FMEA Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Rice ball and soup dumpling

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On the third day of Xia Yuqing returning to Xiefang palace hall and also the second day she awoke, all kinds of people, from the empress dowager to the civil and military officials, people who she knew and didn’t know, all swarmed into Xia Yuqing’s palace. They had all rushed to the entrance of the doors to congratulate the return of Consort Qing.

In order to maintain her dignified composure and her usual approachable, beautiful image, Xia Yuqing had a smile all day long. In the end, she succeeded in stiffening the smile on her face with her whole face twitching. 

Why didn’t she know that she was so loved? Once something happened, everyone had actually rushed over to fawn over herself! After all, there are few people in the world who would send charcoal in the snow*. There were many more who would add flowers on brocades*! 

* provide help in ones hour of need

* decorate/help something that is already perfect

In the crowd of people flowing into Xiefang palace hall, compared to Xia Yuqing who smiled stiffly, there was another person who was full of fire. That was Xia Yuqing’s family beast — the Ye Kingdom’s most honorable emperor, Feng Tingye. 

With great difficulty, he had finally brought Ai Fei back. It should have been a family reunion, them enjoying their romantic couple’s world…. no, in their three person world! But, these blind people came swarming forward one by one, they must be….. too idle !

Therefore, during the morning of the next day, those complacent officials who thought they had curried favour with Xia Yuqing found that not only were they not promoted, but they had actually downgraded a few levels. In fact… there were a lot more messy things to deal with. So, don’t underestimate a man’s jealousy, especially those who are dissatisfied == 

Xia Yuqing knew nothing about these methods secretly used by Feng Tingye. Of course she didn’t need to know, she was too busy at the moment dealing with the uninvited guests in her palace hall. Furthermore, she had no energy to know.

Although Feng Tingye was the emperor, who could stop the civil and military officials, he couldn’t stop the people outside the court. The person standing in front of Xia Yuqing at this moment was that special case. 

“Cough, why are you here, Senior brother?” 

“Of course I came here to see if my junior sister is doing well in the palace. Why, junior sister, do you not welcome me?” 

To see if I’m passing the time in the palace well? If you want to see how well I live in the palace, shouldn’t you be looking at me? Why are your eyes always glancing at someone behind me? Do you think I’m blind! This sister’s eyes are brighter than a pearl in a bedroom at night, okay!

“…of course not. If Senior brother came to the palace to visit Junior sister, junior sister couldn’t be more delighted. How can I not welcome it? It’s just that senior brother you came to see me, so those eyes should be staring at me, it shouldn’t be looking around seeing things that shouldn’t be seen.” Xia Yuqing moved to the side with a disgusted glance and blocked the glance of someone looking behind her. She flashed a big white tooth grin at him. 

Su Wuduan raised his eyebrows and stepped forward holding Xia Yuqing’s shoulders on both sides. He spoke with a smile: “Junior sister, you don’t understand. To understand if someone is living a good life, if they are merry and comfortable, it’s not just judged from one’s appearance, but should…” 

Xia Yuqing just felt a light touch and she was moved to the side by Su Wuduan at the next moment. 

When Xia Yuqing looked at him in horror, someone innocently finished his sentence: “But you should look at the people around them and the items around.” 

“…” Senior brother, I know I’m not as educated, but don’t lie to me. Can’t you directly tell me why you came to my house? Why do you have to take such a big curve around the topic,  can’t you just play honestly and happily? ! 

When Feng Tingye solved the unsightly unwanted third guests, he returned to the Xiefang palace hall. When he saw the scene before him, his smiling eyes cooled down. He quickly stepped forward smoothly and smacked away the pervert’s hand that was on his beloved Ai Fei’s shoulder.  He smiled and said: “How come Su Gongzi is here? Doesn’t Xu Lao need your help?”

Hearing the hidden warnings in Feng Tingye’s words, Su Wuduan squinted his eyes. He lazily fixed the hair that was blown out of place and frivolously said: “Thank you Your Majesty for being concerned, but father is now in seclusion to study the art of mechanisms. Nobody is allowed to see him. Me staying there will only disturb his environment. It would be better for me to come out and look for my Junior sister who I have only met a few times, but is very close  with.” 

Xu Lao is in seclusion? No wonder she hasn’t seen his shadow since she has come back. Speaking about this, in Master’s heart, was this little apprentice not as important as mechanical skills? This really made her feel bitter! 

Xia Yuqing silently plunged into Feng Tingye’s arms for comfort, but after a while, Xia Yuqing felt something was wrong. Why did she feel a bit chilly? 

Looking up, she saw that the two silent men crackled and were engaged in a battle with their eyes. Xia Yuqing was reduced to being the sacrificial victim between them. 

Xia Yuqing turned around and glanced at Su Wuduan who was covered in hormones. Thinking of his ambiguous words just now, she thought it was necessary to explain.

 “Cough, Senior brother.” Xia Yuqing’s sound immediately attracted the two’s attention. Taking on her complacent senior brother’s gaze and the Ultra Seme Lord’s irritated gaze, Xia Yuqing deeply felt the pressure: “Senior brother, a rabbit doesn’t eat the grass by its own burrow*.” 

* one shouldn’t do anything to harm one’s neighbours

The smile on Su Wuduan’s face froze stiffly and the aura emitted from his body showed a momentary twist: “Junior Sister, you…” 

“Senior brother, you and I are impossible. I already have his Majesty.” Xia Yuqing had on an expression that said “I understand everything you want to say, no need to explain, it is impossible for me and you to have a future”. 

Su Wuduan’s mouth twitched. He took back his evildoer appearance and rolled his eyes: “I would have to be blind to take interest in you.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing was stunned. When she finally reacted, she was shocked and pointed at Su Wuduan’s back and asked, “Your Majesty, senior brother… what does that mean?” 

Feng Tingye gave Su Wuduan a glance and hugged his pet: “He means that Ai Fei is a peerless talent that is unmatched in this generation. Your radiance is excessively bright, so he can only watch from afar. It is something someone of his standards can’t even think about, so he has to seek refuge with others as last resort.”

“…” Su  Wuduan who was walking towards Cui Er. His lips twitched. He looked at the man who comforted Xia Yuqing in his arms, shocked. 

After lying in a big trough, there was actually a man in this world who can reverse right and wrong better than himself. His blunt sentence could be twisted into this way by him? It really was true that there is always a taller mountain out there! His junior sister’s husband absolutely did not have an ordinary temperament! It’s better to stay away from now on! This couple is really annoying! 

After Su Wuduan made up his mind, he threw the couple to the back of his mind and ran off to find his future wife. 

Xia Yuqing’s broken glass heart was successfully mended by Feng Tingye. She looked at the cheap smile not far away fawning over her Ya Tou and frowned: “Is it possible that they succeeded by a lucky stroke and was manipulated by the teacher’s wife? Your Majesty, do you think senior brother will succeed?” 

Feng Tingye looked at the curiosity in Xia Yuqing’s eyes. He didn’t answer and only looked at the Ya Tou who was retreating while acting indifferent. He couldn’t help thinking back to the night when they finally brought Xia Yuqing back to the palace. 

That night, he, Shao Zitong and the others gathered in the study room to interrogate a Ya Tou. Yet that Ya Tou under the pressure of the several Da Ren did not flinch in the slightest. She didn’t bend or cower, instead she stood tall the entire time.

“Nu Bi said that after the emperor safely rescues Niang Niang, His Majesty can handle Nu Bi in any way.”

“You have nothing to say?” 

“Nu Bi has nothing to say.”

Feng Tingye glanced down at the unbending women who knelt on the ground. He sneered, “You must think Zhen won’t kill you because of Ai Fei. Unfortunately, I will never leave any potential risks remaining around Ai Fei.” 

Cui Er’s face did not change. She bowed her head and said: “Whether your majesty believes it or not, Nu Bi will not do anything to harm Niang Niang, nor will Nu Bi give other people the opportunity to hurt Niang Niang. Nu Bi never thought that His Majesty would easily forgive Nu Bi. Nu Bi was just betting, betting that his majesty won’t just take human lives like it was ripping out weeds, betting on his majesty’s relationship with Niang Niang that he would not want Niang Niang to be sad.” 

Feng Tingye’s face became heavy. His heart was fierce, but he had to admit that Cui Er’s thoughts were meticulous and stepped on his achilles heel. 

Several people saw Feng Tingye’s face become gloomy. Without a word, they looked at each other, then stepped forward to help: “We don’t even know who you are, how do we know if what you said is true or not? Rather than risking Niang Niang being hurt, it’s better to let Niang Niang feel sad for a while. After a long time, Niang Niang will naturally forget about your existence and your position will be replaced by others.” 

Cui Er was startled. She knew that if she didn’t tell the truth today, these people would never let her go. Fortunately… fortunately, she had expected such a moment. 

“Nu Bi isn’t someone’s person or being controlled, Nu Bi…” Cui Er looked up, seemingly had made a decision. She stated: “Nu Bi is a member of the Tokharians.” 

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