FMEA Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Rice ball vs Wild Pheasant 

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It was three o’clock in the afternoon, with the sun at the highest point in the sky. This was exactly the time when the Meridian gate would execute its prisoner. Ah, I was wrong. It was the time when Xiefang palace hall had lunch, but today… 

Xia Yuqing touched her stomach, with a face that looked like 囧. She stared at the formed circle not far away. The palace people were chirping secretly, she didn’t even know where to start. 

In the center of the circle, Lu Rui sounded like a broken record: “Yes, yes, that’s it. We must follow Niang Niang everywhere and protect her. We can not let anyone come close and hurt Niang Niang. If there is any movement, immediately notify others to go and support. Do you guys understand?” 

“Understood.” Everyone answered uniformly causing it to echo for a long time in the wide hall. 

Xia Yuqing looked at the extremely serious expressions of the group of people and was embarrassed again. Why did she have the illusion of a devil entering the village? Isn’t it just a movie about a girl who is the candidate for becoming the future empress? Why has it become like the apocalypse with everyone in a panic and treating others as enemies? 

“Li Yuan knows martial arts, so she must always stay by Niang Niang’s side to ensure her safety and prevent anyone from plotting against her.” Lu Rui patted Li Yuan’s shoulder with a serious face. Even Xia Yuqing, who was watching, felt the strength and pain from that pat. 

Unexpectedly, Li Yuan didn’t mind at all. She held Lu Rui’s hand instead, her eyes brightened and she said, “I will definitely work hard.” 

“…” Child, did your head get smacked too hard? 

“Lu…” Xia Yuqing walked around behind Li Yuan wanting to say something, but saw Lu Rui turn around, and pat Cui Er’s shoulder. 

“Sister Cui Er, you respond the best and is the most adaptable, you must always pay attention to Niang Niang. If there’s any situation, tell us immediately and we will go to help you.”

“…” Lu Rui, let me tell you. Among the crowd here, the one in front of you is the most powerful in martial arts. If she really makes a move, she could definitely turn all of you into scraps in seconds. Do you believe that? 

Under Lu Rui’s eager gaze, Cui Er didn’t say anything. She only smiled and answered: “Okay.” 

Seeing Lu Rui touching her chin as if she was thinking about a deployment strategy, Xia Yuqing took the opportunity to call out: “Lu Rui.” 

When Lu Rui heard Xia Yuqing’s call, she lifted her head to see Xia Yuqing standing not far away with a bitter expression. Thinking she was frightened, she couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. 

She quickly stepped forward and grasped Xia Yuqing’s hand: “Niang Niang, don’t worry, we are here. With us, we won’t let the granddaughter of Duke Lu hurt you and the little prince. Just remember, don’t get close to the woman’s three…Oh, no, within 6 zhang.” 

“20 metres?” Three Zhang is about ten meters, so six zhang is 20 meters. Twenty meters should be almost the distance of a ravine. Saying hello and talking to someone across a mountain ditch, do you want us to sing mountain folk songs to each other?!

Staring at Lu Rui’s solemn expression, Xia Yuqing couldn’t say the words of rejection and could only nod her head. 

Lu Rui let out a sigh of relief, then continued with a faint smile, speaking with relief: “As long as Niang Niang takes care of herself and the little prince, we will take care of everything else. The emperor pampers Niang Niang so much, he will definitely not allow those people to hurt Niang Niang. The empress dowager also regards Niang Niang as her own, she will not stand by doing nothing. Also, Xu Lao will leave his closed doors soon. Since he loves Niang Niang so much, he will not let people bully her. And the Da Rens…anyways, Niang Niang just needs to raise her baby with a peace of mind, don’t worry about anything else.” 

“I didn’t worry. Lu Rui, you are becoming more and more like an old mother. And…” Xia Yuqing met Lu Rui’s hurt eyes, coughed slightly, “I actually meant to say that I was hungry.”

“Niang Niang…” Lu Rui called out pitifully, holding her broken glass heart. 

“I’m really hungry. Listen, my stomach is growling.” 


“The little baby is also hungry and is starting to protest.” 

“…well, Nu Bi will go take care of the food.” 


Xiefang palace hall was furiously jumping due to the arrival of Duke Lu and his granddaughter. Everyone was in a panic, while the Qianqing palace hall was plunged into a pressure that was the opposite of it due to the arrival of these two people. 

“Duke Lu’s move is really…good, so good! He brought his granddaughter to the capital without any notice, only after entering the city gate were we notified, does he really put Zhen in his eyes?” Feng Tingye played with the letter in his hand, smiled coldly, then directly threw the thing in his hand to the ground. There was a vulture like gaze that appeared in his slightly narrowed eyes. 

As soon as Shao Zitong entered the door, he saw a bright yellow letter thrown towards him. After falling on the ground, it slid directly to his feet. 

Shao Zitong looked down. After seeing the signature on the letter, he raised his eyebrows and didn’t pick it up. He stepped on it in a grand manner. When he stepped down, he was still not very happy and pressed down harder. 

“…” When the people watched his movements, they knew that this guy was angry. In fact, it was due to the owner of this letter. 

“Who made the Ministry of War, Shao Zitong angry, does he want to die?” Yan Ran gloated at someone’s hairy appearance and blew a loud whistle. 

Leng Ruofeng’s face was cold. How could he not know whether his friend was really angry or was playing around after years of friendship? Obviously, this time someone was really annoyed.

“Isn’t it just picking up Duke Lu, what’s the matter?” 

“Picking up? Would that person want some small Ministry of War to pick them up, this lowly subject? Give them a bit of face and they really go too far. They haven’t even met yet, but already they consider themselves the hostess of this country. Heh, Tingye, I am leaving my words here today. If you really married that girl, regardless of whether it’s having her as a maid or an empress, my friendship with you will be over immediately.” 

As soon as this was said, the expressions of several people in the hall changed, even Yan Ran quickly put away his condescending look. Usually, although the several people liked to joke, there was a certain limit they had in their hearts. They would never say such decisive words. Shao Zitong was really mad this time. 

“Who said that I want to accept that woman? Zhen has nothing to do with her. That’s the case now and in the future. There will only be one concubine in my harem. I don’t want to say this again.” Feng Tingye’s face sank as he said something similar to a guarantee in his cold voice. 

Shao Zitong’s face only improved slightly after hearing that, “That sounds about right.” 

“What’s going on?” Leng Ruofeng saw that the atmosphere between the two was no longer as tense as it was at the beginning, and was slightly relieved. 

Shao Zitong’s eyes went cold and he revealed what had just happened. 

No one had anticipated the arrival of Duke Lu. At that time, Feng Tingye and the others were discussing how to arrange the Wu Jun mother and son duo who followed them back to Beijing when they suddenly heard news from outside that Duke Lu had arrived in the capital with his granddaughter. 

Although Duke Lu was an official, he was a veteran from the previous era and had a high status. The few people didn’t dare to be negligent when they heard the news. After discussing it, they asked Shao Zitong to take some people to the city gate to greet them. 

Because he didn’t know Lord Lu’s return beforehand, he had made no preparations at all. Shao Zitong just hurried to the gate with some guards. After waiting for a few quarters at the gate, he saw two low-key but gorgeous carriages slowly driving to the gate of the city. 

Shao Zitong was the Ministry of War and his official position was not much worse than that of Duke Lu. In addition, Duke Lu announced that he was retiring many years ago, it is logical that Shao Zitong did not have to salute him. But seeing that the other party was an elder, Shao Zitong lowered his posture, bowed and asked, “Is Duke Lu in the carriage?” 

As soon as the voice fell, a deep unwelcoming voice from the carriage came out: “You are…”

“Greeting the Duke, this junior is the Shangshu of the Ministry of War, Shao Zitong, on orders from the emperor to welcome the Duke.” 

“The Shangshu of the Ministry of War?” Duke Lu in the carriage did not say anything. Shao Zitong then heard a shrill female voice, “How come only a small Shangshu came? Are they looking down on grandfather and I? Ah, what does the emperor mean by this, could it be……” 

“Yan Er…” 

“Grandpa what do you want me to do? Am I wrong? Grandpa, you are the previous emperor’s high ranking official. You are the only official bestowed a surname by the previous emperor. Your status is noble, that is, even the previous emperor would give you three points of courtesy. What’s more, the current emperor is young and energetic. How long has he taken the throne? How dare he not put you in his eyes?! If this goes on longer, what would he do then? And doesn’t he know that I am……hehe.” 

“Yan Er, don’t be rude.” After the woman had finished speaking, Duke Lu snorted in a low voice. Although he was interrupting her, he didn’t seem angry at all, “Yan Er was spoiled by the old man. Please don’t mind, Da Ren.”

Shao Zitong couldn’t help sneer when he heard Duke Lu’s words. If he really wanted to stop his granddaughter, why wait until she finished speaking? Knowing that the girl speaks rudely, but still indulging her nonsense, is this the teaching of the Lu family? It’s really eye-opening, how can he not compliment it? 

Bestowed a name? How many fiefs with different surnames since ancient times ended up with a tragic ending? What’s more, you’re not even a ruler of a fiefdom, just a small country lord. How dare you be so arrogant?! 

For the common people, a fief may look like supreme glory, but as long as you really see through the darkness of the officialdom, its not really the case. The people of the royal family understand that the fief does not mean much honor. Instead, it is the suspicion of the king. To put it more simply, it is to distribute the frontiers and lock people in one place, keeping them away from the capital, the court, and the power. 

But when the two people in front of him hadn’t asked about the emperors circumstances and left their territory grandiosely, he really didn’t know if they should be called bold or stupid. 

“The Duke’s words are too much, Chen…” Shao Zitong sneered repeatedly in his heart, but made a submissive look on his face. Just as he wanted to casually say some nice words, the woman in the carriage became restless again.

“Grandpa, what do you have to say with a little Shangshu of the Ministry of War. Grandpa, I’m tired after so many days of travel. Let’s find a place to settle down first.” The woman’s shrill voice said coquettishly. It was quite lethal, and directly caused the group of welcoming guards and Shao Zitong to have a body full of goosebumps. 

However, the Duke comfortably replied with a cheerful voice: “Okay, we will find a place to rest immediately.” 

He even asked the driver to take the carriage directly to the relay station. Shao Zitong who came to greet him was directly thrown aside. This defiant attitude really angered Shao Zitong. 

Watching the grandfather, granddaughter pair enter the post, he went straight to the palace, and walked into the Qianqing palace hall full of anger. That’s why there was the scene just now. 

After listening to Shao Zitong’s narrative, the faces of several people were a little ugly. They thought it would be troublesome enough for this woman with the so-called fate sign to appear, but they didn’t expect that even the grandfather would think so highly of himself. Now, I’m afraid that something will happen again. 

“What do you think about this matter?” Feng Tingye was silent for a long while, tapping on the table with his fingers. 

“How else can I look at it? These two people are clearly coming for the position of the queen. Listening to the words of that woman wanting to be the queen of the world, that really is a joke.” Yan Ran unceremoniously belittled the woman who he had never met but had already upset everyone.

Shao Zitong was even more direct. He coldly smiled: “They did not come earlier or later, but why when the present political situation is stable? Entering at this time, Duke Lu can really calculate.”

“He wants to rely on his granddaughter to gain power through the so-called fate. He still needs to see if Zhen will agree or not.”

Leng Ruofeng’s face was slightly cold: “What is Your Majesty going to do?” 

“The best way to deal with an opinionated self-righteous person is to cut the mess with a sharp knife.” Feng Tingye’s eyes flashed with a clear chilling, murderous aura. 

Leng Ruofeng nodded, but as if thinking of something, he reminded him in a muffled voice: “This kind of person, it’s easy for him to be driven to a desperate action when pushed.” 

Feng Tingye looked up at Leng Ruofeng with his phoenix eyes: “What do you mean? You are worried that they will act on Ai Fei if they are pushed?” 

Leng Ruofeng nodded solemnly. Feng Tingye’s face became gloomy. The corners of his lips curled up into a cold arc: “Don’t worry, I won’t give them this opportunity.” 

Poor Huo Feiyan didn’t expect that when she had just stepped into the capital, she would be remembered by the few people who had the most say in the court. This was all while she was still immersed in her dream of being a queen. 

Of course, the pitiful person had something hateful about her. If she hadn’t had that kind of temperament, she wouldn’t have brought so much hatred to herself at the beginning. So it is said that some people court disasters by themselves and others can’t stop them even if they want to. 

In the next few days, rumors were abound in Beijing. The palace was even more panicked. It was not because they heard the rumors, but that the protagonist in the rumors suddenly appeared and is endangering their beloved Consort Qing and future cute little prince. 

Rumor has it that the granddaughter of Duke Lu is tall but light, with the appearance of a weak lady, arousing love. 

Rumor has it that the granddaughter of Duke Lu was eighteen years old and she sounded like an oriole that would cause other birds to stop. 

Rumor has it that Duke Lu’s granddaughter has a graceful appearance and a peach coloured face. 


Too many rumors made the faces of everyone around Xia Yuqing more and more ugly, but it made Xia Yuqing a little curious. These rumors sounded good alone, but if they were put together, she would not look like a human. Instead, she would look more like…a youkai. A youkai with several different faces. Thinking about it made her feel…a bit scary. 

However, even if the girls around Xia Yuqing were guarded, the ones who should come will still come. Xia Yuqing didn’t expect that she would meet the scandalous female of the Ultra Seme Lord so soon. 

Early that morning, after Xia Yuqing had breakfast, she remembered that she hadn’t visited Zhang Sunshi in Cining Palace for a long time, so she took Cui Er and the others to Cining Palace. She also decided to walk instead of using a carriage to help digest the food.

Unexpectedly, not far from the Xiefang palace hall, she saw a woman chatting with her friends and walking towards them. 

Xia Yuqing paused and looked at the group of people with curiosity: “I’ve never seen those people before. Who are they?” 

Li Yuan turned her head when she heard the words. Her face suddenly changed, and she whispered: “Qing Jiejie, that is the granddaughter of Duke Lu, Huo Feiyan.” 

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