FMEA Chapter 116

Chapter 116 Being face blind is invincible 

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Everyone in the Imperial Study Room unanimously felt a cold chill, and couldn’t help shivering! 

“It’s very likely.” Yan Ran replied calmly in response to the cold aura of Feng Tingye. He had a calm face, but he was crying for help in his heart. 

Why was he always getting injured or targeted? How much debt did he owe this dog couple in his previous life, that he is tortured by them so much in this life? ! 

“Hmph, dare to play tricks to deceive Ai Fei, they really are brave. If Ai Fei knows, who knows how sad she will be!” 

“…” Majesty, is that the most important point here? 

Yan Ran and Leng Ruofeng twitched their mouths, looking innocently at the sky. Serving a man who was gradually becoming a slave to their wife is so f**king unbearable. 

“Speaking of which, where did Ai Fei go?” Feng Tingye turned his head and glanced at Xiao Shunzi who was guarding him. 

Xiao Shunzi hurriedly stepped forward and said: “Reporting to Your Majesty, this afternoon, Niang Niang brought her group of Ya Tou to General He’s Mansion.” 

“General He’s Mansion? What is Ai Fei doing in He’s Mansion?” 

“Chen heard that early in the morning, Miss Yun Xi’s father had gone over to the He Mansion. Lady Yun Xi was worried about her father causing trouble, so she requested Niang Niang to allow her out of the palace, as a result…… ” 

“The result was that Ai Fei wanted to join in the fun, so she went to He Mansion with that Ya Tou?” 

“…Your Majesty is wise.” 

Feng Tingye put his chin in one hand and stopped talking, there was a little more complication in his face.

“Speaking of which, if there is something wrong with that Ya Tou, Wen Zhong has been very close to her recently. If he rashly makes a move at that Ya Tou, I’m afraid Wen Zhong will be hurt.” Yan Ran pondered for a moment, and said ecstatically. 

Although these remarks were very euphemistic, the people present were all people who have grown up together, so how could they fail to hear the deep meaning behind these words. The iron tree has finally bloomed flowers, spring has come to the withered tree. That silly big fool has also been enlightened and is able to fall in love with someone. If the girl does have bad intentions, they are afraid that it will leave an incurable…crack on the big silly fools glass heart? 

“Wen Zhong is innocent. He doesn’t understand anything other than leading soldiers to fight. If that little girl isn’t good, we should find out the matter earlier on, so that Wen Zhong will not be hurt more severely in the future and suffer for a lifetime.” 

After Feng Tingye spoke, everyone in the room was silent. At this moment, there was a knock on the door. 

“Your Majesty, Xu Lao has an urgent need to see you.” The eunuch’s sharp announcement came in from outside. 

Feng Tingye squinted his eyes slightly, as if thinking of something, he stood up and said, “Please come in, Xu Lao.” 

Before he could say anything, Xu Lao had already walked in with a cold expression. After he closed the door, he just stepped forward and said: “Your Majesty, this old man is here today because of the assassination of my little apprentice not long ago.” 

Several people’s faces changed slightly and they stood up in unison. Although Xu Lao was difficult to deal with normally, he rarely says such anxious words. Most of the time, he was very disrespectful and gave them a headache. Moreover, he usually calls Feng Tingye as Feng boy, but today he respectfully called him Your Majesty. This showed that what he was going to say next was no small matter.

Feng Tingye seemed to have anticipated Xu Lao’s intentions early on, so he was not too surprised. He only raised his eyebrows and said, “Has Xu Lao found some clues?” 

Xu Lao pursed his lips and said solemnly: “To be honest, the assassins who assassinated the little apprentice this time were… people under this old man’s third apprentice. No…no, it should be said that the assassins who entered the palace to assassinate were from the old man’s third apprentice.” 

“Xu Lao’s third apprentice?” Yan Ran exclaimed, “Isn’t the third apprentice of Xu Lao’s from Jiang Hu? How could he get involved in the royal disputes?” 

Yan Ran’s question made Xu Lao a little embarrassed: “Ahem, the old man’s third apprentice is indeed from Jiang Hu, but he also opened a killing business to make money.” 

“People from Jiang Hu who opened a killing business to make money?” Shao Zitong shook his head. Suddenly remembering that besides Xia Yuqing, these disciples basically had very ordinary backgrounds in the field, a conjecture emerged in his mind, “Xu Lao, you didn’t fancy the money that could be earned by this killing business and was planning for them to fund your expenses used for mechanisms right…” 

Shao Zitong’s straightforward words made Xu Lao lose face. He glared at him angrily and said: “How is that possible?”


“However, he provided a large part of the old man’s machinery and materials. “

“ …” It turned out to be true! Several people rolled their eyes, they somehow suddenly sympathized with the disciples of Xu Lao’s who were seen as his God of Wealth. 

“That, don’t interrupt him. Let Xu Lao continue.” It was Leng Ruofeng who brought the topic back. 

After his reminder, Feng Tingye’s face was slightly dark. A bit of killing intent emerged from his narrow and long phoenix eyes: “What is going on?” 

Xu Lao sighed softly: “That day In Xiefang palace, I happened to see a piece of jade scrap slip out from the assassin who was dragged out. The texture of the jade scrap is the same as the logo that my third apprentice once showed me. Everyone in their business would wear one that is very similar. That night, I wrote him a letter to ask about it, but he denied it. I had mentioned to him that his junior apprentice is this Ye Kingdom’s Niang Niang, but although he is stubborn and mischievous, he would not kill his junior sister.” 

“Then why did Xu Lao just say that those assassins are under your third apprentice?” Yan Ran heard the words and immediately jumped out and interrupted him. He still remembered what Xu Lao said when he entered the door. How could he say that his third apprentice did not do anything to that Ya Tou? 

“That’s why I just changed what I said. The assassins who entered the palace to assassinate belonged to my third apprentice.” Xu Lao glared at him and said in an upset manner.

Yan Ran touched his nose, and looked at Leng Ruofeng. There was something a little unclear. Feng Tingye understood a little bit and guessed: “Could it be that your third apprentice didn’t know that the assassins assassinated Ai Fei? ” 

Xu Lao shook his head: “My third disciple is also very confused on why his people would appear in the palace. After finding out the features of the assassins, I found a mistake.” 

“… mistake?!” 

“Yes, the orders he received from the assassins were not for the assassination of my little apprentice, but… the girl named Yun Xi next to my little apprentice.” 

“In other words, the assassins were not here for Niang Niang at all.” The folding fan in Yan Ran’s hand was closed. He was shocked by this turning point. The assassin was slaughtered by the onlookers. 

Xu Lao nodded solemnly. Feng Tingye recalled the scene that day, and said thoughtfully: “Lu Rui mentioned it that day. At that time, apart from Ai Fei, there were only her, Yun Xi, and a few others in the palace. The court ladies were there. At the time, Ai Fei was teaching Yun Xi to shoot arrows.” 

“In this case, the two should be very close.” Leng Ruofeng replied blankly, seemingly calm, but if you look closely, you can see the corners of his mouth twitching. 

“So, the person who the two assassins rushed to kill that day was Yun Xi that Ya Tou?” Shao Zitong narrowed his eyes slightly, his face was a little dangerous. 

“So, the bow Niang Niang threw out in panic that day was purely by accident?” Yan Ran no longer knew what expression to use to talk about the incident. 

“…” The words fell, and there was a ridiculous silence in the royal study room. Only one thought came up in the hearts of several people at the same time: The three assassins who died were reaally stupid and really… pitiful!

Feng Tingye glanced at the crowd, coughed, and brought everyone back to the topic: “Did Xu Lao ask who wanted to kill that girl Yun Xi and for what reason?” 

“Taking money from people, eliminating disasters for others, for this kind of client, logically speaking, even if the mission fails, it cannot be spread. This is especially since this person does not want people to discover his identity. At first, it was covered up, but the price was quite high. My third apprentice did some investigation in various ways and only a small clue was found, that the man came from Shu.” 

“Shu Kingdom?” Feng Tingye twisted his eyebrows. He knew some of the rules of the people in Jiang Hu. For Xu Lao’s third apprentice to find such a clue, it was not easy, but… 

“A small ordinary woman, yet someone actually spent a lot of money on a famous killing organization in the world to assassinate her…” 

Shao Zitong rolled a glance at Yan Ran: “Perhaps she is not any ordinary woman?” 

When these words came out, several people were taken aback. They turned their heads to look at Feng Tingye, only to see him become gloomy. 

The little girl who has a mysterious identity. She was not the daughter of a courtier, wanted to cover her real identity up, someone spent a lot of money to assassinate her, Lord of Shu suddenly visiting, and…the missing heir of Shu!

“Could it be that this girl is…” 

Feng Tingye smiled, “Don’t we just have to test it to know?

Several people instantly moved their eyes to him: “How is Your Majesty going to test it out?” 

“If she really is the heir that the king of Shu has tried so hard to retrieve, then that Lord Hao can’t be her father. If this is the case, we might as well be a good person to help her find her true father. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?” 

“…What does Your Majesty mean?” 

“Don’t you find that the body of Lord Hao and King Shu are unusually similar. Besides the outfits, Zhen can’t really distinguish who they are.” 

“You think…” Yan Ran and the rest suddenly realized something, their expressions became subtle. 

Feng Tingye had calculative eyes: “I believe that the king of Shu is tolerant and generous, and will definitely not care about Zhen’s unintentional mistakes.” 

“…” Why can a person just say things? And according to Feng Tingye’s statement, is he ready to expose his weakness to others? 

“Your Majesty, if this happens, the ministers in the central court will know you… I’m afraid it will give birth to some thoughts that they shouldn’t have.” Leng Ruofeng’s eyebrows were slightly twisted, it was rare for him to say such a long series of sentences. 

Feng Tingye didn’t care much: “Since ancient times, blessings and misfortunes have been interdependent. We have always concealed this matter with the officials because we were worried that they might do something that they should not do with this weakness. But now Zhen understands that some things won’t just not exist if you try to hide them. The court has been too peaceful recently, but this is just an appearance. The real danger is what they try to hide.” 

Feng Tingye stared at the suddenly discolored faces of several people, and sneered: “Let’s take this opportunity to allow Zhen to see which people under my hand are truly loyal to Zhen. Those who are clear and loyal, those who want to deal with me, those who are easily constrained by external forces and will do some unexpected things, let us have them open our eyes.”

“Your Majesty seems to have wanted to do this a long time ago.” Shao Zitong looked at Feng Tingye. He was somewhat determined. This kind of thought was definitely not caused by a whim. With the temperament of the person in front of him, he would never fight an unprepared battle. Prince Rui’s incident was a precedent. 

“Some people are restless, some people are calm, they both need a little bit of attention.” Feng Tingye smiled. The few people in the room were smart people, they naturally knew that he had a perfect plan. So there were no more objections. 

Time was lost unconsciously in the conversation of the few people. When the few people came back to their senses, night had fallen quietly. Knowing that someone would have to go accompany their cute pet tonight, they retired early, but before leaving, a few people didn’t forget to hit someone while they were down. Not to Feng Tingye, but to Xu Lao. 

“Xu Lao, I say this for the sake of your third disciple. Don’t be angry. In the future, when you want to send someone out to assassinate, you should find someone with rich experience and strong martial arts to accompany you. Otherwise, the mission will fail and you will lose your life. It’s a big deal to die in such a sad way, if this was to spread, his reputation as a killing business will face a hit. Fortunately, it’s us they met this time. If it’s someone else with a big mouth…” Yan Ran said insincerely. The words of care were really mocking words, they were full of unconcealed gloat. 

“…” How do you ask me to tell you? In fact, those assassins were already considered veterans, their kung fu was actually pretty good. The key is that his little apprentice was too cruel and can’t afford to be provoked at all! 

Xu Lao finally realized the bitterness of suffering in silence. He was destined to eat this loss in front of Yan Ran and the others, but that didn’t mean that he would just let it go. He prepared a letter that night. He condemned his third apprentice for their impropriety in raising a group of useless freeloaders. This directly caused the killers in the Killing Tower to live in dire straits for a long time. Of course, this is something later on.

The gang of people who were getting in the way were gone. Feng Tingye threw aside the memorial in the study room, got up and walked towards Xiefang palace. 

When he arrived at Xiefang palace, Xia Yuqing had just returned. She was lying on the couch with her cheek in one hand. He did not know what she was thinking. The expression on her face also changed with her thoughts: frowning from time to time, sometimes giggling, or sometimes a little melancholic. 

Feng Tingye saw this scene when he entered the inner hall and his face gradually softened, a faint smile was raised on his lips: “What are you thinking about? You didn’t even notice when I entered the door. ” 

“Your Majesty!” Xia Yuqing suddenly woke up. As soon as she raised her head, she bumped into Feng Tingye’s face, startled. 

“Why don’t you make a sound when you come in, don’t you know that scaring people can scare people to death?” Xia Yuqing muttered in a low voice while patting her scared little heart. 

Feng Tingye was amused by her whispered complaint that she thought no one had heard. He stepped forward and sat on the couch and asked, “I heard that Ai Fei went to General He’s mansion today, how come Ai Fei came back looking like this? What about the little girl named Yun Xi next to you? Why doesn’t Zhen see her?” 

“Xiao Xi? She was dragged away by her father, don’t mention it. Chen Qie  is worried about her and General He.” Xia Yuqing remembered the scene she saw in He Wenzhong’s house today, and couldn’t help rolling her eyes. 

“Pu….” Feng Tingye was amused by Xia Yuqing’s pretentious mature appearance. He wrapped his arms around her waist smoothly and asked, “What happened to make Ai Fei so frustrated? Please tell Zhen, maybe Zhen can help or make suggestions for Ai Fei.”

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