FMEA Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Let me buy you a green hat! 

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Liu Yixiang had been separated from Xia Yuqing for many months. Now that they had the rare chance of seeing each other, naturally, it was impossible for her to let Xia Yuqing leave like this. Therefore, under Liu Yixiang’s various ways of detaining her, Xia Yuqing’s original plan of leaving right after seeing Liu Yixiang was dragged out for a long time… The reason was due to an unexpected visitor who ran over to Xia Mingyuan’s mansion with Xia Mingxi. 

On this day, Feng Tingye and Xia Mingyuan, two villains colluding together, ran off who knows where. Xia Yuqing was obediently following Liu Yixiang for a walk in the garden in the mansion. As she walked, Liu Yixiang complained.

 “Qing Jiejie, you probably don’t know this, but since I arrived here, I have been staying in this mansion all the time. It’s like I’m doing my time in a prison. I’m about to get bored to death.” Then as if she remembered something, her eyes gleamed slightly. “The weak chicken and His Majesty went somewhere today. Since they are not in the house… shall we sneak out of the mansion to play?” 

“…” Xiang Er, are you not the master of this mansion? Why did you make going out for a bit sound like being a thief, especially having to choose to sneak out when eldest royal brother is away! 

But thinking about it, since returning to this so-called mothercountry, she hasn’t gone out for a walk at all. Besides the day she first arrived, the day she was lucky enough to meet…cough cough, whatever, let’s not mention it. Now that Liu Yixiang suggested this, Xia Yuqing was a little moved. However, she was still worried about Liu Yixiang’s current body. 

“But Xiang Er, you are pregnant now. If you go out…” 

“What’s the matter? It’s just three months now. If I’m to be pregnant for ten months, were they planning on locking me up for ten whole months?” Liu Yixiang didn’t care, “And I know what to do. When we go out, I’ll bring a few personal guards, nothing will happen. Qing Jiejie…” 

Liu Yixiang stared at Xia Yuqing expectantly. She couldn’t help pointing this out but usually seeing Liu Yixiang’s domineering and arrogant side, now that she was acting cute, Xia Yuqing was really overwhelmed.

Just when she wanted to say something, she heard an arrogant and familiar whisper not far away, and a whip that tore through the air: “Say, who is the fool who dares to hit this princess’s royal brother? Do you not want to live?!” 

“This voice… is third royal sister?!” The loud pop caught Xia Yuqing’s attention. Her eyes suddenly lit up when she thought of the woman in red who helped out at the market that day. 

“It’s over, why did Muyun Jie come here at this time? Qing Jiejie, you go back first.” 

“Uh…why?” Before Xia Yuqing had time to get the answer, she saw a bright and fiery figure not far away. Walking out of the corner, behind her was Xia Mingxi, who was jumping up and down with a swollen face. 

“Royal sister, don’t be angry, this is a misunderstanding. No one is bullying me, really. The wound on my face is… from when I was leaving royal brother’s place. I accidentally stumbled and fell on some stone steps. I was not beaten by someone.” 

Upon seeing this, Liu Yixiang secretly cursed and took Xia Yuqing’s hand and exhorted: “Qing Jiejie, you must remember you must speak less later, remember to not reveal your identity and… mention that the injury on second royal brother’s face is related to my royal cousin.” 

“Why?” Xia Yuqing looked at Liu Yixiang’s solemn face with a puzzled look. Why does Xiang Er seem to be so afraid of her Third Royal Sister? When I met her last time, I thought she was okay! 

“……” Why? If that brother-con knew that her respected eldest royal brother concealed his little sister in his mansion and that her husband hurt her second royal brother who she protects, she would definitely think Qing Jiejie is threatening her position. She might get the idea that her most beloved brother would no longer love and favor her. It was because of this that she got into a fight with this brother-con. Furthermore, Qing Jiejie doesn’t have the slightest knowledge of martial arts. If she really wanted to fight with her… she would be killed, she would!

Liu Yixiang took in a breath, and whispered: “Don’t worry about it so much. Qing Jiejie just make sure to do it. Please remember, don’t talk nonsense later.” 

“…oh.” Xia Yuqing nodded without understanding. 

As the two talked, Xia Muyun, the two, had slowly walked to their side. 

After hearing Xia Mingxi’s excuse, Xia Muyun paused. She turned her head and looked at his swollen face, and sneered coldly: “You stumbled? Are you sure you can stumble and end up looking like a pig with just a simple fall? The other half of your face is okay. Should we have you fall down again to see if the other half of your face would turn out like this for me to see?” 

“…” This was Xia Yuqing who was shocked by Xia Muyun’s fierceness, her eyes sparkling. 

“…” She has seen this many times, but every time she sees it, Liu Yixiang would still get cold sweat. 

“…” This is Xia Mingxi who was knocked out in an instant. He fell to the ground and silently burst into tears. 

“You have nothing to say? If you have nothing to say, just shut up.” Xia Muyun’s eyes sternly crossed over Xia Mingxi’s body. Xia Mingxi trembled, immediately lowered his head like a new wife, and stood obediently by her side. He didn’t dare to speak anymore. 

“…” Second royal brother, you are also a man, a man of the 21st century. You being struck down like this, it’s not just shameful as a man, but also shameful for your generation!

“…” Xia Mingxi received Xia Yuqing’s sad eyes, and immediately responded with an aggrieved expression. It is not that he is too weak, it is that the enemy is too strong. He…can’t afford to risk it! 

After Xia Muyun dealt with Xia Mingxi, did she notice Liu Yixiang. She raised her eyebrows and smiled: “Sister-in-law, why did you come out? Is eldest royal brother finally willing to let you come out to meet people?” 

“Don’t speak to me about that b**tard. I am not a flower in his room. I don’t need to be raised by him and stay immobile!” When Xia Mingyuan was mentioned, Liu Yixiang felt a fire in her stomach. The reason was naturally the residual effects of the previous few days. 

“Royal Sister-in-law, you are wrong to say this. How can flowers and grass deserve my royal brother’s attention? Those who can be taken care of by him are basically gods. Now that you carry my brother’s seed, the eldest grandson of the royal family of Xia Kingdom, your body is worth more than gold now. It is no wonder my big royal brother wants to hide you, he did it for the sake of royal sister-in-law.” 

Xia Muyun’s words seemed to be a joke, but they were actually reminders for Liu Yixiang. The pregnancy of Liu Yixiang can be regarded as a great event for Xia Country. Xia Mingyuan is the eldest son and the first prince amongst the princes of this generation. If Liu Yixiang can give birth to a prince, the eldest grandson of the emperor, Xia Mingyuan can be regarded as the crown prince, the position that several princes have been coveting. But because of this, Liu Yixiang is now pushed to the cusp of the storm. If she really ran around casually, it will inevitably invite people who have bad intentions.

Neither Xia Yuqing nor Xia Mingxi got what she said, but Liu Yixiang did. She replied, “I know.” 

Xia Muyun smiled, “It’s fine if my sister-in-law knows it. Now, I came to royal brother’s mansion for…” 

Xia Muyun grabbed Xia Mingxi, who was an ostrich next to her, then pointed to the bruise on his face: “I heard that second royal brother came over two days ago to visit eldest royal brother. When he returned, he was carried out. Furthermore, look. The face of second royal brother turned out like this. It goes to show that the person who did this had malicious methods. Since the injury occurred in the mansion of eldest royal brother, royal sister here wanted to come over and ask eldest royal brother who the daring evildoers are, who dared to put such a heavy hand on second royal brother.” 

Liu Yixiang heard Xia Yuqing mentioned earlier that Feng Tingye had taught Xia Mingxi a lesson about something, but she didn’t expect it to be so powerful. Oh man, half of second royal brothers’ face is blue and purple. Its swollen like a pig’s face, what made royal cousin do this? 

“Ahem, did third royal sister not ask second royal brother about this?” 

Xia Muyun raised her eyebrows: “Sister-in-law, don’t you know that my second royal brother looks elegant, dignified, and mature, but is very cowardly inside. If he can simply point out the perpetrator, this sister won’t appear at sister-in-law’s mansion right now.”

“…” Is timid inside? Royal sister, are you basically hiding the fact that you are calling second royal brother a coward? And why does this feel like a child being bullied outside and their parents coming to the door? Second royal brother, are you just going to let a woman (albeit a queen) stand up for you? Where’s your morals? What is your lower limit? 

“…” Xia Mingxi received Xia Yuqing’s contemptuous gaze and innocently looked at the sky. 


Xia Muyun was waiting for Liu Yixiang to give herself a satisfactory answer. Suddenly Xia Mingxi’s expression wasn’t quite right. The corners of his eyes twitched slightly, as if he was exchanging glances with someone. 

As soon as his eyebrows were twisted, Xia Muyun followed Xia Mingxi’s gaze to face Xia Yuqing’s sparkling eyes, and was taken aback : “It’s you!” 

When these words came out, Liu Yixiang and Xia Mingxi were shocked at the same time. Thinking that Xia Yuqing’s identity was exposed, their heartbeats were thunderous. However, in the next second, they saw Xia Yuqing smile with joy and step forward: “Third royal princess left in a hurry that day, so there was no time to thank the third roya lprincess. Seeing third royal princess today, it must be fate. I would like to thank the third royal princess for helping me that day, otherwise we may not have gotten away so easily.” 

Liu Yixiang and Xia Mingxi were taken aback when they heard these words. They looked at each other and said suspiciously: “You two have met?”

Xia Yuqing nodded. She explained how she was embarrassed by Xia Mingqi when she first arrived in Beijing and how she was saved by Xia Muyun. Of course, there was no lack of belittling Xia Mingqi’s insidiousness. Moreover she took the opportunity to praise Xia Muyun who saw injustice on the road, drew her sword to help, and the fact that she did not leave a name behind for her good deeds. This made Xia Yuqing’s move of clinging onto someone with great power, secretly done, easily raising her favorability to a new level. This is worthy of celebrating! 

“It turns out that the fifth prince isn’t a good person at all. They dared to tease you like this on the first day you got here, really…” Liu Yixiang, who also encountered Xia Mingqi, this pervert, after hearing Xia Yuqing had eyes that could spit fire, “Fortunately, third royal sister was there to help, or else who knows what would have happened.” 

Xia Muyun nodded proudly. She turned to look at Xia Yuqing: “It was just a very slight effort from my part, not worth mentioning at all. But, sir, why are you at my royal sister-in-law’s mansion?” 

“Because I’m Xiang Er’s…” 

“Cousin! Yes, cousin!” Xia Yuqing was just about to speak, when Liu Yixiang rebuked in surprise. 

Xia Muyun was startled. She squinted slightly: “Cousin? Sister-in-law, aren’t you from Ye Kingdom? Your cousin should also be from Ye Kingdom. If I remember correctly, the emperor of Ye Kingdom seems to be one of your cousins.”

“Ahahaha, yes. But this cousin is not that cousin, this…this is my cousin Yuan Fang*. Cousin Yuan Fang does not live in the capital.” 

* means far away

“Cousin Yuan Fang?” Xia Muyun nodded as if she understood something: “If Cousin Yuan Fang doesn’t live in the capital, why does second royal brother seem to know this young man so well? If I remember correctly, second royal brother has always stayed in Xia Country. The only time he went out was to the capital of Ye Country. If he doesn’t live in the capital, how would the two of them know each other?” 

Liu Yixiang’s expression changed slightly. After a moment her eyes lit up and said: “Because…because when second royal prince and I were returning, we passed by my cousin’s house by chance. Thus, we spent the night at my cousin’s house. That’s how the second prince and my cousin know each other.” 

“Oh, it turned out to be like this.” Although Xia Muyun did not continue to inquire, the intrigue on her face made Liu Yixiang more frightened. Her stiff smile barely maintained it’s composure: “Yes. This time, since my cousin heard that I was pregnant, he came to see me personally. He didn’t expect to meet the fifth prince when he first came. Fortunately… Fortunately, royal sister helped out. Thank you royal sister.” 

“You are welcome. Since he is the cousin of royal sister-in-law, he is family. Thus, it’s natural for this younger sister to help.” 

Liu Yixiang saw that Xia Muyun didn’t believe her, but because she didn’t cling to the topic, she was slightly relieved: “About second royal brother, actually…” 

“It’s actually my fault.” 

“…” Liu Yixiang was dumbfounded and startled by Xia Yuqing who interrupted her speech. She immediately wanted to cry again. Qing Jiejie, what are you trying to do? Are you trying to start chaos again?

Xia Yuqing didn’t know that her interruption caused Liu Yixiang’s little heart to be fatally tortured again. She replied with a grin: “It’s actually like this. When I first came to Xiang Er’s Mansion, I happened to find a Gui tree that is well-grown. I remember that Xiang Er loved to eat guiren crisps usually, so when I had some free time, I climbed up the tree wanting to pick some to make guiren crisps. Unfortunately, I slipped and fell down from the tree. Just then, the second…the second royal prince passed by, and saw me stumble. He hurriedly stepped forward to rescue me. The result…” 

“You want to tell me, the bruise on my brother’s face was due to you falling and hitting him?” Xia Muyun asked with an eyebrow raised. 

“Of course…not. How could it look like this if it was just an ordinary fall? By the way, I am to be blamed for it. I fell from a tree suddenly at that time. I was so alarmed that I just… closed my eyes and held onto the Gui Hua and kept waving my fists. Unexpectedly, the second prince was there to catch me and he didn’t say anything, so when I had my eyes closed, I… gave him a few whacks.” 

“…” This is everyone who was stunned by what Xia Yuqing said. 

After a short astonishment, everyone looked up at the sky in unison. Today they finally realized what it means to be bitten by a dog when trying to do a good deed. The second prince was really unlucky. Using his small body, he finally saved the individual. Yet in the end, he gets beaten by the rescued person. It was a tragedy on earth!

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