FMEA Chapter 108 Part 2

Chapter 108 Rice ball vs Wild Pheasant 

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Duke Lu’s granddaughter, Huo Feiyan? Xia Yuqing suddenly remembered the rumor. From a distance, she was tall, she was light and…wait, she is just like a ball, how can she still be light? She had to wonder if she really climbed into the bed of the Ultra Seme Lord, would he be crushed by her?

However, if there is such a day, let him be crushed. Hmph, she wouldn’t want such a traitorous person anyways. 

Thinking about it this way, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but sympathize with the woman walking towards her. Alas, the poor child took the name of Feiyan, but got a figure that was far from it. It was really a tragedy. 

Then she also remembered another rumor, her graceful posture… Looking at her twisting around like the old prostitutes in a brothel trying to get clients, she was indeed quite graceful. As for the face like a peach blossom, her face was covered by a handkerchief. 

Xia Yuqing commented on someone’s image with relish. Suddenly as if thinking of something, she looked down at the ground between the two. This distance… seems to be close to twenty meters.

“Go, go, hurry up.” After regaining her senses, Xia Yuqing hurriedly urged the girls behind her to hide. It’s not that she was worried about what Huo Feiyan would really do to herself, she just didn’t want to be caught by Lu Rui after the fact and get nagged endlessly. Lu Rui, that girl was becoming more and more like an old housekeeper. No, she has to find someone to accept her as soon as possible! ! ! 

Xia Yuqing thought secretly in her heart. But she didn’t know that even if she wanted to run,  some people weren’t planning to just let her go. 

“Stop, why are you running? Didn’t you see our lady coming?” Before Xia Yuqing took a few steps, she was stopped by an unceremonious female voice. 

Cui Er and Li Yuan’s eyes flashed with a trace of coldness at the same time. They looked at each other, nodded, and shielded Xia Yuqing behind them. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t feel anything, there was only one thought in her heart at the moment. It seems that this time I can’t escape Lu Rui’s invincible nagging, but this is not my fault. This woman came running up by herself. So please be lenient and only nag for a quarter of an hour, don’t nag for a long time~~o(>_<)o~~ 

Huo Feiyan has a stomach of fire. She has been loved since she was a child. Wherever she went, people would flatter her and view her as a revered leader. In addition, her grandfather because of her fate has always placed high hopes on her and brought her by his side to raise her since childhood.

Life going smoothly for more than ten years, how could she expect that when she arrived in the capital, she would be so dejected. As for today, she planned to cultivate her relationship with the emperor through the two days of the empress dowager’s birthday feast and get the empress position in one move. Yet, she was refused entrance. The emperor unwilling to see her was fine, but seeing palace maids on the road turning around running away when they saw her made Huo Feiyan so angry that she almost broke her teeth. 

In her mind, she secretly made the decision to replace all the maids in this harem after she sat on the throne of the empress in the future! ! ! 

Full of anger and seeing the group of maids around Xia Yuqing who were wearing the outfits of court ladies that could not conceal their beauty, Huo Feiyan’s heart became more fierce. She yelled: “Which palace are you from? Are your eyes grown on the top of your head, did you not see this lady coming? You dare to hide?” 

Li Yuan narrowed her eyes and stepped forward: “This miss’s words are too strong, we are the maidservants in this palace and only respect our Master. Nu Bi doesn’t know this miss, so naturally she won’t take the initiative to join her. I don’t know how this annoys this lady?” 

The implication was that you are a new girl, the newcomer. It’s already nice of us to not trouble you, yet you dare to trouble us? You really don’t know your place. 

“You…” Huo Feiyan became angry, “Which palace maid are you? That’s how your master taught you? There is no discipline at all.”

Li Yuan didn’t change her face. She sneered and said: “Haha even if Nu Bi doesn’t know the practices, Nu Bi still knows to be respectful to her master. I also know how to treat people with cordiality and politeness. Who would be like some lady who casually catches someone on the road and scolds them with such a dirty mouth. This Nu Bi would also like to ask, which family does this girl belong to? Is this the upbringing of the lady’s family?” 

Xia Yuqing stared blankly at the scene of the rice ball vs. wild pheasant. When did the girl Li Yuan become so sharp-mouthed? Usually, the cute little rice ball doesn’t fight back when she is pinched and protests twice at most, is this her illusion? Ooooooooooooooooooo did the rice balls evolve into a fried bun? Look at that wild pheasant bouncing everywhere, its top looks like it’s going to blow up!!!

“Are you ridiculing this lady’s lack of education?” Huo Feiyan stared at Li Yuan closely. The hatred in her eyes could no longer be hidden. For the first time in her life, she was insulted like this. Usually, the words spoken to her were softly spoken and full of flattery. She never expected that a little court lady would cause her to lose face today. 

“I didn’t say that, this lady said it herself.” 

Goodjob! Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up and praised her Xiao Yuanzi. 

“You…” Huo Feiyan was so angry that she raised her hand to slap Li Yuan’s face. She didn’t expect to be stopped by Li Yuan when she moved her hand halfway. 

Don’t look at Li Yuan’s small body, after all, she is a kung fu practitioner. Now, using a little bit of strength, it caused Huo Feiyan to shout out. She hurriedly pulled her hand back, rubbing her hand vigorously.

“You dare to hit me!!!” Since childhood, no one dared to do anything to Huo Feiyan. Now, not only was she ridiculed by words, but also injured by someone. Huo Feiyan immediately screamed. 

Xia Yuqing quickly covered her ears when she heard Huo Feiyan’s voice. My goodness, such a high-decibel dolphin sound. Does she want to make everyone deaf? No wonder the rumors said Duke Lu’s granddaughter can stop a crowd of birds. I’m afraid the real scene is that they are all sacrificial victims, while the people have fled the city囧 ~~~~~

After the screaming stopped, Xia Yuqing glanced at the people around her with lingering fears, but saw that all of them looked as usual and motionless. They were untouched by the magic sound just now? This…did they become silly or were their tolerance too strong? 

A little court lady on the side met Xia Yuqing’s inquisitive and puzzled gaze and silently wiped a cold sweat. Niang Niang, its not that Nu Bi has a strong tolerance, it’s just… after listening to your zither, this level can only be regarded as… a piece of cake. Look to the sky~~~ 

The two in the confrontation obviously did not notice this episode. Li Yuan looked at the opposite woman coldly, and sneered: “If the eyes of so many people here are right, this miss made a move first. I just resisted a little bit to avoid hurting myself, why did you say that I hit you miss?” 


Without giving Huo Feiyan a chance to argue, Li Yuan continued: “Does this miss think that it’s nothing to beat a little palace lady? Don’t forget that this is the palace. What qualifications do you have and what capacity do you have to beat me? First, you are not a royal relative, secondly you are not a concubine of this palace. Even if you want to teach me, it is not this miss’s turn to do it. “

“You…” Huo Feiyan was interrupted by Li Yuan so she could only utter a single syllable. Although she was covered with a veil, her exposed skin still made it possible to see that she was irritated. 

Xia Yuqing looked at Li Yuan with bright eyes. If it hadn’t been for the fact that there were so many people present, she would have rushed forward and hugged Li Yuan. Oh, what to do? I feel that a collected Xiao Yuanzi with her face pretending to be mature is even more cute!!! 

Xia Yuqing’s explicit gaze not only made Li Yuan aware of it, but also caused Huo Feiyan, who had been busy pinching with Li Yuan, to turn her attention to her.

After seeing Xia Yuqing’s clothes and the already very obvious round belly, Huo Feiyan’s eyes suddenly tightened. She pointed to Xia Yuqing and said: “You…you are…” 

“…” This girl has just noticed her. Xia Yuqing rolled her eyes and silently added a note to this person’s poor figure in her heart. Her eyes don’t seem too good. 

Seeing Xia Yuqing, Huo Feiyan was strangely calm. She sneered and said: “I was wondering which family’s Ya Tou was so sharp-toothed and doesn’t understand etiquette, so it turns out to be from the palace of Niang Niang. No wonder her eyes were on the top of her head with no one in sight, she really can’t be brought out in public. Does she really think that just because she has a title, she would ascend to heaven and be at the top?”

Xia Yuqing was embarrassed. She was wronged to death, but she still reminded Huo Feiyan ‘sincerely’: “Uh…that Miss Huo, in this palace, Ben Gong is the only one who has a title” 

It’s not that she think shes the top person with a title. But within the ladies in the palace now, except for the empress dowager, she was the only one who has a title. 

Xia Yuqing’s words were nothing to herself, but she obviously overestimated her language ability. 

Hearing this ordinary sentence, it became Xia Yuqing mocking her for a lack of status and showing off her relationship and status with His Majesty in front of her.

Li Yuan’s time with Xia Yuqing was not short, so she knew Xia Yuqing’s temperament. She also knew that there was no evil intention in her words, but she was not ready to explain that when she looked at Huo Feiyan’s expression of resentment and jealousy. “No, our empress is so favored by the emperor, she was named the head of the four titles of concubines and enjoys the special favor of the sixth palace. Now she is also pregnant with the dragon descendant. Only when the melons are ripe could the post-approval ceremony be held. The one and only queen in the harem, how can such honor be comparable to others?” 

“You…” Huo Feiyan wanted to make a move again. Li Yuan stepped forward without a trace, blocking Xia Yuqing’s whole person behind her. She sneered: “Do you want to be pinched again?” 

Huo Feiyan thought of the pain just now, her face changed slightly. She snorted coldly : “Don’t be too proud. It’s too early to say anything. Don’t think just because you have a child, you can sit firmly on the Queen’s throne. Things in this palace have never been fixed. Your favor today may not be favour like this in the future. Let’s wait and see.”

After that, Huo Feiyan ignored the people behind her and turned away. 

“Wait…wait a minute, you…” 

Hearing someone shout behind her, Huo Feiyan only thought Xia Yuqing was frightened by her words. She chuckled and raised her head proudly and said, “It’s too late for you to regret now. The humiliation I have received will be doubled back in the future. Just think about how to live out your limited good days later, ah~~~”

Another long scream cut through the sky, accompanied by a muffled sound. 

Xia Yuqing put down her hands, tightly covering her ears. She looked at Huo Feiyan, who was slumped in front of her, and whispered, “You think too much. I just want to tell you that there is a pit hole in front of you. If you continued to move forwards, you’ll fall…” 

So, if you don’t look at the road when you walk, and your eyes are higher than the top of a horse, even God will not be able to look past it. 

Tsk tsk, she saw it just now. When Huo Feiyan fell, her face landed on the ground first. Even if her face under the veil was astonishingly dazzling, just like this, it would be crooked no matter what. 

“But, why is such a big pit here?” 

Hearing Xia Yuqing’s mutter, Xiao Bai nestled in Cui Er’s arms perked up. His black grape-like eyes stared at Xia Yuqing brightly as if asking for credit. 

“Wowowo…” Master, look over here! ! ! The pit was dug by this uncle. It was made by this uncle to pee yesterday. I want to be rewarded, begging to be touched! ! ! 

“Ah, it hurts, why don’t you come over and pull me up?” Huo Feiyan clutched her aching face. She shouted angrily at the group of girls who were dumbfounded by her sudden fall. 

The girls woke up from their dream. One by one, they stepped forward to pull Huo Feiyan up, but Huo Feiyan who was originally huge….

“Ah~~~” There were several screams. That’s right, several. Besides falling to the ground again and hurting her face twice, there were also some Ya Tous who stacked up on top of her when they failed to pull her up. They were all pressed on Huo Feiyan’s body. 

“…” At this moment, Xia Yuqing wanted to ask, dear, is your face okay? 

Xia Yuqing and the few girls behind her all looked at the farce in front of them with surprise. 

Only Li Yuan turned her head to Cui Er, who was bowing her head to Xiao Bai, looked on with a little surprise. 

At that moment, she clearly saw a few small stones flying out from sister Cui Er’s direction hitting those girls who wanted to pull Huo Feiyan up, then the figures of a few people flew forward. 

Cui Er seemed to feel Li Yuan’s gaze and looked up at her. She shook her head, and smiled. 

Li Yuan immediately understood, but she was a little shocked. It turned out… there is such a master besides Qing Jiejie? 

Taking a deep breath, Li Yuan didn’t ask here. Instead, she approached Xia Yuqing’s ear and reminded: “Qing Jiejie, are we… going to help them?” 

Help them? Its not like I’m not full and can help. Didn’t you see the people who helped and fell down? She didn’t want to ask for trouble. 

“Yeah, the weather today is really good. I don’t know if the flowers in the Yuhuan Garden are blooming. I’ll walk around and have a look when I go to Cining Palace.”


The girls just looked at Xia Yuqing who looked up at the sky, then looked around and left. Frozen for a moment, they hurriedly followed. Now that Niang Niang is leaving, cough cough, let’s assume that we haven’t seen anything. 

Xia Yuqing and the others who were eager to visit Zhang Sunshi in Ci Ning Palace hall and Huo Feiyan and the others who focused on saving themselves did not notice the people at the end of the palace road. A few men who had just come down from morning court saw everything that happened here, from beginning to end. 

“It looks like we were over-concerned. That little kitty will bite people. What’s more, there are so many people guarding her.” Shao Zitong squinted and said with a light smile. He looked at Huo Feiyan, who had angered him not so long ago. This sight was really refreshing.

Sure enough, women’s affairs still need women to solve it. That special women should be left to those wolf-like women to clean up. 

“It can be said like that, but I don’t plan to let this matter go.” Feng Tingye looked at the woman who was still struggling on the ground, lingering and panting, a trace of contempt flashed across his eyes. 

“What will the emperor do?” Leng Ruofeng frowned and asked coldly.

  “The best and most direct way to deal with a grandfather and granddaughter duo who has unrealistic dreams is to smash their dreams in front of everyone.” Feng Tingye’s eyes flashed with an evil light, making the people on the side tremble unconsciously… 

“Yan Ran, what’s the matter?” Leng Ruofeng saw him absent-minded and asked with an eyebrow raised. It is rare to see him so quiet, he really isn’t…used to it. 

“Um… nothing.” Yan Ran came back to his senses and laughed dryly. He just didn’t expect that the woman who usually looked so pitiful would have such a side. This made his mood a little…complex for a while. 

Shao Zitong and Feng Tingye, who knew the inside story, looked at each other. When they saw a similar light in each other’s eyes, they instantly understood. 

Smart people were like this. Sometimes they don’t need to make a special statement. Often they only need one look to know what the other person was thinking. 

Poor someone who was still struggling with his own complicated mind at the moment, without knowing has already been targeted. 

Xia Yuqing left after having lunch in the Cining Palace. As soon as Xia Yuqing left, Zhang Sunshi heard the news. There was a little chill on her always gentle face. 

“Is it true?” 

“It’s true. Nu Bi just heard from the Ya Tou who went out to fetch tea in the temple early in the morning. She met the Huo family lady on the way here. Niang Niang didn’t say anything. But, Ms. Huo tried to teach Niang Niang’s Ya Tou a lesson after learning that she was the person next to Niang Niang. She even criticized her directly and didn’t put her in her eyes at all. Yet, Niang Niang did not blame her because of her good temper. If such a person enters the harem, how can there be any peaceful days in the harem?” 

“No wonder Qing Er  was a little tired when she came today. Ai Jia thought it was because she didn’t sleep well yesterday, but it was because of this? She had gone out and run into someone and got angry.” Zhang Sunshi’s complexion darkened. Although she hadn’t asked about others for many years, she had been in this harem for more than ten years. What kind of people had she not seen before. Right now, she did not have a good impression of the so-called Duke Lu’s granddaughter. “It’s naturally impossible for such a woman to enter the palace, not to mention that no one wanted her to enter the palace in the beginning. Mei Xi…” 

“Yes, Nu Bi is here.” 

“You have to tell Xu Lao that for Ai Jia’s birthday banquet, Ai Jia urges him to be there, otherwise his most beloved little apprentice will be bullied by others. If that happens, he cannot blame Ai Jia.” 

Mei Xi immediately understood the intentions of Zhang Sunshi. She smiled slightly, bowed, and sent people to Xu Mansion.

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