FMEA Chapter 106 Part 3

Chapter 106 Rice ball and soup dumpling

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Lu Rui’s words were really wronging for Li Yuan. She didn’t go out to play, she was getting reinforcements.

Since getting the consent of Zhang Sunshi, Xia Yuqing thought about bringing Yun Xi closer to the palace. Since this was the case, she told Li Yuan to bring Yun Xi to the palace. 

Perhaps because Xia Yuqing often socialized with others and Ai Wu Ji Wu* or maybe Yun Xi was good at communicating with people, but after meeting for the first time and chatting a few words, the two quickly bonded. They were unlike strangers who had only recently met. Instead, they were more like sisters who had known each other for many years.

* when love extends to things connected with it; example liking a house and end up also liking the crow that lives on the roof

“I won’t say much about the matters in the palace. You just have to remember to talk less and do more. Small mistakes can be made, but they shouldn’t be too excessive. Qing Jiejie has always been very tolerant towards us, but one should never take Qing Jiejie’s tolerance to do something to let down Qing Jiejie.” Li Yuan warned Yun Xi repeatedly while walking. 

Yun Xi nodded cleverly: “En, I understand.” 

Li Yuan smiled back and touched her chin, as if remembering something, continued: “There is one more thing. You have to always remember, once you see that the emperor is within three feet of Niang Niang, no matter what you are doing at that time, you must evacuate immediately. Do you understand?” 

“Hm, why?” Is it possible that this emperor of the Ye Kingdom was extremely dangerous and would eat people? But the last time she saw him, she thought he was quite…human! 

Li Yuan didn’t answer, she just reached out and patted Yun Xi’s shoulder and whispered: “Just listen to Jiejie’s advice and you won’t go wrong. You can do it.” 

Jiejie is just thinking for your beautiful watery eyes. You must know when Qing Jiejie and the emperor collide together,  there will be high-energy warnings in front of you. It is inevitable for people to become blind! 


The two were chatting when a few lovely maidens appeared in front of them. When they saw Li Yuan, they all brightened up: “Sister Li Yuan, this is…”

“En, this one just entered the palace and will be serving Niang Niang with us, Yun Xi Meimei*.”

* little sister

 “Jiejies’, nice to meet you.” Yun Xi raised her head and displayed her invincible smile and immediately captured the hearts of the several ladies. 

“This sister was born as if she was carved out of jade, really cute.” The maidens saw her and all their eyes lit up, one by one. They could not wait to go to someone’s round face and give it a pinch. 

Li Yuan coughed a little and finally understood why her and Yun Xi had such a close relationship when they first met. This was because they both were pitifully born with the same problem, both having a loli face. But compared to Yun Xi, she was still a lot more mature. At least when looking at her own face, she would not want to rush up and pinch it like looking at Yun Xi’s. 

In order to save Yun Xi from the devil’s claws, Li Yuan took the initiative to change the topic and said: “Oh, how do Jiejies feel about the face powders from last time?” 

“Oh, that…” For these women, makeup and jewelry were always the most important subject. When Li Yuan brought it up, everyone’s attention was turned away from Yun Xi. 

Yun Xi was relieved. Sure enough, if there is a master like that, then the servant would be like that. The eyes of these palace ladies and Qing Jiejie looking at herself were indeed very similar. They were so abnormal, too scary! 

Not waiting for Yun Xi to rejoice, a small dog bark was suddenly heard from afar, making her stiffen.

Dog… dog barking? How can there be dogs in the palace? Yun Xi was bitten by a dog once when she was a kid and she cried until she was out of breath. In the future, when she saw dogs, she would become scared, thus she was sensitive to the barking of dogs. 

Looking back stiffly, she saw a round little white dog pounce on herself like a small cannonball. Before thinking about it, Yun Xi turned around and ran away. 

“Oh, mother, help!” 

Hearing Yun Xi’s cry, the few maidens in conversation came back. Li Yuan watched Yun Xi chased by Xiao Bai and took a while to react. Then, she followed hurriedly. 

That’s right, that little white dog, during the abduction of Xia Yuqing, using the power of all the imperial doctors, had recovered. The poor gang of superb medical doctors did not have any martial skills and was tormented by the small white dog until they only had half their life left. They all nearly became veterinarians, how sad. 

Xiao Bai was brought out by Xia Yuqing early this morning to bask in the sun and was found by Cui Er later on. Cui Er was very calm and thought that because Xiao Bai was too fat and would press against the little prince, she carried him off from her master.

If he was carried down, that was fine. Anyway, Cui Er Jiejie was also a beauty. This master liked beauties the most! Xiao Bai went into Cui Er’s gentle embrace in a drunken stupor.

But the good times didn’t last long. It didn’t take long for the master’s senior brother to appear! 

As soon as the man appeared, the white hair on Xiao Bai’s body was erected all at once. Wuu, this man was not a good bird at first glance. Seeing the way he stared at Cui Er Jiejie, it was like a toad wanting to eat swan meat. This master must vow to defend his territory. 

It’s just that a certain Xiao Bai obviously overestimated himself. Su Wuduan squinted dangerously when he saw Xiao Bai nested in Cui Er’s arms as he entered the door. Using the excuse, “it’s not easy to do things while holding him”, Xiao Bai was taken off of Cui Er’s hands. Then he naturally threw Xiao Bai out the window, patting the dog fur off his hands and annihilating the evidence. 

Poor Xiao Bai was so cruelly thrown out of the window. He desperately wanted to run back to the room, but coincidentally met He Wenzhong who heard the news. The honest and stupid big man saw the cute Xiao Bai that was even more fluffy than before and his eyes lit up. He stretched out his hand to try to hug him, but was avoided by Xiao Bai who jumped on his shoulder. Then with a swish, slipped away behind him. 

“Don’t run, Xiao Bai!” Xiao Bai rushed out quickly with his short legs. He Wenzhong chased anxiously behind, shouting while chasing.

Xiao Bai raised its head and dismissed him. This master didn’t like men. This master liked delicate beauties, just like its owner and the maids in master’s palace. It didn’t like tall huge men. Leave quickly! 

In such a chase, one person and one dog rushed to the palace road in front. Xiao Bai saw Li Yuan from a distance and his eyes lit up. That sister… that sister looks like rice ball Jiejie. Among Xia Yuqing’s maids, Xiao Bai’s favorite was Li Yuan. Seeing Li Yuan was like seeing a loved one. So he rushed over. 

“Wang wang wang*…” Rice ball Jiejie, there is a bear chasing me, waahh… 

* dog barks

Yet when Xiao Bai got closer, it found that there was another Jiejie standing next to his favorite rice ball Jiejie. This sister…was like a freshly steamed…xiao long bao*! 

* soup dumpling

Between rice ball and Xiao long bao, Xiao Bai decisively gave up the rice ball and chose the Xiao long bao. Slobbering, he rushed towards Yun Xi, thus the first scene occurred. 

Seeing Xiao Long Bao Jiejie run away, the eyes of Xiao Bai became brighter. Chasing like a small rocket: “Wang wang wang…”  Xiao Long Bao Jiejie, don’t run, don’t run…

Yun Xi was chased by the unrelenting Xiao Bai down the road. She rushed to a large tree and climbed up. On top of the tree, she stared at Xiao Bai wandering underneath the tree with a small face: “Don’t come, don’t come… ” 

“Wang Wang Wang…” Xiao long bao Jiejie come down quickly and play with Xiao Bai… 

“Woo woo… Help, help…” 

Inside the lonely yard, a cute and lovely little girl hugged the tree trunk tightly. With two watery eyes, she cried for help, while a snow-white puppy under the tree kept spinning around. 

When Li Yuan and the others arrived, they saw such a scene. After a daze, Li Yuan walked forward. 

When Yun Xi saw Li Yuan, she hurriedly shouted, ” Li Yuan Jiejie, take this dog away!” 

Li Yuan was frightened by Yun Xi’s scream and glanced at Yun Xi’s tearful eyes. Knowing that she was really afraid of the dog, she hugged Xiao Bai hurriedly and walked to the side. Xiao Bai struggled twice, then obediently nestled into Li Yuan’s arms and grievously called twice: “Wang Wangwang… …” This master just wanted to play with Xiao long bao Jiejie. But Xiao long bao Jiejie didn’t seem to like me, woooo ~ 

“Xiao Xi, it’s okay. I’m holding it now, come down quickly.” Li Yuan anxiously looked at Yun Xi squeezing the trunk.

Yun Xi was relieved to see Xiao Bai being taken away. After hearing Li Yuan’s words, she wanted to come down from the tree, but after looking down, she froze. 

“Yun Xi…” 

“Woo woo… Li Yuan Jiejie, my… my legs have gone soft. I can’t go down.” 


Yun Xi didn’t know how she climbed so high. At that time, she was just thinking about escaping the dog’s claws and instinctively climbed up. How could she know that she climbed so high? Now what should she do? ! 

Just when the girls were getting frantic, they suddenly heard a deep and honest voice: “You…you jump down, I…I’ll catch you.” 

The girls looked behind suddenly. Li Yuan surprisedly looked at He Wenzhong who appeared beside them. She glanced at Xiao bai in her arms and seemed to understand why Xiao bai appeared outside of Xiefang palace hall. 

But now was not the time to discuss this. Li Yuan stepped forward and said: “Xiao Xi, jump down. General He will catch you, don’t be afraid.” 

“Woo woo… I don’t dare.” Yun Xi’s small face wrinkled together. If she falls from such a high place and wasn’t caught, she would turn into a meat cake. She doesn’t want to die in such a humiliating way. Waaaahhh….

Hearing Yun Xi’s cry, Xiao Bai who was originally lying in Li Yuan’s arms suddenly stuck his head out and greeted Yun Xi happily: “Wang Wang Wang…” 

Yun Xi was startled again by the sound of the dog barking. With the shaking of her hands, the hands holding the trunk slackened and she fell directly from the tree. 

“Ah…” This was Yun Xi who screamed instinctively. 

“Ah…” This was the bunch of sisters looking from below.

“Wang…” This was Xiao Bai who was frightened by the screaming. 

“Thump…” The expected pain did not appear. Yun Xi just felt like she was on a soft cushion. It was actually not right to say that it was a soft cushion. Um, this cushion seemed a bit…hard. 

“I… I… are you okay.” An anxious and overwhelmed voice came from the top of her head making Yun Xi feel a little lost. She stared up at the sound source and she saw a smile from a certain someone who appeared honest and goofy. 

Yun Xi blushed a little. For some reason, she felt that her heart was going out of control, throbbing and thumping quickly.

He Wenzhong was also stunned. He had just wanted to look down to see if the person in his arms was injured, but he didn’t expect that when Yun Xi looked down, she looked like a small animal that was whimpering. After she raised her head, big watery eyes were reflected back at him. Now she looked more like a stray kitten that was lost. With a whoosh, He Wenzhong felt that his heart was struck. 

“Cough…” A slight cough interrupted the look between the two. “That… General He, you should put Xiao Xi down first.” 

“Oh oh…” He Wenzhong and Yun Xi shivered and they quickly separated, but the blush on the two faces was not so easy to eliminate.

Yun Xi secretly looked at He Wenzhong behind Li Yuan, only to find that the man that saved her was very tall, with dark skin. His physique was strong but did not lose any of his handsomeness. The power hidden in this strong body, she had first hand experience when she was nestled in his arms just now. This man…was the type she likes, ao~ 

“Nu Bi greets General He. Thank you General He for helping, otherwise, with our strength, we would be unable to save Xiao Xi. Xiao Xi…” Li Yuan made a wink towards Yun Xi. 

Yun Xi hurriedly probed her small head out from behind Li Yuan, embarrassed: “Thank you General He.” 

He Wenzhong was also a little embarrassed. He looked at Yun Xi’s small red face, somehow he was at a loss on what to do. He just fell back to his usual habit and scratched the back of his head: “No need to thank me, it’s okay. It’s not early anymore, I should go back and cook for my father and my mother. I will leave first.” 

“General He, take care.” Everyone looked at He Wenzhong who resembled a figure running away from the wilderness. After failing to react for a while, when she came back, Yun Xi asked in surprise: ” Li Yuan Jiejie knows that Da Ren just now?” 

“Yes. Xiao Xi you don’t know yet, but that Da Ren is one of the four most powerful Da Rens under the emperor, the youngest general in the dynasty, General He Wenzhong.”

“General He?” Yun Xi remembered the last sentence he had said. Then, she could not help but ask curiously, “He just said he was going back… to cook? He knows how to cook?” 

“En, don’t just judge him based on his appearance. I heard Lu Rui Jiejie say that General He is very good at cooking and the dishes he makes are not inferior to hers.” 

“Can cook.” Yun Xi groaned. Suddenly, she couldn’t help thinking of what Xia Yuqing had said to her. 

“Xiao Xi, listen. Only men who can cook in the world are good men and know how to treasure people. In the future, you must marry a man who will cook for you, you understand?”

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