FMEA Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Another love rival! 

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“Hehe…hehe…” From time to time, there was a terrifying laughter in Xiefang palace hall. 

Xia Yuqing circled the place several times, back and forth. Her pinched eyebrows stared at the young girl who started giggling again with a complicated expression. 

At this time, Li Yuan happened to walk by. Xia Yuqing hurriedly pulled Li Yuan to the side: “Xiao Yuan, what’s the matter? Did something happen when you came back? Why did Xiao Xi come back like this? It’s like…” 

It was as if her brain was kidnapped. She had been walking in front of her, going back and forth for four or five times. She could turn a blind eye to this, but she would also have a miserable look, then from time to time, she would make a few creepy silly laughs. It caused her goose bumps all over. No matter how you look at it… isn’t she in heat? o (╯□╰) o 

Li Yuan turned her head and glanced at someone who was still smirking. Then she told her what happened this morning with an embarrassed expression. 

After listening to the whole story, Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up. She touched her chin to make a thinker’s posture, and muttered, “In other words, Xiao Xi only became like this after meeting General He……. could it be…?”

“Isn’t it obvious, the girl fell in love at first sight, Niang Niang.” Lu Rui suddenly emerged from the side, still holding the energetic Xiao Bai in her hands. 

“The…. first awakening of love.” Xia Yuqing was startled. For some reason the scene of He Wenzhong and Yun Xi embracing suddenly appeared in her mind. Oh my god, this is the real life version of Beauty and the Beast! 

As soon as Xiao Bai in Lu Rui’s arms poked his head out, he saw Yunxi not far away. His eyes lit up. He struggled to make his way towards Yunxi: “Wowowo… ” Sister Xiaolongbao, sister Xiaolongbao…

Yun Xi, who was still in a daze, immediately got up from the chair when she heard the barking of the dog. She stepped back several steps as if facing an enemy, and shouted in a low voice: “Don’t… don’t come here.” 

“Wowowo…” Xiaobai struggled reluctantly and wanted to pounce on Yun Xi. 

This movement finally pulled Xia Yuqing’s attention from the shock of the beauty and the beast image in her mind. She lifted her chin back up which had almost fallen off and cast her eyes back and forth on Xiao Bai and Yunxi: “Xiao Xi, are you afraid of dogs?” 

“Qing Jiejie, take this dog away, take it away…” Yun Xi hugged a pillar next to her, and pointed to Xiao Bai in Lu Rui’s arms with a pale face and exclaimed. 


“Niang Niang, what should I do now?” 

“Well, how about you go to the hospital and ask the doctors and see if there is any way to make the new hair of Xiao Bai’s fall off again?” 

“… ” 

“Of course, if there is a way to directly turn Xiao Bai from a dog into a cat, it would be even better.” 

“…Niang Niang, why don’t you directly turn Xiao Bai into a female?” 

Xia Yuqing was puzzled. Staring at Lu Rui: “If a male becomes a female, Xiao Bai won’t be a dog?” 

“…Of course not.” 

“Then that won’t work. It’s better to become a cat directly. Look at how scared Xiao Xi is.” 

“…” But how could it be possible for a dog to become a cat?! 

Lu Rui was in disarray for a moment, then took a deep breath: “…how about this, Niang Niang, Nu Bi will tell the people outside to go out and find a little white cat back?”

Xia Yuqing pursed her mouth and looked sad. Glancing at Lu Rui, she patted her shoulder and said: “Lu Rui, if you do this, Xiao Bai would feel that you are disgusted with him and wanted to bring back a cat to fight with him for attention. Xiao Bai is so sensitive, he’ll cry.” 

“…” Bringing a cat back is better than you trying to change it from a dog to a cat! Niang Niang, if you are so self-willed, the doctors will cry. 

“Ahem… Niang Niang, let’s talk about this later. Xiao Xi is about to cry.” Li Yuan reminded them both in a timely voice. 

When the two looked back, they saw Yun Xi shivering while holding the pillar. Her big eyes were watery. There was a little irritation that showed the possible burst of the dam. Once it broke, those tears would turn into a river, unable to be withheld. 

“Oh, Lu Rui, take Xiao Bai to the side hall to take care of first.” Xia Yuqing didn’t expect Yun Xi to be so scared of the dog. Shocked, she stopped joking and waved her hand to let Lu Rui take Xiao Bai away. 

“Yes, Niang Niang.” 

Watching Xiao Bai leave the front hall, Yun Xi cautiously loosened her grip on the pillar and walked over to Xia Yuqing. Her face was full of fear. 

“Xiao Xi, why are you so afraid of dogs? Xiao Bai is just a little dog who can’t bite people. In fact, it looks like he likes you.” Seeing other people next to him, he didn’t pounce on them and only wanted to pounce on Yun Xi. She had never seen him so passionate before. 

“No, I can’t bear it…” Yun Xi’s face was pale when she heard the words. She moved aside twice in horror, and reluctantly said, “Qing Jiejie, don’t make it hard for me. When I was a kid, I was surrounded by a group of dogs, so it is a bit traumatic for me. Now everytime  I see a dog, I want to hide.”

Seeing her so nervous, Xia Yuqing didn’t want to joke around, so she hurriedly changed the subject, “Okay, well, I won’t let Xiao Bai approach you casually in the future. However, speaking of it, Xiao Bai did you a favor today. You despise it, but aren’t you a little ungrateful?” 

“Helped me? When did it help me?” Yun Xi’s eyes widened and looked at Xia Yuqing in disbelief. She only remembered that she was chased by this dog, ran around and almost fell from a tree. How could she owe this dog a favour? 

“I’ve heard everything from Xiao Yuan about this morning. Although Xiao Bai was abrupt in the morning, if Xiao Bai wasn’t chasing you, how could you meet General He, and…” 

Before Xia Yuqing finished her words, someone’s face was already red. Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but be surprised when she saw this. She became more curious in her heart: “Xiao Xi, you won’t really be…” 

“Niang Niang!” Yun Xi shouted angrily. After Xia Yuqing’s words, she paused but blushed and added: “I…I don’t know, but I think he was pretty nice.” 

“Um…General He is nice.” His temper is good to the extreme, so much that even if she has scammed him so many times, he would still have a smile on his face every time. That is, he’s a bit… slow. 

“Xiao Xi, I remember you said at the beginning that you didn’t like beautiful men, but you like men who are domineering, handsome and upright.” Xia Yuqing asked in a low voice as if thinking of something.

“Yeah.” Yun Xi was startled, and nodded. 

“In that case, when you were in the stronghold, why didn’t you look at the big master, instead…” In Xia Yuqing’s eyes, Wu Jun and He Wenzhong were about the same in height and body shape, except for a slight difference in personality, there was no difference. Why is it that Yun Xi’s eyebrows were never moved when Wu Jun hung out back and forth in front of Yun Xi for so long? Yet, when she met He Wenzhong, love sprouts began to show immediately? Is it really the case of a hero saving the beautiful young maiden? 

Hearing Xia Yuqing compare general Wu Jun and He Wenzhong, Yun Xi curled her lips and muttered: “How can that stupid person compare with General He?” 

From time to time, in the name of passing by, a few people including Li Yuan would pop by to eavesdrop. So when they heard what she said, they snorted in laughter

“Xiao Xi hasn’t even met General He a few times before and she is already helping others to speak. It’s really as the saying goes, once the kids have grown up they don’t need their mothers! The daughter who married out is like spilt water” Xia Yuqing looked up at the sky with an expression of distress. The Xiaolongbao, which hadn’t been in her hand for a long time, already had a sense of belonging to another on the first day of entering the palace. 

This feeling was as if the filling in her dumpling had been taken away, leaving a thin layer of skin. Xia Yuqing, who can’t eat the filling inside, was…incredibly sad. 

Although she felt sore and sorrowful in her heart, when a girl is of age she must be married off. If she was kept here and there, an animosity will be left behind. Xia Yuqing understood the truth. Anyways, Ultra Seme Lord has already been accepted by herself and she can’t turn him crooked no matter what. In order to prevent the several Da Ren’s from dying alone and staying in their empty boudoirs in the future, as the saying goes, keep the goodies within the family, she should…… 

This… if Xiao Bai was married out as a dowry, would the strong general be willing to receive her Xiaolongbao? Cough cough… 

Xia Yuqing thought secretly in her heart, but Yun Xi was already flushed with embarrassment. She shouted in a low voice, “Qing Jie!” 


“…when we first met the first master, we were escaping for our lives and he was a thief who endangered our lives.”

“…” So, the first impression is really important! 

“Later, even though I knew that the master was not a wicked person, the old lady had serious opinions of me. I couldn’t get along with her, let alone her son.” 

“…” The most irreconcilable thing was the conflict between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law? If the old lady knew that she had scared away a potential girl who might become a daughter-in-law, she would definitely cry! 

“Also, General He, he can cook.” 

“…” Yes, a man who can cook, wait, can cook? 

“Xiao Xi, you won’t be…” 

“Qing Jiejie forgot? When I was in the cottage, Qing Jiejie told me to find a man who knows how to cook in the future. Qing Jiejie also said that Qing Jiejie’s baby’s father can’t and that’s why you and the baby ended up in such a miserable state. Have you forgotten?” Yun Xi asked with an innocent look. 

“…” So she was the culprit? Ah, no, this is a wonderful thing for herself. If Yunxi can really take down the strong general in the future, she must ask the general’s mom for a matchmaker’s fee! 

But before that…she seems to have to deal with the ambiguous gazes behind her and… 

“Oh, so Niang Niang has always been dissatisfied that the emperor cannot cook?” 

“It turns out that Niang Niang often goes to the kitchen to study cooking because of this. I originally thought that the Niang Niang was trying to please the emperor… but to think that it’s like this…. Niang Niang is so pitiful.” 

“No wonder the emperor sent the palace’s best cooking maid Lu Rui to our palace. It turned out to be like this… …” 

“Yes, it must be like this, Niang Niang is so pitiful! If Sister Lu Rui married out in the future, wouldn’t the empress have nothing to eat?” 

Xia Yuqing twitched her mouth and screamed in her heart. Yun Xi, this Ya Tou, how could she voice out the words that she had used to fool her at the beginning? If this was heard by the Ultra Seme Lord, she would suffer again! 

“Ahem, this is just a misunderstanding.” Xia Yuqing coughed slightly. She turned to look at the maids behind her, trying to turn the tide. 

But Lu Rui met her eyes and squinted at her: “Niang Niang, to explain is to cover up.” 

“…” Wu Wu Wu… why does she suddenly feel that she was losing her place in this palace? Didn’t they say a mother’s standing is based on how precious their son was? Shouldn’t her status be higher now that she is pregnant with a baby? But look at how these girls look like wolves. Wuwuwu, Mama, the world is so scary!

“What was just said, no one is allowed to spread it out. And Xiao Xi, you… don’t talk about it again in the future, otherwise, humph, be careful when I say bad things about you in front of General He.” 

Xia Yuqing only threatened with some bluffing but Yun Xi was frightened. The girls who knew her temperament all rolled their eyes to the sky without realizing it. 

Niang Niang, don’t you think it’s too late to say this now? Don’t you know that the intelligence network of Qianqing palace hall and our Xiefang palace hall are interoperable? What you said just now, I’m afraid it has already reached the emperor’s ears! With the emperor’s temperament, you can just wait for him to settle accounts with you. Therefore, it is said that rice can be eaten indiscriminately, but words can not be talked indiscriminately. Your sins were self-inflicted! 

As the several girls had expected, as soon as Yun Xi’s words were spoken, the palace people in the Palace of Xiefang had already rushed away and spread the word of mouth. 

Within a quarter of an hour, it reached the Palace of Qianqing and it passed into the ears of some certain people. 

“Hahaha, I can’t do it. It’s so ridiculous, it turns out… that girl has such a big opinion of you! And  falling to this tragic end, it turns out that she fell to this tragic end by your side. Your emperor, you as a husband have been neglecting your duty, you don’t even know how to pity and cherish jade. Those of us who know the inside story are fine, but those who don’t know may think you have tormented that girl! Let me tell you, your majesty, you should just obey her. Take the time to go to the imperial kitchen to learn from them, then cook her a table of good dishes to her liking. Make sure that she is grateful to you and will not dare to talk around in the future. Don’t be embarrassed. You just need to hide this thing. Don’t let others see it. If someone knows you have cooked before, it would only slightly harm the emperor’s image as a brilliant martial artist. Just…” 

Before the long talk was finished, someone in the room gave Yan Ran a lazy look. 

Although this glance was only a short moment, it was as sharp as a blade out of its sheath. Yan Ran had no doubt that if he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, he would lose his tongue!

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