FMEA Chapter 104

  Chapter 104 Patients with Schizophrenia 

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“Oh… Su Qingyan, you’re killing me!!” A creepy scream came from a secluded courtyard room in the black wind stronghold. This caused a man who walked outside the courtyard to turn pale. After a glance, he hurried away as if there were a group of beasts behind him. 

“So, are you two disciples of the same teacher?” Su Qingyan asked lightly, ignoring the screams of the man. 

“Oh, lightly lightly.” Su Wuduan bitterly looked at the silver needles piercing his own acupoints. 

He was suspicious someone was taking the opportunity to retaliate for the fact that he had just called him a nickname. 

Therefore there’s a saying, you can offend anyone but a doctor. As long as people can get sick and old, there will be a day when they need one. 

“Okay, we’ll keep the needles in for one hour and then I will take the needles out for you.” 

“I still have to have them in for an hour?” Su Wuduan’s handsome face was obviously distorted. He was sore and itchy. If this continued for another hour, he’s afraid he won’t be able to get out of bed for the next two days!

“Don’t move.” Su Qingyan twisted his eyebrows and pressed his hand down to stop any unnecessary movement. “If the needle is crooked, we will have to pull it out and pierce it again. Even if you’re not afraid of pain, it will be a waste of time. You suffered an internal injury. Although it didn’t hurt your heart, it’s not some small cold or flu, you can’t just take it casually. I’ll write a prescription for you later. Eat it for ten to fifteen days, then you will be back to normal.”

“What, I still need medicine?” Su Wuduan’s face changed, suddenly sensing an ominous premonition emerge. Sure enough, when Su Qingyan handed him the prescription, his face collapsed. Licorice, Coptis chinensis, … they were all bitter chinese herbs that couldn’t get any more bitter. Sure enough, this is revenge for yourself! 

“Speaking of …” Su Wuduan put away the prescription and then he set his sight on Xia Yuqing who had been standing by the bed and staring at him. He asked aloud, “How did you recognize me as your senior brother, junior sister?” 

Seeing Su Wuduan asking a proper question, Xia Yuqing seriously responded: “Well, this is naturally because your little sister is smart and thoughtful.” 

“…” Su Wuduan almost choked. 

Xia Yuqing looked at the dumbfounded expressions and coughed a little: “Well, I saw the jade pendant above your jade flute. When I first accepted Master, Master also gave this jade pendant to me. He mentioned it was the symbol of the sect and that all my senior brothers had a similar one. The only difference was the words that represented our ranking.”

“So it turns out like this.” Su Wuduan’s right hand that had no needles pierced shook and a green jade flute appeared in front of everyone. At the end of it was a jade pendant, similar to the one in Xia Yuqing’s hand. 

Xia Yuqing took the jade pendant and turned it to the back to see. As expected, there was a word “one” engraved on it. 

Su Wuduan stared at Xia Yuqing’s profile and asked, “Even if you see this jade pendant, you can only guess that I am one of your three senior brothers. How can you be so sure that I am your first senior brother and not your second senior brother or third senior brother?” 

“Well, thanks to the mechanism pheasant that senior brother was riding. This is an enlarged version of the mechanism bird. Master once told me that the machine bird was developed by him and senior brother. In this world, except for him, only senior brother can make it.” 

Xia Yuqing said with a raised head, looking immeasurably self-satisfied. The glittering eyes seemed to be saying, “I am so smart, praise me quickly, praise me quickly.” 

Su Wuduan didn’t pay attention to her smugness. He only widened his eyes and asked in surprise: “Mechanism … Pheasant?” 

“Yeah, the one you rode when you came here.” Xia Yuqing glanced at him with a frown, as if to blame him on his bad memory.

Su Wuduan’s face was blue, and Xia Yuqing innocently mumbled: “If it isn’t a pheasant, did you think it was a phoenix? How can there be such an ugly phoenix?”

Suddenly, the blood stuck in his throat couldn’t go up or down, his mouth was full of a bloody smell. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down before saying: “That’s a peacock, a mechanism peacock!!! It’s not some phoenix or some damn pheasant!” 

“Oh, so it’s a peacock!” Xia Yuqing grievously dropped her head forming a figure that looked rather pitiful. 

Su Wuduan is a person who knows how to pity and have protective feelings for the fairer sex, otherwise he would not sacrifice his own body to protect Cui Er making him unable to move in bed. Now seeing Xia Yuqing like this, he couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. 

Did he just go too far? Ugh, she is just a girl. Even if she said the wrong thing, he shouldn’t have gone this far. The most important thing is that this girl was the old man’s treasure. If he really made her cry, if this girl tells on him in front of the old man, who knows who the eccentric old man will stand by?! 

With such a thought, Su Wuduan made up his mind. He cleared his throat. He wanted to comfort someone when he heard someone whisper, thinking that no one heard, when in fact everyone could hear it clearly. 

“Yeah, your peacock isn’t a pheasant or whatever, it’s just too flashy.” 

Kaaa — Su Wuduan clearly heard the string labelled sanity in his brain snap… He must be blind to think that this girl is pitiful and lovable ! ! ! 

“Puu …” The people watching on the side heard Xia Yuqing’s words and then looked at Su Wuduan’s petrified appearance. All of them held their mouths and smirked hard, even Su Qingyan who didn’t have a good impression earlier, had his mouth smirking. 

Su Wuduan gave a few people a few glances. They all tried to avoid his gaze. Seeing the smiles on some of the faces that couldn’t be hidden, Su Wuduan wanted to vomit out blood even more. 

With blood still in his throat, he laughed unreasonably and said: “I have heard that junior sister is smart and naive. Now that I see her in person, she really deserves that reputation!”

Xia Yuqing didn’t hear the clenched teeth in the provoking words and shyly said: “Senior brother is over complimenting me. However, from what was mentioned by the Master, senior brother is a lot… different from what I imagined.” 

When Su Wuduan heard Xia Yuqing’s first half of the sentence, he almost vomited again. But after hearing the second half of the sentence, he turned to raise his eyebrows and asked jokingly, “Oh? Junior sister’s words makes me very curious. How did Dad introduce me to you?” 

Su Qingyan and the others all raised their ears, one by one. 

Xia Yuqing straightened up and puffed her chest, trying to imitate Lao Xu: “Master said, disciple, among the few of your senior brothers, your senior brother has the most stable temperament and the highest talent. If you see him in the future, you should learn from him well.” 

Once the words fell out, there was silence in the room. Everyone stared at the unruly boy lying on the bed. It was really difficult to connect him with the young talent that Xia Yuqing’s master has mentioned.

Su Wuduan looked at Xia Yuqing with a sullen face for a while. Even if they could really see a little of that calm temperament, unfortunately, the image will collapse in the next second.

“Hahaha, it seems that I am quite good at acting to have concealed it from the old man for so many years. I really feel a sense of accomplishment now.” 

“… acting?” Xia Yuqing stared dumbfoundedly at Su Wuduan. This guy was actually pretending to be decent? Master said that senior brother has been with him for seven to eight years, that is to say, this guy has cheated him for seven to eight years. 

At this moment, Xia Yuqing deeply doubted whether her master’s IQ was really as high as the outside world rumored. 

“Yeah, when I initially got close to my father, I thought he liked mature and stable apprentices, so I forced myself to pretend to be the kind of man who adhered to tradition and rules. 

Dad naturally thought highly of me as time passed. But… ” Su Wuduan gave Xia Yuqing a deep look. “If I knew that my father liked you, I wouldn’t have to pretend so hard.” 

“…” What are you saying? I’m quite normal, OK. I’m not like you acting like one thing then being another? Do you think you are an ever changing tree, being able to switch between personalities for seven to eight years? Aren’t you afraid you will become schizophrenic? 

And Master, for seven to eight years, you didn’t even know that you were raising a white-eyed wolf and treated him like the apple of your eye? Fortunately, this person was his son. If it was someone else, Xu Lao would probably have been eaten clean with no leftovers.

At the moment, Xu Lao who was far away in Jing Du suddenly felt an itch and could not help but sneeze.

He reached out and rubbed his itchy nose, tears in his eyes: “Is it possible that my baby disciple is calling me? It’s been a month, how come my small apprentice and my apprentice grandson haven’t come back? The days without my apprentice are really lonely. ” 

Seeing that Xia Yuqing didn’t respond, Su Wuduan seemed to see through her thoughts and smiled smugly: “Are you thinking, why haven’t my dad discovered anything after being together for so many years? Furthermore, even if he didn’t discover why no one else would tell him?”

“…” Is this guy some bug in my stomach? How did he know what I was thinking?”

You don’t need to be too surprised. Dad is obsessed with his mechanism arts and he doesn’t have much contact with people regularly. Besides, those who know my true nature will not deliberately tell him because they are more or less…. bribed by me.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing stared at Su Wuduan’s smile and paused. Why did she suddenly have a feeling that she was talking to a fox? Her senior brother and the Ultra Seme Lord were definitely made of the same stuff!!!

“Cough, senior brother, from the tone of your voice, it seems you have known a while ago that your master is your father…” 

Su Wuduan’s eyes narrowed slightly and stretched out his hand to look at the nails on it: “Of course, but I didn’t tell my father or my mother.” 


“With them not knowing a thing, by the time they discover the truth of the incident accidentally, their faces…. would definitely be entertaining. However, my father and my mother were both really slow. I clearly hinted to them for seven to eight years, but the two of them did not react at all, forcing me to resort to all sorts of killer techniques. You should have seen their expression when they found out, really… it was too much fun. It was definitely not a waste of my 7 or 8 year of testing the waters. So refreshing, hahahaha… “

“…” Xia Yuqing and Su Qingyan were all petrified when they saw the provoking smile. Suddenly they felt that their world view had been severely hit and once again it was refreshed to an unimaginable state. 

What kind of psychiatric hospital did this snake-like patient come from? Playing a game for seven to eight years until they got schizophrenia? 

It turned out that the encounter between Master and Mother-in-law was not coincidental. It turned out… it turns out that it was you! This man’s risk factor is not lower than the Ultra Seme Lord at all. No, he was even more dangerous than the Ultra Seme Lord. Su Qingyan was right. 

This person is a beast, a beast! Please someone come handle this beast, don’t let him harm people again!!! There is a saying, if you are sick, you need to take medicine. You can’t shy away from medical treatment. Even if you give up treatment, you should not come out and harm the world! ! ! 

“I can now be 100% sure that you are my senior brother, the son of master and master’s wife.” Except for her proud master and female warrior master’s wife, who can give birth to such a paradoxical beast. Too cruel.

“I am also 100% sure that you are my junior sister because I love beautiful ladies like you the most. In the future, I will be in your care.” Su Wuduan raised a harmless smile, grasped Xia Yuqing’s hand and whispered.

“… Of course, of course.” What do you mean you like pretty little ladies like me? Could it be that all beautiful ladies in this world are your little sisters? Master, is it too late for me to quit now?

“… What are the two of them talking about?” Su Qingyan’s lips twitched. He suddenly felt that he wasted a half hour listening to a bunch of nonsense. It was really stupid.

“… cough, I don’t really understand.” Cui Er, who has always followed Xia Yuqing, also felt unclear. Therefore, she can only silently sum it up in her heart: the wonderful world is very fantastic, the wonderful world is very complicated, and a normal person in a wonderful world… really cannot be understood! ! ! 

After glancing at Xu Yuqing’s hand being held by Su Wuduan, Su Qingyan decisively picked up a folding fan placed on one side of the table and waved it mercilessly towards Su Wuduan’s head. While Xia Yuqing was taken aside one step earlier by Cui Er for protection, she watched the good show with cold eyes. 

“Aw … why did you hit me?” Su Wuduan held the bump on his head and protested weakly. 

Su Qingyan smiled coldly: “I see that you are ill and was treating you as I please. No need to thank me, this is the duty of a practitioner. Also, I just warned you, don’t move around. If you move the needles, I will have to re-insert them. Look! Gee, it’s all crooked. So … let me pierce you again. Pierce you for another hour. “

“Ao ~~~ Su Qingyan, are you trying to take revenge. Ao ~~~ I’m dying, I’m going to die. I’m going to die. I don’t want to be healed. It’s just a little internal injury, I won’t die!” 

Xia Yuqing listened to Su Wuduan’s miserable cry and wanted to go forward to help, but was stopped by Cui Er. 

“Niang Niang, Su Gongzi and Su Gongzi are acquaintances. They know what they are doing. Moreover, His Majesty wouldn’t want Niang Niang to come too close to other men, especially men who are touchy.” 

Cui Er’s words seemed to act as Xia Yuqing’s wake-up call. Right, if she went up to plead for him just now and this was discovered by the Ultra Seme Lord and if he misunderstood what she had with her senior brother, she wouldn’t be clean even if she jumped into the Yellow River. 

“En, that’s right, the second master should… know what he’s doing.” 

With that, the only person who might have saved Su Wuduan was fooled by Cui Er in a few words, leaving Su Wuduan to his tragic fate.

 “No need for help? Ha ha… it isn’t a choice. You’ve already received half the treatment. If you go out now with only half your vitality, others will say that my medical skills are not good enough to cure you. My ghost hand medical immortal reputation cannot fall in your hands. Therefore, you will have to go through it…. until the end.” Saying this, his hands pushed down hard again. 

“Ao …” The screams came one after another. It was really sad to hear and could even cause tears to bystanders.

After half a cup of tea, Su Qingyan clapped his hands and faced Xia Yuqing: “He’s just that kind of person, I hope you don’t mind.”

“… Second Master, you’re being too courteous.” Xia Yuqing looked at the human-shaped figure that had given up on the bed. Secretly she lamented that there is always a mountain higher than the next. I used to be… just too ignorant. 

After being shocked, Xia Yuqing once again firmed up her belief that she would not let Su Qingyan see her for treatment. But what were those last bland discourse from the second master about? Why did it have a strong jq smell, you guys aren’t… what will happen to the first master and my family’s Cui Er?!?!

Anyway, she had to probe the enemy situation first, “Well, second master, are you and my senior brother friends?” 

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