FMEA Chapter 103 Part 2

Chapter 103 Your husband has arrived! 

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Xia Yuqing watched the glaring ice blade approach herself. Her brain was stunned, only one thought remained. 

Ah, I just fantasized about this man and the small prime minister a little bit, how could I suffer this disaster out of thin air! Why do you have to bully me?! 

When Xia Yuqing was in a state of embarrassment, she suddenly felt a whirl of the sky and fell into a warm embrace the next second. 

After a short period of consternation, Xia Yuqing understood what was happening. The hand holding someone’s shirt tightened suddenly. A sharp pain came from her heart, making her struggle hard. 

The man holding her tightly was like a mountain. He pressed Xia Yuqing into his arms and exposed his back to the enemy. 

Just when everyone thought everything was irreversible, a strong hurricane suddenly blew behind the two who were hugging each other and Ji Miaoyan, who was violently attacking with his sword, flew off. 

“It seems that I came just on time, so lively.”

The playful light laughter of the youth surprised everyone causing them to look up. 

Seeing that Ji Miaoyan was being fanned away, Feng Tingye’s grip on Xia Yuqing only slightly loosened. 

Xia Yuqing looked out of Feng Tingye’s arms and looked towards the sky, her chin almost fell to the ground. 

Flying … Flying chicken! It’s really a flying chicken! Above their heads, a crimson rooster that covered the sky like a Dapeng bird was fluttering its wings with a young man standing on the rooster’s shiny crown. 

The mountain breeze blew up the long hair of the teenager’s, making it flutter like a butterfly. His slender knuckles held a green jade flute that was like a green bamboo. His eyebrows were picturesque, personable, just like an upper realm fairy, a fairy who has fallen into the world by mistake. It’s a pity that the image was completely ruined when he spoke. 

“Yo, this little girl doesn’t look too bad. Are you willing to go to the lake to enjoy the moon with this Gong Zi and sip some wine?” The indifferent eyes of the boy who looked at Xia Yuqing suddenly lit up and he asked frivolously.

“…” Was she being fooled? Doing this in front of the Ultra Seme Lord?

Xia Yuqing looked around in fear, trembling. As expected, Feng Tingye’s eyes were gloomy. His mouth still had a smiling expression, but the hand on her waist tightened. 

Xia Yuqing burst into tears. This time it was not her fault. You cannot blame this on her! She really did not deliberately attract butterflies, please let her go! 

Feng Tingye’s lips hooked upwards and the delicate phoenix eyes also seemed to point upward. This made the people who were watching from the side suddenly feel a chill behind them. It was as if they were immersed in the ice water in winter for no reason. 

“Cui Er, slaughter this lecher who offended your master.” 

“…” It’s over, the Ultra Seme Lord is angry! 

“…” The surrounding audience: Why do they suddenly feel that the sky was dark and it was chilly. Is it going to rain? 

Cui Er was stunned for a moment and then saluted towards Feng Tingye: “As you bid.” 

“…” Hey, can you two not talk about killing as if it was as easy as chopping cabbage? This is a person’s life! Even if you are an emperor, there’s still laws. You will force the people to rebel! 

Cui Er’s eyes narrowed slightly. Then it faded back to her usual modest gaze as her eyes swept forward. Xia Yuqing only felt a figure flash by her. At the next moment, Cui Er had stepped onto the treetop on the side, jumped up, raised her sword, and rushed to the young man.

This efficient and murderous tiger went directly into the offensive. The crowd stared in awe, this woman… was so valiant! 

Xia Yuqing couldn’t even keep her mouth closed. Although she always knew that Cui Er could do martial arts, she didn’t expect it to be so powerful. Aaaa~ Sure enough, every cute girl is hiding a Godzilla inside. Unless there is an Ultraman*, the world will be destroyed by them! 

* Japanese character from TV show 

The teenager was obviously frightened by Cui Er. In a stunned manner, he hurriedly raised the jade flute in his hand and blocked the long sword. Her merciless face was five centimeters away from his own beautiful face. 

The teenager was slightly shocked, but still smiled and said: “Such a fierce attack. Could it be that this little girl seeing this Gong Zi looking favourably at the little girl below got jealous? Hatred due to love?” 

“…” The little girl below felt her mouth twitch and thought: No, you think too much, Gong Zi! 

Seeing Cui Er’s face unchanging and emitting an unafraid stance, he stated: “This girl is so fierce. Be careful, you won’t be able to get married. But since this Gong Zi thinks you don’t look too bad, how about I force myself to accept you. How about being my eighteenth concubine?”

“…” This man really is not afraid of death! This is Xia Yuqing who was shocked again.

“…” How could there be such a shameless lecher?! This is the crowd who was also stunned. 

“…” I don’t know this person, I don’t know… I don’t know… This is the thought of Su Qingyan who is the only one who knew the inside story, but felt embarrassed and was trying to escape reality. 

The young man’s words obviously were effective. Cui Er’s eyes flickered and her sword was drawn back. In the next instant, she went directly towards the heart of the teenager with the intent to kill him. 

“Hey… why are you making a move again? This gentleman uses his mouth not his hands. Also, this Gong Zi doesn’t hit woman! Hey, still…” The teenager was forced to retreat by Cui Er’s slightly aggressive attack, jumping up and down on the bird. 

Staring at the two, Xia Yuqing suddenly felt a bright light in her eyes making her squint uncomfortably and reach out with a hand. 

After her eyes were a little bit less uncomfortable, she looked intently upwards again. Then she noticed a crystal clear jade pendant hanging from the end of the jade flute. It shone brightly under the sunlight, refracting into her eyes. 

“That’s …” Xia Yuqing’s face suddenly changed after seeing the jade pendant. 

“What’s the matter?” Feng Tingye, who hugged her tightly, heard Xia Yuqing’s exclamation and asked in a low voice. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t answer. She hurriedly got out of Feng Tingye’s arms, stepped forward and looked up at the “flying chicken” still in the air.

If she took a closer look, isn’t this “flying chicken” the enlarged version of the mechanism bird that she gave to Xiang Er? And that piece of jade… could it be… 

Xia Yuqing took out a thing from her purse that was almost the same as the jade as that man’s. Then she watched the young man who was being chased by Cui Er, but was still fooling around with his words…. 

They said that his temperament is calm and his talent is extremely high? That he has good humor and was brilliant? Is it really possible that this unknown person in front of her is her senior brother she hasn’t met? Brother, did you run to the wrong theater? 

Xia Yuqing’s heart was going wild. Suddenly she heard a cry from the people in the back. Looking up reflexively, she saw the sword in Cui Er’s hand piercing someone’s heart. 

Unable to confirm, Xia Yuqing blurted out: “Cui Er stop, that’s your future husband.” 

When this remark came out, there was a moment of suspicious silence around them and then another exclamation. 

Cui Er heard Xia Yuqing’s cry and was shocked. She hurriedly withdrew the sword. She had been so determined earlier but taking it back now? The person opposite of her was okay, but she was completely confused. 

She was standing on the edge of the flying bird’s wings. Her figure was swaying, then she stepped on the air and fell directly from the bird. 

“Cui Er …” Xia Yuqing’s face was pale with fright.

In a flash, another person flew off the bird. Everyone looked intently. The man who flew off was the young man who had just escaped his disaster, that is, Xia Yuqing’s senior brother, Xu Lao’s son – Su Wuduan. 

Cui Er apparently didn’t expect Su Wuduan to rush to save herself. Her eyes swayed slightly. Then when Su Wuduan grabbed her hand, she pulled him upright. Hmph, she wouldn’t let this bastard be a handsome hero that saves the beauty. 

Su Wuduan apparently didn’t expect Cui Er to come up with such a trick. His original graceful figure became like a leaf being destroyed by the wind. When he fell to the ground, Su Wuduan’s face was slightly dull. He pulled Cui Er into his arms, and then struggled to reverse … 

The crowd only heard a bang and saw the smoke roll up, accompanied by a smothered sound. 

Cui Er hadn’t recovered from the surprise that someone had made a cushion for herself. Slightly tilting her head to see how the other person was, she felt a soft touch between her lips, and swallowed

The smoke cleared, and everyone stepped forward to check the injuries of the two, but their eyes were …

OMG! Kiss, kiss! Xia Yuqing stared at the entangled lips, she had a stunned look as if she got struck by thunder. 

Your sister, this is developing too fast! 

This was the first time they met. The first time they met! What kind of swollen sight is it to jump directly from first base to third base? Cui Er, hold on! 

At this moment, Cui Er obviously couldn’t hear Xia Yuqing’s inner thoughts. At the moment when Su Wuduan kissed her, her head had become paste. When Su Wuduan let go of her lips, she was still in a dumbfounded state and she didn’t return to clarity until someone’s joking voice came out again. 

“So sweet. Temper is spicy, I like it. Ha ha ha ha, oops …” 


Cui Er scrambled up from someone’s body, gathered her loose hair, and coldly glanced at Su Wuduan who was curled up in pain on the ground. Then she stood up and walked towards Xia Yuqing. While walking back she rubbed her lips hard, as if to wipe off all the traces that someone had just left. 

Xia Yuqing glanced cautiously at Su Wuduan who was holding his body and rolling on the ground with some sympathy in her eyes. She saw it just now. Cui Er had kicked that special part! Gee, Cui Er, you are too ruthless. If someone’s place is broken, what will you do in the future? That may be related to your sexual happiness for the rest of your life! 

While everyone’s attention was focused on the Su Wuduan duo, Ji Miaoyan’s face was gloomy. He clenched his long sword and prepared to attack again. But when he stepped forward, a figure behind Xia Yuqing and the others faced him. 

After Ji Miaoyan saw the opposite face clearly, his eyes shrank suddenly. His mouth slightly opened in surprise: “You …”

Yun Xi glanced at the people near her with a guilty conscience. Seeing that they were not paying attention to this side, she was slightly relieved. She turned to shake her head towards Ji Miaoyan and raised her hand to let him leave quickly. 

Ji Miaoyan’s face slightly changed, the grip on his sword tightened. The veins on the back of his hand looked like they would explode and his eyes were full of hate when he looked at Shao Zitong. He was not willing to leave. 

Yun Xi’s face was heavy, the soft and cute baby face shockingly gave off an oppressive aura. 

Receiving the warning glance in Yun Xi’s eyes, Ji Miaoyan was shocked. He bit his lips and finally turned and rushed towards his horse. 

“Your Majesty, Lord prime minister, the person of Shu country ran away!” The exclamation that came not far away attracted everyone’s attention from Su Wuduan’s body. 

Feng Tingye’s face changed slightly. The eyes of the vulture stared at Ji Miaoyan and the Shu ** team not far away who was taking advantage of the chaos on the side: “Order that all city gate borders must be blocked and closed. They must not be sent back to Shu Country and… chase! I need to see them dead or alive!”


Feng Tingye stared at Ji Miaoyan’s back. There was a trace of murderous intention in his eyes, but when he turned around and took Xia Yuqing into his arms, his killing intention had already faded. 

“Your Majesty, you are pressing on my stomach.” Xia Yuqing’s small protest stunned Feng Tingye slightly. He loosened his arms and was relieved when he discovered she wasn’t hurt. 

Suddenly, his eyes drifted to Cui Er, who was standing behind Xia Yuqing. Thinking of Xia Yuqing’s anxious words just now, Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows and asked, “Ai Fei, who is that man over there?” 

Xia Yuqing was startled, remembering that she hadn’t confirmed it yet. Although the result should have been **. 

“This is a bit complicated. Let’s go find someone first.” 

Compared with Feng Tingye’s oath to Ji Miaoyan and others about not abandoning the matter, everyone in the stronghold was relieved when they saw those people leave. 

Wu Jun helped the old lady back to the stronghold and the wounded brothers also helped each other into the village in twos and threes. But Su Qingyan reluctantly moved to Su Wuduan and kicked him. 

“Hey, if you’re not dead, hurry and get up.” 

Su Wuduan who was trying to tolerate the pain looked up. When he saw who it was, he was overjoyed to see his acquaintance: “Little Yanyan, you came.” 

“Go away.” Su Qingyan twitched when he heard the nickname causing goose bumps to arise. He turned around and wanted to leave, but someone hugged his thighs first. 

“How can Little Yanyan just leave others like this? It’s been such a long time since I last saw little Yanyan, could it be that you have fallen in love with someone else? You’re breaking my heart.” 

Xia Yuqing who came with Feng Tingye, hearing such awesome words as soon as she approached, felt her dull hair on her head stand up. 

What did she hear? What did she just hear?! It turns out that the second master besides the first master has another seme? Big master is going to get jealous! His love rival is here!

No, there seems to be something wrong!

Xia Yuqing didn’t understand it completely when she heard Su Qingyan’s teeth gnashing together not far away: “Su Wuduan, you beast! You think I can’t take care of you?!” 

Take care of you, take care of you! Do you want to abandon the arms of the big master and go to my senior brother? Hey, that’s not right. Senior brother is clearly Cui Er’s future husband. It’s over, this is over. This four-corner relationship is too complex. I can already foresee the deep sadism of these couples in the future, why is it so intense! 

Su Qingyan and Su Wuduan were unaware that the dialogue between the two had already given someone unlimited fascination. Su Qingyan patted his friend’s hand that was gripped tightly on his leg impatiently and said helplessly: “Hurry and get up. If we don’t go in soon, we’ll be facing cold wind all day.” 

Su Wuduan sucked in a breath of cold air and released his leg and smiled in a scoundrel manner: “I remember, but unfortunately, I can’t help myself.” 

Su Qingyan’s complexion changed suddenly and then he discovered Su Wuduan’s peculiarity. As soon as he grasped his wrist to explore his pulse, his face became a lot uglier. Finally he couldn’t help but yell out: “You’ve suffered such heavy internal injuries and you’re still flirting with girls. Do you feel like you’ve lived too long?!”

Su Wuduan seemed to have expected that Su Qingyan would react like this. He smiled and just wanted to say something, when he heard a nice female voice: “Are you… senior brother?” 

Su Wuduan looked around innocently and saw Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye walking towards them. Seeing the jade pendant in her hands, his eyes widened: “Are you the one my father often mentioned….” 

Xia Yuqing looked at him expectantly. Master even mentioned me in front of senior brother. What good words did he say I wonder?

“… derailed junior sister?”

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