly drawn. What did this girl think of now? Why do they suddenly feel that Shao Zitong’s struggle in the distance… was a little pitiful. 

If Shao Zitong knew Xia Yuqing’s thoughts at this moment, it would be estimated that he would directly quit and leave. He was fighting so hard against the final boss, then someone had suddenly just placed him and the final boss together… playing him like a fool! 

“Mother, how did you come out? Did something happen?” With the help of Shao Zitong and the army he brought, Wu Jun and the others finally got a chance to breathe. They gradually withdrew from the siege of the dead warriors and returned to the old lady. 

“I’m okay, are you injured? Let Qing Yan look at it.” The old lady came over as soon as she saw Jun’s body, her face slightly changed. 

“Mother, I’m okay. I just have some light injuries. The blood looks scary, but it’s actually someone else’s.” Wu Jun said, looking at the man beside Xia Yuqing, he frowned. “This is …” 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows, embracing Xia Yuqing’s waist: “Zhen is her man.” 

“…” The old lady, Su Qingyan and Yun Xi who were frightened by the boldness of the beast.

“…” Xia Yuqing who was embarrassed by the beast. 

“…” Wu Jun, whose brain was temporarily short-circuited.

Frozen for a while, Wu Jun was like a robot that was powered on again. He pointed at Feng Tingye and stuttered: “Ma… man? Lady Xia, you… you are carrying a baby while having an illicit lover.” 

“Bang–” The group of people with ears standing behind Wu Jun fell to the ground. Xia Yuqing also slipped and nearly fell. Fortunately, Feng Tingye kept supporting her waist and quickly stabilized her. 

She stretched her hands and wiped a cold sweat on her forehead and explained: “Brother Wu misunderstood. He is the biological father of the child in my stomach. I am definitely… not having an illicit lover.” 

Xia Yuqing carefully glanced at the people around her. Meals can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can not be said indiscriminately! Later, if the Ultra Seme Lord is unreasonable and puts the crime on her head, she really will have no place to cry! 

“The child’s biological father, didn’t you say that Yun Gongzi was your child’s father? Why is there now another who you claim as the child’s biological father? Is it possible for a child to have two fathers?” Wu Jun scratched his head, puzzled. 

“…” Xia Yuqing already had no idea what to say to this man with muscles for brain in front of her. If she allowed him to continue talking like this, things that were originally false would become something else.

“This matter is a bit complicated. Let’s wait until the enemies in front of us are resolved.” 

Xia Yuqing’s remarks succeeded in bringing everyone back, and successfully diverted everyone’s attention. 

“How is the skill of the military minister? Is there any chance of winning?” Su Qingyan turned to look at the two people who were still entangled and asked with a frown. 

Feng Tingye answered: “Don’t worry. Although it looks like they are equal, Zitong is obviously more at ease. As long as he drags it on for a while, the man will become fatigued and will be defeated by Zitong. ” 

Def… defeated by the small prime minister’s sword? Ultra Seme Lord, are you sure the person won’t be prostrating themselves to the small minister’s robes? Cough….

The two did not notice Xia Yuqing’s anomaly. Su Qingyan sneered: “The emperor really has confidence in his own people. Since this is the case, it must be nothing more than a piece of cake for the army of the emperor to handle this. We wild men staying here will only hinder you, so we should go back first.” 

“…” Second master, were you planning on patting your ass and leaving, throwing the mess directly to the Ultra Seme Lord to handle? Xia Yuqing stared dumbfounded at Su Qingyan with the band of bandits ready to escape. 

Xia Yuqing could see his careful thinking, and it didn’t make sense that Feng Tingye couldn’t see it. Just when she was about to make a noise, the situation that had gradually been held in their hands once again changed.

“Niang Niang, be careful!” Cui Er exclaimed, followed by the sharp blade sound slicing through the air.

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