FMEA Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Blind your dog eyes! 

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Zhang Sunshi’s birthday happened shortly after the first snowfall. Ye Country was rich in water, so every year after the fall of autumn leaves, there will be small snowflakes, crystal clear and pure white. It was really beautiful. 

Xia Yuqing had never seen snowflakes in modern times, so it was a new novelty when she saw the flying snow in the sky. 

However, after someone was so obsessed with playing in it and caused their little hands to turn red was caught by Feng Tingye, the few people who were waiting on the side and Feng Tingye explicitly forbade Xia Yuqing from going out to play in the snow. This made Xia Yuqing complain for several days. 

“Xiao Yuan, have you seen snow before?” Xia Yuqing asked curiously as she watched the snow gradually getting smaller outside. 

Li Yuan, who helped Xia Yuqing with her makeup, heard Xia Yuqing’s question and smiled: “I’ve seen it. The reason why Snow Country is named Snow is because compared to the other three countries, Snow Country’s winter is especially long. It snows non-stop for most of the year. If there is no heater, I would not dare to go out.”

“Really? Then are there those strong ones in Snow Country, with their whole body covered in white… uh, bear? Or the kind that walks and turns, that appears about to fall…duck?”    

“A snow-white bear? Aren’t bears all black or brown? There are a lot of white ducks, but they should all be kept at home, otherwise they would freeze to death. Why is Qing Jiejie asking this?”

“…” Xia Yuqing’s mouth twitched. Okay, she shouldn’t really think that at this time there will be creatures like polar bears and penguins.     

Hey, she just thought she could bring a few penguins back to raise them. They can be used as some kind of communication tool in the future, cough cough…     

“Bear and duck? Niang Niang must feel hungry right? Niang Niang might have to eat at the dinner party later, so it’s not suitable to eat too much now, or you won’t be able to eat later. If Niang Niang is still hungry when she comes back, Nu Bi will go to the small kitchen to get you chicken soup. The chicken soup has been simmered by Nu Bi just now. It would be done when Niang Niang comes back.” Lu Rui took a golden ornament and put it on Xia Yuqing’s hair bun. Hearing the conversation between the two, she couldn’t help but interject. 

“…” This misunderstanding feels… a bit big! Could it be that in their eyes, I am really useless except for eating? Xia Yuqing’s heart fell to the ground with a crack. 

“Niang Niang, okay, get up and let Nu Bi take a look.”

Xia Yuqing stood up ignorantly. This is the first time she wore such a complicated palace outfit. The first two banquets, she only wore more casual dresses.

But this time… she remembered that Lu Rui had solemnly held her hand not long ago, and told her in a heartbreaking manner that she couldn’t lose this battle. Even if her appearance may be inferior to others, she had to dress better.     

At that time, Xia Yuqing wanted to vomit. Not to mention that girl might still have injuries on her face. Even if she was the most beautiful person ever, I can still crush her with her size. But Xia Yuqing did not say this. After all, she finally concealed the fact that she had seen Huo Feiyan, she wouldn’t be so stupid to mention this old thing again and let Lu Rui seize the opportunity to nag at her for a long time!     

Thinking of this, Xia Yuqing regretted not knowing at the beginning. If she knew that Lu Rui had such a talent as a monk, she should have swept her out earlier.

Once there was a great opportunity in front of me, I did not cherish it. By the time I regret it, there was already a monk beside me. The greatest tragedy in the world is this!     

When Xia Yuqing got up, all the girls in the room stopped their movements, their gazes came over unconsciously.     

After a long while, Lu Rui screamed, and rushed towards Xia Yuqing, taking Xia Yuqing directly into her arms and rubbing hard: “How can our family’s Niang Niang be so beautiful? How could that granddaughter of Duke Lu be comparable? Aoao… Nu Bi can’t wait to see the woman’s self-defeating appearance! Hmph…”     

Lu Rui hadn’t been relieved from her excitement, when suddenly she felt her neck tight. Then she was taken off Xia Yuqing’s body by someone carrying her collar.

“Zhen also can’t wait to see Lu Rui frozen into an ice sculpture, with a crystal clear appearance.” Xia Yuqing hadn’t recovered from Lu Rui’s incident and before she could push the person clinging on to her away, her body lightened suddenly. In an instant, she was pressed into a familiar embrace. A playful voice sounded beside her ear, with a faint chill, “Your family’s Niang Niang?” 

Lu Rui staggered on her feet, then stabilized her figure under Cui Er’s support. As soon as she raised her head, she met Feng Tingye’s fierce gaze, and said with a trembling smile: “Nu Bi deserves to die. Nu Bi deserves to die. Nu Bi begs the emperor to forgive Nu Bi this time. Nu Bi just had a slip of the tongue, cough cough, naturally Niang Niang belongs to the emperor’s family.” 

Yi, no wonder people said you shouldn’t provoke a jealous man. The emperor’s jealous face is so savage, she’s going to be killed!

Feng Tingye felt quite content with the phrase “Niang Niang is naturally from the emperor’s family”, and decided that he would let Lu Rui go this time: “Only this time. It will not be the case next time.” 

“…” Lu Rui snorted and smiled flatteringly. “Thank you, your majesty. Thank you.” 

Xia Yuqing looked at the farce caused by someone fighting for a so-called “status” with a dull expression, the corners of her mouth twitched.

The Ultra Seme Lord is so arrogant, is your family artificially created? Why did you get so happy because of just one sentence, what about your cool, handsome tyrant image? What about being a noble person? With this difference, you will definitely be given a bad review! 

“Ai Fei, what’s the matter?” Feng Tingye lowered his head and glanced at the woman in his arms who was exuding a kind of coquettishness that she did not have normally due to the heavy makeup. His eyes narrowed slightly, a beautiful whirlpool gradually appeared within. It was as if it was trying to draw people within, with no way to escape.

Xia Yuqing couldn’t help shivering when she saw this. The beast was thinking about something that should be censored. Would you die if you’re not in heat for a day! 

“Ahem…” Seeing that the two have a tendency to show affection and for the sake of the dog that has just been cured in her family, Lu Rui coughed and reminded the two: “That, Your Majesty, Niang Niang, it’s almost time.” 

There was a trace of obvious regret in Feng Tingye’s eyes. Xia Yuqing’s heart trembled. Did that guy just wanted to carry out those things on the spot! 

The location of the birthday feast was not chosen in the imperial garden this time, but in the Fangcui Pavilion, which was close to Xiefang Hall. As long as the person was a bit smart, the intent of this could be seen. Yet, some people are just too narcissistic and do not even have the slightest awareness.

“Hey, girl over there, come over and help me pour the wine.” Huo Feiyan had already arrived in the Fangcui Pavilion early on in order to be able to see her future husband. Yet, when the music sounded, Feng Tingye still didn’t appear. 

Huo Feiyan was angry but didn’t have anywhere to vent, so she directly casted it on a palace maid who walked in front of her. 

Yun Xi hearing Huofei Yan call out, stiffened. Somewhat surprised, she turned and pointed to Huo Feiyan puzzled: “Me?” 

“Me, what do you mean me. I’m talking about you! Come over and pour me a drink.” 

Yan Ran and the group who had also been seated earlier heard Huo Feiyan’s arrogant screaming, so they all turned their heads and looked over. 

“That girl over there is from Consort Qing’s palace, right?” Yan Ran looked at Yun Xi’s profile and asked in a low voice. 

“En, it’s the girl who came back this time with the suspicious identity.” 

“How is it suspicious?” Leng Ruofeng put down the wine glass in his hand and asked faintly. 

Shao Zitong raised his lips and sneered: “That girl didn’t come out of the bandit’s den, but followed the Niang Niang from Jiang Zhaorou’s hand.” 

“You suspect, she is Jiang Zhaorou’s people?” Yan Ran folded the fan in his hand. His laughing face also sank slightly. 

“It’s not impossible. Her bad pretext could only deceive the emperor’s girl. It is not enough to deceive us.” Shao Zitong reached out for the wine glass full of wine on the table, but his eyes never looked away from Yun Xi. 

At this moment, Yun Xi only felt she was very unlucky. She just listened to Lu Rui’s words and came here early to help Xia Yuqing occupy the field, yet she actually ran into this evil star who is Xia Yuqing’s opponent. 

She took the jug reluctantly and moved to Huo Feiyan’s side. She lifted the jug to pour the wine, and suddenly heard a scream. The jug in her hand was knocked out and shattered to the ground. The wine was also spilled onto the table. 

“Ahhhh, you clumsy girl soiled this lady’s new clothes. Do you know that this is the Shu embroidery brocade specially customized for this lady and worth a thousand dollars? Even if you sell yourself, you would not be able to pay back this satin. Now, tell me how could you pay me back? Speak…” 

Listening to Huo Feiyan shouting the question, Yun Xi’s eyes were slightly moist. She saw everything clearly just now. This woman deliberately knocked over the flask in her hand, but was blaming it all on her. This woman clearly came for her from the beginning.     

Seeing Yunxi not speaking, Huo Feiyan thought she was frightened silly. She became more proud of herself, and said domineeringly: “Which palace are you from, doing things so carelessly, is this how your master taught you?” 

When the words came out, the people watching the excitement immediately understood Huo Feiyan’s intentions.     

“This Miss Huo Jia really won’t learn her lesson until she makes a mistake. She couldn’t find trouble with our Niang Niang, so she is looking to trouble her Ya Tou. After using the same trick twice, she still won’t get tired.” Yan Ran shook the fan in his hand. The cold wind chilled the people on the side, but he talked and laughed happily.     

“Go up and help?” Leng Ruofeng frowned. His impression of Huo Feiyan had dropped below the average line. A woman who likes to pick fights when there’s nothing is really scary.     

“It doesn’t seem necessary.” Shao Zitong stretched out his hand and pointed to the side.     

The two glanced at each other, looking in the direction he was pointing, their eyes tightened suddenly. A man, who knows when, stood in front of Yun Xi, and looked like a tall tower. That wouldn’t be…    

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