FMEA Chapter 106 Part 2

Chapter 106 Rice ball and soup dumpling

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“Tokharians?!” After this remark, several people in the room all changed their faces. 

The Tokharians were a very special existence, not only in Ye country but in the other three countries as well. They did not solely belong to any country, but existed in each country. No one knew where they lived and no one knew how many people they had.

It was rumored that the Tokharians were the people closest to God. They were the spokespersons of God in the human world and helped convey the will of God. They were like priests, but they had noble blood and abilities that priests cannot match. Every royal family very much hoped to obtain the help from the Tokharians. With their assistance, they would be successful in every endeavour and truly be overlords of their territory.

However, everything has a price. The Tokharians can take a glimpse into fate, but they cannot use it to change the fate of the world. Otherwise, they would suffer the disaster of extinction. Therefore, the Tokharians had always been travelling on the edge of the Five Kingdoms and would never directly get involved. 

Of course, since ancient times, power has always been tempting. Naturally, among the monarchs of the past, there was no shortage of people trying to force the Tokharians to use their power to serve them. However, the result of this was often the country’s destruction. 

History tells people with reality that the Tokharians are sheltered by God and those who harbor evil thoughts for them will be punished. 

It is precisely because of this and their special status that their existence disappeared little by little in the years to come. 

In the eyes of Feng Tingye and the others, the Tokharians have always been just a legend. Now that this legend had appeared in front of them without warning, how can they not be surprised? 

“What evidence do you have?” Feng Tingye was the first to recover from the surprise. He squinted and looked at Cui Er kneeling on the ground, as if trying to confirm whether what she said was true or false. 

“From the birth of the Tokharians, the marks of the Tokharian clan will be tattooed on one’s arm.” Cui Er paused, then she reached up to lift the sleeve of her right arm.

In an instant, a moon pattern surrounded by a bloody flame caught everyone’s eyes. After that, the eyes of everyone gathered on Feng Tingye. Among the people present, only Feng Tingye had seen the marks of the Tokharians. 

Feng Tingye did not respond to the suspicions of the people and only stared closely at Cui Er and asked, “Ai Fei… is also a member of the Tokharians?” 

This sentence was tantamount to admitting the identity of Cui Er. The faces on the side became slightly changed. 

Cui Er was stunned, apparently she did not expect that Feng Tingye wanted to ask this. She was silent for a moment, then she shook her head. 

Feng Tingye breathed a sigh of relief, twisting his eyebrows and saying: “Since Ai Fei is not a member of the Tokharians, what is the reason for you lurking around her?” 

Cui Er took a deep breath and restored her initial neither servile nor overbearing attitude: “Your Majesty, this point, please forgive Nu Bi for being unable to answer this. Nu Bi can only tell Your Majesty that Nu Bi is here to protect Niang Niang. For the safety of Niang Niang, Nu Bi can sacrifice her life. For the rest, forgive Nu Bi for being unable to speak more.”

When this remark came out, everyone was silent. The mouth of the Tokharians was the most reliable. If they didn’t want to say something, there was no way for anyone to draw half of a word from their mouths. 

Although Feng Tingye was a bit worried, it was clear that the person in front of him would never hurt Xia Yuqing. In addition, the only reason Xia Yuqing could be rescued so quickly was because of Cui Er’s big contribution. Feng Tingye did not plan to do anything or investigate what she concealed, acquiescing her to stay by Xia Yuqing.

Cui Er got up under the watch of several people, but when she was leaving the imperial study, she left Feng Tingye with a few words: “Your Majesty, Niang Niang might be simple in mind, but she knows the clear difference between what she likes and hates. Nu Bi hopes that no matter what will happen in the future, Your Majesty will not let go of Niang Niang’s hand and will not doubt her. In this world, Your Majesty is the only person she can really rely on.” 

“Your Majesty… Your Majesty…” Xia Yuqing’s soft call pulled Feng Tingye back from his thoughts. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Xia Yuqing looking at him with a worried expression, “What is Your Majesty thinking about. Chen Qie called you several times, but there was no response at all.” 

“It was Zhen’s fault. What did Ai Fei ask just now?” 

“Does Your Majesty feel that senior brother will successfully get the beauty?” Xia Yuqing repeated her question. 

Feng Tingye smiled and replied, “Well, this is really hard to say.” 

Feng Tingye was gloating as he looked at Su Wuduan who was all smiles to Cui Er who looked at him with contempt. Tokharian women were the most introverted and reserved. If Su Wuduan continues to underestimate Cui Er, he will soon fall into a hole, head first. However… what has it got to do with him? Originally, he could have offered him some pointers but who told him to provoke his Ai Fei. So, he’ll just act as if he knew nothing. 

Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye’s looming smile, and couldn’t help but feel a little bad. It seemed that senior brother’s road will be rough and difficult. 

Forget it, we’ll just let them toss around and do their own thing. Originally based on their relationship, she would have said some good words in front of Cui Er, but who told him to turn his back on her?

Don’t think this sister can be deceived like that. This sister was born brimming with talent and excellent qualities. How dare you say only someone who was blind would be interested in me. Are you mocking Ultra Seme Lord, that only because he was blind was the reason why he married me?╭ (╯^╰) ╮ Your uncle can endure, but your aunt can’t endure! In the future, I must say some bad words about him in front of Cui Er, so that Cui Er must not blindly fall for this flowery radish! 

So it’s true that a certain husband and wife shouldn’t be messed with. Someone knew that a certain husband and wife was really strong, but they still didn’t care and ran straight to gunpoint. Making his life difficult, wasn’t that expected? Look far away~

“By the way, Your Majesty, what happened to Jiang Zhaoren’s and that Ji Gongzi?” After Xia Yuqing made up her mind, she took back her gaze from those two and asked curiously. 

Hearing Xia Yuqing ask about those two, Feng Tingye’s eyes gleamed coldly. His face slightly sank: “Theres nothing to be feared about for those, except their escape efforts were more powerful than anyone else.” 

“Hmm, she got away again.” Xia Yuqing was obviously disappointed. If it was said that a cat had nine lives, then this Jiang Feizao who was able to escape danger every time, won’t she be a cat demon!?

Upon seeing this, Feng Tingye hugged Xia Yuqing’s waist and touched the obviously protruding belly and said with a smile: “Ai Fei does not have to worry. Daring to have bad intentions against Ai Fei and our child, this account, Zhen will bear it in mind. Although it is not a good time to start a war with the Shu Kingdom, it is still possible to charge some interest first.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing was shocked. Keeping count? Collecting interest? So the Ultra Seme Lord’s two-facedness is traceable. 

Ultra Seme Lord, make sure you discuss this properly. Please don’t deal with country matters using Chen Qie as an excuse. Chen Qie is a weak woman, Chen Qie can’t afford it. Please let me go! 

Although Xia Yuqing was curious, she would not ask about it. As she came from the future, she knew better than anyone else, the more she knew, the faster she would die. So if someone doesn’t take the initiative to mention something, it must be something she doesn’t need to know, so why should she bother. 

Feeling Xia Yuqing snuggle up against his waist, Feng Tingye’s lips formed a soft smile.

The country of Shu was surrounded by mountains and basins on all sides. The range upon range of mountains were steep and vast. 

The terrain of the Shu State was complicated, thus easy to defend but difficult to attack. But it was precisely because of this feature, it had created a major defect of the Shu State. That is, food shortage. 

Basins were not suitable for planting grain, so most of the food of the Shu people were obtained through exchanging their specialty products with the neighboring Xia country. This time, the Shu country abducted not only the future queen of Ye country, but also the little princess of Xia country. Even though the little princess was not favored in Xia Kingdom, the princess was still a princess and represented a part of Xia country no matter where she was. Shu’s move not only provoked Ye country, but it was also a slap to Xia country’s face. 

As soon as Xia Yuqing was safe and sound, Feng Tingye had written a letter to inform Xia Mingyuan, who was far away in Xia country. As his wife’s older brother, he requested him to speak to his father for his brother in law to cut off Shu Country’s access to food. Feng Tingye did not think about how long to stop their access for. After all, he was also an emperor. He naturally understood that benefits were above all else. He just wanted to teach the Shu country a lesson and extinguish their arrogance. 

He just didn’t know that the Xia Emperor was already angry with Shu Kingdom for the rejection of the marriage with their fourth prince. Now that he was fueled by Xia Mingyuan fanning the fire, he immediately ordered the cut off to grain to the Shu Kingdom. 

One month of grain was not a big problem for the Shu Kingdom, but it will make them be in terrible shape for a while. In addition, Feng Tingye also heard that the only heir of the Shu Kingdom had left the palace recently. This time the King of Shu country was in great trouble. With the King of Shu in a bad mood, the future of Ji Miaoyan and Jiang Zhaorou would not be better.

Getting others to do his dirty work was something Feng Tingye was familiar and skilled with. But, he was not prepared to let Xia Yuqing know. 

It was good enough for her to stay in his arms, carefree and happy spending everyday in happiness. He will always be behind her, supporting up the sky.

In Xiefang palace hall, the frantic maids stared at the couple that were wrapped in each other’s embrace acting as though there were nobody else present. They suddenly felt joy and sadness. 

They were rejoicing in the emperor’s affection for their master and felt sad about… why are they showing so much pda? Could you please reenact this sweet scene back in your bedroom when there are only you two in the room? Don’t you know there are a bunch of lonely, unmarried people here? Ugh, our eyes will be blinded soom! 

Lu Rui looked at her loving masters and Cui Er, who was entangled with master’s senior brother with a bloody look. God, don’t you know that there are many things to do in the palace? Even at this time, there is still chaos and the only little girl, Xiao Yuan, who can help, has ran off somewhere. There’s literally no one who could give her a peace-of-mind. At this rate, she will really age prematurely and drop being their happy sister altogether!

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