FMEA Chapter 127 Part 3

Chapter 127 The cat will scratch people when forced! 

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Xia Muyun coughed lightly, and said in a mysterious way: “Well, it’s proper to exchange information. You just gave Fifth Royal Brother a gift. You tell me what you gave and in exchange, I will tell you what I gave.” 

“…Uh.” Xia Yuqing’s face was uncomfortable. 

Xia Mu Yun raised her eyebrows: “Why? Can’t say it? That’s fine.” 

“Wait, wait, it’s not impossible to say. The thing I gave was also very practical and suitable for the Fifth Prince, but it is a bit difficult to say.” In front of a queen, would you like to talk about that taboo topic? Will it reduce the queen’s affection for herself, then pull herself to the horizon with a whip of anger? 

Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but tremble at the thought of this result. Unexpectedly, Xia Muyun groaned after hearing her words: “Suitable for Fifth Brother, but difficult to speak of, can it be… a tiger p*nis?” 

“!” Xia Yuqing’s eyes violently stared at her, “How do you know?” 

Xia Muyun was stunned. Afterwards, she slapped Xia Yuqing aggressively on the back and laughed: “It turns out to be a kindred spirit, I have been disrespectful.” 

“That is to say….”

“It’s the same. He can’t do it right? I gave him a tiger p*nis to make up for it, hoping that he can regain his power. It is a pity that he did not open it in front of everyone just now. Otherwise, there will be a good show.” 

“…” Actually the last sentence is the point! The queen is indeed the queen, an effortless victory without blood, she is so awesome. 

“Little brother, your teachings have not been in vain, it’s worth it that I helped you out before.” This kid is very good and to her taste. Furthermore, he has no special intentions towards eldest brother’s wife. He just needs to make sure not to throw things into chaos with that couple. Think ing about pairing the daughter of Xiangfu with him, wouldn’t it be a beautiful boy with a beast, a little chick and a big monster!? 

“No, you are being humble. The princess has great wisdom, this fellow is just a little clever.” The queen is very fierce, her thighs should be held firmly! 

As a result, the two like-minded people invisibly increased each other’s favorability, and gradually became harmonious. 

It’s a pity that such harmony did not last long. As King Xia’s most beloved daughter, Xia Muyun was sought after everywhere. Soon after she was seated, many officials and eunuchs came up and squeezed Xia Yuqing to the side. 

With this push, Xia Yuqing returned to her place in peace, only to find that Feng Tingye had chatted with Xia Mingxuan and both of them had a suspicious smile on their face. Caught between them, she trembled, which showed how strong the undercurrent between the two was. Oooooooooo… Ultra Seme Lord, come quickly, and capture that weak Uke!

Looking at the other side, Xia Mingyuan was helping Liu Yixiang to test dishes. Since Liu Yixiang became pregnant, her eldest brother has become more and more filial and a good husband. Now he has become a guinea pig who tests all the dishes. Although Xiang Er was a bit uncomfortable, after a certain loyal dog coaxed her to eat, she would still eat it obediently. The two of them were so greasy and cheesy…Xia Yuqing didn’t realize she would have the day of being surprised like this.

In the end, Xia Yuqing fixed her gaze on Leng Ruofeng, who was guarding behind Feng Tingye with a cold expressionless face.

Air-conditioning clearly spread from there. The iceberg Prime Minister released such a large-horsepower air-conditioning, yet there are so many women who were not afraid of the cold and continued to follow him. Xia Country’s women are really vigorous! 

Everyone had something to do, only she had nothing to do. So, Xia Yuqing supporting her little head, glanced around. Suddenly her eyes lit up… 

To avoid suspicion this evening, the people who followed Feng Tingye and her were only Cui Er and Leng Ruofeng who robbed the Xiu Qiu with Xia Yuqing that day. Cui Er had just turned her head and exchanged glances with Leng Ruofeng. When she turned her head, she saw her own Niang Niang staring not far away, showing a fascinated expression. She couldn’t help but wonder what was going on.

“Gong Zi, what are you looking at in such a fascinated manner?” 

Xia Yuqing did not regain her focus from Cui Er’s question. She reflexively replied: “I’m looking at the bride’s face.”

“…The bride? What’s so good about her face?” As long as the eyes of the people at this banquet touched the newlyweds on the opposite side a little, they hurriedly looked away as if they had seen a ghost. They did not dare to look a second time. Why is it that her Niang Niang had such a heavy taste? It doesn’t matter if she kept staring at them, but should she show such an intoxicated expression? This will cause a mess! 

It’s hard not to say this, but after seeing the face of the daughter of Xiangfu, Cui Er who has always been calm, couldn’t calm down. 

“Don’t you think her face looks like a pie? This is the first time I have seen such an authentic pie face. If a few more sesame seeds were sprinkled on it, would you say it became a sesame pie?” 

“…” I don’t know if she will turn into a sesame pie, but if someone makes her into a sesame pie, I believe that woman will definitely crush that person into a meat pancake! 

“Oh, it’s so boring. I also seemed to have drunk too much water before I came here. Cui Er, accompany me to relieve myself.” 

“En.” Cui Er followed Xia Yuqing and walked out. 

At the same time, a person in the main seat saw Xia Yuqing leaving the table and his eyes narrowed slightly. He got up and wanted to leave. 

“Husband, where are you going?” The bride was still sitting at the main seat with her bright red makeup. When she saw Xia Mingqi wanting to leave, she called out anxiously. 

“You’re trying to manage this prince? You haven’t even been married over yet and you want to care about this prince’s affairs? Have you even seen yourself? Let me tell you, if you want to enter the prince’s palace, the first thing to learn is what it means to turn a blind eye. Now return to your room and don’t let this prince be embarrassed here.” After holding himself back for a whole day, Xia Mingqi finally exploded.

It doesn’t matter if he had to marry an ugly woman anymore, but what kind of newlywed wouldn’t be waiting in the boudoir for her husband to go over and reveal her face? This woman had no self-knowledge at all. Instead, she had to stick to himself and come out to embarrass him. It was as if she was afraid he would run. In general, he was so angry that his stomach could explode. Now that she still dared to try to control where he went, she really wanted to die. 

“You…you actually…” This lady had never been treated this way before, even her eyes were red. 

However, Xia Mingqi had no sympathy for her at all. He snorted coldly and left without looking back, leaving only a group of stunned guests. 

Seeing Xia Mingqi leave, Feng Tingye took a sip of tea and whispered: “Ruofeng…” 

“En.” Leng Ruofeng responded concisely. With a flash, he got rid of the bunch of women cleanly and rushed towards the direction Xia Yuqing had left. 

“Young Master Feng really cares about his younger brother. He has just been gone for a little while and you’re already looking for him?” Xia Mingxuan asked with a smile that was not truly a smile. 

Feng Tingye smiled back and said indifferently: “My younger brother doesn’t know much and has never traveled far away, it is inevitable that he won’t understand the dangers that could occur. I am his brother, so naturally I have to take care of him in everything.” 

Xia Mingxuan smiled, toasted him, and drank his glass of alcohol, not speaking. 

On the other side, Xia Yuqing and Cui Er asked about the location of the washroom and hurried straight ahead. 

Xia Yuqing ran in front, and Cui Er slowly followed behind. Unexpectedly, a black shadow rushed out from the side, scaring Cui Er back reflexively. Then, she discovered it was an acquaintance. 

“Wife, since your husband has been missing for so long, did you miss me?” 

Cui Er was startled, and asked in amazement: “Why are you here?”

“I was here since the beginning. Just now, I saw someone coming over and it looked a lot like you, so I walked over to take a look. I didn’t expect it to actually be you. I haven’t seen you for so long, come and let me kiss you.” 

“Go away.” Cui Er pushed Su Wuduan away and swept her eyes around. Then she discovered in this short time, Xia Yuqing had disappeared unexpectedly. She was about to step up to chase, but was caught again by Su Wuduan. 

“Let go.” 

“I will not. After being apart for so long, my wife didn’t even miss her husband at all. This really breaks my heart.” Su Wuduan kept pestering Cui Er, he didn’t even realize she was in a rush.

Suddenly seeing a person flying over, Cui Er’s eyes lit up. She shouted: “Master Leng, over there. Gong Zi went over there.” 

Leng Ruofeng who followed, nodded indifferently. With a toe step, he quickly ran in the direction Cui Er pointed. 

“Wife, why are you so affectionate to that poker face? You have never been that close to me, you really know how to break my heart, oooooo… Hey, Gong Zi? Is it my Junior Sister? Junior sister is here too? In the palace? Why didn’t I see her just now, oh…” Before Su Wuduan finished speaking, there was a sudden pain in his lower body. The pain was so painful that he bent over and he couldn’t help but loosen the hand holding Cui Er. 

Cui Er rubbed her sore wrist. Turning around, she rushed in the direction where the two of them disappeared.

She left a grieving Su Wuduan crying on the spot: “Wife, you actually kicked me again… This is the third time. This is related to your future happiness, so you can’t kick it casually, ughh… You’re too savage!”

Leng Ruofeng chased in the direction that Cui Er pointed and saw a group of men dressed up in the house uniform speaking in a sneaky whisper: “That Gong Zi walked into the yard, hehehe. That is the most remote yard of the palace. The prince has already received the news, so he should be waiting there, when the time comes…” 

Leng Ruofeng’s eyes suddenly shuddered. In the next second, his hand directly pinched the speaker’s neck. “Ah, you are… who are you?” 

“Where is that Gong Zi now?” 

The person on the side was shivering from the cold released by this man, he couldn’t say a word at all. The strength of Leng Ruofeng’s hands became stronger. 

“Don’t kill him, hero, I’ll tell you.” A servant suddenly spoke out, attracting Leng Ruofeng’s attention, but he did not expect to be greeted with a handful of white powder. 

Leng Ruofeng didn’t rub it and his eyes temporarily lost their vision because of the white powder. The grip on the man was loosened unconsciously and the person he had captured slipped out. At the same time, a bright dagger appeared behind Leng Ruofeng. 

“Be careful!” With a swish, the sound of a whip pierced the air.

The flaming whip accurately wrapped around the dagger in the servant’s hand, then with a strong pull, directly pulled the dagger out of that servant’s hand. 

“Go, go.” The few people saw the face of the person who came and didn’t dare to stay any more. One by one, they ran faster than rabbits.

When Xia Muyun arrived, the group of people had already ran away: “Huh, the master likes to attack from behind, so his followers are no different.” After speaking, she turned to look at Leng Ruofeng, who was dusted with powder and asked softly: “Hey, are you okay.” 

“I’m okay, thank you.” Fortunately, the white powder was not poisonous. After blinking a few times, Leng Ruofeng could gradually see the scenery in front of him. 

“Why did you come here?” He was still in there just now. Could it be that he was the same as herself, he couldn’t stand the entanglement of those people? 

Leng Ruofeng, who was asked by her, suddenly remembered the purpose of him coming out. He turned around and wanted to leave, but was stopped by Xia Muyun. 

“I asked you a question. Anyways, I just saved your life, are you just going to leave? This is your attitude towards your lifesaver?” 

Leng Ruofeng frowned and answered patiently. “Gong Zi came out alone, there is danger. I came to find Gong Zi.” 

“Gong Zi?” Xia Muyun suddenly remembered the Gong Zi who had a good time with her just now. Is he in danger? 

“Wait.” Xia Muyun once again stopped Leng Ruofeng, who wanted to run. His eyebrows furrowed, “Do you know where he went? Don’t just run around other people’s houses casually. Aren’t you afraid of being caught as an assassin?” 

Leng Ruofeng was a little unhappy, this woman is too controlling. 

“Listening to them just now, he is in the most remote yard.” 

“In the most remote yard? Then do you know where the most remote yard of the mansion is?” 

“…” Leng Ruofeng was stunned and silently released air-conditioning. 

Xia Muyun couldn’t help rolling her eyes: “I am familiar with this mansion. I know where it is, follow me.”

Leng Ruofeng was startled again. Stunned on the spot, he did not know what to do, until Xia Muyun shouted: “Hey, are you coming or not? I will go by myself if you don’t come.” Then, he gritted his teeth and followed. 

Xia Muyun was not lying when she said she was familiar with this mansion. This was because this mansion was originally built by her father for her. He had wanted to surprise her. Unexpectedly, there was a live hot spring in Xicheng soon afterwards, which was left idle. So, the princess mansion was built in Xicheng instead. But, she had seen this mansion several times before. 

Hearing that Xia Mingqi was assigned this mansion for his royal mansion, Xia Muyun laughed at him in her heart. Her father gave him the place she had abandoned as his royal mansion. This shows that her father really gave up on him completely. She wondered what his expression will be after he knows the truth? Unexpectedly, her familiarity with this mansion would come in handy. 

Under the guidance of Xia Muyun, Leng Ruofeng found the courtyard where Xia Yuqing was located. 

On the other side, Feng Tingye, who hadn’t seen a few people for a long time, had his eyes slightly sunk, but he remained silent. However, Xia Mingxuan on the side spoke first. 

“The Second Gong Zi hasn’t come back for so long, did he encounter a problem?” 

Feng Tingye answered calmly, “What kind of trouble can he encounter in Fifth Prince’s mansion? Moreover, two people followed him. ” 

“Feng Gongzi is confident in that girl and boy? Don’t forget that Feng Gongzi is in the residence of the Fifth Prince. Some things in other people’s lands can’t be controlled, just like the wine in this glass. You can restrain it to be in the glass, but if it overflows the cup, it’s no longer yours or mine to control on where it runs to.”

Feng Tingye looked at the cup in Xia Mingxuan’s hand and raised his eyebrows: “Even if the wine spills out, it can’t run further than under my feet. As long as you own the piece of land, why are you afraid of where it goes? Moreover, I don’t have faith in those two people, I just have faith in my brother.” 

“Second Young Master Feng?” Xia Mingxuan froze. 

Feng Tingye shook the wine glass in his hand and slowly laughed, “Yes, Fourth Prince, even a little cat will scratch people when forced.” 

Feng Tingye’s lively voice did not finish coming out, when suddenly there was a terrifying scream in a courtyard not far away: “AHHH…”

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