FMEA Chapter 116 Part 2

Chapter 116 Being face blind is invincible 

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Xia Yuqing was silent. Given that she had suffered countless losses under someone, it was enough to show that someone’s head was better than hers. If Feng Tingye helps, maybe they can really solve this issue.

Yun Zhongli went to the He manor to inspect his prospective son-in-law today, but because of the arrangement of Mother Bear, he was scared away by the bear General’s sturdiness. It is very likely that he has a grudge against the bear General and is unwilling to entrust Yun Xi to him. Of course… it was the bad idea she gave to Mother Bear that caused this tragedy, but Xia Yuqing would not expose that! 

“It turned out to be like this!” Feng Tingye said after listening to Xia Yuqing’s narrative. He pondered for a moment, “Ai Fei, when you met Yunxi and her father, do you remember how she told you where they came from?” 

“Your Majesty, why are you asking about this?” Xia Yuqing asked in a puzzled manner. Aren’t we discussing how to save General He’s dashed image in the eyes of Uncle Hao? Why did you ask about the origins of Yun Xi and her father? 

“Knowing yourself and the enemy is the only way to win in all battles. I just want to start from the history of the two and see how we can help Wen Zhong break through each obstacle and capture the hearts of the beautiful woman and the old man.” 

Xia Yuqing’s eyes lit up: “You definitely deserve to be the emperor!” 

Feng Ting Ye smiled indifferently, not knowing that Xia Yuqing actually added another sentence in her heart: As expected of a beast, they do have a set of methods to pick up girls. 

“At the time when Xiaoxi met Chen Qie, she said that she was the only lady of a large family. She ran out of the house because she was forced to marry by her parents, and the person she was going to marry was not unsightly, but … too beautiful, like a sissy. She doesn’t like that, so she ran away from home by herself. ” 

Only daughter? Forced marriage? Husband is a very beautiful sissy? A cold light flashed quickly in Feng Tingye’s eyes. If it was only a guess at the beginning, now after listening to Xia Yuqing, he was basically sure that the girl named Yun Xi was indeed the heir of the Kingdom of Shu.

It’s not bad to be the only daughter. The empress of the King of Shu is the eldest daughter of the Situ family, the head of the Guanlong nobility in the Kingdom of Shu, Situ Jiao. She has only given birth to one daughter after so many years, and the two had a strong relationship. Therefore, the only daughter became the heir of Shu. There wasn’t much difference between men and women in Shu, so it is not uncommon for women to be heirs. 

And forced marriage. The person forced to marry was a beautiful sissy. It is known that the fourth prince of Xia country is beautiful and has inherited the appearance of his mother who had a beauty that could bring down nations. Apparently, he was not inferior to a stunning woman. When Xia Mingyuan came to Ye Kingdom to seek a stable relationship with his relatives, he once mentioned that his fourth brother took his fifth brother to Shu, the purpose was also to make friends. Now thinking about it, it coincides. 

Feng Tingye’s heart turned a thousand times, but it didn’t show up on his face. He only smiled lightly: “What about Master Hao? Ai Fei is sure that he is really Yun Xi’s father?” 

“Why would Your Majesty ask that, of course he is for sure! Chen Qie asked him that day if he was really Xiao Xi’s father. He patted his chest and said that he was the real deal, really Yun Xi’s father.” Xia Yuqing looked suspiciously at Feng Tingye. 

“He really is Yun Xi’s father?” I’m afraid that’s not true, it’s the king.

“Your Majesty?” Xia Yuqing was a little puzzled. Is this also within the scope of knowing herself and the enemy? 

“Oh, it’s nothing, Zhen already knows what to do. How about tomorrow Zhen comes to see Master Hao with Ai Fei at the post house?” 

“The emperor is going to the post house to meet Uncle Hao?” Xia Yuqing was startled. 

“Naturally. Wen Zhong is my good brother. If my good brother is in trouble, of course, Zhen can’t stand by and do nothing. Zhen will personally go see Master Hao, and say a few good things for Wen Zhong in front of him. Even if Master Hao is unwilling, he has to still give me some face.” 

Xia Yuqing had just finished listening, and her eyes burst into light: “Your Majesty, you are so kind, it’s his blessing that General He has a good brother like you. ” 

Feng Tingye smiled, receiving Xia Yuqing’s praise without any psychological burden: “Ai Fei’s words are too much. Wen Zhong and I grew up together, it’s natural to do this.” 

If Shao Zitong and the others were here at this moment, they would certainly unceremoniously award the shameless man in front of them with a roll of their eyes, but unfortunately at this moment, Feng Tingye is only in front of Xia Yuqing. Thus this shameless remark has successfully reaped the Niang Niangs moved gaze. 

Early the next morning, Feng Tingye took Xia Yuqing and went straight to the post house. Naturally, there was a group of friends who were going to join in the fun. 

In order to appease the broken heart of a certain old man yesterday, Yun Xi stayed at the post house for one night. Unexpectedly, not long after she got up, she heard the people outside talk about the emperor from Ye Kingdom bringing Niang Niang to the post. Shocked, she thought maybe Qing Jie Jie found that she hadn’t returned overnight and came to find her? She hurriedly pulled Yun Zhongli, who had also just gotten up, and ran out to greet Feng Tingye and Xia Yuqing with Hao Gongfang, who was dressed up as Yun Zhongli. 

However, to everyone’s surprise, in the post house, the person Feng Tingye took the lead to say hello to was Yun Zhongli who was beside Yunxi: “The King of Shu, I hope everything has been well since we last met. Today, Zhen has something to discuss with Master Hao today.”

Saying this, under the stunned gaze of everyone, he grasped the real Hao Gongfang, fake Yun Zhongli: “Master Hao, your precious daughter is outstanding, talented and intelligent, gentle and virtuous. General He Wenzhong, my subordinate, and her are in love with each other. A talented man and a gifted woman is really a match made in heaven. I wonder if Da Ren can give me face and fulfill this loving pair and make it a happy thing?” 

As soon as these words came out, the post house suddenly fell into a dead silence.

“…” Xia Yuqing stared blankly at the impeccable smile on Feng Tingye’s face, all kinds of madness was in her heart. Ah ah ah ah …… Ultra Seme Lord, wake up. You got the wrong man, you really got the wrong man! The first time meeting and acknowledging the wrong person! Xia Yuqing’s inner villain hugged her head and was in chaos. At last, she realized what it means to be inadequate, and to fail. Xiao Xi and the silly big one are already in trouble. Now with this mess, it is going to be even more tragic. Ah, being face blind really breaks one’s heart! 

Different from Xia Yuqing’s grief where the sky was about to fall, Yun Zhongli and the others were startled by Feng Tingye’s unexpected move. They suddenly realized that they might have been exposed. 

The incident was so sudden that the few people present had no time to conceal it. Their expressions changed. It was not the usual annoyance from a mistake, but a guilty conscience, that appeared on their faces with their guard lowered. 

When the few people who followed Feng Tingye came early, they heard Feng Tingye talk about the conjectures he had made from hearing Xia Yuqing’s words last night. Now seeing how the people reacted, it is more proof that Feng Tingye’s guess was correct. Lord Hao and King Shu in front of them must have changed their positions from the beginning and deceived all of them. 

After seeing everyone’s face change several times, Feng Tingye pretended to have just noticed the abnormal atmosphere, and said in doubt: “What’s wrong?” 

After speaking, he held Hao Gongfang’s hand and said in doubt: “Could it be Master Hao looks down on my people of Ye country, and refuses to give me face, insisting on breaking apart the loving couple?” 

“…” The corners of their mouths twitched when several people looked at Feng Tingye’s well-placed expression and heartbroken words. This person’s acting skills is impeccable.

“…” Xia Yuqing was startled. In order to prevent Feng Tingye from making things worse, she hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Feng Tingye’s sleeve to remind him: “Your Majesty, it’s wrong.” 

“Huh?” Feng Tingye turned to look at Xia Yuqing suspiciously, but saw Xia Yuqing winking at him vigorously: “Your Majesty, that’s wrong. The hand you are holding is the hand of the emperor of Shu, and that one just now is Uncle Hao. ” 

“Hm?” Feng Tingye’s face changed slightly. He hurriedly shook off his clenched hands, with a look of surprise, “This is the King of Shu? I thought…” 

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of Yun Zhongli and Hao Gongfang changed. 

Feng Tingye seemed to have not noticed at all, and said with a faint smile: “I’m really sorry, Zhen was rude. Not hiding it from King Shu and Master Hao, I have had a small problem since I was born. I can’t recognize people. All these years, besides my Ai Fei and my mother, I have never recognized other people’s faces, so I can only recognize them by their body shapes and clothes.” 

As soon as this was said, not only the people on the Shu side, but even the several courtiers who followed Xia’s side were taken aback. They looked at Feng Tingye who was indifferent in disbelief. Their emperor doesn’t recognize people, but how does their emperor recognize them normally, or do they all look the same in the eyes of their emperor? This…this is… 

“Just now I came in in a hurry, plus the figures of King Shu and Lord Hao and today’s clothes were similar, so I have misidentified them. I ask Lord Shu to forgive Zhen and not have a rift with me.” 

“…No, never.” Hao Gongfang glanced at Yun Zhongli, and reluctantly replied. 

Although Feng Tingye said this, they were guilty. It would be too much of a coincidence that Feng Tingye made a mistake like this. Seeing the surprise on the faces of the officials behind, it was obviously also the first time they heard such remarks. So, if they really thought that Feng Tingye’s misunderstanding just now was an accident, then being an emperor and minister over all these years would have been for nothing.

Therefore, Feng Tingye’s remarks can only deceive Xia Yuqing, but it was not a deception, because no matter how Feng Tingye speaks, it was actually the truth. It was just mixed with some lie. Between false and truth, whoever believes it makes it true and whoever believes it to be false is beyond his control. 

The atmosphere between the few people was a little weird. Then, Shao Zitong’s ears moved suddenly, his face changed. This was because he vaguely heard a sword unsheathe in this rather lively post. 

“Be careful, Your Majesty, there are assassins.” At the moment when Shao Zitong shouted, the guards who had followed Yun Zhongli and Hao Gongfang in the post house unexpectedly pulled out the long swords in their hands one by one and moved towards Feng Tingye and Hao Gongfang. 

Fortunately, Shao Zitong’s scream drew the attention of the two of them. Both of them reflexively stepped back to avoid the fatal blow. 

Feng Tingye’s expression changed drastically, almost without thinking, he turned around and hugged Xia Yuqing and went to the side to hide. Shao Zitong and the others quickly stepped forward to block the menacing assassins. 

“Qing Jiejie!” Yun Xi was embraced by Yun Zhongli. When she saw what was happening, she screamed. Fortunately, Cui Er and the others also followed. They quickly stepped forward to protect the two. 

Xia Yuqing was nestled in Feng Tingye’s arms looking at the chaotic scene not far away with a stunned expression. Shoot! I really came across two groups of assassins in such a short time. Is it possible that I was equipped with the legendary assassin radar? Others would attract the opposite sex and she would attract assassins?!

“Where did they come from? Is it Xiao Xi’s…” Xia Yuqing asked with a look of panic, really unwilling to believe that it was Xiao Xi’s father who wanted to kill them. 

“No.” Feng Tingye saw Xia Yuqing’s panic and frustration and comforted her, “It’s not people from Xiao Xi’s side, it should be someone hidden in their team, waiting for an opportunity. Look, Ai Fei, those people are not here to just kill us, but to kill King Shu as well.”

Xia Yuqing was taken aback. She looked up at Hao Gongfang, who was already fighting with these assassins not far away, and said in surprise: “Really, how can they do this to their own people? 

Feng Tingye shook his head and sneered: “I’m afraid they are not his own people.” 

These assassins didn’t do assassination before or after, but they chose to do it now. Obviously, they wanted to take advantage of this situation and get him and the King of Shu, all in one swoop. If the King Shu was assassinated when he visited him and he was unfortunately killed by the guards of the King of Shu, when the time came where the news of the Kingdom of Shu arrived back to their country, they would send troops to attack the Kingdom of Ye. The ministers of the Kingdom of Ye who knww the truth will definitely not swallow this and they would be bound to fight to the death with the army of the Kingdom of Shu. Then the person who will profit…is the man behind this scene. 

Thinking about it this way, the assassins this time and the previous assassins were probably sent by the same person. But last time the assassins were from Jiang Hu, now these assassins seem to have been specially trained as dead soldiers. Therefore, the person is very likely to be a member of the officialdom of Shu. Did the king of Shu notice something so he decided to come in disguise? 

Feng Tingye’s heart turned a hundred times, but his face was as calm as water. No one could see the difference. 

Xia Yuqing was guarded by Cui Er, Shao Zitong and others. Those people couldn’t get close at all. Yun Xi was not so lucky. 

Yun Zhongli himself was not good at martial arts, he was used to pampering himself thus his martial arts training had become more lax. Although those people had no intention of getting entangled with him, they seemed to know Yun Xi’s identity and wanted to attack Yun Xi. Yun Zhongli could protect Yun Xi in the beginning, but gradually, he became somewhat powerless. 

Finally, when an assassin rushed towards Yun Xi fiercely, he pushed Yun Xi away, causing the assassin to accidentally cut a slit in his hand. 

“Royal Father…” Yun Xi fell to the ground. As soon as she raised her head, she saw that Yun Zhongli’s hand was injured and she blurted out an exclamation.

“Royal Father?” Xia Yuqing was stunned. She didn’t realize she exposed Yun Xi.

Yun Zhongli’s cut in his hand looked scary but it was not serious. He gritted his teeth and fought with the assassin, only to find that because of Yun Xi’s shout just now, several other assassins were also approaching. 

As the saying goes, two fists will find it hard to beat four hands, not to mention Father Yun was a rookie who found it very strenuous already to deal with one person. Ultimately, when those people gathered around, Yun Xi’s side was in a big crisis. 

Yun Zhongli blocked his daughter behind him. He stepped back step by step, his face a little ugly. If this continues, he wouldn’t be able to protect Yun Xi at all. For the first time since he took the throne, Yun Zhongli felt helpless that he couldn’t even protect his daughter. 

“Your Majesty, go and save Xiao Xi!” As soon as she looked up, recovering from Yun Xi’s yell, she saw that the two were surrounded. She hurriedly asked the people around her to help, but she saw Feng Tingye shake his head with a faint smile. He calmed her in a low voice, “Don’t worry, someone has already gone over.” 


Yun Zhongli was making a desperate fight to protect Yun Xi, when suddenly he felt a strong wind blow in front of him. Blocking off his daughter still, he hurriedly stretched out his hand to cover his eyes from the wind and sand. 

When the wind passed, he slowly opened his eyes, only to see a black shadow covering him. To be precise, a person like a pagoda stood in front of them, reflecting a black shadow. 

After a few punches to clean up the assassins who had besieged them, the man turned his head, scratched the back of his head, and showed a foolish smile. He asked in a concerned manner: “Are you okay?” 

“…” How could it be this guy? !

The chaotic battlefield became more and more one-sided due to the joining of He Wenzhong and a few of his men. Within a quarter of an hour, those assassins who shouted and screamed either died, were captured or lost all combat effectiveness. 

There will be assassins in the palace, assassins when you go out, and kidnappings, where else in this world is safe? Which place can she seek shelter? Xia Yuqing sighed while looking at the black-clothed people who had been caught, then she looked at the sky at a forty-five degrees angle sadly. Why does she always encounter such bad things? 

Feng Tingye couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief when he looked at Xia Yuqing’s expression. He was scared Xia Yuqing would not feel well like last time seeing this bloody scene. 

After confirming that Xia Yuqing was okay, Feng Tingye’s gaze shifted to Yun Xi who was not far away. 

“Daddy, you are injured and still bleeding. Quick, tell someone to bandage you.” Yun Xi’s face was pale as she looked at the sword wound on Yun Zhongli’s hand, her eyes were full of guilt. 

Yun Zhongli hurriedly smiled and said: “It’s okay, it’s okay, it just scratched the skin. It’s not a big deal. Xi’er don’t worry.” 

“That…if you don’t mind, I can help uncle stop the bleeding first.” 

“General He can stop the bleeding?” Yun Xi asked in surprise. 

He Wenzhong was embarrassed and scratched his face: “When you march into war, you will always get hurt. My mother had me learn a little bit.” 

“General He is really amazing, I will entrust my father to you.” 

“…” What about Zhen’s wishes? Yun Zhongli sourly watched as his own daughter sold himself to her lover. Then after a while… 

“Ah…You murderer!” A long scream resounded to the sky at the post house, causing the people present to shake. 

“Uh, daddy, just bear with it, you see the blood stopped! General He, you really are amazing!” 

“Woo woo woo…” Yun Zhongli with tears streaming down his face holding his mummy hand. 

“Why did General He come here?” Yun Xi calmed down Yun Zhongli, then turned to ask. 

“I heard that the emperor and Niang Niang were coming to see you, so I came over to take a look. I didn’t expect…” He Wenzhong blushed for some reason. 

“…Oh.” Yun Xi looked at him, then suddenly remembering that heroic moment earlier, she blushed. 

Father Yun looked at the two people like this: “…” 

Just as the two were blushing as if no one was around, while one of them was tickled with hatred, the three suddenly heard a soft female voice: “Xiao Xi, you just called Uncle Hao…Royal Father?” 

Yun Xi became stiff. She turned her head in surprise. In front of Xia Yuqing’s questioning and probing eyes, her lips trembled, but she couldn’t say anything.

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