FMEA Chapter 107 Part 2

Chapter 107 Another love rival! 

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“The Grand Tutor seems to be too idle lately. For the sake of harmony between the imperial consort and Zhen, the Grand Tutor must be willing to help Zhen spare some more time to accompany Ai Fei. As an example of a hundred officials, the Grand Tutor must be willing to help me solve problems, isn’t it?” 

Yan Ran was startled, he almost choked on his own saliva: “Chen…” 

“Okay, then it’s decided. Xiao Shunzi, I will go to the Imperial Study Room later to get the memorials that I haven’t approved yet. Organize it and send it to the Grand Tutor’s mansion.” 


Feng Tingye glanced at Yan Ran with a pale face, and a sneer crossed his eyes. With your weakness still in my hand, how dare you laugh at myself so blatantly. You must be tired of living! What else did he say? To personally cook to please that girl? Also talking about how no one would find out? If no one knows, how did this rumor come out now? 

Knowing Xia Yuqing’s temperament and knowing that the group of Nu Bis in Xia Yuqing’s palace were just like their master, masters of gossip, Feng Tingye had no doubt that if he cooked personally like Yan Ran said, once he just stepped into the imperial dining room, the news would go flying! Hmph, it’s not so easy to mess with him. In the end, we don’t know who is messing with who!

“Wait!” Yan Ran exclaimed, stopping Xiao Shunzi from heading to the Imperial Study. He spoke with a flattering smile, “As a court official, Chen should know his position and not mix his personal affairs. This memorial is very important, and it is more appropriate for the emperor to personally review it. Chen cannot afford to handle this.”

Feng Tingye’s expression remained unchanged, “Grand Tutor’s words are too much. With the friendship that we have supported since childhood, how can it be swayed by a few memorials? Grand Tutor also just said that I should guard against those who go beyond power and seek personal gains. Since the Grand Tutor is here sharing worries with Zhen, how can it be compared with those small officials?” 

Feng Tingye went down with a high hat. If it was an ordinary person, they long would have nothing to say back. Unfortunately, this certain person wasn’t an average person.

Listening to Feng Tingye’s dignified words, Yan Ran only snorted back: “Huh, don’t say it so nicely, what kind of friendship do we have from a young age? At a critical moment, you’ll call it friendship and come to us. But when the troubles are on us, you’ll slice off this friendship. Saying that we’re so close, aren’t you afraid that the girl will misunderstand again!” 

Shao Zitong sneered while listening to someone’s self-confessed complaint, and looked up at Feng Tingye, whose face was somber in the upper seat. He sighed without sincerity. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, but some people were anxious to kill themselves. What can be done? 

Sure enough, as soon as Yan Ran had finished complaining, he could hear that the person in the seat did not refute those words: “This matter will be settled like this. The king can’t go back on his words. If the Grand Tutor refuses, he will be resisting Zhen’s decree.” 

Yan Ran’s face was damaged. Knowing that there was no chance to recover, he grumbled and replied: “This minister abides by the order.” 

Shao Zitong was amused by Yan Ran’s bitterness. He sneered and interjected: “This minister also felt that the Grand Tutor’s proposal was pretty good. A man who can wash his hands and make soup for the one he loves has no reason not to be able to capture the heart of a beauty.”

Before he could finish his words, Feng Tingye glanced over: “Shang Shu also wants to share my worries?” 

“Forget it, although Wei Chen is a Shang Shu, he is a Shang Shu of the Ministry of War. Memorials and those kinds of things are more suitable to be left to informed literary people like the Grand Tutor especially since it is regarded as an important task.” Shao Zitong stated it like this, but looked at Yan Ran with an obvious gloat. 

Yan Ran got angry, but Shao Zitong left him with a sentence: “Those who are capable, have to work harder. It has been difficult, Grand Tutor!” This abruptly blocked any replies. 

Seeing Shao Zitong’s slight, Feng Tingye withdrew his gaze and, ignoring the fighting between the two below, silently took the brush on the side and dipped it with ink. 

Hmph, telling Zhen to learn cooking? What if all men in the world can cook? They can conquer those ingredients, but Zhen can manipulate those countless people who conquered these ingredients to conquer the stomachs of those I love. Which one is higher? Is it necessary to say it clearly? 

At the same time, a certain someone didn’t know her words had been passed on to her family’s beast. Furthermore, it had successfully aroused their arrogant side. As a result, Xia Yuqing, who was about to face disaster, was still standing with joy at this moment at the window of her bedroom, taking the letter clinging to the mechanism bird’s feet. 

“Xiang Er, that person still has a conscience, she finally knows to write to me.” Xia Yuqing couldn’t wait to untie the ribbon tied to the letter and said in delight. 

Since Liu Yixiang went to Xia country, Xia Yuqing has only received one letter from her asking her to take good care of Zhang Sunshi and Feng Tingye. Not long afterwards, Xia Yuqing was kidnapped, and she never wrote to Liu Yixiang again. Now she is finally looking forward to a letter from Liu Yixiang. How can Xia Yuqing not be excited? 

Hearing Xia Yuqing’s words, the girls who were tidying up the room were startled, not knowing how to speak. 

In the end, Li Yuan, who stood at the forefront, fell to the deadly attack by her sisters. She was pushed out and met Xia Yuqing’s puzzled gaze. She coughed and said, “That… Niang Niang, actually Miss Liu had sent you a few letters, but you were not in the palace at the time. So the servants worried that Miss Liu was in a hurry, they took a pretentious look at the contents of them.” 

“And?” Looking at the embarrassed expressions of several girls, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help having an ominous premonition. She wouldn’t have written something forbidden in her letter, right? Oh no, what can I do to save you, my integrity!

“In fact, it’s nothing, just Miss Liu said… that she and the eldest prince are married and are doing well now, please don’t worry about her.” Li Yuan’s eyes looked up and down, left and right, but she didn’t look at Xia Yuqing. 

Xia Yuqing glanced suspiciously at her: “Really?” 

“Really.” Li Yuan’s face was clearly guilty. 

Xia Yuqing twisted her eyebrows, turned her head to look at Lu Rui on the side: “Lu Rui, you speak. What is written in Xiang Er’s letter besides this?” 

Understanding Xiang Er and her eldest royal brother, if those two people actually became happily married then there must be something wrong! 

Seeing Xia Yuqing’s gaze shifted to her, Lu Rui’s expression changed slightly. She said in embarrassment, “Actually…it’s nothing, it’s just…” 


Lu Rui took a deep breath and spoke without fear of death: “Just at the wedding banquet, Miss Liu and the third princesses of Xia country broke into a fight. Several guests who attended the wedding banquet stepped forward to mediate and the result…” 

“What was the result?” My God, Xiang Er is so stubborn! As soon as she arrived in Xia country, she had  reportedly said there were only some trivial circumstances and was in a bit of an angst with the spoiled third princess. But causing a ruckus at the wedding? How can she have missed that event! Transmigration god, please replay! 

“As a result, Miss Liu and the third princess accidentally gave the fifth prince of Xia country who had just returned to the court…er, the fifth prince might not be able to conceive offspring.” This kind of thing was finally said from the mouth of the girl in the boudoir. It was too embarrassing, so when Lu Rui finally stumbled and finished speaking, her small face was as red as blood. 

Xia Yuqing understood and she had a dull silence for a while before she could have a reaction. 

“Xiang Er and my third royal sister beat up my fifth royal brother?”

The girls were silent for a moment, and nodded shyly. 

“Has Xiang Er received any punishment?” Xia Yuqing suppressed the urge to laugh upright and asked in a low voice. 

Although this fifth royal brother was not as favored as the eldest royal brother and the fourth royal brother, he was still a member of the royal family. To cut off his grandchildren, Xia country’s royal family shouldn’t just let it go, right? 

“Ms. Liu is okay. I heard that at that time, the fifth royal prince wanted to harass Ms. Liu, but this was discovered by the third princess. Without a word, the third princess went straight up and kicked the fifth prince, then Ms. Liu went up to add two more kicks. As a result, the fifth prince …… when the emperor wanted to pursue it, the eldest royal prince protected Miss Liu, so in the end……they let the matter rest. ” 

“…… “She did not expect that her fifth royal brother would turn out to be a lecher, and also an idiotic lecher. It’s not good to molest anyone, but to try to molest Xiang Er, he really must not want to live. No wonder it ended up with such a painful end. 

Thinking of this, Xia Yuqing somehow remembered what Feng Tingye had said at the beginning about those people who had gone to the Liu family to propose marriage. They all ended up with misfortune. It seems as if the Ultra Seme Lord’s words were correct. Xiang Er was a summoning system for men, whoever she encountered would become unlucky. Compared with the men who had brutally become cannon fodder, Xia Yuqing has to admit that her brother was very lucky. Amen…

“Yes, besides that, Miss Liu also mentioned one thing. She said that the fourth prince of Xia country was originally inseparable from the fifth prince, but once he learned that the fifth prince could not conceive, he gradually estranged from him.” When Lu Rui talked about this, she was a little confused. In the royal family, isn’t it normal for brothers to hit a person when they’re down, why did Miss Liu specifically mention it and said so in such an… impassioned manner! 

The fact that Lu Rui didn’t understand did not mean that Xia Yuqing didn’t understand. After listening to what Lu Rui said, Xia Yuqing already knew the message Liu Yixiang wanted to convey. 

It turns out… it turns out that not only is the eldest royal brother and second royal brother a pair, but fourth royal brother and fifth royal brother were a pair too? Moreover, this pair is still the most thunderous in the legend… scum Gong and lowly Shou*!

* Gong = seme, shou = uke

Fourth brother joined forces with Fifth brother for the throne. Fourth brother was greedy for the throne, and was unwilling to accept the affection of the fifth brother and cruelly rejected him. Fifth brother was distraught and drenched in sorrow at Xia Mingyuan’s banquet. Moreover, he formed a plan when he saw the couple who were about to be married. He stepped forward to harass Xiang Er to arouse the jealousy of fourth brother, but did not expect to find the wrong person, and a mishap became an eternal sorrow. 

Fifth brother failed to arouse Fourth brother’s jealousy and he ruined his own sexual blessing for the second half of his life. Fourth brother saw that fifth brother had lost the ability to conceive heirs and was no longer favored, so he could not help him fulfill his long-cherished wish, thus he cruelly abandoned the seriously injured fifth brother!

Ahhhhh! This kind of cruel brotherly, sadistic plot is really shocking and stimulating to people. It just makes people want to stop, but can’t. Every minute, one would want to cut their belly open, torture the heart and body. Ahhh! 

A few girls looked at their master’s face in fear for a while. White, green, and black again, they shuddered. Did Niang Niang bump into something dirty*? 

* dirty as in supernatural/ ghosts etc; something unlucky

“Uuuuu…” Xia Yuqing’s mouth collapsed and her eyes filled with tears, “I miss Xiang Er, I want to go to Xia Country.” 

Now that the Ultrra Seme Lord and the few Da Ren knew her temperament and would take a detour to avoid her, her palace was growing grass. So boring, hm, hm, days with no affairs to watch means no happiness and no fortune! 

The girls were all panicked when they heard this, thinking that Xia Yuqing was homesick after reading Liu Yixing’s letter. They hurriedly stepped forward and coaxed: “Niang Niang, don’t worry, there are two or three more months before you give birth. Once you give birth to the little prince and after you recuperate, since the emperor loves you so much, as long as you speak up, the emperor will take you back to Xia country. It won’t be too late to go then.” 

Before the few people had finished coaxing her, they saw someone rushing in from the outside shouting anxiously: “Niang Niang, it’s not good, it’s not good, it’s not good. Lord Lu is back.” 

With a scream like a bell at midnight, Xia Yuqing hurriedly collected the tears from her eyes and asked in a daze, “Lord Lu?” 

“Lord Lu has returned to court?” Lu Rui, the only one who knew who Lord Lu was, turned white. She murmured in amazement. 

Cui Er and Li Yuan nearby couldn’t help but twist their eyebrows when they saw this, and asked in a low voice, “Lu Rui, do you know who this Lord Lu is?” 

Lu Rui turned her head and glanced at Xia Yuqing. She muffled: “Lord Lu was the most respected veteran of the previous dynasty. He not only knew astronomy and geography, but also was proficient in divination. He is a well-known secretary in the previous emperor’s period.” 

“It’s just a respected minister. What is it, what scares you?” 

“Of course Lord Lu himself is nothing, but Lord Lu has a granddaughter who is eighteen this year.” 

“…” Xia Yuqing looked at Lu Rui and suddenly felt that something was wrong. 

“In the past, Lord Lu had made a divination for his granddaughter and the hexagram shown was… his granddaughter will be the future queen of Ye Kingdom.” 


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