FMEA Chapter 123 Part 2

Chapter 123 A misunderstanding that leads to tragedy!

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“Male pet? Which b*stard told you that there is a male pet in my house? Say, which b*stard has spread the rumors that my house has a male pet? Let’s see if I will slice him into pieces!” Insomnia, desire, and dissatisfaction over the past few days on top of the conversation just now, was Xia Mingxi’s last straw. This fire directly burned out Xia Mingyuan’s usual calm manner and caused him to shout in a frantic way. 

Xia Mingxi was frightened by Xia Mingyuan’s raging appearance. Oh no! After following sister-in-law for a long time, royal brother has also become very irritable. I’m so scared, I’m so scared, someone please take me back to Earth. It’s scary here! 

“It’s not a male pet? Then who is the man who lives in your room and who is the man who lives in sister-in-law’s room?” 

“The man who lives in my room and in the room of the spiteful woman?” These days, he was alone in a room, how could there be a man in the same room as him? Also, it was impossible for the spiteful woman’s room to have a man, it had a woman already. Wait, could it be… 

Before Xia Mingyuan could explain, Xia Mingxi heard a familiar voice that should have been impossible to appear here. 

“Finally, I can see you again, my dear second bro…th…er!” 

“Why does this sound so familiar?” Xia Mingxi murmured. As soon as he turned his head to follow the sound, he saw a white shadow facing him and smashing into him. 

“Ah ……” Xia Mingxi was hit head-on causing his head to be dizzy. When he looked up, he saw Xia Yuqing’s smooth cheeks. Startled, he asked: “Royal sister, how are you here?” 

“Hehe, I’ve always been here.” Xia Yuqing smiled and looked at Xia Mingxi who had become her sacrifice.

In fact, she was indeed there from the beginning. If it weren’t for the Ultra Seme Lord, she would have rushed out as early as when Xia Mingxi said that Xia Mingyuan had a male pet. 

Ooo… I didn’t expect that second royal brother had such a deep love for eldest royal brother. Knowing that he became bent, but it wasn’t him who bent him and how the first person he fell in love with isn’t the him who has always been guarding him from behind, isn’t this too tragic? Anyways, why does she have the feeling of getting a bloody nose by something too moe? This is irrational! 

“You… and you…” Xia Mingxi stared at Xia Yuqing and Feng Tingye who appeared behind him. “Why are you here? Why did I not know this?” 

“We only arrived a few days ago and I have never been outside the mansion of eldest royal brother… so, of course you don’t know since you haven’t come to play.” 

“…Oh, you have been in the mansion of eldest royal brother’s for the past few days, then… ” Xia Mingxi realized that Xia Yuqing was wearing men’s clothing. His eyes shrank suddenly and an uncertain guess suddenly emerged in his heart, “Then are you the one in sister-in-law’s room these past few days?” 

“Sister-in-law? Oh, you mean Xiang Er? Yup! Xiang Er and I have been both sleeping in the same room these past two days.” 

“Sure enough, it’s you. Then the person in eldest royal brother’s room is…” Xia Mingxi froze. He turned his head to look at Feng Tingye, his upper and lower teeth began to chitter non-stop. 

“There was someone in eldest royal brother’s room? Your Majesty, it turns out you guys…” Xia Yuqing was startled, as if thinking of something suddenly, her eyes slid around Xia Mingyuan and Feng Tingye, then bursted with green light. Sure enough… sure enough, her vision was right! When two Ultra Seme Lords meet, one is bound to become an uke. If the emperor and royal brother have s** with each other, they might cause unexpected sparks!

“Ai Fei, throw away all the things you have in your mind. I have only lived in the same courtyard with your royal brother these past few days, not the same room!” Feng Tingye saw Xia Yuqing’s familiar excited little eyes and immediately knew what she was thinking. 

When he didn’t know Xia Yuqing before, initially seeing the girl’s excitement, Feng Tingye also felt very good about himself. He thought she was fantasizing about him, thinking she was moved. As a result… later, he realized why Xia Yuqing showed this face. It was because there were some unharmonious images in her mind, of himself and…another man! 

Whenever Feng Tingye thought of this, he couldn’t help grinding his teeth. Thereafter a strong…feeling of powerlessness developed. Where did this girl develop this vice? The average woman would yell at her husband getting with another man, right…..? 

Being called out by Feng Tingye, her face was aggrieved and she bowed her head. 

Xia Mingxi wanted to comfort her, but as soon as he got close, he heard Xia Yuqing mumble: “Explanations are just cover ups, he must have a guilty conscience.” 

“…” Xia Mingxi gave Feng Tingye a frightened look when he saw his black face. He swallowed hard. Royal sister, it’s really not that brother doesn’t want to help you, it’s that my brother-in-law is too sturdy, brother can’t afford to offend him. Good luck! 

Listening to Xia Yuqing’s murmur, Feng Tingye’s eyes twitched unconsciously. It seems that he has really spoiled this girl too much these days. It seems that it is time to remind someone that she still owes a huge debt! 

“Ahem…what the h*ll is going on? Second royal brother, where did you hear these rumors from, misunderstanding me and my wife…” Xia Mingyuan coughed slightly to interrupt the flirting and cursing of the two couples. It’s better to keep those matters back in your own room. The most important thing is not to drag him into it. He doesn’t want to get involved with the two-faced smiling fox, he can’t bear it.

Xia Mingxi received Xia Mingyuan’s stern gaze, his heart trembled. His neck shrank inward unconsciously. He hesitated: “That’s…the servants in your house are all saying this story. They said that royal brother and sister-in-law have been sleeping in separate rooms recently and there is a strange man in your room with sister-in-law. I just…” 

“You just?” 

Under the scorching eyes of several people,  Xia Mingxi shouted loudly: “I thought that royal brother and royal sister-in-law had a falling out. Sister-in-law went to find a pretty boy to spite eldest royal brother. As a result, royal eldest brother misunderstood, and found a male pet himself, to anger …… sister-in-law.” 

” …… ” 

” …… ” 

” …… ” 

Staring at Xia Mingxi, there was a moment of silence. Then they heard Xia Mingyuan grind his teeth and asked:” Why is it that your fantasy has me finding a man to anger that woman?” 

Even if he really wanted to piss off that wicked woman, shouldn’t he be finding a charming little lady? Why is it a man? 

“…” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Mingyuan’s frantic appearance, the corners of his mouth twitched again. Is this the crucial point? He really is worthy of being Ai Fei’s family. The thoughts of Ai Fei and her royal brother are really more… extreme than the average person. 

“I know, I know!” Before Xia Mingxi had time to answer, Xia Yuqing had already rushed towards Xia Mingxi, “Second royal brother, are you already bent? If it were you before, you would definitely not think about this kind of thing. Ah ha ha ha ha, I have finally succeeded. Don’t worry, second royal brother, I will definitely find you a gentle, considerate, domineering seme to soothe your injured soul. Yes, kekeke…”

Xia Yuqing’s excited words were tantamount to thunder smashing his head, abruptly slicing Xia Mingxi in half. I’m… bent? Bent!?

This is not true, it must not be true. He was a normal man from the 21st century. Although he hung around the house the entire time, he… he clearly only liked cute moe girls. Even if it wasn’t cute moe girls, loli’s would be next! Without lolis, he can barely accept older women. Why would a man pop up? This is impossible, impossible, I am straight…straight! 

Looking at Xia Mingxi’s dying struggle, Xia Yuqing poked Xia Mingxi’s shoulder happily.  “Second royal Brother, have you ever been with a girl since your birth?” 

“…” Xia Mingxi was stunned. His face flushed suddenly, smoke almost came out. After a while, he seemed to think of something and shook his head like a rattle. 

“Then have you ever liked a girl?” 

“… Does 2D count? Alice, Minfilia and CC were goddesses, loli’s like Sakura and Madoka were cute, while Hatsune, Nami and those were all queens. They are all my dream lovers, no doubt!” 

“…” Xia Yuqing calmly stretched out her paw. The otaku who was trapped in his illusion of his 2D world was slammed back to reality with a snap. 

“These are all fake and do not count.” Although she often yells about characters in 2D (ˉ﹃ˉ), this is not the point now. “You have lived for more than 20 years and is still a pure otaku. You have never had a girlfriend, never held a girl’s hand, yet you dare to say that you are straight? Hehehe… With this sister’s unique vision of more than 20 years of training, I can clearly say you were born curved.”

Rumble…Xia Yuqing’s words were like the last straw, directly bending a certain straight waist abruptly. His intelligence obviously contributed to this, thus it was impossible to hear the faulty words in Xia Yuqing’s speech. If her vision was so unique, she would not have misunderstood the relationship between Feng Tingye and the several Da Rens at the beginning, creating so many mistakes. However, Xia Mingxi obviously didn’t know, so he was facing a huge hurdle in his life at this moment. 

“I’m bent? Bent!? How is it possible… Hahaha, how is this kind of thing possible? Something must be wrong! Something must be wrong, ahhahaha…oooooo… ” 

“……” The three of them watched Xia Mingxi squatting in the corner silently, talking to himself. They were dumb-struck as he cried and laughed. The more they looked, the scarier it became. 

“Um, did I say too much?” 

“…” Did you just find out? Royal sister, what did you do to him? Why does second royal brother seem to be… going crazy? Could it be that some magic was used? When Xia Mingyuan thought about this, his whole body trembled. His gaze towards Xia Yuqing was somewhat defensive and alert. 

“…” Is it possible that eldest royal brother is also crazy? But I haven’t had time to do anything to eldest royal brother! 

“It’s okay, I have a way.” 

“Huh?” Xia Yuqing looked at Feng Tingye suspiciously. 

Feng Tingye didn’t laugh, he only paced slowly in front of Xia Mingxi, then said with a light smile: “You just… said that I am your royal brother’s male pet?” 

That smile seemed gentle, but in fact it was a disguise for the strong chill it emitted. Xia Yuqing once again saw what was defined as… hiding a knife behind one’s smile!

Sure enough, hearing Feng Tingye’s words, Xia Mingxi went stiff. He closed his mouth and looked up at Feng Tingye’s face with a smile and said, “It’s all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding.” 

“Is it a misunderstanding? My reputation was completely ruined by second royal prince’s one statement, and now, second royal prince is trying to pretend that everything is okay with one statement?”


Feng Tingye did not speak, he just smiled. He smiled and the clouds changed color and time flew. Then…then there was no more. What happened later, to paraphrase Xia Yuqing’s sentence, was that the picture was too beautiful, they didn’t dare to look at it. Children please don’t copy this at home. 

There was no trace of how tragic the battle was that day. Everyone only knew that due to this incident, in the next few years, Xia Mingxi would take a detour every time he saw Feng Tingye. He was like a mouse avoiding the cat. To paraphrase his original words, “this is too cruel, brother can’t afford to provoke him. Oh, why is he here again? Run quickly! 

After Xia Mingxi’s mess, Xia Mingyuan and Feng Tingye felt that they could no longer indulge the two girls being in the same room. So that night, they took their wives in tandem and rolled into the two bedrooms in the courtyard. The two girls protested fiercely, but they were ruthlessly suppressed. 

“Uuuuu…I want to share the same room as Xiang Er, we haven’t finished talking about the things last night!” Xia Yuqing protested with tears in her eyes.

“What happened last night? Is it to let our little prince and the child in Xiang Er’s belly get married?” Feng Tingye smiled lightly. He held Xia Yuqing’s hand, taking advantage of Xia Yuqing’s shock to counteract. 

Xia Yuqing didn’t notice it at all. At this moment, she was staring at Feng Tingye with eyes widening in disbelief: “How does Your Majesty know? Your Majesty, were you eavesdropping on us?” 

Feng Tingye squinted and smiled slightly: “Ai Fei, it is clearly the two of you talking too loudly. In the dead of night, I just listened casually and heard it. So it was not eavesdropping, but honest listening.” 

“…” Why do these words sound so familiar? Why are the tricks that I usually to deal with Lu Rui and the others being used by the Ultra Seme Lord? Isn’t this drama of “treating others how you want to be treated” too much?! What’s more, this broken house must be built on soybean dregs. How could the sound isolation be so bad that you can hear the content of one’s conversation so casually… she wants to complain! 

Facing Feng Tingye’s shining eyes, Xia Yuqing swallowed unconsciously. Speaking with difficulty,  she asked: “Since Your Majesty has heard it, what are your thoughts?” 


“Why?” Xia Yuqing exclaimed. She had a look full of condemnation of Feng Tingye’s hegemony.

Feng Tingye laughed angrily at her. He stretched out his hand to squeeze her puffed face and said with a smile: “What kind of father and mother in this world will allow someone to arrange marriage for their son with someone else’s unborn son?” 

Feng Tingye couldn’t help but smile when he remembered what he had heard last night. Yesterday, Xia Yuqing pointed at Liu Yixiang’s belly with great interest and said that if the child in Liu Yixiang’s belly was a boy in the future, he would be betrothed to her eldest son. 

He and Xia Mingyuan thought that Liu Yixiang would not agree, but they didn’t realize that the two girls would hit it off with one another. They were so messed up that they started to plan how to make them an affectionate couple. The two men were so angry that they scratched their paws again in the middle of the night, wishing to break into the window. They had to teach a lesson to these two brave girls. 

“Can’t?” Xia Yuqing said aggrievedly. 

“Of course not!” Feng Tingye’s forehead bulged with blue veins. Taking a deep breath for a long time before he was adjusted, he said, “Ai Fei, have you forgotten that we still have a large debt that needs to be calculated?” 

Xia Yuqing was shocked when she heard the words. She stiffened and started to move back unconsciously: “Um… that… Your Majesty, we are still in someone else’s house now. Doing this kind of thing doesn’t seem to be the best idea right?”

“What’s wrong? Listen.” Feng Tingye smiled and motioned to Xia Yuqing to listen to the movement from the next door. 

“Hey you beast, what are you doing? I’m still pregnant!” 

“It’s okay, haven’t you heard what royal sister said? When she was pregnant, the one in her family was even worse. Then, they ended up giving birth to a pair of dragon and phoenix. We have to work harder now, maybe we can have twins.” 


“…” Eldest royal brother, that’s not what I said. Is distorting my words really good? Ah, no, where did he hear these words? She seemed to have said it once, could it be… 

“Do you remember?” Feng Tingye smiled brighter and brighter. Xia Yuqing began to tremble all over, “Ai Fei, the spring night is too short. Seeing that Xiang Er is working so hard while she is pregnant, we can’t lose to them. So…” 

“…” Is this kind of thing comparable? Are you a kid? Ahhhh, Yamete! 

As a result, the two beasts who were able to see but could not eat for nights, finally got what they wanted and had a good meal. 

Early the next morning, an inevitable familiar muffled sound appeared again next door, as well as slightly under-breathed cursing.

Xia Yuqing frowned, but Feng Tingye gave her a gentle kiss and a coax: “Be good, it’s still early. Keep sleeping.” Then she continued to sleep. 

Listening to the noise on the side, Feng Tingye lowered his head and glanced at the meek Xia Yuqing in his arms. The corners of his lips slightly curled up, with a bit of unconcealed pride. In the end, my family is better! Xia Mingyuan, it’s your lost! Ha ha ha…..

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