FMEA Chapter 115 Part 2

Chapter 115 Man Tou father-in-law vs Bear Son-in-law 

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“What?” The spirals hovering over Xia Yuqing ran away all at once. Her eyes dazzled as she caught Yun Xi’s hand and asked, “Uncle Hao ran to General He’s house?” 

Oh my god! Did the father-in-law run to the future son-in-law’s house to do a surprise investigation? Ooh, how can she miss such a good show?

“Yes, the Ya Tou next to Madam He rushed into the palace just now, saying that a man who claimed to be my father went to the He Mansion. Madam didn’t know if it was true or not, so she comforted him first, then allowed the Ya Tou to ask me. I asked the Ya Tou for that person’s looks and behavior, it’s definitely my dad. Niang Niang, please let me out of the palace. I’ll go and see, otherwise, with my dad’s temperament, something big will happen.” 

“Ok, I’ll let people get ready.” 

“Uh, get ready for what?” 

“Hee hee, I want to accompany you to see.” This is the Man Tou father-in-law vs Bear son-in-law, it must be very exciting, how can she just miss it? 

“…” Yun Xi looked at Xia Yuqing’s excited expression. She obviously wanted to see the excitement. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes. She… seemed to have found the wrong person, but she hoped things wouldn’t get worse. 

Yun Zhongli learned of He Wenzhong’s existence by accident. That day, he and the real Hao Gongfang, which is now the fake Yun Zhongli, together with several loyal officials who accompanied him, were discussing with Feng Tingye and several capable courtiers around Feng Tingye. They first talked about Shao Zitong, Leng Ruofeng, several civil servants, and then inevitably mentioned He Wenzhong, the only military commander. 

General He? ! As soon as he heard these three words, there was a fire lit in Yun Zhongli. Instantly he remembered General He who was repeatedly mentioned by Yun Xi and Xia Yuqing. Is it possible… 

Under further questioning, Yun Zhongli determined that this so-called General He must be the thief who stole his daughter’s heart. This is unbearable! 

Once his possessive side broke out, it was terrifying. So, Yun Zhongli paid no attention to the slightly surprised and suspicious gazes of a few people. He quickly rushed out of the post house, found the location of the He family, and went straight to the He family to see what kind of deceptive stinky b**tard actually dared to shake the spring heart that his daughter had guarded for many years. 

As a result… 

Shoot! The creature in front of him that looks like a bear and moves more like a bear than human was really the sweetheart of his baby girl? 

Yun Zhongli touched the mustache pasted on his chin and began to nitpick… 

He was born too dark, compared to his daughter, isn’t it like a black and white contrast? When the children are born, will they be white or black? Ahhhhh, why did I think of their children just now!?

And he’s too tall and too big, he must be heavy. Compared to him, his baby was basically a little cat. When he starts some kind of discordant exercise, it will crush his baby! No, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! What is he thinking?!?!

Finally, there are still some people in this world who are even more stupid than Brother Hao’s family! He has been sitting here for so long, yet this fool only knew how to giggle. 

Hehehe…hehehe…hehe your sister! The villain in Yun Zhongli’s heart grabbed his head and let out a scream. 

Why…why would his daughter fall in love with such a stupid man?! If they really end up together, if the child in the future is like his precious daughter, it would be okay; but if he is like this stupid big one, it would be a personal disaster! No, he must stop this tragedy from happening. He must not let his daughter be with such a fool! 

In short, the son-in-law in front of him…failed!

While looking at He Wenzhong, He Wenzhong was also carefully observing the man in front of him who is likely to be his future father-in-law. 

He looked pretty good, no wonder he gave birth to such a cute girl like Xiao Xi. But Xiao Xi was so gentle and considerate, how could her dad look… so fierce. 

He Wenzhong looked at Yun Zhongli in a panic, remembering what his father had told him. He stretched out his hand and met Yun Zhongli’s staring gaze, then he began to smile and laugh. Finally, the smile froze on his face and he couldn’t take it back. 

When Xia Yuqing rushed to He Mansion with a group of girls who were joining in the fun, she saw the scene where the two masters stared at each other. 

It was Mrs. He who was sitting at the innermost point that noticed Xia Yuqing first. To be precise, she saw Yunxi next to Xia Yuqing. 

“Chen welcomes Consort Qing.” 

“Ms. He knows Ben Gong?” Xia Yuqing stepped forward to support Mrs. He and asked in surprise. 

“Chen has been to the palace night banquet several times, and I have seen Niang Niang several times from a distance, but it’s the first time to meet Niang Niang like this.” 

Xia Yuqing nodded and looked carefully at Madam He who she has met for the first time. She was beyond her expectation. This Madam He looked like a very traditional Jiangnan woman, a pretty daughter from a humble family. It is hard to imagine that such a strong general, the bear, would come out of her belly. It seems that General He’s appearance and physique should follow  Old General He.

“Daddy, what are you doing here? It’s impolite to run to someone’s house casually!” 

As soon as the two of them had finished their formality, Yun Xi, who immediately followed behind, saw the two confronting each other. Her face was flushed. She hurriedly stepped forward and held Yun Zhongli, eyes full of embarrassment and shyness. 

“You… why can’t daddy come and see who you are so obsessed with that you don’t even want to return home?” 

“Daddy…” Yun Xi’s face went red when he spoke in front of everyone. Seeing this, Yun Zhongli became more and more unpleasant. After raising his daughter for so many years, he has never seen her care about anyone so much, not even himself. 

Yun Zhongli thought sourly in his heart. Thinking like this, the more he couldn’t understand what in this stupid big man charmed his precious daughter. He was so dumb, so stupid. He only knew how to laugh foolishly, how can he be worthy of his own daughter? ! 

When Xia Yuqing saw this, she knew that the old man was not satisfied with the son-in-law, He Wenzhong. She turned her eyes slightly, pulled Madam He over and whispered in her ears. 

“Ma’am, let me tell you, this is how things are, Xiao Xi…” 

Xia Yuqing added some enthusiasm when she told Xiao Xi’s story of how she ran away from home after being forced to marry. After returning to the palace with herself, they met General He by chance, and the two of them were like heaven and earth colliding. Cough, cough. No, it was a love destined by fate. After falling in love with each other at first sight, Yun Xi’s father suddenly appeared, preparing to break the loving couple. He made it clear that he wanted Xiao Xi brought home. 

Mrs. He looked gentle and refined, but was an affectionate person, otherwise she would not be willing to marry old man He. After listening to Xia Yuqing’s words, some righteous indignation was ignited. If it were other young women who were being forced to marry in this way, she wouldn’t take it; not to mention, Yun Xi was her favorite candidate for a daughter-in-law.

“No, Chen must have a good talk with Xiao Xi’s father.” Madam He was about to go discuss with Yun Zhongli, when Xia Yuqing stopped her first. 

“Wait a minute, Madam is not allowed to do this.” Xia Yuqing sighed lightly, “Madam, if you think about it, Xiao Xi’s father has done things like forced marriage. If you go and reason with him, do you think it will work?” 

“That’s right, then what should we do?” Madam He wrinkled her eyebrows, “Does Niang Niang have any good plans?” 

“Well, there is no good way, but there is a way.” Xia Yuqing met Madam He’s expectant gaze and showed a faint smile, “The reason Xiao Xi’s father wanted to force Xiao Xi to marry the man she didn’t like was because Xiao Xi’s father felt that the man was good. If there is a chance to prove that General He is a man worthy of Xiao Xi…” 

Madam He was startled, as if she understood something, she coldly snorted, “My son is the best in the world. That old guy dared to look down on my son. He is really ignorant. Hmph, I will open his eyes immediately!” 

“…” Madam, your temper change is too fast, how about your modest refined appearance just now? What about the light soft speech? She was blind to think that there was a gentle and virtuous woman in a military commander’s house. 

When Xia Yuqing and the others recovered from the transformation of Mrs. He’s freely retractable personality, everyone had shifted their positions and appeared in front of a large martial arts field. 

“This…Madam, what are you doing?” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help swallowing as she looked at the martial arts field. Madam He wasn’t angry and preparing to let General He and his future father-in-law have a life and death duel, right?! This will cause someone to die! 

“Niang Niang, you don’t have to worry. Wenzhong has studied martial arts since he was young, this little thing can not trouble him.”

“…” No, I am not worried about him. I am worried about his future father-in-law, is this really good? Will the violent solution be too cruel! 

“This…” Madam He turned to look at Yun Zhongli beside Yun Xi. 

Yun Xi hurriedly interjected: “Madam, my father is a general by King Shu, whose surname is Hao.” 

“It turned out to be Master Hao, I was rude. Now this hour is when Zhong Er practices martial arts. Zhong Er’s Dad often said that martial arts training is like learning. You will learn when you live, and you will practice until you are old, you can’t slacken in the slightest. Today Zhong Er’s father is out and asked me to supervise Zhong Er’s homework. The hour has come, how about the few of you stay and take a look at Zhong Er’s martial arts?” 

“Uh, if that’s the case, we might as well lea…” Yun Zhongli wanted to leave when he heard the words, but Yun Xi stopped him: “Daddy, since we’re here, just look at the martial arts of General He, okay?” 

Yun Zhongli has never been able to refuse her daughter’s request, so now hearing her plea, it was natural… 

“…Um, okay.” 

Madam He smiled: “Usually, Zhong Er’s father accompanies him to practice martial arts. Today, since his father is not there, Zhong Er can only hit the stakes here.” 

“Why not let the other people accompany General He to practice?” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but wonder. 

Madam He hid her face and smiled: “That’s not good. Except Zhong Er’s father, even though everyone in this mansion is good at martial arts, it is difficult to compete with Zhong Er. If you are not careful, you will die! Master Hao is a military officer. Do you want to try?” 

“…” Xia Yuqing was stunned, Madam He, are you black? Schizophrenia can’t be played like this, it is easy to get the snake disorder! Also, the last sentence is a threat, that is absolutely a threat! Is it really good to threaten your future in-laws during the first meeting? Do you want to be so cruel!

“No… no need.” Yun Zhongli looked at the martial arts field with a pale face. If he was kicked off by a man with his thick thighs… isn’t that man a monster? 

The people on the stage started to train. The people off the stage were shocked. Of course, not everyone was shocked. One person was particularly excited. 

“That’s amazing, General He is so amazing!” Yun Xi stared at He Wenzhong who was killing all quarters on the martial arts field with a red heart. She shouted excitedly, completely ignoring the surprised eyes projected from the person on the side. 

He Wenzhong heard Yun Xi’s shout and his movement stopped, then suddenly he flew up and kicked the wooden stake in front of him. He began to attack the two stone lions on the edge of the martial arts field. 

“!” Xia Yuqing and the others were stunned. He Wenzhong was using his flesh and blood to beat the two stone lions into debris. Is this man made of steel diamond? ! 

“That…Mrs. He, is that fine? Your house seems…like it’s about to fall down.” 

“It’s okay, that kid is a little ecstatic when he heard his sweetheart’s praise. His conduct is exactly like how his father was when he was young. When he finishes venting, he will naturally stop, oh hoo hoo hoo……” 

“……” Praised and becomes muddle headed? Does General He want to demolish the house when he is happy? And he has the same conduct as his father? This is inherited within the family? She was wondering when she came in just now, why the General’s Mansion was so much smaller than the Grand Tutor’s Mansion. Was it all demolished by the two generals?! 

“Ah, Niang Niang, be careful!” Cui Er and Li Yuan, supporting Xia Yuqing from the left and right, ran out. After not running a few steps, they heard a loud noise. The martial arts arena really just collapsed like this… .

“Cough cough…” Xia Yuqing waved away the billowing smoke in front of her. A few people nearby supported her with a worried expression and asked, “Is Niang Niang okay?” 

“I’m okay, where’s General He?”

Cui Er pointed to He Wenzhong, who was shyly accepting the praise from his mother, who was intact on the side. Xia Yuqing was embarrassed, looking around, she asked: “Xiao Xi, Where’s Uncle Hao?” 

The people in front were a little unclear, but in the end, a girl standing at the back said timidly: “Niang Niang, when the stage broke down just now, Xiao Xi seemed to be pulled away by her father. Before leaving, Nu Bi heard her father yell…” “




Xia Yuqing looked at the sky in silence. General He, the first time he saw the father-in-law, he scared him away. Is it really okay for you and Xiao Xi to be like this? ! 

As this was happening, on the other side, Yun Zhongli pulled Xiao Xi away and said with lingering fears: “That was terrible!” 

“Father, what are you doing? Why did you pull me away?” Yun Xi rubbed herself due to being held too tightly. 

Yun Zhongli’s face suddenly sank after hearing those words: “That man is the one you like?” 

Yun Xi was startled, her face turned red, and nodded. 

“Zhen doesn’t accept.” 

“Why?” Yun Xi asked in disbelief. 

“Did you just ask your royal father why? Didn’t you see what he was like just now? If that fist hit you, your small body…” 

“Father, you are still being prejudiced. Why would he hit me? His fists are used to protect me. Didn’t you tell me to find someone who can protect me?” 

“…” Yun Zhongli choked a bit. He finally understood what it means to lift a rock and hit one’s own foot. He raised his head with a proud face: “I don’t care, Zhen doesn’t allow you to be with that man.” 

“Hmph, it doesn’t matter what father says as long as mother is willing.”   

“Your mother won’t be willing. I really don’t understand what is so good about that man. He’s dark and stupid. Why did you fall in love with him?” 

Yun Xi was amused by his words. She hugged her chest, her face was full of the same arrogance as Yun Zhongli: “There’s no helping it, Er Chen was born from royal mother. Naturally, Er Chen’s taste follows mother. Wasn’t Grandpa also surprised why royal mother would like stupid father in the beginning?” 

Kacha, Yun Zhongli suddenly felt an arrow in his heart. Yun Xi’s words just hit his achilles heels. Back then, he was still a prince with mediocre qualifications. Everyone didn’t believe that he was qualified for the position of crown prince.

Even Yun Xi’s grandfather strongly opposed Yun Xi’s mother from marrying Yun Zhongli. Yet, it was Yun Xi’s mother who insisted on marrying, so her father couldn’t help it. That’s why Yun Xi was born. This matter has always been a knot in Yun Zhongli’s heart. He has always felt very guilty for Yun Xi and his mother. Who knew that one day his position would be changed, but this time, the object of this attachment has become his daughter! 

“How can that stupid man compare to me, Zhen…” Yun Zhongli hurriedly tried to restore his image in his daughter’s heart, but was turned into scum by Yun Xi’s next sentence. 

“In Er Chen’s heart, you are the same.” 

The same, the same… There was an infinite loop in his mind. He only felt that his whole person was trapped in a dark shadow, it was difficult to extricate himself. Then… 

“Woo… ” 


The father and daughter who were concentrating on talking did not notice that a shadow flickered on a street corner not far away. 

At the same time, inside the Imperial Study Room of the Ye Kingdom Palace. 

“How is it? Did you find out everything?” Feng Tingye tapped on the desk in front of him and asked in a low voice. 

“I found it.” Yan Ran narrowed his eyes and said, “There is indeed a general named Hao Gongfang in Shu. This person is indeed a favoured person in front of the emperor of Shu. No, it should be said that this person and the king of Shu have a friendship not like courtiers, but like brothers. This time, there was indeed such a person among the people accompanying the Shu King, but…” 


“It’s just that Hao Gongfang doesn’t have a daughter at all, only two sons. There is one foster daughter, but she is not surnamed Yun, she is surnamed Li. And this only foster daughter is now in Shu Kingdom at home, it’s impossible to be here at all.” 

Feng Tingye raised his eyebrows, his movements stopped, and a cold smile appeared on his lips: “In that case, that girl and Hao Gongfang, their words…… are false? “

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